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Fred Harlan

History and Genealogy
of the
Harlan Family
and particularly of the descendants of
George and Michael Harlan
Who Settled in Chester County, Pa., 1687

The following information for the first generations of Harlan(d)s is quoted from the "History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family" by Alpheus Harlan. The numbering system also follows that which is in the book. The book is no longer available but can be viewed online. A PDF version of the book can be downloaded by clicking here.

Preface by Alpheus H. Harlan- "This book had its beginning in the Fall of 1881. I made a visit in September of that year to several of my father's cousins in order to learn from them something of the life and history of my great-grandfather Harlan. I knew little of my ancestors at that time, but found there several old letters and records which contained much that I had wanted to know. It became my desire, then, to trace my own line back to an immigrant ancestor, and, later, to set down in permanent form all that could be learned concerning the family. That desire of so long ago has culminated in the present volume.

"No one, unless he has attempted a similar task, can have an adequate conception of the work thus involved. There were seventeen children born to George and Micheal Harlan. Of Deborah, the third daughter of George, we know little more than that she married one Joshua Calvert; further trace of the family has been lost. Solomon, the fifth son of Micheal, died unmarried. So it remained to follow the subsequent history of fifteen families, and though some of the lines are incomplete, most or them will be found to be well developed.

"In 1887, two hundred years after George and Micheal had come to America, the family assembled at Birmingham Park, near Philadelphia. There they effected a permanent organization which was named " The Association of the Descendants of George and Micheal Harlan in the United States." It has held fourteen reunions, some of the most important of which have been at Richmond, Ind., 1888; West Chester, Pa., 1897; Mt. Pleasant, Iowa , 1899; Union City, Ind., 1900; and again in Richmond in 1912. It has been the means whereby members of the family have learned to know and to keep in touch with each other, and it has been of great assistance in the preparation of the present work.

"The information herein contained has been gathered from many sources. Old wills, marriage certificates, Friends' Meeting records, newspapers, and hundreds of letters have been read and reread in order to obtain from them some information which would be of use. Often one name has been the means of bringing together many families, and often one letter has opened a field requiring months of work to fully explore.

"The compiling of this history has been to me from the first a labor of love and of fascination and a work that I could not lay aside. I have been aided in it by countless relatives and friends, and to all of them, though many have long since passed away, my heartfelt gratitude must be expressed. 

"After a third of a century of almost continuous endeavor, I am handing this work to my people for their approval. I do it with the earnest prayer that the present and future generations shall strive hard to uphold the standards as set and maintained by their forefathers." 

James HARLAND #1 was born about 1625 in Bishoprick, Durham, England. He died in England. He was buried in England. From "History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family" by Alpheus Harlan- "James Harland, Yeoman and member of the Episcopal Church, was b. about the year 1625 in the "Bishoprick, Nigh Durham, England," and is the earliest paternal ancestor known to the family in America bearing the name Harlan. He lived and d. an Englishman, and was bur. upon English soil, no one to-day knows where. Tradition says that the name of his father was William.

"That James Harland was married according to the usages of the Established Church there is no doubt. That his children were baptized and recorded therein is fully established by the fact that the earliest record we have of his son, George, is that he was "Baptised at the Monastery Monkwearmouth* in Oald England." We have no record giving the name of the wife and mother. So far as is known, James Harland was the father of three sons:

"*Monkwearmouth Monastery was founded by Benedict Biscop in the year A.D.672. It is situated in a town of the same name in the east division of Chester, County Durham, and one-half mile north of Sunderland. It receives its name from its location near the mouth of the river Wear. Burned and plundered time and again, only the tower and some detached parts of the church remain of the once celebrated monastery. In 1790 the parish registers, with the exception of some of the late records, were destroyed by fire, and it is probable that information of untold value perished in the flames." 

James HARLAND #1 had the following children:

        2       i.      Thomas HARLAND          3       ii.     George HARLAN          4       iii.    Michael HARLAN 


2. Thomas HARLAND was born about 1648 in Bishoprick, Durham, England. He was buried in Lurgan Parish, Armagh, Ireland. From "History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family" by Alpheus Harlan- "Thomas Harland, Yeoman, Friend, b. "Nigh Durham, in Bishoprick, England, where he remained until early manhood, when with his brothers and others he crossed over into Ireland and located in the Parish of Donnahlong, County Down. It is supposed that he remained there during life, and that he was buried in the burying grounds at Lurgan Meeting House, County Armagh. He m. 2, 7, 1680, by ceremony of Friends at Lurgan Meeting, held then "at the house of Francis Robson," in the Parish of Sego, County Armagh, Katherine Bullock (Friend), b.----, d. 3 mo.1690, County Down, a daughter of George Bullock, of the Parish of Donnahlong. They were parents of one son Ananias, and of four daughters, Rebecca, Patience, Christian, and Katherine.

"Thomas m. second, 11, 8, 1702 Ailice ffoster, of "Lisnegarvy, at Richard Boyes house, Ballinderry Meeting, County of Armagh. They were the parents of two sons, James and Thomas, and one daughter, Abigail.

"We find the names of George Harland, Alphonsus Kirk, etc., among the signers to Thomas Harland's first marriage certificate, but it seems that this brother did not venture to cast his lot in the new world. So far as we can learn he remained in Ireland; we find his descendants, some fifty years later, crossing into Pennsylvania, and settling in Chester County. The further line of Thomas Harland, obtained too late to be inserted here, will be found given in the appendix." 

He was married to Katherine BULLOCK on 7 Apr 1680 in Parish Sego, Armagh, Ireland. Thomas HARLAND #2 and Katherine BULLOCK had the following children:

 i.      Ananias HARLAND 
 ii.     Rebecca HARLAND 
 iii.    Patience HARLAND 
 iv.     Christian HARLAND 
 v.      Katherine HARLAND 

He was married to Alice FOSTER on 8 Jan 1702/3 in Ballinderry Meet, Armagh, Ireland. Alice FOSTER was born. Thomas HARLAND #2 and Alice FOSTER had the following children:

i.      James HARLAND  
ii.     Thomas HARLAND
iii.    Abigail HARLAND 

3. George HARLAN was born in 1650. He was christened on 11 Mar 1650 in Monkwearmouth, Durham, England. He died in Jul 1714 in Kennet, Chester, Pennsylvania. He was buried in Jul 1714 in Center Meeting Burying Grounds, Chester County, Pennsylvania. From "History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family" by Alpheus Harlan- "George Harlan, Yeoman, "Ye sone of James Harland of Monkwearmouth, was Baptised at the Monastery of Monkwearmouth in Oald England, ye 11th Day of First Month 1650." He was b. "Nigh Durham in Bishoprick, England," and remained there until he reached manhood, when, in company with his brother and others, he crossed into Ireland and located in the County Down. While residing there he m. by ceremony of Friends, 9, 17, 1678, Elizabeth Duck. George Harlan* brought his family to America in 1687, and the nine years intervening were without doubt spent in the above named-parish and county, and there, too, in all probability, his first four children were born. He d. in "Fifth Month" (July), 1714, and was buried beside his "deare wife in the new burying grounds on Alphonsus Kirk's land,"which was afterwards, and is yet, Center Meeting Burying Grounds. George and Elizabeth were parents of nine children:

"*After coming to America George and Michael Harland dropped the final "d" and the name is almost universally spelled Harlan."

Alphaeus Harlan citing the Marriage Book of Lurgan Mo.Mtg., p.91: "George Harland, of Parish of Donahlong, Co. Down, Ireland, and Elizabeth Duck, of Lurgan, Parish of Shankill, Co.Armagh, were married "at the house of Marke Wright in ye Parish of Shankill," 9 Mo. 17, 1678. 

Signers to the certificate: Henry Hollingsworth, Wm.Porter, George Harland, John Calvert, Timothy Kirk, Elizabeth Harland, Roger Kirk, Alphonsus Kirk, Robert Hoope, Elinor Hoope, Deborah Kirk, Thomas Harland 

Alphaeus Harlan citing Wm Stockdale's "A Great Cry of Oppression."- "George Harland had taken from him for Tithe, by Daniel Mac Connell...twelve stooks and a half of Oats, three stooks and a half of Barley, and five loads of Hey, all worth ten shillings ten pence."

"No certificate of the membership of George Harland with Friends is upon record, but his marriage certificate shows us that at that time he was a member, and as early as "Tenth Month" (December), of 1687, was placed upon committees of responsibility in Friends' affairs in his new neighborhood. At the time of his residence in Ireland, William Penn was urging Friends of England to become settlers upon his lands, cautioning them, however, against "leaving their own country out of idle curiosity or of a rambling disposition." But names signed above we find later in the new world, and, as we have seen, George was buried upon "Alphonsus Kirk's land." So they were not without friends when they made their settlement near the Delaware.

"In the early months of the year 1687, in company with his wife and four children, and his brother Michael, then unmarried, he took hip at Belfast for America. They had bought lands before coming * which were within that part of the Province of Pennsylvania now embraced in the County of New Castle. Ascending the river Delaware they landed at the town of New Castle (now in Delaware State), and seettled near the present town of Centreville. Here the elder brother remained for some years, and about 1698/99, having purchased higher up the Brandywine Creek, he moved his family and settled in what is now ** Pennsbury Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania. 

*"From the old warrants granted "within the County of New Castle, on Delaware,: we learn that "George Harland" and "James & Thomas Harlin" purchased lands there in the summer of 1686, and that "James Harland" did likewise in January of 1701.

**"It was then in Kennett, but later the township was subdivided."

More information to be found on pages 4 - 7 in Alphaeus Harlan's book.

He was married to Elizabeth DUCK (daughter of Ezekeliah DUCK and Hannah HOOPE) on 17 Sep 1678 in , Down Co., Ireland. Elizabeth DUCK was born on 5 May 1660 in Shankill, Armagh, Ireland. Lurgan Parish She died before 1714. George HARLAN #3 and Elizabeth DUCK had the following children: 

i.      Ezekiel HARLAN 
ii.     Hannah HARLAN 
iii.    Moses HARLAN 
iv.     Aaron HARLAN 
v.      Rebecca HARLAN 
vi.     Deborah HARLAN 
vii.    James HARLAN 
viii.   Elizabeth HARLAN 
ix.     Joshua HARLAN 

4. Michael HARLAN was born about 1660 in Bishoprick, Durham, England. He died in Jun 1729 in London Grove, Chester Co., Pennsylvania. From "History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family" by Alpheus Harlan- "Yeoman, Friend, was b. "Nigh Durham, in Bishoprick, England, about the year 1660," and in early life em. with his brothers into Ireland and settled with them in the County of Down. Here he remained until 1687, when he accompanied his brother George to America. "And ye beginning of ye yeare 1690," Michael Harlan m. Dinah Dixon, "ye Daughter of Henry Dixon and settled first Neer ye Senter Meeting House." They afterward removed into London Grove Twp., where Michael d. "Foruth Month: (June), 1729, and was bur. in Friends' Burying Grounds. His wife was doubtless bur.there also."

More information on pages 7 - 11 in Alphaeus Harlan's book.

He was married to Dinah DIXON (daughter of Henry DIXON and Rose) in Jan 1690 in Newark Meeting, New Castle, Delaware. Dinah DIXON was born about 1668 in Sego, Armagh, Ireland. Michael HARLAN #4 and Dinah DIXON had the following children: 

i.      George HARLAND 
ii.     Abigail HARLAN
iii.     Thomas HARLAN 
iv.     Stephen HARLAN 
v.     Michael HARLAN 
vi.     Solomon HARLAN 
vii.    James HARLAN 
viii.   Dinah HARLAN 


5. Ezekiel HARLAN was born on 16 Jun 1679 in Down County, Northern Ireland. He was married to Mary BEEZER in 1700 in Chichester Monthly Meeting, Delaware Co, PA. Ezekiel HARLAN #5 and Mary BEEZER had the following children: 

22 i. William HARLAN

He was married to Ruth BUFFINGTON in 1705/6 in Kennett Twp, Chester County, Pennsylvania. Ezekiel HARLAN #5 and Ruth BUFFINGTON had the following children: 

i.      Ezekiel HARLAN 
ii.     Mary HARLAN 
iii.    Elizabeth HARLAN 
iv.     Joseph HARLAN 
v.      Ruth HARLAN 
vi.     Benjamin HARLAN was born on 7 Aug 1729.  He died in Aug 1752 in at sea. 

6. Hannah HARLAN was born on 4 Feb 1681 in Ireland. She was married to Samuel HOLLINGSWORTH in 1701. Samuel HOLLINGSWORTH was born on 27 Jan 1673 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He died in Nov 1748 in , Chester, Pennsylvania. He was buried in Birmingham, Chester, Pennsylvania. He was one of the 11 commissioners appointed in 1728 to run the line between Chester Co. and newly formed Lancaster Co. In 1735, he owned land and lived near George Harlan, on west side of Brandywine, 5 or 6 miles from Willminton. Hannah HARLAN #6 and Samuel HOLLINGSWORTH had the following children: 29 

iii. Samuel HOLLINGSWORTH 32 
iv. George HOLLINGSWORTH died before 1748. 33 v. Betty HOLLINGSWORTH 

7. Moses HARLAN was born on 20 Dec 1683 in Ireland. He died in 1747 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He was married to Margaret RAY in 1712 in Newark Meeting, New Castle, Delaware. Moses HARLAN #7 and Margaret RAY had the following children: 

34 i. Mary HARLAN 
35 ii. Rebecca HARLAN 

8. Aaron HARLAN was born on 24 Oct 1685 in Down County, Northern Ireland. He died in Sep 1752. He was married to Sarah HEALD in 1713 in Newark Meeting, New Castle, Delaware. Aaron HARLAN #8 and Sarah HEALD had the following children: 

i.      Charity HARLAN 
ii.     George HARLAN
iii.    Mary HARLAN 
iv.     Elizabeth HARLAN 
v.      Samuel HARLAN 
vi.     Aaron HARLAN 
vii.    Jacob HARLAN was born in 1726.  He died in Kennet, Chester, Pennsylvania. 

9. Rebecca HARLAN was born on 17 Aug 1688 in Centreville, Delaware. She died on 17 Aug 1775. She was married to William WEBB on 22 Jan 1709/10 in Kennet, Chester, Pennsylvania. William WEBB died in 1753 in Kennet, Chester, Pennsylvania. He was a Justice of the Peace, member of the Assembly, active in public affairs. Rebecca HARLAN #9 and William WEBB had the following children: 

i.      William WEBB 

10. Deborah HARLAN was born on 28 Aug 1690 in Centreville, Delaware. She was married to Joshua CALVERT in 1709 in Kennet, Chester, Pennsylvania. 

11. James HARLAN was born on 19 Aug 1692 in New Castle County, Delaware. He was buried in Hopewell Meeting Grounds, Frederick, Virginia. James Harlan, Friend, yeoman, was born August 19th, 1692, in New Castle County, now in Delaware. James died, it is said, in Frederick County, MD, but probably in Frederick County, VA. James is probably buried at Hopewell Meeting House in Frederick County, VA. In the year 1715, while yet a resident of Kennett Township, Chester County, PA., James Harlan was married by a priest, contrary to the usages of the Society of Friends, to Elizabeth, who was also a member of that society. James and Elizabeth settled upon a farm given him by his father, by a deed dated ≥6th day of first month called March 1713 for 200 acres, the consideration and location being≤ Consideration of ye natural affection and paternal love, which he hath & doth bear unto his beloved Son and also for good causes & valuable considerations given him at this time present more especially here unto moveing. Situated within ye limits of ye Manor of Staneing on ye south side of ye Brandywine Creek in ye County of Chester. James and Elizabeth had ten children: (It is not known if the children after Jacob are in the correct order.) He was married to Elizabeth in 1715 in Kennet, Chester, Pennsylvania. Elizabeth was born on 9 Oct 1694 in New Castle County, Delaware. James HARLAN #11 and Elizabeth had the following children: 

i.      John HARLAN 
ii.     George HARLAN 
iii.    James HARLAN 
iv.     Phillip HARLAN died in 1723/24.  He was born on 21 Sep 1723. 
v      Jacob HARLAN 
vi.     Stephen HARLAN 
vii.    Moses HARLAN 
viii.   Aaron HARLAN 
ix.     Hannah HARLAN 
x.      Elizabeth HARLAN died infancy.

12. Elizabeth HARLAN was born on 9 Aug 1694 in New Castle County, Delaware. She was buried in Old Kennet Meeting House, Chester, Pennsylvania. She was married to Joseph ROBINSON on 12 Sep 1712. Joseph ROBINSON was born. He was buried in Old Kennet Meeting House, Chester, Pennsylvania. Somewhere I read that Ann had a sister Catherine Elizabeth HARLAN #12 and Joseph ROBINSON had the following children:

i.   George ROBINSON 
ii.  Ann ROBINSON 
iii. Rebecca ROBINSON 
iv.  Rachel ROBINSON 
v.   Mary ROBINSON 
vi.  Martha ROBINSON 
vii. Ruth ROBINSON was born on 29 Nov 1727.

13. Joshua HARLAN was born on 15 Nov 1696 in Centreville, Delaware. He died in May 1744. Settled on 200 acres on Brandwine given him by his father. Remained there durng his life. Left estate valued at L537, 04s 8d. He was married to Mary HEALD. Mary HEALD was born on 15 Oct 1697 in Adsworth, Cheshire, England. She was buried in Friends Burying Grounds, Old Kennett, Chester, Pennsylvania. Joshua HARLAN #13 and Mary HEALD had the following children: 

i.      Deborah HARLAN was born on 15 Nov 1720.  She died in Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware. 
ii.     Joseph HARLAN was born on 17 May 1723.  He died on 22 Dec 1803. 
iii.    Joshua HARLAN was born on 17 Apr 1726.  He died on 11 Sep 1804. 
iv.     Samuel HARLAN was born on 1 Nov 1730.  He died on 26 Nov 1811. 
v.      Sarah HARLAN died in 1749. 
vi.     Rebecca HARLAN 
vii.    Caleb HARLAN 

14. George HARLAND was born on 4 Oct 1690. He died in 1732. 
George HARLAND #14 and Mary (Stewart) BAILY had the following children: 

i.      John HARLAND 
ii.     Rebecca HARLAND 
iii.    Dinah HARLAN 
iv.     Hannah HARLAND 
v.      Joel HARLAND 
vi.     Michael HARLAND 
vii.    George HARLAND 

15. Abigail HARLAN was born on 23 Nov 1692. Abigail HARLAN #15 and Richard FLOWER had the following children: 

i.      Thomas FLOWER was born on 27 Oct 1725.  He died in Aug 1755 in London Grove, Chester Co., Pennsylvania. 
ii.     Mary FLOWER was born on 14 Oct 1727. 
iii.    Richard FLOWER 
iv.     Dinah FLOWER was born on 27 Oct 1732. She died in Nov 1758 in London Grove, Chester Co., Pennsylvania.

16. Thomas HARLAN was born on 24 Jun 1694. He died in Feb 1745/46. He was married to Mary CARTER (daughter of Robert CARTER and Lydia WALLEY) in 1720. Thomas HARLAN #16 and Mary CARTER had the following children: 

i.      Isaac HARLAN 
ii.     Abigail HARLAN 
iii.    Thomas HARLAN 
iv.     Lydia HARLAN 
v.      Ann HARLAN 
vi.     Susanna HARLAN 

17. Stephen HARLAN was born on 16 Feb 1697. Stephen HARLAN #17 and Hannah CARTER had the following children: 

i.      Henry HARLAN 
ii.     Hannah HARLAN
iii.    Stephen HARLAN 

18. Michael HARLAN was born on 7 Apr 1699. Hannah MARIS was born on 8 Aug 1702. Michael HARLAN #18 and Hannah MARIS had the following children: 

i.      David HARLAN 
ii.     Caleb HARLAN 
iii.    Michael HARLAN died in 1814/15 in Harford County, Maryland. 
iv.     Stephen HARLAN 
v.      Sarah HARLAN 
vi.     Silas HARLAN 

19. Solomon HARLAN was born on 7 Dec 1701. He died in Feb 1732.

20. James HARLAN was born on 19 Oct 1703 in Kennet, Chester, Pennsylvania. He was married to Susanna OBORN on 19 Oct 1733. James HARLAN #20 and Susanna OBORN had the following children: 

i.      Betty HARLAN 
ii.     Solomon HARLAN 
iii.    Ebenezer HARLAN was born in 1738.  He died in 1769. 
iv.     Henry HARLAN 
v.      Ann HARLAN 
vi.     Susanna HARLAN was born on 31 Aug 1750.  She died on 9 Jul 1822 in Baltimore, MD. 

21. Dinah HARLAN was born on 23 Aug 1707 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. She died on 7 Apr 1763 in London Grove, Chester Co., Pennsylvania. She was buried in Friends Burying Grounds, London Grove, Chester, Pennsylvania. "Born ye 23rd Day of ye 8th mo 1707 about ye 10th hour at night.; d. 4, 7, 1763" She was married to Thomas GREGG (son of John GREGG and Elizabeth COOK(E)) on 20 Feb 1729 in New Garden Meeting House, Chester, Pennsylvania. Thomas GREGG was born in 1701 in New Castle County, Delaware. He died on 1 Sep 1748 in Kennet, Chester, Pennsylvania. "Thomas Gregg inherited from his father 200 acres of land on Red Clay Creek in New Castle County, Delaware, but he chose to settle at Kennett Square, Chester County, Pennsylvania. In the early years of the 1740's he bought extensive acreage in Loudoun County, Virginia, which went at his death to his eldest son Michael but which, by an exchange of deeds, was eventually divided between Michael and his brothers John, Thomas, and Stephen, all of whom settled in Loudoun County." Dinah HARLAN #21 and Thomas GREGG had the following children:

        100     i.      Mary GREGG
        101     ii.     Michael GREGG
        102     iii.    John GREGG
        103     iv.     Thomas GREGG
        104     v.      Lydia GREGG
        105     vi.     Dinah GREGG
        106     vii.    Amy GREGG
        107     viii.   Stephen GREGG.
        108     ix.     Abigail GREGG.