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August 28, 2015

Seeking Information


Trying To Find Information On My Grand Mother Margaret Emma Harland Born Aug 2nd 1894 To J C Harland Mothers Name Rizie Alma Summers In Christian Ky Married John W Hutchinson Around !918 Or 1919 Then moved To Cedar Hill Tenn Died Aug 26 1925 Please Reply If You Have Any Information   Thank You


Tom Willeman




On Mon, Aug 31, 2015 at 9:08 AM, Cynthia <cr.rhoades@comcast.net> wrote:

I have done a bit of research and think I have found J C and “Lizzie” Harland in Longview, Christian, KY in the 1900 census.   A daughter by the name of Emma is 6 years old at the time so that fits.


From: Kenneth Burbank

April 27, 2015

Subject: Harlan


Dear Cynthia Rhoades, Director of Genealogy:


My grandfather on my mother’s side was Wilbur Franklin Harlan,

born April 25, 1879, died June 30, 1959 in Endicott, NY.

The 1930 United States Census lists his name as Harland. How

could he be Harlan in 1879 and become Harland in 1930?


Kenneth E. Burbank


May 8, 2015 8:51 AM

As to the spelling of your grandfather’s last name being changed from Harlan to Harland that most likely was the doing of the person doing the census.  I can’t be sure, but know name spellings are misspelled at times like that.  I’m sure you can do some research and find more information.  I looked the History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family but didn’t find your grandfather listed.  If I had information about the previous generation I could probably provide more help, but maybe you already have your line documented.   If I can be of further help feel free to contact me.


Cynthia Rhoades


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hi Cynthia,
I recently discovered the Harlan website.  I could not link to you or the other names listed as contacts so I decided to just send an e-mail.
My Harlan line is completely different from all the others listed.  I would like to have my lineage included as I just started looking into this line.
My name is:  Judith Holtus, hpn6587@msn.com
My line is:  #3 George Harlan; #8 Aaron; #36 Charity (md Joseph Hackney); #172 Aaron Hackney; #646 George Hackney (md second Hannah Gregg); George Hackney (b 1815); Frances V. Hackney (md Elmer Hackett); Winifred Hackett (md Elmer Hansen); Harriette V. Hansen (md Harry B. Christensen); Judith F. Christensen (md Peter Holtus).
The Harlan book it stops at George #646 while others' lines go much further.  There is another George (#646's son) who was born in 1815 in Fairfax Virginia.  I got this information from a third cousin whose husband worked a little on the family.  It seems there was a Hackney bible somewhere with this data at one time.  The second George eventually went to Zanesville Ohio and married a (I have the marriage info from Ohio) Susannah Gardner in 1843. They had 7 children of which my great-grandmother, Frances Virginia was number 6.  This George died in 1865 and Susannah with her children went West.  I am working on these seven children and what happened to them.  I know, of course, Frances Virginia's story.
George, #646, supposedly married a woman by the name of Ellen Gomery.  I have not found anything on a marriage.  They had maybe 4-5 children of which George (b 1815) was one.  I am at a brick wall with these Georges and have no positive proof, other than the 1843 marriage in Ohio


    Thank you for your note.  Fred Harlan is the person who maintains the Harlan genealogy.  I will forward your information to him to record.  If he has further questions I’m sure he will contact you.  It appears you either have or have access to the Harlan Family History since you know the numbers of your line.   I do see in looking at the book that no more information is listed other than George #646 being the child of Aaron and Hannah Gregg.  If you have dates, etc. going forward with George, Fred would really like to have that information.  I am always amazed at what a wonderful job Alpheus did with the resources available over 100 years ago.



From: Gary Hunt

June 27, 2015

Subject: Joe Hunt Harlan decendent


My mother was Georgia Harlan, I think born in Harlan County Ky

 daughter of John Harlan wife last name Vonorsdorf-first name

Genny or Jenny-spelling unknown


John Harlan died in about 1945 in Mo


My life was saved by my grandmother in 1938 I  was scheduled to be aborted. The night before

I was to be aborted my grandmother died. As a result I was born I have never seen a picture of my grandparents

My mother told me this story just before she died


If you can help me by pointing in the right direction to find some information I would be very grateful




I wish I had something I could share with you about your ancestors.   Our family history was printed in 1916 so only includes Harlans born prior to that time.  I did a census check for 1940 for Missouri but of the 5 John Harlans listed none had a wife named Jenny.  With no more information than you provided it’s almost impossible to do more of a search.  If you could provide the date of your mother’s birth that might be enough information for me to do more searching.  I’m sure you would like to find out more about your history.  I will look forward to hearing back from you.






August 21, 2015


Subject: Harlan

Hi my name is Brian Harlan I live here in Des Moines and trying to find out some more info on my family. My great grandfather name was Theodore Harlan don't know time of birth or death. My grandfather is Robert Lee Harlan Sr. my phone number is 515-710-3548. Thank you for your time.

I don't know when my great grandfather was born, but my grand father was born August 17 1920 and passed away November 19th 1994. My great grandfather and his wife Nondas lived on the East side of Des Moines and he worked for Rock Island Armory, so did my grandfather. My grandfathers cousin was a Des Moines police officer and his name was Edger Harlan. My dads cousin did some research and said that are family came over from West Virginia to Iowa. I can't find the paper she gave me that had dates and names on it I have misplaced it some where in this lovely house of mine.

<cr.rhoades@comcast.net> wrote:

it's nice to hear from you Brian.  Can you tell me where your grandfather and great grandfather lived?  They are pretty common names so would have to have more specific information to begin a search.  Do you know when your grandfather was born or died?  Or the name of his wife? Our family history book only goes to about 1900 so searching later requires more specific information.   I will look forward to hearing back from you.



Seeking Information on Henry Eugene Harlan

I believe that Henry Eugene Harlan graduated from Vanderbilt University with a BA in 1882. I also believe that he was initiated in to the Beta Beta Chapter of Beta Theta Pi fraternity at Ole Miss in the fall of 1879. We believe that he was the sub rosa founder of the Beta Lambda Chapter of Beta Theta Pi at Vanderbilt University.

If anyone has any more information on Henry, please cont

Seeking Picture of James M. Harlan #845
From: Letourneau, Melanie (USAKYE)

Our office is trying to locate images of all the US Attorney’s for Kentucky before the Commonwealth split into the eastern and western districts. James M. Harlan was a US attorney from 1861 to 1863 and father of John Harlan #2969. We have been unable to locate a picture or image and were hoping that you might be able to help us with this endeavor. The current US Attorney, Kerry B. Harvey would like to hang the 26 portraits in our office as recognition of their service to the United States. If you could help it would be greatly appreciated.

Melanie LeTourneau

Secretary for U.S. Attorney Kerry B. Harvey

Eastern District of Kentucky

260 W. Vine Street #300

Lexington, KY 40507-1612


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