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November & December 1998

Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998
From: Rich Langley RSLangley@aol.com

Hi.  My gggggreat grandmother was Ruth Harlan, born June 30, 1742 in Kennett Township, Chester County, PA.  She married first Samuel Heald on March 28, 1760.  She married second, my gggggreat grandfather Allen Langley September 29, 1773 in the Christ Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  I have lots of info on the Harlan and Heald lines, but am seeking further information on the family of Allen Langley.  He is believed to be the son of Jonathan Langley and Sarah Mendenhall, but I've been unable to find proof as of yet.  I tried the Mendenhall Family Association, but none of the researchers went any farther than Jonathan and Sarah.  He did name a son Jonathan (my line).

I was wondering if anyone has come across my Langleys while researching the Harlans?  Since Ruth Harlan became a Langley, I thought maybe someone has researched this line.  I have a great deal to share on Ruth Harlan Heald Langley's descendants.
----Thank you, Rich Langley, Kokomo, Indiana

Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998
From: william morrow wmorrow998@earthlink.net
Subject: Alpheus Harlan

Charity Harlan was m. Joseph Hackney  in Holy Trinity Church De. 1731
----william morrow

Date: Sun, 27 Dec 1998
From: Carolyn Sneed Meyer Csmey44@aol.com

New to this -just found this site today.  Do u think my spelling (our name) HARLEN is still all related just a different spelling?? My mother was Ruby Ann Harlen Sneed born in 1905 & died in Vicksburg, Miss. 1977.  Her mother was Mary Ann Prescott Harlen born  in 1872 died in 1946 in vicksburg also.  Mary Ann's husband was Albert Joseph Harlen do not know when he was born nor where.  Only know he died when my mother was a baby about 1905 or 1906.  No nothing about him- her mother raised 8 children.  All my mother was ever told he was a tall 6'2" red headed Irish man with a curled up moustache.  My name is Carolyn Sneed Meyer - please contact me- this is the first real information I have found if it's all same name just different spelling. thank u so much in advance if u can help.  even my daughters will be excited. -

Date: Sun, 27 Dec 1998 (revised query)
From: George GHIBBEN@aol.com

Hello-  Would someone look in the Harlan genealogy report and advise me of the names and vital statistics for Alpheus Hibben Harlan and his parents and grandparents ?
---Thank you for your interest and assistance. George in MA

Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998
From: Crystal Lloyd wgl@mexia.com

I am from Texas.  I am looking for information on the ancestors of Charles Harlan from Marlin, Texas.  He is my great great Grandfather.  If you have any info on him would you please send it to crystal_lloyd@hotmail.com

Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998
From: Marjory Harlan Sgroi ASHDRYE@aol.com

The very happiest of holidays to all of the Harlan travelers.  Our trip this past fall to Scotland, England and Wales as a great opportunity for us to spend some time together sharing our family stories and where we all fit together in the great Harlan scheme of things -- but as usual there is never enough time.  Now at this holiday season when I look back over the events of the year and my life, I realize how much these times together have meant to me.  We don't have any trips planned in the near future but hopefully we will be together again at a future reunion or another tour.  In the meantime, when counting my blessings for this year, being with each of you is a real highlight, especially our day at Monkwearmouth!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from both my sister, June and I.
----Marjory Harlan Sgroi

Date: Sun, 13 Dec 1998
From: John Lowell HARLAN JHarlan62@aol.com

MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy and Prosperous NEW YEAR to ALL my HARLAN cousins!!

I just finished watching beginning to end the two video tapes of the HARLAN Reunion 310 and it was almost as good as being there again.  This is an excellent piece of work very professionally done and brimming with content (I would have hated to have the job of editing out what didn't go on the tape). If you attended this reuion and didn't buy the tape, I would encourage you to do so and if you failed to attend this reunion, buy the tape and see how much fun everyone had and start planning now to attend the next one.  A tip of the hat to all who labored long, patiently and lovingly to produce the Harlan video....it was worth the wait.
---Regards, John Lowell HARLAN

Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998
From: Nalrah@aol.com

Videotapes of the Celebration 310 are still available!

Your attention is called to the Store Page that reminds us that a limited number of video tapes of the reunion in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa last year are still available.  Don't delay in ordering your tape.  It would make a fine Christmas present for some Harlan cousin!!

Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998
From: "Jennifer McNish" jennifer@mcnish.demon.co.uk

I've arrived at this site whilst looking for information on my g. grandmother Mary Elizabeth Harland from Whitby, N. Yorks.  I was surprised to see on eof your earliest Harlands was baptised in the old church of |St. Peter's Monkwearmouth, Sunderland, the city in which I live.  Part of the church is 7th Century , part 12th. century, and still standing.  The Venerable Bede (St. Bede) the first historian, was a novice monk there. I have done a little study of that and will try and provide more information if any one is interested.  Also if anyone has Harland ancestors from Whitby I would be pleased to hear from them.

----Thanks, Jennifer

Date: Mon, 7 Dec 1998
From: Chuck Timmerman chuk@softcom.net   **address changed 2/19/99

My family is intertwined throughout the last (almost) 300 years with HARLING.  I recently got involved in genealogy for family name; and have come to conclusion that the HARLINGS might possibly be a derivative of Harland-Harlan-Harlin-etc.

My first ancestor is shown in existing trees as being Charlotte Harling/dob 1804; marrying David Yancy Timmerman in the early part of the 1800's. From then, there is an occassional marriage to other ancestors, in other families, but no definitive lineage from point A to point B. My great grandmother was Lucy Jane Harling.  Her father (I believe) was Tillman Harling.  There also was an earlier Tillman Harlings.

All these HARLINGS came from the same area of SC; that being the 96th District; later Edgefield County; later Edgefield County with some turning into Greenwood County.

Having said all this, can you shed any light on a possible linkage of HARLAN-HARLAND-HARLIN into Harling; particularly into the SC colony group. From there, if your (or others) info is positive, I would then like to be able to fill in the void from Charlotte to as far forward as possible.

I hope I have not lost you.  Typing & brain are not always in sync.
----Thank you, Chuck Timmerman

PS:  The main origination point for most of our story seems to come from the Palatinate region of Germany.  But no doubt, in the migration era of the 1600's, no doubt some came to quaker country; at least I suspect that.  No evidence.  Hopefully, you can provide some.

Date: Fri, 04 Dec 1998
From: J. P. Coats  jimnell1@comanchetx.com
Subject: Ellis Harlan

I am looking for information on Ellis Harlan who married Kati daughjter of Nancy Ward and Six Killer . In Decendants of Nancy Ward  by David Keith Hampton and History of the Cherokee IndiansBy Emmett Starr  it states  he was born about 1733 in Chester Co Pa. to Ezekiel Harlan and Hannah Harlan . He may have owned land in Pendleton County South Carolina and in  the late 1700's he was issued a permit to trade in the Cherokee Nation East in Tn. Many of his descendents migrated to Okla on the Trail of Tears and prior to that migrated to Ark , Ks. Okla , and Ark. Any help with this family on the Harlan side will be appreciated .

----Nell Coats  <jimnell1@comanchetx.com>

Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998
From: Larry HarlanNalrah@aol.com
Subject: The Red Book Valentine Harlan # 200

In response to your em dated November 23rd regarding Valentine # 200 and his descendants, I have the Red Book compiled by Joydelle Garrett Wolfram. It consists of two volumes, is hardbound, and has a total of 2303 pages. It is available by referring to Harlan Site Store Page.

Appendix II of the Red Book starts on page 2011 and is titled Valentine Harlan # 200. It states that it "carries some of the information on the descendants of Valentine Harlan - # 200 in the original Harlan Genealogy - a son of Aaron and Sarah (Hollingsworth) Harlan - # 41 in the original Harlan Genealogy, and a brother of Samuel Harlan - # 195 ( see appendix I in this updated Genealogy ) and of Aaron Harlan - # 194, who married Elizabeth Stuart, whose decendants are the subject of this Updated Genealogy."

There are 82 pages in this Appendix relating to # 200 Valentine's descendants. I really can't determine whether or not your people are in those pages at this time. The last descendant listed is Tammy Arlene Bagwell # 1200RB, born July 2, 1963. She had a daughter, Misty Dawn McCracken, b February 27, 1982 in Batesville.

The Book lists # 200 Valentine Sr's 14 children, # 746a, Valentine, Jr. through # 758 Mary Jane, b October 15, 1833. Not all of these children had any further listings so there are some dead ends.

# 746a, Valentine, Jr had 16 children, # 2570a ( # 759 in the Red Book ) James Portell though # 2570p ( # 774RB ) Joseph, b March 9, 1851. Some of these have further listings in the Red Book just as some do in the Green. You will note that there are two differing numbering systems between the Green and the Red books. A little confusing at times.

If you wish to have me check further, please go up the ladder of your ancestors as far as you can go and I'll see if I can make a connection in the Red Book. I couldn't find any Kinder listed. The Red Book is a very valuable source of Genealogical Data pertaining to the Harlan families: it may or may not apply to your tree.
----Larry Harlan

Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998
From: Glenn Wright glenn.wright@sympatico.ca
Subject: Desperately seeking Robert Harland

Seeking information on Robert Harland, born ca. 1838 in England (precise location unknown), son of another Robert Harland and Elizabeth. He emigrated to Upper Canada (now Ontario) and on October 15, 1861, he married Christiana Andrews in East Gwillimbury township, York County. Robert and Christiana had a son, Arthur William Harland, who was born on March 14, 1863. The family does not appear in the 1871 Ontario census nor have been able to locate them in the 1881 census; however, Arthur surfaces in East Gwillimbury in 1884 and marries Elizabeth Ann Knight. Subsequent family history known. I have not been able to search Alpheus Harlan's book or any other generally available reference to the Harlan/Harland family. Would appreciate any assistance. Have been searching for Robert Harland (and his father Robert) for a long time. I have information on Arthur's family and naturally, I am willing to share it with anyone so interested.
----Thank you. Glenn Wright

Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998
From: Erasmus Harland raz@gn.apc.org
Subject: Willam Harland website

You might like to check out: http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Station/2657/razpage1.htm

Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998
From: Christoph M Harlan cmosheh@earthlink.net
Subject: RE Harlans in Germany

Fred Harlan made me aware of you post regarding Harlans in Germany and so I am following up directly. Having studied classical music in Vienna, Austria, I came to this country in 1973 to teach classical guitar at the Cleveland Institute of Music. At present I live in Pittsburgh, together with my wife Iris and two boys Aaron (16) and Isaac (13). As time permits, I will be happy to provide some information about the Harlan "Sippe" (Clan) in Germany.

Since my original conversation with Fred, I have talked to my father in Germany ( Pan Harlan, Berlingerstr. 1, 49179 Ostercappeln 2, GERMANY) concerning the web site and since he does not have direct web access yet, I sent him the contents of the entire Harlan site. He has recently gotten very interested in our geneology. I suppose that this may well have been related to his receiving an important family document which contained the detailed research done by my great-great-grandfather (and commissioned by his aunt) on the origins of the Harlan clan in Flamen etc. At any rate, the flight of the Harlan Hugenots must have taken all sorts of directions. My father did confirm a direct relationship to the ancestors listed in this site though I do not recall the specific line.

Since my father is fluent in English, you may feel free to contact him directly, alas it'll have to be via snail mail. I will encourage him to produce some info which I could gladly post here. The code of arms must have been changed somewhere - who knows - perhaps in Britain. It does not match the one associated with the German group.

Another relative in German who has been VERY involved in the Harlan Geneology for years is:
Harald Harlan
Pikartenkamp 44
22587 Hamburg
I do not know whether or not he is on the web. Perhaps you have been able to find him in your search already. I have not seen him in decades and at present I have not told him about this Harlanwebclan. He might be very interested though and quite possibly a great source of info and other connections.

As more information becomes available, I will be happy to share it. In the words of my grandfather Peter Harlan, (alle guten Geister) "All Good Spirits" ... across the ocean and back.
----Christoph M. Harlan (Chris)

Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998
From: Junior Harlan, Director of Harlan Genealogy, JFDMHarlan@aol.com
Subject: New Harlan Genelogy Program!

Since many of you have expressed a desire in capturing Harlan genealogy data for future reference and sharing it, we are now in the process of beginning a project to accommodate that interest. For further information, please see the Genealogy Page.
----Junior Harlan, Director of Harlan Genealogy, JFDMHarlan@aol.com

Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998
From: "Kinder" kinder@comteck.com

I'm not at all sure this is where I should be sending this but figured you could forward it to the proper person for me. Thanks in advance!!

I am trying to trace my father's family tree and believe it to be as follows
James #1
George #3
Aaron #8
Aaron #41
Valentine #200
Valentine #746a(?)
James P. #2570a(?)
William (believed to be my great grandfather William Isaac Harlan with a date of birth of 3-29-63 or 68 - writing in Bible is kind of illegible)
Ira Orville (he and his wife are the first couple in the "Nineties-Plus Club")
Edward Dean Harlan (my father)
We are having great difficulty in proving or disproving the James P. (we have it in our family Bible as James Pennington) connection. He was the cut off point for this line in your book. While we believe the most probably linage is as listed above I need all information anyone has on Valentine #746a and his children to try to make this connection.

I understand there are some mistakes in the Green Book, which I have, and am wondering if perhaps the birth date for William, son of James Portell (maybe Pennington) is incorrect. Grabbing at straws here I suppose!

If you could post an inquiry on the message board for me I would greatly appreciate it. My E-Mail address is kinder@comteck.com
----Again, thanks for your help!

Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998
From: Nancy McMurray nancyowa@earthlink.net
Subject: Announcement

My neighbor, Hilda Eiber, whom many Harlans met at our May '98 Harlan Homecoming, is making the following announcement:

Award-winning artist, Hilda Eiber, is offering pottery (bowls, vases, pitchers, mugs, plates, covered dishes) made from the clay of historic Harlan Farm in Berkeley County, West Virginia. [This is the land first purchased by George (#45) in the 1740s.] Delivery by Christmas is guaranteed for orders received by December 7. Please phone to discuss specifics, such as item, size, glaze colors, and prices. Phone: 304/754-7795. You may also reach her by e-mail through her neighbor Nancy McMurray at the address: nancyowa@earthlink.net

Date: Mon, Nov 16 1998
From: John Harland jharland@smartt.com
Subject: Harlans in Germany

In a previous post [January 12 1998], I mentioned the prevalence of the names Harland and Harlander in Germany, and the consequence that every North American Harland does not necessarily stem from England, as I had always imagined.

Fred Harlan recently told me that he had talked to a Chris Harlan living in Pittsburgh, Pa. who had himself immigrated from Germany, and who said there are a large number of Harlans in the area where he is from. His understanding was that it was a Flemish Huguenot name. They were apparently persecuted in Belgium and moved into Germany.

This idea led me to check out the telephone listings for 'Harlan' in Germany, using http://www.lycos.com/peoplefind/ and we were startled to come with 666 hits. Now, of course, members of this family may not have come to the United States in great numbers, but it demonstrates that my previously firmly held conviction, that anyone using the spelling with the dropped terminal 'd' *must* be a descendant of George and Michael Harland, is not completely correct.

As to the relative distribution of the name 'Harland' (with a 'd'): Lycos gives about 1000 listings in the USA; about 800 in the UK; about 600 in Germany; and about 200 in Canada. This is no longer possible, but at one time the Lycos facility could produce listings for the Netherlands. The last time I checked, this produced 65 hits for that country.

'Harland' is much less common than 'Harlan' in the USA, but the reverse is true in the UK and Canada. As noted above, the two names occur with about equal frequency in Germany.
----John H Harland, Kelowna B C, mailto:jharland@smartt.com

Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998
From: Oxymorons2@aol.com

Hello again. I have purchased the green book and believe I may have figured out which Jacob is mine. On page 894 is listed a Nathan Harlan #5909 and his children. I believe that his son Jacob, married to Sarah Farlow, is the Jacob and Sarah for which I have been searching. The problem is that there is little info listed about the children of Nathan. My gt-gt-grandfather is Jacob Harlan and was married to a Sarah. They had at least 2 daughters-Flora Lenore b. 1880, m. John Homer Cooper, 1900 and Harriet (Hattie) Elizabeth b. 1882 m. Emerson McKnight. I also know the family spent some time in MO and IA. Can you tell me if any more recent info has been gathered on about this line since the greenbook printing and ,if so, how I might go about obtaining a copy. Thank you

Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998
From: Joe Saylor joepa@harborside.com

There were several Harlan families in Hickory Co. Missouri including me 2nd g grand mother. As far as I know all of these Harlans lived in Hickory Co. Missouri.
Name Birth date Birth location Spouse
Harlan, Pencelia 2/13/1840 Illinois Bartshe, John
Harlan, Sarah  6/16/1841  Haverfield, James
Harlan, Sareptia D. 1842 Illinois  Bartshe, James
Harlan, Wyatt  Lucretia

I have a picture of a Calvin Harlan celebrating his birthday in 1917, it is an old newspaper picture, but there are many Harlans there.
----Joe Saylor, Brookings Oregon

Date: Sat, 7 Nov 1998
From: Grace Painter GPain97046@aol.com

Looking for any information on a Aaron Harlan of Morgan County, West Virginia. It was about 1830. Any help will be appreciated.
---- Grace Painter
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