Harlan Family Messages 
January - March 1999

Date: Thu, 25 Mar 1999
From: Staci A. Harlan-Criswell ZANTEONPOE@aol.com

All that I can say is WOW!  My great-great-grandfather was Ellis Harlan. He married Elizabeth Lee who is said to be the great granddaughter of Robert E. Lee (of this I am unsure is fact or fiction)!  My great-grandfather, Sam P. Harlan moved from Hockneyvill, Alabama to Munday TX. Sometime around the 1920s  to my understanding.  His son, and my grandfather, Sam Allen Harlan reside in Houston, TX.  To my knowledge all of my ancestors from the turn of the century have been farmers, up until industry took over and mills replaced the land.  My father, Steve Allen Harlan, who is a firefighter in Houston, TX, had a brother, Cicil Joe Harlan, who died in 1967 of a tragic car accident. My aunt, Jolyn Harlan - Goolsby has two children.  The children of Sam P. and Millie Faye Harlan, meet with there children, grand children and great grand children every summer in Zwolle, LA for family reunions.  We have a "history" book, but it goes no further than Ellis Winsor Harlan.

This is merely a brief synopsis of the family as I know it.  I apologize if I have sent this to the wrong office.  I am however eager, and have always been, to know my history.  Perhaps your organization can use this to fill in the blanks that I have unfortunately discovered.

----Sincerely, Staci A. Harlan-Criswell

Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1999
From: Staci Aleece Harlan - Criswell ZANTEONPOE@aol.com

To whom it may concern: My name is Staci Aleece Harlan - Criswell.  The oldest relative I know of is Ellis Winsor Harlan and am not sure of date or place of birth.  I am assuming it was in the mid to late 1800s.  He is my great great grandfather.  My great grandfather Sam P. Harlan was born in Alabama 12-21-01.  If you have any information please contact me.  Thank you and look forward to hearing from you! P.s.  I to have the pronounced "Harlan nose!"

Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999
From: Nalrah@aol.com
Subject: Christopher C. Harlan

Hi, Sandra, I saw your message about C. C. Harlan and found him listed in our book, The History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family.  He is listed as # 1849, page 439, b 1, 14, 1828 in Hardeman County, TN and moved to Hardin Co. when a child.. In 1865 he married Viola Valentine, b 3, 25, 1846 in Miss.; but, no mention is made of a Mary Christian Harlan.

C. C. and Viola had six children listed as Joseph G., b 1866, John C., b 1869, William R., b 1872, Ellis F., b 1876, Thomas W., b 1879 and James, b 1882 all born in Hardin County and all unmarried as of 1890 and no further information on them was given in the book.

C. C.'s father was Ellis Harlan #498, b 11, 19, 1804 in GA.

Your information from the 1860 TN Census is, of course, quite contrary to the information contained in what we refer to as the Green Book, copies of which can be obtained by following the directions in our Web Store Page. This information is, of course, contrary to the Census information that you have. Just which source is correct I will leave up to you.

The Harlan book traces C. C.'s ancestors back to James # 1 born in 1625 in England.  Sorry that this is all that I could find and hope that it just doesn't cloud your search.  At least Christopher is listed along with his sweet wife, Viola.

----Larry Harlan

Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999
From: Duane L. Edwards NoDakYak@aol.com
Subject: Joel Wright Harlan Descendants

Hi:  In the 1870 Alameda County CA census in the Joel Wright Harlan family is a Joel Harland age 16.  In the 1880 Tulare County CA census Joel Harlan age 26 is married to Emily age 20.  Reportedly Emily is a daughter of Rufus M. Hudson.  Is there someone on this list who is a descendant of either Joel Wright Harlan or Rufus M. Hudson and would care to correspond to exchange info on these families.?

Email to: Duane L. Edwards, Sr NoDakYak@aol.com


Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999
From: Roxana Taylor HopTay4@aol.com
Subject: Wilda Eileen Harlan

I am very sad to announce that my beloved Aunt Wilda Eileen Harlan passed away today.  She was much loved and will missed by her family and friends.  She would have turned 90 in May.  I gave her a copy of the 90 Plus Club print out and she was very excited about it.

Auntie lived on a ranch all her life.  She was raised on a ranch in Parkfield, California where she was born and moved to a ranch outside of Coalinga, California upon her marriage to Robert James Roberts.  She worked hard all her life on the ranch with her husband and after he passed away.  She was proceeded in death by two daughters, Lavonne and Roberta.  She is survived by three daughters, Shirley, Donna and Delva and their respective spouses, many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.   She was loved by all who knew her. She will be missed. Her loving niece, ----Roxana Taylor

Date: Sat, 13 Mar 1999
From: Jan (Harland) Garcia WAGjlg@aol.com
Subject: Re:  Harland Genealogy

I have been working on my family history for years - this site is great! However, I haven't seen any mention of the Harlands in my family. My father was Edgar A. Harland, b. 1921 in Kansas City, Mo.; my grandfather was Samuel A. Harland, b. 1894 in Leonard, Mo. and my great-grandfather was John Gimerson Harland (I have no other information about him).  Samuel A. Harland had a brother named Frank and a sister, Laura.  I would really appreciate any information you might have! Thank you!  Jan (Harland) Garcia

Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999
From: Darlene Norman DARNorman@aol.com

While attending the Harlan 300 Reunion in Wilmington, Delaware in 1987, my husband and I volunteered to gather the descendants of George Harlan #45 (see list of genealogy volunteers in the Harlan newsletter for January 1988).

If you are descended from Jehu #212, Elijah #213, Catherine #214, Silas #215, James #216, or Elizabeth #217 (pager 40 in History & Genealogy of the Harlan Family) please contact us.  We are most anxious to fill in the missing descendants!  My husband is the grandson of Hannah Jane Harlan, daughter of James Harlan #7220.

To date we have gathered over 2500 persons in our Harlan database.  More recently we were very fortunate to connect with more descendants in Mt. Pleasant in 1997 and at the Harlan Homecoming in May 1998 in West Virginia. Thank you kindly, Edgar Luther Norman and ----Darlene Norman, Brookfield, Wisconsin at darnorman@aol.com

Date: Sun, 07 Mar 1999
From: Sandra Stewart <kstewart05@snet.net>
Subject: Mary Christian Harlan, C.C.Harlan & Children

I am looking for information on Mary Christian Harlan who died near Boyds Landing , Hardin Co., in May/June 1862.  I know she was at the home of J.W.. Morrow before burial and then buried somewhere close (possibly a family plot area).  In the 1860 census, she and her husband
were listed in Hardin Co. with 3 children, Felix, Sarah and Dalton.  I'm curious about Mary and what happened to the children.  C.C. Harlan later married Viola Valentine of MS, but there is no mention of Felix, Dalton or Sarah.  If anybody could shed some light, I'd appreciate it.

In the 1860 TN Census, page 131 Line 3, of Hardin Co. there is this listing:

    C.C. Harlan    31    m    Farmer    b.TN
    Mary              29    f                        "
    Dalton              8    m                        MS
    Felix G.            4    m                        TN
    Sarah E          6/12 f                            "

Who are these children?  I guess I need to get my hands on the 1870 census. But I do not see mention of them in later papers.  Any clues?

Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999
From: John Harland  jharland@smartt.com
Subject: Re: Harlands in Northern Ireland

Sir Edward James Harland was not born in Ireland, but was a member of  a well-connected Yorkshire family,. With his distant relative, Gustav Wilhelm Wolff, of Hamburg, he founded the shipbuilding firm, which bears their name, and was elected  Mayor of Belfast in 1885. The last time I had a look at the Ulster Phone Book, there were sixteen Harlands listed, two of whom are closely related to me ...a brother and a nephew.  Of  greatest interest to subscribers to this forum would be Jim Harland of Lurgan, Armagh, a Quaker, and almost certainly  a descendant of Thomas Harland, elder brother of George and Michael ....ultimate ancestors to most Harlans in the United States. Thomas chose to remain in Lurgan, when his brothers headed off for the Quaker settlements in Delaware in 1687.  I like to think I am a descendant of Thomas, but this is beyond proof or disproof, since the parish records, etc. which might support such a claim went up in smoke, when the Four Courts in Dublin were destroyed during the Irish Civil War in 1922. I can go back no further than a John Harland, who was born in 1787, and is buried near Newry, in South Armagh.  I phoned several of the Ulster Harlands, but none of those to whom I spoke  were particularly interested in their genealogy. Nor, so far as I can tell,  would I  be related to Pauline Harland.
------John H Harland Kelowna B C, mailto:jharland@smartt.com

Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999
From: Pauline Reed readreed@oanet.com
Subject: Harland geneology

Hi:  My name is Pauline Harland and I live in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada. I was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  My father's name was James.  We were - to my knowledge - the only "Harlands" in Belfast, except for "Short Brothers & Harland" (aircraft builders) and Harland and Wolfe (builders of the "Titanic."

I know my grandfather had a brother who emigrated and then lost touch with the family. Is there a Harland out there who can trace their family to Northern Ireland?

The Christian names that are consistent with the Harlands are: James (often referred to as Jack); William;  John;  Elizabeth.  A William Harland was the Lord Mayor of Belfast earlier this century.

Hope to hear from a "Harland."
----Pauline Harland Reed readreed@oanet.com

Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999
From: Chuck Timmerman chuk@softcom.net
Subject: re-post

Copied is a message I posted in Dec. 1998.  Shortly after, and unplanned, I changed isp's.  Have a feeling I have missed responses. Would you mind re-posting the message under my new & correct address....chuk@softcom.net

I'd appreciate this.  Also, if you can, please change the date so that it is current.
Thanks, Chuck Timmerman

My family is intertwined throughout the last (almost) 300 years with HARLING.  I recently got involved in genealogy for family name; and have come to conclusion that the HARLINGS might possibly be a derivative of Harland-Harlan-Harlin-etc.

My first ancestor is shown in existing trees as being Charlotte Harling/dob 1804; marrying David Yancy Timmerman in the early part of the 1800's. From then, there is an occassional marriage to other ancestors, in other families, but no definitive lineage from point A to point B. My great grandmother was Lucy Jane Harling.  Her father (I believe) was Tillman Harling. There also was an earlier Tillman Harlings.

All these HARLINGS came from the same area of SC; that being the 96th District; later Edgefield County; later Edgefield County with some turning into Greenwood County.

Having said all this, can you shed any light on a possible linkage of HARLAN-HARLAND-HARLIN into Harling; particularly into the SC colony group. From there, if your (or others) info is positive, I would then like to be able to fill in the void from Charlotte to as far forward as possible.

I hope I have not lost you.  Typing & brain are not always in sync.
----Thank you, Chuck Timmerman

PS:  The main origination point for most of our story seems to come from the Palatinate region of Germany.  But no doubt, in the migration era of the 1600's, no doubt some came to quaker country; at least I suspect that.  No evidence.  Hopefully, you can provide some.

Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999
From: Larry/Gigi/Wade Wood lwood@talleytech.com
Subject: Mary Harlan-Monroe Co. KY

I've been told my ancestor William W. Fraser married Mary Ann Harlan ca. 1847 in or near Monroe Co, KY.  She apparently died shortly afterwards and he remarried another woman named Mary.  Listed on 1850 Monroe County census with wife Mary age 19 and infant daughter (my ancestor), but I don't know for sure whether wife is the first Mary or the second; so don't know for sure whether I'm descended from Harlans or not. Does anyone have exact date for the above marriage, who Mary Ann Harlan is daughter of, and when she died?  Thanks.  Larry Wood

Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999
From: Christoph M Harlan cmosheh@earthlink.net
Subject: Harlans in Germany

Hallo U.S. Harlans! In posts on this board a few months ago, it was mentioned that there are a significant number of Harlans in Germany. Indeed, this is true and to my knowledge, they are ALL related. I was born (1952) and raised there but since 1984 have resided in Pittsburgh, PA.

My great-grandfather researched the ancestry extensively and my father recently gained access to much of this material. There is a definite link between the German Harlans and the American Harlans. Their common ground most probalby lies in Flanders which is an area now part of modern Belgium and Netherlands.

In recent months, I have worked on a personal web site with a variety of objectives in mind. I also included a page of information regarding the Harlan story. You might find the story about my grandfather Peter Harlan an interesting read. http://home.earthlink.net/~cmosheh/index.html

If you have some time to check out the site, you will be surprised to learn that I am Jewish. However, most German Harlans are not. Their Hugenot (Calvinist) background has resulted for the most part in the fact that German Harlans seem to have maintained a distinct independence of the main Christian denomination. Thus, many German Harlans regard themselves as followers of the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, a Swiss philosopher and Christian Mystic who founded a small Christian group called Christengemeinschaft. (Steiner is also the founder of Waldorf Schools.)

THANKS for posting my message and Greetings to those who read it. Christoph Moshe Harlan [6-fold Great-grandson of Jean Harlan]

Visit the updated tours page and complete a questionnaire regarding possible tours for the future.

Date: Tue,  2 Feb 99
From: Robert Vega  rvega@neo.rr.com
Subject: Daniel Harlan b.Abt.1793 Ancestors & Descendants Information Wanted

Hello Harlan's,  Any connection to:
Daniel Harlan b.Aug 10, 1793  in MD. died March 11, 1864 in Belmont Co. Ohio and was  married to Margaret A. Mobley would be greatly appreciated. Daniel married Margaret A. Mobley on Dec. 02, 1824 in  Belmont Co. Ohio.  Daniel and Margaret had (10) ten children:

Margaret Harlan b.Abt. 1827
Amy Ann Harlan b. July 03,1830
Daniel Harlan b.Oct. 18, 1832
Thomas A. Harlan b.Oct. 06,1837
William N. Harlan b.Jan. 06, 1843
James K. Harlan b.Dec. 21, 1844
Eleanor Harlan b.Abt. 1848
Rachel Jane Harlan b.June 15, 1849
Pernier Harlan b. Abt. 1839
Sarah Elizabeth Harlan b. Jan. 20, 1825

In 1861 Daniel moved his family to Wetzel Co. W. Va., two of his sons, Thomas A. & Daniel bought farms, raised their families  and became quite respected in the county for their names appear in some of the history books on Wetzel County. Traditional and documentary evidence reveals the Harlan' s  were Quakers emigrated from Yorkshire, England to what was Known as Brandywine Creek, Delaware in the Year 1683. It is believed the Harlan Family traveled by land and water from Delaware, as this was the means of transportation . The early white settlers and pioneers traveled by covered wagons, horseback and some by foot part of the Journey to the Ohio River Valley. Flat boats were built to travel southward on the river Journey by the Harlan' s seeking a place suitable for their families to make a home in the newly found area of their  choice, later known as Belmont and Monroe Counties of the state of Ohio. which they made their homes for many years [1803 - 1860]. Some records gave [1800 -1860] as the date. In later years the Harlans purchased land in proctor District, wetzel County where some of the Harlan Familes moved and became permanent residents [1860 -1861]. Spent many years raising their families. By hard work the land was cleared and cultivated by the family .Also the building of homes for each of the family members were being constructed from the lumber from the farmland. The Harlan' s became prosperous farmers and spent the remaing years in helping to build a small community first known as " Pach Saddle", where the following were built ; a post office, store , blacksmith shop were built within this area called " West post Office". Later a community church was built on Harlan Ridge known as Higgins Chapel . The first school known as the Greenwood School was built at the top of Moore Hill adjoining what was later called Harlan and Brock Ridge. Two other schools were built in the area - known as Rosefield School [called 14 School ] - built East of adjoining road to West post Office. Green Valley School built on a run - known as Blake Run. Later [# 4 ] another school was built on Lynn Camp - known as DeMoinesSchool. The members of the Harlan families children attended these schools. Some became teachers who then taught in these schools.  Also membrs of the Harlan families became community workers and leaders as post office master, mail carriers store keepers, blacksmiths, road supervisors of proctor District, public school trustees, directors and trustees of Higgins Chapel and prosperous farmers of this area of Wetzel County West Virginia.

Thomas A. Harlan owns and carries on a farm of 150 acres in Proctor District, Wetzel County, West Virginia. He settled upon this land in 1861, and since that time has by his own hard labors brought under cultivation, and the work of improving the property is steadily advancing every year. He was born in Monroe County, Ohio October 6, 1837, and was married in Belmont County, Ohio, November 29, 1861. His wife was a native of Belmont County, Ohio, born January 26, 1837, Clarissa, daughter of Thomas and Mary Sheppard. Their children are eight-all living with parents. The parents of Mrs. Harlan died in the state and county of her nativity. Daniel Harlan, father of Thomas, died March 1, 1864, and his mother, whose maiden name was Margaret Mobley, died in this district, and is buried on her son's farm. Thomas Harlan has been School Trustee in his district, and is now serving as road supervisor. He may be addressed at West, Wetzel County, West Virginia.

Harlan Family Cemetery:
 The Harlan Cemetery is located on Harlan Ridge west of Proctor, W. Va.. To get there, take Rt.89 west from Rt. 2 just north of  Proctor ,  follow Rt.89 approx. 8 miles to the turn off to the right, Brock Ridge. Go to the first dirt road on the left only .2 of a mile, Harlan Ridge and Brock Ridges intersects. Turn left onto Harlan Ridge and go about a mile to the cemetery. It is a dirt
road and not in good condition. From information gathered, the cemetery is located on Thomas Harlan's (1837) old farm and was erected by Daniel W. Harlan (2 Feb 1894) son of James A. Harlan. The Cemetery was in excellent condition when last visited in the spring of. 1998.

For additional information on this Harlan line visit :

Many thanks, regards,
Robert Vega son of Ameila Catherine Harlan

Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1999
From: John L. Harlin

I regret to inform you that my aunt, Madge Harlin Brown, passed away October 27, 1998. She had looked forward to her 100th birthday for so long with such anticipation. It seemed that following the event on June 24 she that all of her goals had been reached. Her devotion to family was the hallmark of her life and "family" included all Harlins, Harlans, Harlens and Harlands. They were all "cousins" to Aunt Madge.
----John L. Harlin  jharlin@concentric.net

Fri, 29 Jan 1999
From: Daniel J. Kane  djkeft@anet.com
Subject: Re:Harlins of County Louth, Ireland

My Harlins were located in County Louth, in the vicinity of Grangebellew and Clonmore.  As far back as 1750, a Nicholas Harlin was the tenant of Milltown Estate, a couple of miles southeast of the Bellew Castle.  A Father John Harlin, who was either his brother or son, died around 1800 and is buried in the Clonmore Cemetery in a plot populated by other Harlins and Butterlys. Mary Harlin married Thomas Butterly of Clonmore in 1800, and I am descended from their first son, Patrick.  Their second son, Peter, took over the Milltown estate after Patrick moved to Manchester, and Peter's descendants live on the Milltown farm to this day.

I have had frequent communication with the Butterlys, but we have yet to firmly establish any ties with the Harlins still in the Clonmore area.

If any one is interested in this branch of the family, I would love to communicate with them. Thanks, Daniel Kane   djkeft@anet.com

Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999
From: Betty Catherwood Vonskipper  VONSKIPPER@aol.com

Thanks for your reply.  Yes, I would like my message to be posted to the Harlan site and to be in the E-mail section.  Sorry I don't know anything about Michael's daughter Dinah or the Gregg family.  Am interested in knowing if Michael's wife Dinah Dixon was Irish ancestry or if they were just English or Scots living in Ireland at the time, though.  Also, I would like to know more about my ancestor Sarah Harlan.  She married my ancestor Jesse Harlan in 1764.  Am wondering if she is a descendant of Michael's brother George.. Her father was Joseph Harlan and mother Edith Pyle.  Our line may be descended from both Michael and George and would like to confirm it.

Thanks for all your help.
Sincerely, Betty Catherwood Vonskipper@aol.com

Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999
From: Pam Ellingson belling@ez-net.com
Subject: Online Newspapers

I heard about this wonderful online database "Accessible Archives Search and Information Server" through the Chester County, PA discussion list. I searched some of the databases and found a number of articles about Harlans.

The Pennsylvania Gazette 1728-1800  "The New York Times of the 18 Century"
The Pennsylvania Newspaper Record: Delaware County 1819-1870
The Industrial Revolution in Delaware County /w Vital Statistics
The Pennsylvania Genealogical Catalogue: Chester County 1809-1870 (139 Harlans mentioned)

Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999
From: Harlan E. Spence spence@bu.edu
Subject: Seeking any information on an A. J. Harlan (photographer in late 1800's from Colorado?)

Greetings fellow Harlans!
By way of introduction, here is my Harlan lineage:

James Harland 1, George Harlan 3, James Harlan 11, John Harlan 44, John Harlan 208, George Barton Harlan 803, Neal McCann Harlan 2775, George Edward Harlan 7043, Henton McCann Harlan, b. 1875, George Sylvan Harlan, b. 1899, Joan Dorine (Harlan) Spence, b. 1930, Harlan Ernest Spence

I have recently dug into the past and have been on the look-out for the Harlan family name.  I recently came across a photographer by the name of:
                A.J. Harlan (circa late 1800's from Colorado?)

whose background I am trying to ferret out.  A. J. was a photographer on the front range (Colorado Springs to Denver area).  One book I have features his work and is dated 1896; however the book does not even show his first name - just an initial.     He had to be quite prominent as he was partnered often with J. G. Hiestand who is a highly noted photographer from that era.   Does anyone out there know of this Harlan?  Is he someone's great- great -something- or -other?  I love his work and would love to learn if and how I might be related!

Thanks much to all!  Best wishes, - Harlan E. Spence

Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999
From: Jackie Pace jbpace1@ibm.net
Subject: Query: HARLAN, EUBANK, MOSS

Nancy Elizabeth Bradley HARLAN (1831 Carroll Co, TN) m. Chastain Shores EUBANK in 1848 & moved to KY. On the 1850 Monroe Co, KY census, in addition to the young couple & a baby, are three MOSS children: William MOSS (1838 TN); Lorenzo MOSS (1840 TN) & Chastaine MOSS (1841 TN). Who are these children? Nancy & Chastain were twice distantly related before they married: 1st cousins, once removed & 3rd cousins, once removed. Where these MOSS chldren related to EUBANK, HARLAN, or both?

Jackie Ashley Pace http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/p/a/c/Jackie-A-PACE/index.html

From: Melissa Hillery Schwinn (MsHillery1@aol.com)

 Below is a photo of my Great-Great Grandfather Calvin Harlan's birthday dinner taken on May 28, 1912, in Hermitage, MO.  Calvin W. HARLAN was born 1854 in Hermitage, Hickory Co., MO.  He was the son of John Wesley HARLAN born abt. 1820 of Harlan Co., KY.    ---Melissa Hillery Schwinn (MsHillery1@aol.com)

Note: To save a copy of this picture, click on the right button of your mouse
and "save as" wherever and whatever file you want

1st Row- L to R
Bill Brakebill
Ernest Johnson
Richard Brakebill
Jimmie Blackwell
Lizzie Blackwell
Goldie Blackwell
Bill Wright
Vernon Wright
Ofa Brakebill
Pearl Crithfield
Earl Harlan
Emery Harlan
Jewell Crithfield
Hattie Johnson
2nd Row- L to R
Albert Hinkle
Mona Grithfield
Nancy Bartshe
Nedia Brakebill
Lena Blackwell
Orel Bartshe
Ray Wright
Oscar Wright
Burr Wright
Vada Wright
Fannie Harlan
Baby Harlan
Harvel Harlan
Lily Brakebill
Elvera Hinkle
Jeff Hinkle
Essie Hinkle
3rd Row- L to R
Bruce Quigg
Willie Hinkle
Rosa Hinkle
John V. Bartshe
Sarah Bartshe
Calvin Harlan
Creasy Harlan
George Blackwell
Elizabeth Blackwell
John Brakebill
Mary Brakebill
Cora Crithfield
John Crithfield
Ferrell Crithfield
4th Row- L to R
Grace Bartshe
Roy Hinkle
Belle Hinkle
Genevria Blackwell
Marjorie B. Skinner
Edd Skinner
Bert Harlan
Ona Harlan
Jake Brakebill
Blanche Brakebill
Coy Brakebill
Ben Brakebill
Walter Skinner
Ruby H. Skinner
sarah Blackwell
Jim Blackwell, Sr.

Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999
From: Barbara Hookings BHookings@aol.com

I was referred to the wonderful Harlan site through the name John Updegraff, who married Ann Harlen in 1764.  I can't find him in the material on the site. I am trying to trace her ancestors, but her name is so common that I need to identify her through him.  Please let me know if you can find him.  Thanks. Barbara Hookings Bhookings@aol.com

Date: Sat, 2 Jan 1999
From: JReyno6299@aol.com

I am seeking information about the family of John Harlan & Elizabeth Barton Harlan. Elizabeth Barton, daughter of Isaac Barton & Sarah Vesey Barton, was born 15 Jan 1710, in Ireland.  Isaac & Sarah Barton & family moved to Pennsylvania, first documented in the Philadelphia Monthly Meeting of the Quakers in 1714. They then moved to the Chester, PA area in 1715.

It is possible that Elizabeth & John Harlan may have moved to the Frederick Co., MD area later.
Would appreciate help in obtaining information.  Thanks.

Date: Sat, 2 Jan 1999
From: Dorothy Harlan DWear28921@aol.com

Looking for any descendants of (#2729)Reuben Harlan and 2nd wife, Cynthia Darnell. The couple had several children who two are related to me. Reuben Smith Harlan married neice of his mother, Mary Frances Darnell and his sister, Mattie Harlan married Christopher Kessler. All of Kentucky.  Then, the grandson of Reuben Smith Harlan, Leo Harlan and the granddaughter of Mattie, Rosa Lee Hutton married and then came me, Dorothy Harlan.

Thank you all and I really enjoy the web page and messages.  Try to help all the Harlan's I can.  I was at the 1987 reunion in Delaware.  I met my grandfather, Rueben's cousins from Virginia.

Date: Fri, 1 Jan 1999
From: Mary Ann Bumgarner JMB210@aol.com

I am a Harlan cousin and enjoyed your site very very much.  Alpheus's book lists my g.g. grandfather, Jacob Harlan, who m. Sarah Farlow.  States that no further info is known on that line.  I am in it and I have it all, if anyone is interested.  I have Family Tree Maker and even have pictures of Jacob and Sarah, their daughter, and grand-daugher (my grand mother, who d. 1979). Would be willing to share w/interested parties.  Thanks again for a great great site.
----Mary Ann Bumgarner
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