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  • Fall 1999 NO. 15 - Contents

    Editors and publishers of The Harlan Record for twelve  years, Tom and Marylee Harlan of Shelton, WA, retired after the spring edition of the newsletter. They were active in Harlan Family activities prior to the 1987 Celebration 300.

    While living in Virginia, they made several trips to New Castle to meet with other family members in planning the Delaware family reunion and were responsible for the first reprinting of Alpheus Harlan�s genealogy book as well as the program for the 1987 reunion. As a result of that gathering, Tom was selected to serve as President of the Family for the next 10 years. In addition to publishing The Harlan Record until 1999, Tom and Marylee went on two Harlan family tours to England and were the registrars at Celebration 310 in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. The couple has been involved with the Harlan Family web site and will continue this service.

    Both Tom and Marylee are native Northwesterners from the state of Washington�Tom is from Vancouver and Marylee is from Spokane. Tom had a 30-year-career as Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Forest Service and held positions on the Siuslaw National Forest in Corvallis, OR; and in regional offices in Portland, San Francisco and Missoula. He ended his career in the National Office  in Washington, D.C. Marylee�s career was a personnel specialist for various federal agencies in the same locations where Tom worked.

    After retiring in 1989, they settled on Harstine Island, WA, in lower Puget Sound where they live surrounded by acres of clams. They live in a waterfront development and have a view of Mt. Rainier, Case Inlet, lots of wildlife including deer, raccoons, birds, foxes and squirrels. They have both been active in community affairs and currently, Marylee is president of the homeowners� association which includes 530 properties and facilities including a marina, club house, tennis courts, swimming pool, 3 miles of beach and picnic facilities, private roads and water treatment.

    Tom�s major activity in retirement has been learning to play the bagpipes which includes weekly practices, a lot of parades, weddings, funerals and other events. His Scottish heritage has become equally important as his English/Irish Harlan roots. He has his own kilt and can claim connections to Wallace and Henderson clans.

    The couple enjoys their three grandsons who are able to spend time with their grandparents in the summer, and they enjoy their motor home and sailboat activities.

    The Harlan Family regretfully�but with gratitude�accepts the resignation of Tom and Marylee Harlan as editors and publishers of The Harlan Record and thanks them for twelve years of service to the Harlan Family!


    President: Robert R. Harlan
    1716 Clark Ave, Yuba City, CA 95991
    Vice-President: Junior Harlan
    6218 E. Betty Elyse Ln, Scottsdale AZ 85254
    Secretary: Ruth Harlan Lamb
    4305 S. Bryant Ct., Independence, MO  64055
    Treasurer: John R. Harlan
    422 Aumond Rd, Augusta GA 30909
    DanHarlan (NC)
    Ridge Harlan (AZ/MT)
    Robert A.Harlan (PA)
    Connie J. King (VT)
    Gerry Harlan Lundgren (IA)
    Liz Harlan Sly (NJ)


    CASH IN SAVINGS ACCOUNT 1/1/99 $7,386.08
         Contributions  2,414.48
         Harlan Book Sales 3,530.00
         Interest Earned (Savings Account) 32.84
         Video Sales 100.00
         Directors Meeting  204.48
         Book Storage and Insurance 437.00
         Newsletter Printing and Postage
         Other Printing/Postage  630.00
         Harlan History Reprint
         Contribution to Chester Co. Historical Society 100.00
         Legal Expense
    NET LOSS $1,679.97
    CASH IN SAVINGS ACCOUNTS 8/31/99 $ 5,706.11

    This newsletter is published semi-annually by The Harlan Family in America, a permanent organization established to document the historical contributions made by Harlans in America. Stories, photos, and other information submitted for publication should be sent to The Harlan Family in America, P.O. Box 1654, Independence, MO  64055.

    through 8/31/99

    In Memory of Robert H. Harlan by his widow, Lois E. Harlan, Freeport, IL

    In Memory of Parks E. Harlan by his daughter, Margaret E. Talley, Poteau, OK

    In Memory of Berea Bernadine Harland by her sister, Phyllis A. Harland, Muncie, IN

    In Memory of Benjamin Amos Harlan II (1891-1938) by his daughter and
    Benjamin Amos Harlan III (1928-1967) by his sister, Betty Harlan Rice, Gaithersburg, MD

    In Honor of Hester Harlan McGaughey  by George H. Osborne, Atlanta, GA

    In Honor of Clarissa C. Harlan by her great-granddaughter, Ellen L. Davis, Taylorville, IL


    The Harlan Family in America has a �new� logo. If you haven't noticed, 
    you may not be alone. It is actually a refinement of that used in connection 
    with the 1987 Reunion. It omits dates used for Celebration 300 and 
    Celebration 310 (except the family arrival date of 1687) which make it a 
    general and ongoing logo. And it adds the words �A Family of Friends...� 
    which has triple meaning: our Society of Friends (Quaker) origins, the sense 
    of comradeship among Harlans both here and abroad and, of course, Becky 
    Gaskill's beautiful and winsome family song of that name.

    Our secretary, �artist-in-residence� and editor pro tem, Ruth Harlan 
    Lamb, provided the final  design�as  she did with the 1997 reunion version. 

    Harlan's Stitchery by  Sue
    Check out the new items with the "Family of Friends" logo
    Items are listed on the store  page.  Now is a good  time to begin shopping for Christmas.


    Two videotapes wonderfully capture the scenes, the people and the performances from Celebration 310, the national Harlan Reunion held in July, 1997. Eleven hours of taping were carefully edited, and the result is a virtual trip back in time to those enjoyable days at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, when over 500 �cousins� gathered to celebrate Family.

    A few copies of the tapes�packaged beautifully in a case imprinted with a collage of newspaper articles about Celebration 310�are still available by sending $50 to:

    The Harlan Family in America
    P. O. Box 1654
    Independence, MO  64055. 

    A recent reprinting of the Tricentennial Edition of Alpheus Harlan�s History and Genealogy of The Harlan Family  was ordered, and copies are available for $60 from:

    Peggy Harlan Talley
    104 Fern
    Poteau, OK  74953

    A Message from the President . . .

    Greetings, Harlan cousins,

    It�s a privilege to be your current President. But I�m still not quite sure how it happened. I was sort of standing around, not paying much attention and what do you know, the Board said, �You�re it.�

    My feet aren�t particularly dainty, for sure. But I�m having anxiety attacks concerning my ability to fill the shoes of my two predecessors. Dan, of course, was the father of our reborn Family Association. There simply would not have been a Harlan Family organization again if he had not been inspired to create the idea back in the early 1980s and push through Celebration 300 in 1987.

    Tom then became our president for the better part of a decade. He and Marylee, as editors of our Record, were extraordinarily important in maintaining the growing vitality of what I�m sure is now one of America�s leading family heritage societies.

    We�re really fortunate, we Harlans. When I tell others about The Harlan Family in America, our great national reunions, our regional get-togethers, our web site and so on, their reaction is almost always, �I sure wish our family had something like that.�

    The Harlan �statement of purpose� on this page has been put together by our Board. I wonder how many families have set out such a philosophy as we have. That really says it all, doesn�t it? And although I know the shoes I�ve inherited are much too roomy, I sure will do my best to help our Board carry out our Family objectives.

    Fraternally, Robert R. Harlan


    Our family heritage organization exists for two comprehensive reasons. One is philosophical. The other is operational.


    Throughout human history, the single most powerful force for our welfare, protection and happiness has been, simply, the Family.

    The influence of the human family has been unfortunately illustrated by the cascading social and human behavior problems of our 20th Century. Sadly, these problems are directly proportional to the massive increase in the number of dysfunctional American families.

    Therefore an important purpose of the Harlan Family in America is to project and communicate, by our example, the importance and benefits of the human family to the human experience. Our goal is to define the character, values, heritage and traditions of the generations of families in America bearing the names of Harlan, Harland, Harlin and Harlen.

    We will accomplish this by continuing to develop the bonds of our own extended Harlan Family throughout America and wherever Harlans may be living in other countries. In so doing, we will demonstrate the pride, the sense of belonging, and the security that flows from being, simply, a member of the family that cares about its own.


    As our family heritage organization continues to mature, our specific �operational� objectives will of course be subject to change. At this time in our development, the following are the essential areas on which we will focus:

    � Continue to identify new Harlan Family members, descendants of George, Michael and Thomas, and those Harlans whose surnames have changed with marriage. Our task is to let them know of our Harlan Family Organization that is available to them, and to encourage them to join;

    � Continue to build strength and interest among our members by frequently communicating information about the Family, its current activities and plans, its history and heritage with all available means: local, national and regional reunions; newsletters and other direct mail; web site, etc., and encourage communication among individual family members;

    �  Continue to develop genealogical resources and knowledge to identify our history and heritage both in America and in Britain, and to discover and preserve�via historians and genealogists� history, documents, memorabilia and records;

    � Identify and preserve Harlan historical sites which have influenced our Family, in our country and abroad, such as the Harlan�Lincoln Home, the Delaware Landing Site, the Brandywine Area, and Harlan sites in England and Ireland, and promote family gatherings and travel to these sites;

    � Maintain a strong and efficient organization with an adequate and sound financial base and a repository for Family information, and have regular meetings and communication among Board Members and all other Harlans involved;

    �  Create and foster all other activities that will enable members of the Harlan Family to be good, responsible and productive citizens of this land.

    After a protest by 250 citizens against  the selling of Whitehall Farm�once owned by Aaron Harlan (#2256)�to developers, the following story was submitted by the author. Later it was reported that the developers were not successful in their bid to purchase.

    A Brief Moment in History by Cynthia Ressler
    descended from George #180 and Sarah #674

    At the end of a narrow dirt lane, once lined with majestic walnut trees, stands a grand old lady who is an historic moment. The cool, dank soil cradling her foundation also cradled the footsteps of Indian moccasins. The soil surrounding her foundation was land of the disputed Louisiana Territory, claimed by the monarchs of Europe at one time or another. Today this grand dame remains serene in the midst of 940 acres, half the size of her former self.

    The town of Yellow Springs (OH) sprang up when people seeking cures for poor health went there to bathe in the area mineral waters. In 1808, a patriarch of Cincinnati obtained a large parcel of land by land grant just north of Yellow Springs and sent his ailing son there to recuperate from dissipations. There the son fell in love with and married his nurse, a Yellow Springs girl. At the time of his death, the son willed the land to his wife. The will was contested by his family in Cincinnati, and the case was fought in court for nine years by a Quaker lawyer named Aaron Harlan (#2256).

    Aaron, a native of Warren County, Ohio, was born in 1802, the year before Ohio became a state. Friend Harlan was practicing law in the small town of Xenia just down the road from Yellow Springs. His first wife had died, and he married Amanda Sroufe Baum, the widow of the young man from Cincinnati, in 1840. Taking his three motherless children, Aaron moved to Yellow Springs to make his home with the new Mrs. Harlan on her land. Five children were born to their marriage while living on Whitehall Farm.

    Two years later Aaron, now 40, began construction of the white pillared, brick house that he designed. It contained twelve
    20 x 20 ft. rooms, and his efforts were majestic. So grand were his plans that he had to sell a large portion of the original 1,800-acre farm for working capital to build the house. Over the years barns, stables, kennels, tenant houses and a bath house were clustered around Whitehall.

    Inside, one wall in the drawing room contains two fireplaces of white marble. Flemish tapestry covers another wall. A gracefully curved walnut staircase spirals to the second floor. Aaron installed stained glass windows on the upper curve of the staircase. The walls were two feet thick and were constructed of brick kilned on the Whitehall land. A gray marble fireplace dominates one end of the dining room, opposite a door to the east side formal garden. In a small sitting room at the west side of the house, book shelves extend from floor to ceiling on one wall. The wood used in the building came from groves on the farm.

    Cattle raising was at one time the principal interest of the farm. Jersey cattle and white-faced Herefords roamed the fields. Baptan Pearl, the sire from which 80% of the shorthorn herd bulls in the United States today trace their pedigree, grazed on the land of Whitehall, making the farm renowned in stock circles.

    The great house took a leading part in political happenings of the territory, which were indeed political happenings of the entire nation. Legend says that Whitehall is the scene of the birth of the present Republican party. Friend Aaron Harlan was a believer that Thomas Jefferson influenced the writing and passage of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 which abolished slavery from the territories lying north of the Ohio River. As a Quaker, he considered himself a representative of the principles of the Northwest Ordinance.

    Aaron was a member of the House of Representatives of Ohio in the Thirty-first and the Forty-fourth General Assemblies, and he was a member of the House of Representatives in Congress from 1852 to 1859. Selling the farm in 1864, he and his family moved to California where he died four years later, and his wife Amanda followed him in death just a brief month later.

    Whitehall is a farm that stands tall in the glory of its past.

    Do You Descend from GEORGE #45?

    Ed and Darlene Norman have been gathering data on the Descendants of George Harlan, #45, p. 40, of Alpheus Harlan's History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family since the 1987 Harlan reunion. At the 1997 reunion they committed to continuing their project. They generated separate chapters for the descendants of each of the siblings of George and Ann Hurst Harlan's family into an interim spiral bound book that was on display in Mt. Pleasant and at the 1998 Harlan Homecoming in West Virginia.

    Through the Normans� efforts and the contributions of several descendants, they have recorded 2,581 persons and 890 marriages. All descendants of this #45 George Harlan are encouraged to contribute their data for inclusion in updating this line of the family!  Please contact Darlene Norman by E-mail: DarNorman@AOL.com snailmail: 3620 N. Calhoun Road Brookfield, WI 53005, or by Phone: (414) 781-5236.


    Within a six-month period of time, the Harlan Family of America lost two talented brothers�Robert H. Harlan of Freeport, IL, who died November 26, 1998, and his younger brother, Charles H. Harlan of Plymouth, MN, who died May 8, 1999, after a long illness. Their Harlan ancestors are George, James, John, John, Aaron, Jacob, Elzephus and Robert.

    Robert (b. 12-27-17)  and his wife, Lois, attended Celebrations 300 and 310 and had �the experience of that special never-to-be-forgotten trip to England and Northern Ireland in 1994, visiting places where Harlan ancestors had once walked. Best of all was the Harlan companionship they found at these gatherings,� Lois wrote.

    Bob served 30 years in the U.S. Foreign Service at diplomatic and consulate posts abroad and in the State Department at home. During his 19 years of retirement he served 12 of them on the board of the local college and was active in many community endeavors through raising money and planning projects. In 1992 he received a Public Service Citation from the University of Chicago Alumni Association, and in his last years he spent hours each week volunteering in the public schools, listening to second graders read. Bob received his bachelor�s and doctor of jurisprudence degrees from the University of Chicago.

    Charles (b. 9-22-22) received bachelor�s and master�s degrees from Western Reserve and for a time, he pursued a career in biological research. He later changed to business and worked for Minneapolis Honeywell until his retirement in 1986. He was an organist and composer.

    The two brothers left children, grandchildren and�in the case of Bob�great-grandchildren to carry on the Harlan tradition.


    October marks the start of the third year for the Harlan Family's Web Site. During the past two years we have enjoyed over 12,000 hits (visitations) and by early next year, we should be receiving 30 hits every day. At that rate, we anticipate over 10,000 for the year 2,000.

    Your Harlan Family Site offers an excellent means for you to obtain fast communications with other members of the family through the �Message Center� and �E-mail and Web Site Addresses�. Valuable information is also available about the family�s overall history and the organization. You can also search for personal family information.

    Use the site to its fullest extent and make sure that others in your family are aware that it�s available. The site and The Harlan Record provide you with the best communication tools available today.

    �Larry Harlan   nalrah@aol.com

    Other subjects found on www.harlanfamily.org include:

    �  Harlan Genealogy 
    �  Reunions
    �  The Store 
    �  Harlan Historical Sites 
    �  The Harlan Record 
    �  Harlan Family Tours 
    �  �Who�s Who of Harlans� 
    �  Stories of Harlans 
    �  Ninety-Plus Club 
    �  Origin of Harlan Name 
    �  Story of The Great Trek

    The Harlan webmaster is Pam Ellingson (WI), directors are Tom and Marylee Harlan (WA) and site coordinator is Larry Harlan (MN). Jonathan Harlan (TN) established the site and contributed the registration.


    Junior Harlan, vice president of The Harlan Family in America, is trying to determine the best way to collect and preserve updates to The History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family by Alpheus Harlan. Esther Harlan Wells is collecting data from those interested in contributing their updated family lines, and this fall Junior plans to visit the Chester County Historical Society in Pennsylvania�the repository for Harlan history�to get ideas for maintaining family information.

    Below you will find a list of updated genealogy lines (and the contributors� names) that have been forwarded to Esther, in addition to some corrections for Alpheus� book. There are also some names yet to be connected to the book. If you can help or have comments/suggestions, please get in touch with Junior by e-mail or snail mail:
    Junior F. Harlan 6218 E. Betty Elyse Ln. Scottsdale, AZ  85254-1947 JFDMHarlan@aol.com

    that have been updated and forwarded to Esther Harlan Wells - 6553 St. James Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46217
    e-mail: bobcarrie.wells@worldnet.att.net

    Numbers indicate ancestor and page in Alpheus Harlan�s book, The History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family.

              #7, p. 15 - Moses Harlan.  Spouse -  Margaret Ray     Contributed by Mary Blackburn

           #34, p. 15 - Mary Harlan.  Spouse - John Cox     Contributed by Thomas J. Roseberger

          #72, p. 48 - Joel Harlan.  Spouse - Hannah Wickersham     Contributed by Harlan Jessup

      #289, p. 131 - Jesse Harlan and Sarah Harlan (wife) #265     Contributed by H. Edgar Hill

      #302, p. 137 - Dinah Harlan.  Spouse - Joseph Richardson     Contributed by Brian Embree

      #719, p. 233 - James Harlan.  Spouse - Betsey Ezell     Contributed by Calvin Harlan

      #795, p. 255 - Elijah Caleb Harlan.  Spouses - 1) Elizabeth Dunn*,  2) Sally Read*     Contributed by Gene Wheeler

    #1162, p. 137 -  Hannah Richardson.  Spouse - Samuel Embree     Contributed by Brian Embree

    #1203, p. 336 -  Mary Harlan.  Spouse - John Jackson Monaghan     Contributed by S. D. Green

    #1283, p. 145 -  Margaret Harlan.  Spouse - Theodore Clifton     Contributed by Donna Tivener

    #2477, p. 556 -  Eber Harlan.  Spouses - 1) Catherine Hubbard,  2) Jane (Anderson) VanNuys     Contributed by Jeanne F. Gaumer

    #2522, p. 571 -  George Harlan and Julia Harlan (wife) #2473     Contributed by Jeanne F. Gaumer

    #2717, p. 609 - Washington Harlan.  Spouse - Margaret Jane Houston     Contributed by Sharon Wilkey, Salisbury, MO

    #2720, p. 256 - John William �Jack� Harlan.  Spouse - Minerva Beard     Contributed by Sharon Wilkey, Salisbury, MO

    #2722, p. 610 - James L. Harlan.  Spouse - Mary Doke     Contributed by Tom Harlan

    #2723, p. 610 - Josiah Smith Harlan.  Spouses - 1) Elizabeth Cooper,  2)  ?     Contributed by Sharon Wilkey

    #3037, p. 667 - Robert Harlan. Spouses - 1) Delitha Robertson,  2) Louise Bidstrup    Contributed by Margaret K. Turner

    #3144, p. 287 - James Wesley Harlan.  Spouse - Jennett Williford     Contributed by Yolanda Guerrera

    #3371, p. 306 - James Harlan Gudgel.  Spouse - Elizabeth Harner     Contributed by Nancy Dingman

    #4516, p. 818 - Julia Ann Harlan.  Spouse - George C. Brant     Contributed by Elizabeth Barker

    #4560, p. 391 - Eliza Jane Harlan.  Spouse - Arthur B. Holferty     Contributed by J. Beverly Russell

    #5764, p. 502 - Emma Augusta Vickroy.  Spouse - John Peter Suter     Contributed by Elgene A. Smith

    #5958, p. 898 - John Marquis Harlan.  Spouse - Sarah Elizabeth Morris     Contributed by James Lionel Harlan

    #6211, p. 556 - Emily Ellen Harlan*.  Spouse - John C. F. Wiant     Contributed by Jeanne F. Gaumer, Daniel Todden,  Rex Harlan Wiant

    #6227, p. 912 - Edith Harlan.  Spouse - J. B. Lane     Contributed by Jeanne F. Gaumer

    #6399, p. 573 - LaFayete H. Harlan.  Spouse - Dora B. Kerr     Contributed by Jeanne F. Gaumer

    #6806, p. 610 - Syrenia Iserina Harlan*.  Spouse - James McGoodwin     Contributed by Jean Murphy

    #6807, p. 610 - Josiah W. Harlan.  Spouse - Margaret Clardy     Contributed by Ruth Harlan Lamb

    #6838, p. 612 - George Washington Harlan.  Spouse - E. R. Lawrence     Contributed by John Harlan

    #7534, p. 951 - Charles H. Harlan.  Spouse - Catherine Polk     Contributed by   ?

    #7535, p. 667 - Amanda E. Harlan.  Spouse - Granville Peery*     Contributed by Alice Peery

    #9496, p. 829 - Jesse Edna Harlan.  Spouse - William Parsons Watson     Contributed by Herb Dyer



    John Harlan  -  Contributed by Jacqueline Murphy

    Susanna Harlan  -  Contributed by Todd/Noelle Johnson

    Daniel Harland  -  Contributed by Bill Cunningham and Tom Fankhouser

    John Harland  -  Contributed by Robin Harland (from Ireland)

    John D. Harland, Sr.  -  Contributed by Howard Speck


    #795 p. 255 - Elijah Harlan is listed in book as having two wives. First wife should be Elizabeth Dunn; second wife should be Sally Read     Corrected by Gene Wheeler

    #2483 p. 557 - Aaron Harlan�s daughter #6227 - Edith Harlan should be Eda Harlan     Corrected by Jeanne Gaumer

    #2700 p. 255 - David Harlan should be Isaac Davis Harlan     Corrected by Gene Wheeler

    #5322 p. 464 - Alfred A. should be Alfred S.  -  Alfred married 1) Emma J. Worley, 15, Aug., 1869 in Stark Co., Ohio.
    Ref: Early Marriages of Stark Co., Ohio, Vol. 3, 1856-1870, published by the Alliance Genealogical Society, Alliance, Ohio.  Emma J. Worley died 2, 13, 1875.     Fanny Fravel should be Fanny Troxel.  Alfred married 2) Fanny Troxel 21, Sept., 1876, in Stark Co., Ohio.   Ref:  Original Marriage License and Certificate of Marriage dated respectively, 20, Sept., 1876 and 21,
    Sept., 1876.     Corrected by Carol Goff

    #5838 p. 510 - Sarah Irene Harlan should be Sarah Irena Harlan. Husband John J. Tulley should read John J. Tully.     Corrected by Jack E. Weaver

    #6211 p. 556 - Emma E. Harlan should be Emily Ellen Harlan, m. John C. F. Wiant; in the book she is listed as having one  child, Ida May (no number); she in fact had another child before her, an infant b. and d.  Nov. 16, 1886 in Clarke Co., IA     Corrected by Jeanne Gaumer

    #6213 p. 556 - Cash E. Harlan  -  name should be Cashes E. Harlan, m. Ella T. Harlan (no #)      Corrected by Jeanne Gaumer

    #6227, p. 912 -  Name should be Eda Harlan;  m. J. B. Lane - also birth date of her husband�s father (Richard Lane) should be 5,8, 1810 instead of 5,8,1830     Corrected by Jeanne Gaumer

    #6806 p. 610 - Sirena J. Harlan should be Syrenia Iserina Harlan.     Corrected by Jean Murphy

    #7535 p.667 - Amanda E. Harlan�s spouse should be Granville Peery, not Granville Perry.     Corrected by Alice Peery


    For you who have gathered  pages of your family tree or family stories and wish they were bound, we're passing on the following information. A company, �Innovative Binding, Inc.�, will:

    �  take your hardcopy (a printout of your family information on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper);
    �   copy it on 70# stock (double side);
    �   bind the book; and
    �  customize the front of the book with foil stamping.
    Average cost per book is $20 to $30, plus shipping, with price depending on quantity ordered and number of pages. If further questions or if you wish to place an order, call or e-mail: John R. Sachs, Vice-President Innovative Binding, Inc. 1-800-837-1732 jsachs@innovativebinding.com www.innovativebinding.com


    The Calera Wine Company owns several vineyards on Mt. Harlan between Harlan Creek and Indian Creek as shown on the map below. Mt. Harlan is located near Hollister, California, in the Gavilan Mountains of San Benito County and is an American viticultural area situated in limestone soil 2,200 feet above sea level.

    The vineyard specializes in three varieties: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Viognier and was the world�s first and only completely gravity-flow winery facility.

    Who is Mt. Harlan named for, and who is and when did that �cousin� get to California? If you know the background and will share the information, contact Ruth Harlan Lamb, secretary of The Harlan Family in America. 

    INDIANA REUNION July 8, 2000

    Will meet at Richmond, Indiana Conference Center and Harlan/Quaker sites. Kids session.
    Contact:  Becky Hines  (765-489-4263)   or e-mail:   cwbelle@infocom.com
    Esther Wells (317-784-6413) bobcarrie.wells@worldnet.att.net
    More details on Harlan Web Site


    Kenneth George Harlan, son of Elwood Harlan #8506, was born in 1891 in Leadville, Colorado. He became an electrical engineer and formed a consulting business called Carey & Harlan which focused on the mining trade. His wife was Ruth Ledgerwood, a graduate of Cheney Normal College (near Spokane) who was teaching in Kettle Falls, Washington, when they met. Kenneth�s job took the couple to towns in Washington and Idaho where their sons, Kenneth George, Jr. and Robert Lee were born.

    Kenneth was incredibly busy originating electrical systems in many rural cities at the time electricity was coming into wide use. He formed public utility districts including one in Portland. In 1927 Kenneth was appointed by President Hoover  to organize what later became the Bonneville Power Administration. He and Ruth were invited to attend a Hoover White House reception and later they dined with Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt in Hyde Park in the early 1930s. FDR appointed Kenneth as consulting engineer for the Grand Coulee Dam among other duties of appraising private power companies and giving testimony to the legislature on hydroelectric power rate analyses, about which he was an expert.

    Kenneth once ran on the Republican ticket for Senator from Oregon but was defeated. He later became very involved in Democratic politics but eventually became disillusioned. He died of cancer in his forties.

    Sons Kenneth, Jr. and Robert attended Hill Military School and Beale Military School and graduated from both Lakeside School in Seattle and the University of Washington. Kenneth, Jr. became an electrical engineer for Lockheed in Los Angeles, and Robert became an attorney, later starting his own lumber company, Pacific Wood Products which became Harlan Pacific.

    Kenneth, Jr. died in the late 1970s, but Robert is still working and frequently travels. Recently he has been to Spain, Portugal and Morocco. He has homes in Rancho Mirage, Bellevue, WA, and a vacation place on Puget Sound. Robert and one of his six children, Kirk, attended the 1987 Harlan Reunion in Delaware, and he takes great pride in his Harlan ancestry.


    Last year Phillip Reynolds, husband of Sara Jo Reynolds, heard from an unknown third cousin, Jeffrey Palmer. While viewing his family�s web site, Sara Jo realized that her husband�s cousin and she were related on his mother�s line and that they were half-7th cousins, three times removed on their Hollingsworth side (some of whom married Harlans). It seems that Jeff
    descends from Valentine Hollingsworth, Sr. and first wife, Ann Ree. Sara Jo descends from Valentine and his second wife, Ann Calvert.

    Sara Jo, whose mother was a Harlan, is continually discovering new relatives through genealogy searches. She makes good use of the vertical files found in most libraries. These files contain family news articles, stories, charts, pension papers, and whatever people submit. She recommends leaving family information in areas where the family lived. In vertical files she often
    stores her ancestor chart, generation chart and a page of her family with her name and address. She has been contacted and has discovered new relatives as well as interesting stories of ancestors.


    Unlike most other organizations, it is a proud tradition of our Harlan Family Association that no dues are required to be a member. All descendants of George, Michael and Thomas are urged to join. There is no barrier to membership for Harlans who might find dues a burden.

    This means the costs of maintaining our Association must be met largely by contributions from interested Harlans (plus modest profits from sales of our Family History Green Volumes).

    Naturally, despite careful financial management, there are inescapable costs�printing and mailing our �newspaper�, The Harlan Record, and reprinting the Harlan history books.

    One such demand is the next great Harlan Family national reunion, tentatively planned for 2002. As we found with the 1997 Reunion, up-front costs are substantial. Although committee members paid their own expenses to attend the several meetings (travel, rooms, meals), there were large advance extra expenses including printing and mailing, advance deposits, etc.

    Now we�re beginning the 2002 preparations (yes, it does take that long!!). Our Association needs your contributions to build our sound financial base. So please give some serious thought to your next donations to the Association. Send in the form with as generous a contribution as you can. Those of us who do so feel we�ve been repaid many times over for supporting a
    truly fine purpose�building and maintaining one of America�s leading family heritage societies. Thanks.

    Contributions to The Harlan Family in America Fund - 1/1/99 to 8/31/99

     Joan & John Hepperlen - WA
     Ruth Harlan Lamb - MO
     Ridge & Marjory Harlan - AZ/MT
     Junior & Dorothy Harlan - AZ
     Dan Harlan - NC
     John & Annette Harlan - GA
     Earl C. Harlan - OH
     Lois E. Harlan - IL
     May B. Harlan - VA
     Robin Harlan - PA
     Geo. & Margaret  C. Alexander - TX
     George H. Osborne - GA
     Mary E. Bray - CA
     Mrs. Joseph H. Lowder - AR
     Brooke Harlan Williams - CA
     Jean M. & Marvin Hines - FL
     David & Mozelle B. Holloway - WA
     Howard & Sonya Harlan, Jr. - CA
     Robert & Elizabeth H. Sly - NJ
     Shirley J. Walker - OR
     Betty A. Turner - TN
     Margaret E. Talley - OK
     Dorothy  E. & William  Willis - WA
     Lee O. & Mamie H. Hill - AR
     Bonnie J. Grandstaff - OR
     Warren W. Humphries - PA
     Robert E. & Ellen L. Davis - IL
     Phyllis A. Harland - IN
     Mr.  & Mrs. Sam W. Stovall, Jr. - TX
     Max J. Gardner - TX
     Jack A. & Ruth M. Harlan - CO
     James N. & Dorothy Harlan - MO
     Patricia McCurdy - OK
     W. Thomas & Marylee Harlan - WA
     Nancy M. & Homer C. Harlan - IL
     Virginia P. Harlan - AR
     Betty Harlan Rice - MD
     Dennis Harlan - CA


    Mailing List
               [_] ADDRESS CHANGE                [_]  RECEIVING DUPLICATES


              Please accept my donation of $  _____________   to help defray
                 [_]   newsletter expense.  [_] Association expenses.

            [_]  I wish to contribute to the Remembrance Fund
                 [_] in memory of
                 [_] in honor of    ________________________________________________

    Make check payable to:      The Harlan Family in America



    City_______________________  State______________  Zip___________

    Mail to:       The Harlan Family in America  -  P.O. Box 1654  -  Independence, MO  64055

    A Membership & Contribution Form that can be printed


    New members of the Club�90 years of age or older

    b. December 5, 1904, in Purdy, Barry County, Missouri

    b. August 25, 1905, the daughter of Ruma Lee Harlan # 6099-1 and Minnie O'Neil

    b. December 24, 1908, in Cecil, Franklin County, Arkansas. Ila's father was Fountain Pitts Harlan # 6911 and her mother's name was Mary Bybee. Ila had 4 brothers and 3 sisters. She now resides in OK.

    b. March 6, 1909, at Purdy, Barry County, Missouri.

    b. March 7, 1909, in Huntington County, Indiana. Dessie married Bennett Mitchel Gilmore in April, 1930. They had two daughters, Sara Jo and Susan, in Savanah, Georgia. Dessie was the assistant treasurer at Clearwater Federal Savings and is now retired. She currently lives in North Carolina  and does clothing alterations and sews quilts. She also walks two to four miles every day in the mountains! She is entering the Senior Olympic games and is self sufficient. She is especially proud of her two great-grandchildren, Justin and Jamie Ham.

    b. April 2, 1909, near Orofino, Idaho, to John Paxon and Emma Stiles Harlan. She married Charles Henry Gleason in June, 1931. They had three daughters, Harla, Caroline and Stila Elaine.

    ***If you know of someone ninety years of age or older who has ever had the Harlan/ Harland/ Harlin/ Harlen name, please send his or her name and history to Larry Harlan, 6158 Mill Run Rd., Monticello,  MN  55362  or e-mail the information to him at nalrah@aol.com and they will be admitted to this exclusive club. The club listing is also on our Web site.

    Members previously listed:
    Alamander Jeremiah Harlan   b. 8/17/1901
    Roland Harlan    b. 1/19/1902
    Mabel Weigle Harlan   b. 10/9/1902
    Jeanette Harlan Rodriquez   b. 4/23/1905
    Orville Ira Harlan   b. June 1906
    David Franklin Harlan   b. 7/21/1907
    William Elihu Harlan, Jr.  b. 12/6/1907
    Gerald Harlan   b. 11/9/1908
    Murillo Elizabeth Harlan Smith   b. 12/26/1908

    Harlan Record No. 14, Spring 1999
    Harlan Record No. 13, Winter 1998 Harlan Record No. 12, Summer 1997
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