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September & October 1998
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Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998
From: John Harland Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998
From: Charles North cnorth@ncn.net

Information wanted on all; Aquilla Parker b. 11 Dec 1795, wife, Lucinda Duncan; her parents, Rice Duncan and Cora ? , who was rescued from the Indians by Ellis Harlan

Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998
From: Sue Poole EDWARDSUE@itlnet.net Subject: HARLAND

James 1, George 3, James 11, John 44, John 208, Joel Wright 806, Joel Wright Jr 2796, Joel W. Harland Jr.b. Mar 9,1837; m Jan. 23,1860, Jeannette Sly b ? d Dec 11,1880, m 2nd June 1, 1884, Rachel Crosley all of Frankfort, Clinton Co.IN. He was a lawyer, & Justice of the Peace d Feb 19, 1922 inIola KS

William Bedford Harland, b Jan 2,1871 Flora Ill.; d April12,1949 Frankfort, Ind. He was a Master tinsmith; m Aug. 18, 1897 Carrie Elizabeth Moore, b April1,1876 Shelbyville, Ind.; d Oct 30, 1967 Frankfort, Ind.; dau of Jerome Bonapart Moore of Ohio & Polly Ann Fisher of KY.
thier chn;

  • Anna, m Fred Miller
  • Martha L., m Sherman Betts?
  • Jemima Elizabeth
  • Serena J., m Arthur Lee
  • John Woodside
  • JanettaCentennial, m 1st Ed Brown; 2nd George Townsend
  • Grace Mae, m Roy McAlister
  • Earl Vernon

  • Earl Vernon Harlane b. June 6, 1898 Frankfort, Ind; d Sept 5,1943 Frankfort was hit by a car. Minister, was amusician on the "Columbia" Showboat on the Ohio &Mississippi Rivers. Later he was a member of the George Conyers Orchestra at Battlecreek Michigan on LakeGo-Go Ack, 1925-26. The orchestra then went to Nashville,Tenn to become the studio orchectra for WSN Radio where they made the 1st recording of "Tiger Rag" with Vernon doing the "tiger grunts" on the double E flat (sousaphone) Bass. m Feb 19, 1921 Anna Belle Hamilton, b Aug 14, 1903, Clinton Co. Ind. d July 17,1977; dau of Abraham L. Hamilton & Sadora Belle Wyant. She worked in Sales at Sears Roebuck then an Assumbler at Mallory Controls.
    their chn.

  • Berea Bernadine Harland, b Nov. 27, 1921; d Sept.10,1998; um
  • Dorothea Louise, m Loren V. Cowherd
  • Phyllis Ann Harland, b Feb 12,1929; single, was Head Librarian at Ball State Univercity in Muncie
  • Phil Warron Harland, b ? worked for Chevron Oil in Ca. issingle.
  • Evalene Joan, Charles R. Wolf

  • Dorothea L. Harland b Oct 1,1923, Frankfort, Ind.; d Apr 2, 1992, Elk City, Ok worked as a meat cutter at Kroger Grocery during WW II, m Cheyeen, Wy, Dec 3, 1948, Loren Vernon Cowherd, b Oct. 28, 1928, Elk City, Ok; d Dec 4, 1993, Elk City, he retired from Air Force. Owned Southwest Motor Supply.

  • Carleys "Sue" Cowherd b Cheyenne, WY. Sept 18, 1949; m Elk City, Jan 14, 1970, Henry "Edward" Poole, Jr. b Jan 3, 1948 She is a Housewife, he retired from Fire dept. does carpendry work and builds "Street Rods".

  • -- Michael Edward Poole, b Sept 26, 1971
    -- Jeffery Allen Poole, b Jan10,1975
  • Torrance Harland Cowherd, b Del Rio TX, Nov 1, 1954
  • Dye-Anna Bell Cowherd, Auroura Co. Dec 3, 1959; m Elk City, Jan 3,1997 Lee Chadrick Joseph Michael Chadrick b July 9, 1997 Lawton, Ok
  • Cara Lee Cowherd, b Auroura Co. Jan 15, 1961; m Elk City, 1st Sept 8, 1978 Clinton Collins div. Sept 22,1982, m 2nd Aug 10, 1987 Kirk A. Campbell div 1994

  • --Cody Dan Collins, b Apr 2,1979 Elk City
    --Jessica Kelly Campbell b Dec 9, 1987 Hobart, Ok
    --Brandon Anthony Campbell, b Jan 21, 1992, Hobart
  • Phil Loren Cowherd, b San Antonio, TX, Jan 21, 1964; m Sharon Mayo, Sept 6, 1991; div.

  • Evelene Joan Harland m June 6, 1952, Charles Raymond Wolf

  • Steven Harland Wolf, b June 30, 1953; m Aug. 29, 1977, Pam Bargerhoff, div m 2nd Nichon Baldouf

  • -- Charles Alexander Bargerhoff Wolf, b Mar. 19, 1978
    -- Allison Christive Wolf, b July 27, 1980
  • Carol Vyanne Wolf, b Dec 15, 1956, m June 28, 1980, David Carlile div. m 2nd Nov 29,1991 Dan Nagy

  • -- Todd Brian Carlile,b July 27, 1981
  • Charlene Kay Wolf, b Jan 5, 1958; m Mar. 24, 1979 Stuart Newcomer b July 4, 1948 they live in Ohio

  • --Eric Matthew Newcomer, b Nov. 29, 1981
    -- Brandon Stuart Newcomer, b Nov 15, 1983
  • Lynn Elaine Wolf, b Sept 15, 1964, m July 8, 1995, Jeffrey William Davis,

  • -- Abby Ligle Davis b Jan 28, 1997 
    Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998
    From: Pam Ellingson

    The following site was mentioned in the Chester Co.,PA list. The University of has searchable data bases of early PA Gazettes as well as Chester Co. There were a number of articles about Harlan family members.

    Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998
    From: George Hollis Parker Hollispar@aol.com

    Hi! Information wanted concerning David M. Harlan who was married to not verified Lucinda Tucker. They had a daughter named Jane J. Harlan. Janes' date of death I have listed is July 1859. Jane married a man by the name of Garrett Lane. They had tow daughters Samantha Lane and Tennesee Elmira Lane. Samantha Lane was born 12-23-1846. Tennesee Elmira Lane was born on Feb. 16,1849 at her grandfather's David M. Harlan's home on the Cherokee Neuter Strip, four miles up from the mouth of Shoal Creek near Baxter Springs, Kansas. David M. Harlan would have been my 4th Great Grandfather, Jane J. Harlan would have been my 3rd Great Grandfather, and Samantha Lane would have been my 2d Great Grandmother and her daughter Elzora Barnett would have been myGreat Grandmother and her son Connolly Barnett Hollis was my Grandfather. Hope someone recognizes this family line. Would also like information on joining the Harlan family group.
    ---- Thank you, George Hollis Parker, 522 Chief Stand Watie Lane, Catoosa, Oklahoma 74015

    Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998
    From: Mary Alice (Cowhick) Tuxhorn Tuxy2@aol.com

    Need information on Moses HARLAN who married Sally (Sary) COWHICK in 1795 in Mason Co. KY. They are not listed in the A. H. Harlan's Green Book nor Joydelle Wolfram's Red Texas Books. Thanks for any information that anyone might have.
    ----Mary Alice (Cowhick) Tuxhorn 

    Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998
    From: Cornelia Warner fenenga@mminternet.com

    I have a Chester Harlan in a collateral line of mine- can you fill in the data? this is all I have. It is Bessie's ancestry that connects to mine, and, she is a descendant of Quakers, though whether Chester was aware of either of their Quaker ancestry, I do not know.

    Descendants of William Harlan

  • 1 William Harlan b: 1836 d: 1917
  • 2 Chester R Harlan b: March 11, 1886 d: January 08, 1964 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio

  • ---+Bessie Edith Mills b: June 18, 1890 in Streetsboro, Portage, Ohio m:March 11, 1914 d: May 12, 1985 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio
  • 3 Ralph Mills Harlan +Doris Irene Shively
  • 3 Earl Chester Harlan +Lois Elaine Drake

  • Bessie's parents were Almon Darius Mills and Emma Elizabeth Cross. Emma was a sister of my great grandfather, Rev. James Franklin Cross.

    Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998
    From: David Whiteman flyer46@iname.com

    I am trying to find my family links to the name HARLAND which I am told originated in Ireland. My name is David HARLAND Whiteman and my father's (deceased) middle name was also HARLAND. In the family tree there are other references to the name HARLAND but the mists of time have made finding the roots difficult.

    My family home page with genealogical data is at: http://www2.one.net.au/~namaste/

    I would be eternally grateful to anyone who can shed some light on this elusive but fascinating bit of my history. Thanks in advance. David Harland Whiteman, Sydney, Australia, david@aviat.com.au http://arjuna.cjb.net 

    Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998
    From: Lee Bahan gpblhb@compuage.com

    I'm researching the descendants of Nancy Jane Comer and Elza D. Harlin, son of #2319 James H. Harlin (so spelled on tombstone) and Mary "Polly" Crawford. Elza D. was b. 17 Feb. 1838, Monroe Co., KY, and d. 1906, bd. Gamaliel, KY. In 1880, Elza and Nancy lived in Macon Co., TN, with children Mary E., 14; Wm. A., 11; Cora, 9; Minnie, 7; "Susquehanah M.," probably Lusk M., 4; and Sallie P., 2. The 1900 Macon Co., TN, census adds the following children: Eva, b. May 1883; Laura, b. Oct. 1887, and Leslie T., b. Dec. 1889. The 1910 Macon Co., TN, census shows the widow Nancy Jane and daughter Leslie T. living with widower William H. Butler, Nancy Jane's son-in-law. The 1910 also shows that Lusk M. had married Dora (E. Wood or Woods--from other documents) and had four sons: Aaron, 6; Clyde G(lenn from SS-5), 4; Edgar, 3; and Carsey, 2 mos. TN birth records indicate that Carsey was b. 25 Feb 1910, and this matches the SSDI birthdate of a Carsey Harlin whose residence was in Akron, OH, and who d. 1978. Lusk M.'s family doesn't appear in the 1920 TN soundex and my hunch is that they had moved to OH by 1920. The Macon Co., TN, courthouse has burned three times so few marriage records exist. I'd appreciate any information about the spouses of Elza D.'s daughters, marriage dates/locations, and their children. I also would like to know when/ where Lusk M. and Dora Wood(s) Harlin died. Finally, I especially am interested in whom Lusk M.'s sons married; I suspect rather strongly that son Clyde Glenn Harlin b. 20 Aug. 1905, Gamaliel, KY, d. 1976, Wichita, KS, was my grandfather. My father was Odell Clyde Harlin, b. 1923/5, Forrest City, AR. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. I have created a large Harlin-spelling database and am happy to share information.

    ---Thanks. Lee Harlin Bahan gpblhb@compuage.com 

    Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998
    From: Ruth Harlan Lamb harlamb@aol.com

    Many Harlan family members have some interesting experiences to relate, we're sure. You don't have to be famous to be included in "Stories of Harlans". We're looking for some "feel good stories", adventurous tales, or accounts of unusual vocations (or avocations) of Harlans and Harlan kin, either past or present.

    Please send the story to Ruth Harlan Lamb at harlamb @aol.com. Many thanks!

    Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998
    From: "jlane" jlane@midusa.net

    Hoping someone can help in finding who parents are of Jamina HARLAN/D married 30 Aug 1827 in Preble Co, Ohio to Stephen Jerome HARRIS. She died in Fulton County, Indiana 12 Oct 1860. The issue from this marriage were as follows: Barton William HARRIS b. circa 1829 in Preble Co. Ohio, m. Julia Ann RHINESMITH 14 Nov 1858 in Fulton Co. Ind, d. 17 Jan 1871 in Fulton Co. Ind; Courtland T. HARRIS b. circa 1830; James HARRIS b. circa 1831; Levi Pervine HARRIS b. 11 Feb 1833 in Eaton, Preble Co. Ohio, m. 26 July 1858 to Sarah Catherin EVANS in Fulton Co. Ind, d. 9 Sept 1914 in Topeka, Shawnee Co, Ks. (married several other times after Sarah's death (6, I think); Burzillah C. HARRIS b. circa 1838; and Stephen Jerome HARRIS, Jr. b. circa 1840.

    Any help with family of Jamina who be greatly appreciated.

    Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998
    From: Bob & Esther Wells bobcarrie.wells@worldnet.att.net

    In answer to Nascardoug@aol.com dated Oct. 8, 1998. I have the children of Valentine Harlan b. Mar. 30, 1790 in Laurens District, SC.,d.May 5 1874 in White Co., AK., m. Feb. 16, 1815 in Laurens Co., SC. to Polly Ward (or Word) b. Apr. 26, 1799 in Laurens District, SC, d. 6 18, 1838 in Coweta Co., GA. Besides James Pennington Harlan b. Nov. 15, 1816 in Coweta Co., GA., d. Aug. 7, 1888, m. Emily Fleeman. James had 10 brothers and sisters by Valentine and Polly; James m. (2) Dec. 5, 1839 to Aley Vance and they had five children. all 16 children of Valentine's were born in Coweta Co., GA.

    Those born by first wife: James, Elizabeth J., Sarah, Aley, William T. John R., Don S., Mary C., Gabriella, Samuel Valentine, and Charles.

    Those born by second wife: Martha, Richard, Eugenia, Ann and Joseph. I have more information if he wants to contact me or go through you. It is quite a bit of information. I can copy it off and send to him if he wants.
    ----Esther Harlan Wells, email: bobcarrie.wells@worldnet.att.net

    Date: Sun, 18 Oct 1998
    From: Delores chaser06@infinet.com
    Subject: HARLAN Cemetery, Hancock, County Indiana

    A Delores asks if anyone has any HARLAN connection in Hancock Co., IN where there is an old HARLAN Cemetery? She advises that much of her family members are buried there and she has the list.

    She also has an old photo of a HARLAN family in front of their place of business in or near Anderson, IN. For further information get in touch with her at chaser06@infinet.com

    Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998
    From: Carol Thayer cthayer@macnet.com

    I am looking for information on: Patrick Harlan m. Brigette Healy
    --Joseph A. Harlan, b. 1880 m. Agnes M. Gaffey b. 1884
    ----Daniel Jospeh Harlan b. 1917, m. Anne Teresa Cleary
    --------Daniel Joseph Harlan Jr.
    --------Thomas M. Harlan
    ----Anne Harlan
    ----Agnes Harlan
    ----Rosemary Harlan
    ----Salley Harlan, b. 1915

    They were all born in Troy, NY (except Patrick, I have no further info except name). Any additional information is appreciated.
    ----Carol A. Harlan (cthayer@macnet.com)

    Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998
    From: Jodi Nielson Oxymorons2@aol.com

    Good Morning! I have just started to research my maternal family lines. My great-grandmother was Flora Lenore Harlan. She married John Homer Cooper in Osceola, Iowa in 1900. I know they were in Eldorado Springs, MO in 1908 (that's when my grandmother was born). Flora's parents were Jacob Harlan and Sarah ?. That's all I know right know. There is also a story that they owned/operated a hotel or boarding house somewhere in Iowa. Does any of this tie in with your information? If my line does tie in with yours, I will definately buy a copy of the book. Thanks for your help.
    ----Jodi Nielson, Oxymorons2@aol.com

    Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998
    From: John Lowell Harlan JHarlan62@aol.com Subject: Valentine Harlan

    Page 245 of the green volume, of Alphues Harlan's book, indicates Valentine Harlan, farmer, carpenter and Methodist b. 3-30-1790 in S. Carolina and died in White Co. Arkansas. bur. there 5-5-1874. He married in Laurens District, S.C., 2-16-1815, Polly Word (not Ward as you indicated), Methodist, b. there 4-26-1799 d. Coweta Co. GA 6-18-1838. bur there. Polly was dau of John Word and Elizabeth Vance. His second marriage was to Aley Vance, Methodist b. Laurens District S.C. 1-18-1806 d in White Co. Ark. 11-18-1878 bur there, dau of Joseph Vance, farmer and Penina Rainey. Aley Vance resided at the time of her marriage in Laurens District/They settled in Cowete Co. and in 1857 emigrated to White Co. ARK. Issue :

  • # 2570-a James P. Harlan b. 11-15-1816 d. 8-7-1888 m. Emily Fleeman
  • # 2570-b Elizabeth J. Harlan b. 9-30-1818 d. 9-20-1861 m.________ Spreadlin.
  • # 2570-c Sarag Harlan b. 5-25-1820 d. 5 mo. 1883 m. Allen Cockeral.
  • # 2570-d Aley Harlan b. 3-18-1822 d. 2-7-1890 m. John Maddox.
  • # 2570-e William T. Harlan b. 1-5-1824 d. 10-2-1873 m. Vashti MIller.
  • # 2570-f John R. Harlan b. 10-9-1827 d. 7-4-1863 m/ Emeline Barnett no further recd.
  • # 2570-g Don S. Harlan b. 9-27-1829 d. 10 mo. 1861 m. Lucinda Morgan.
  • # 2570- h Mary C. Harlan b. 7-2-1831 d. 8-25-1890 m. Alfred Connell.
  • # 2570- i Gabriella (MB) b. Coweta Co GA 3-31-1833 d there 7-28-1855 bur Newmanm Andrew Grogan, brick mason , no issue.
  • # 2570-j Samuel Valentine Harlan b. 1-30-1836 d. 12-23-1854 in Coweta no further record.
  • # 2570-k Charles Harlan b. 4-15-1838 d. infant
  • # 2570-l Martha Harlan b. 6-2-1841 still living 1912 m. James Foreman.
  • # 2570-m Richard Harlan b. in Coweta in 1843 d. in White Co ARK 5-18-1863 no further record.
  • # 2570-n Eugenia Harlan b. 12-30-1845 in Coweta d. 2-14-1864 in White Co.
  • # 2570-o Ann Harlan b. 9-15-1848 in Coweta d. 1-17-1849 infant.
  • # 2570-p Joseph W. Harlan b. 3-9-1851 m. Susie Maddox still living in 1912

  • I hope this fills in some gaps for you....John Lowell Harlan 

    Date: Sat, 10 Oct 1998
    From: Dan Treadway treadway@netins.net

    I am a Harlan descendant and would be glad for my home page and email address to be listed on your site.

    My descent:
    George Harlan & Elizabeth Duck
    Elizabeth Harlan & Joseph Robinson
    Mary Robinson & William Kirk
    Joseph Kirk & Judith Knight
    Judith Kirk & David Smith
    Thomas K Smith & Elizabeth Starbuck
    Stephen Smith & Elizabeth Roberts
    Aaron Thomas Smith & Rachel Mathilda Dewees
    Irving James Smith & Mary Latium Emmons
    Carolyn Ardith Smith & Allen Frank Treadway
    Daniel Wilson Treadway
    I have information on over 300 descendants of David and Judith (Kirk) Smith who do not appear in Alpheus Harlan's book.
    ----Dan Treadway, US mail: P. O. Box 72, Gilbert, IA 50105-0072, Email: mailto:treadway@netins.net, Web page: http://www.netins.net/showcase/treadway
    Date: Thu, 8 Oct 1998
    From: Nascardoug@aol.com

    Does anyone have any information on Valentine Harlan Born March 30, 1790 and Died May 5, 1874? I am trying to find his other children siblings of James Pennington Harlan born in Cowetta, GA. Valentine's wife's name was Polly Ward.

    Date: Tue, 6 Oct 1998
    From: Laurence Harlan nalrah@aol.com
    Subject: Joseph Harlan of Maryland

    I have traced my ancestors back as far as Joseph Harlan/d born 1798 in Maryland. He moved and married Hannah Wells, born in 1817; they were married in Troy, Ohio on October 1, 1837. They had three children, Harriett, b 1838, John Wood, b 1840 and Mary, b 1843. Joseph died in November of 1857 and is buried in the Rose Hill Cemetery in Troy. Any information on Joseph or his family would be greatly appreciated.
    ----Laurence Harlan

    Date: Sat, 3 Oct 1998
    From: Bernice Agarbagar@simcoe.net
    Subject: Abraham Harland

    I`m looking for a connection of Abraham Harland who lived in Markham Township in Ontario, Canada. He was married to Ann Johnson from Yorkshire, England. They lived in the small village of Yokefleet.I`m not sure if they came to Canada via Pennsylvania. The father`s name was also Abraham.

    Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998
    From: Mike Harlan MHa5971334@aol.com

    Hi- my name is Mike Harlan. I'm 33 yrs old. My father was Richard Samuel Harlan. His father was Samuel Harlan born March 25 1878 ied May 19 1957. He was a pvt co l 4 regt Ill inf in the Spanish American War. I tkink I have a cousin Alph Harlan in Bridge port Ill. Can you help? thanks mike harlan e-mail add: MHa5917334@aol.com

    Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998
    From: Ted Belwish goomab@c2i2.com
    Subject: Harlins

    I am Pat Harlin-Belwish. I have tried to go back through the generations to find a link to the Harlins. I am stumped with Henry C Harlin(Harlen) who I believe to be my great grandfather. and I think he was married to Eliza Jane or Elizabeth Jarboe. They had at least one son John Thomas Harlin born about August 1868, He married Mary Celee Brown. Mary was born in 1872.

    Finding documentation is my primary goal and to list sources. I have listed grandchildren, my children and my generation also fathers generation and his father's generation. than i meet with a dead end. hope some one out there can help put me on the track to see if my grandfather John Thomas Harlin even had brothers or sisters. or if his wife mary celee brown did. they were from Spencer or Perry county, Indiana. My father when I was a child also mentioned a Troy Indiana as being a place he lived. any thing sound familiar? Thank you for any help. Or direction you can point me to. I have the family tree maker and have many cd's but so far nothing. I have sent for census cd's as one relative said they saw item on John Thomas Harlin in census. from Spencer County, Indiana.If I can be of help in finding something in return I will be glad to with cd's I have.

    Date: Sat, 19 Sep 1998
    From: Larry Harlan Nalrah@aol.com

    Hi, Mark. I saw your September 12th posting asking for ways to gain information on other Harlands and Harlans in Canada. You took the first right step and made a posting in the Messages Page. I'm sure that other Harlands in our favorite country Canada will get in touch with you as might others living else where. The primary purpose of that Page is very basic and that is to make contact with other relatives.

    The second thing you can do is contact those Harlands as listed in the Address Page that indicated that they lived in Canada and while that section is at the present time limited, you still have a chance of making some contact. Also look at the E-mail addresses in that Page which will show some Canadian locations.

    The third thing to do is make sure that you list your name in the Addess Page and show your location as Canada along with the most imporant thing and that is listing your relatives as far back as you can go. They need not be listed in the Green Book. Mine aren't and I'm still trying to tie them into the book. Make sure you show your ancestors locations and dates of birth.

    Send that information back to me with your approval to make the listing and it will be done. Then the hard part comes; waiting for responses.

    Good hunting and welcome to the Harlan/d Web Site!! Larry Harlan

    Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998
    From: Mary Blackburn mblackbu@pittstate.edu

    I am still having trouble locating information on my great-aunt; Anna Rebecca Blackburn - Harlan. I located Douglas Harlan and Anna on the 1910 census, living in MO. At that time there were 5 children. I later found an obituary from a newspaper in Potawatomie county KS for Douglas. In the obit there was mention of six children. It only mentioned the marriage of Anna to Douglas. It did not list her as a survivor, nor did it list her as having pre-deceased Douglas. It was mentioned that Douglas had been living with friends at the time of his death. The cemetery where Douglas and the oldest son are buried is located in the same county. I could not find any of the other children nor any mention of Anna. If anyone could help me find additional information on this family I would greatly appreciate it.
    ----Mary Blackburn

    Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998
    From: Ruth Harlan Lamb
    Subject: A HARLAN FAMILY LOGO CONTEST ! The contest is open to all Harlans, Harlands, Harlins, Harlens, their descendants and relatives. You need not be an artist or execute a finished art product. Sketches may be submitted to help present your thoughts. The committee of your family peers reserves the right to obtain professional assistance for the final art work. Deadline for submissions is December 15, 1998.
    Ruth Harlan Lamb, Secretary
    P O Box 1654
    Independence, MO 64055
    Have fun and be creative!
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    Date: Sat, 12 Sep 1998
    From: Mark HarlandMFHARLAND@aol.com

    My name is Mark Harland and I come from Montreal, Canada. I would like to get more information on the Harlands in Canada and their relation to the Harlans in the US and UK. Do you have tips or suggested readings.
    ---Thanks, Mark

    Date: Mon, 7 Sep 1998
    From: CARL W SMITH carlwsmith@worldnet.att.net
    Subject: Harlan Reunions

    Please contact me, I am a direct decendant of Ambrose Harlan. My address is 12974 Chelsea Harbor Dr S, Jacksonville, FL 32224. My bother's name is Harlan Loomis Stockwell, Jr. and his address is 7569 Duclay Forest Drive West, Jacksonville, FL 32244.

    Date: Mon, 07 Sep 1998
    From: Carol Thayer cthayer@macnet.com

    I am looking for any tracing the James L. Harlan #2722, pg. 610 of the Green Book. I am especially interested in Joseph A. Harlan. I think that this may be my gg-grandfather.
    ----Thank you for any information. Carol Ann Harlan

    Date: Sat, 05 Sep 1998
    From: Laffitte Donehoo lwdonehoo@pop.mindspring.com
    Subject: William Harlan

    Re Willaim Harlan b 1 nov 1702, son of Ezekila Harlan and Mary Bezer- he died in 22 Oct 1783 at West Marlborough Twp, PA. He Married Margaret FARLOW b 1 nov 1703 , died 12 jun 1767, also at west marlborough
    they were married 14feb 1720 at the Kennet MM in PA
    Their children were: William, Mary , Jonathan, James, Alice , Sarah, Stephen, George and Enoch more info available from: tpdelcano@Juno.com
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    Date: Sat, 05 Sep 1998
    From: Alice Allen dcaallen@pacifier.com
    Subject: Henry Dixon & wife Rose

    In working on my husband's Dixon lines, I've come across an email sent by a Quaker rooter who indicated that Henry Dixon's wife's name was Rose Harlan. I have never seen anything to document this, and am wondering if anyone here has that information. This would be Henry Dixon who was born 1633 in Ireland, married to Rose in Ireland, and whose son William (b 1662 Ireland, d 1708 New Castle Co) immigrated to America abt 1688.
    ----Thanks for any help. Alice Allen
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