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July & August 1998
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Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998
From: Joe jkbryant@swbell.net

Is there anyone in the Harlan family that can help in my search for family members? I have an uncle who died in Pittsburgh and I would like to get a copy of his death certificate. I understand that the Dept of Health for this sort of thing is in New Castle. Maybe someone is familiar with and can help.
----Thanks, Joe

Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1998
From: Larry Harlan Nalrah@aol.com
Subject: Daniel Lewis Harlan - Your message dated August 10th

Daniel, Glad you asked the question on whether or not the old version of Alpheus H. Harlan's book published in 1914 was ever up-dated because there are others asking that same question. It has not been changed.

That original version, The Green Book as it is reffered to, is titled The History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family and was reprinted in it's original form and is still available thru the Store Page in the Harlan Family Homepage. It is hardbound in a GREEN COVER , contains 1065 pages, costs $ 50 and is well worth the money if your interest lies in the Harlan/d family.

One upgraded genealogy text is available and covers the descendants of # 194 Aaron and Elizabeth ( Stuart ) Harlan compiled by Joydelle Garrett Wolfram. It consists of two hardbound volumes, each consisting of approximately 1100 pages. In addition to covering Aaron's and Elizabeth's descendants it does offer corrections and additions to the original works by A. H. Harlan. It also is well worth the $ 50, also as described in our Store Page, and is very well done. We refer to these two volumes as the Texas Red Books. There are quite a few Harlans in it from the great state of Texas.

The amount of work envolved in upgrading all of the lines of the Harlan would be tremendous, nevertheless, we hope that such a project will be under way soon. Any ideas along these lines from you or anyone should be directed to Junior Harlan who is the Director of Genealogy of our organization The Harlan Family of America. His E-mail address is JFDMHarlan@aol.com

Thanks for your question and let us know if we can be of any help. In the meantime we hope that you will enjoy the Site.
----Larry Harlan, Site Coordinator
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Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998
From: John E. Corrigan jcormkin@ix.netcom.com

The Newberry Library here is excellent on Mew England research, but a little lacking in PA families. Having come across Alpheus's bok many years ago I have been unable to expand the families of the ladies who married into my Harlan line: Ezekiel (5), William (22), Jonathan (111), William (438), David (1570), Ellis (4438) and lastly Ellis' daughter Hannah who married Caleb Lewis Follansbee and died in 1919 at Salem OH at the home of her son Ralph Harlan Follansbee.

I would like to correspond with anyone researching any of the above Harlans gents.
---- Thank you kindly, John E. Corrigan
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Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998
From: John Harlan JHarlan62@aol.com
Subject: Re: Harlan's

Dianne, Sorry I took so long to get back to you...I have been unbelievably busy.

Page 280 of the Alpheus Harlan Green Volume, History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family.....
# 887 Henry Harlan of the seventh generation of Harlan's in America, son of George, grandson of Jacob. Farmer Christian b. 5-19-1790 in Lincoln (now Boyle Co.) Kentucky. d. there first month 1855, bur. there at Danville burying grounds. Henry Harlan m. near Danville in 1815, Elizabeth Bryan, Christian, b. 1-3-1801 ( fourteen year old bride..If you could see out of a rain barrel...) Elizabeth died there 10-11-1840, bur. at Danville. She was dau. Robert Bryan, farmer and breeder of race horses, b. 12 month 1775 m. Ann Thomas b. 1-26-1781(both supposed to have been natives of Georgia)

# 3035 Catherine b. 10-4-1816 d. Golidad Co., Texas, m. Collins Carter no further record.
# 3036 Jacob b. 5-1-1818 m. Atlanta Harlan(no. 2950), then Louisa Roberts
# 3037 Robert b. 9-21-1819 d. 9-22-1901 m. Delitha Robertson, then C. Louisa Bidstrup
# 3038 George b. 5-28-1821 m. Nancy Cole
# 3039 James Pendleton b. 8-5-1823 m. Elizabeth Burton no further record
# 3040 Martha b. 3-12-1825 d. 2-4-1848 m. Richard Simpson
# 3041 Jeremiah b. 7-24-1826 d/ 5-2-1905 m. Isabella Robertson then America Myers then Sarah A. Hutchings
# 3042 William Baughman b. 7-1-1828 m. Sarah E. Mitchell then Eliza Middleton
# 3043 Mary b. 10-11-1829 m. George W. Bentley(no. 7169) then Charles B. Neal
# 3044 Joseph Benjamin b. 9-15-1831 Boyle Co. KY, d t1849
# 3045 John b. 8-17-1834 m. Malinda Neal
# 3046 Henry b. 5-10-36 d. 7-5-1862m. Luvisa McCollough 3-10-1857
# 3047 Elizabeth b. 5-13-1838 d. 7-14-1861 m. William Streit
# 3048 Pauline b. 9-29-1840 d. 2 month 1870 m. 11 month 1857 Harlan Baughman then C. P. Armstrong
----John L. HARLAN
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Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998
From: CRAIG HULLINGER c-hullinger@govst.edu
Subject: Geneology

I have enjoyed reading the Harlan Web Page. I would think that it would be relatively easy to develop a updated "On Line Green Book" by simply having a section of the page for submission of family stories.

While searching the WEB I was intrigued to find that a number of geneologies have been put on line. It appears that each name has its own page, linked up and down to relatives. This would be a good approach for Harlan page.
----Craig Harlan Hullinger

Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998
From: John Harlan JHarlan62@aol.com
Subject: Heald/Harlan

Apparently the Harlans' really liked the Healds'. They have been marrying them since page 12 and the 1600's in England. The Harlan book, referred to as "the green volume" but more correctly, "History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family", has seven (7) different listings for Samuel Heald and many more on the other Healds. On page 30, # 139 Ruth Harlan b. 6-30-1741 d. 1828, dau. # 26 Joseph Harlan farmer, merchant and Friend b. 6-14-1721 in Kennet Township. Joseph m. Hannah Roberts b. 4-22-1723 in Chester Co. d 8-12-1753, bur old Kennet Meetin House burying grounds, dau of Robert Roberts b. 1692 in Wales and Hannah Howell b. 5-17-1689, Haverford Township. Joseph was engaged in mercantile pursuits and he and his youngest brother Benjamin were owners of two or more sloops engaged in coastal trade.

This is the "tip of the ice berg".........the book has far too much information to display here. Ruth and Samuel had eight children....Jacob, Rachel, Joseph, Samuel, Mary, John, Jonathan and Hannah. I believe that the book would be a worthwhile investment if you are genuinely interested in the history of your family. It is available on this web site, at stores, for $50 dollars or from the publisher for $159.50 plus shipping and handling.
-----I hope this helps and good hunting. John Lowell HARLAN

Subject: footnote to this message
Page 199 of the Harlan book, #528 Jacob Heald, farmer miller and Friend b. 9-4-1763 in Kennet Township, moved with his mother and step-father Allen Langley, from Chester to Randolph Co.,NC he m there about 1786, Martha Harvey, Friend b. 4-16-1766 in Randolph Co. dau of William Harvey, farmer b. Chester Co. and Elizabeth Carter b. 8-16-1736 same county (See Carter Family). In 1806 Jacob Hale and family settled into what is now Adams Township in Clinton Co. Ohio, where they remained during life. Jacob d. 9-5-1851 and Martha 6-23-1859 both bur in Friends burying grounds at Springfield Meeting House. Issue:# 1936 Samuel b. 2-14-1787 d. 2-14-1879 m. Mary West #1937 Elizabeth b.2-26-1789 d. 1-24-1867 m. James Massey #1938 William, farmer, b. 9-27-1790 in Randolph Co. NC d. 7-15-1887 in Wilmington, Clinton Co. Ohio bur near there in Sugar Grove Cemetery m. 1-15-1817 in Wilmington, Maria Sabin, b. 3-3-1797 in Duchess Co. NY d. 12-25-1884 in Wilmington bur Sugar Grove dau of Elijah Sabin who d. 8-25-1845 age 90 and Mary Salmons d. 2-3-1839 age 83.
----There is more information available in the book. John Lowell HARLAN
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Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998
From: John Harlan JHarlan62@aol.com
Subject: Starr/Harlan

Rae, Here is information from the Harlan book regarding the question you posted. They are brother and sister as you suspected.

Page 56 #88 David Harlan, farmer, miller and Friend, b. 1725 in London Grove Township, Chester Co. PA. d. Feb.or March 1793 Cecil Co. MD bur. there in Friends burying grounds, East Nottingham Meeting House. David m. 12-16-1756 in New Garden Twnshp. Chester Co. dau of Jeremiah Starr, a yeoman b 8-17-1690 in Ireland and Rebecca Jackson b. 3-25-1697 in Chester Co. After the death of David, widow Alice went to Hartford Co. MD to abide with her dau Rebecca d. there about 1798 in Deer Creek, bur in Deer Creek bur. grounds near Deer Creek Mtg. House.

#354 Silas b. 1-1-1758 in London Grove d. there in early childhood when a tree fell on him.
#355 Lewis b. 5-13-1760 d. 3-13-1825 m. Louisa A. M. Cromwell
# 356 Jeremiah b. 10-10-1762 d. 5-16-1838 m. Ester Stump 9-10-1800
# 357 David b. 1-12-1765 d. infancy LG Township
#358 Elisha b.2-18-1767 d. 10-3-1846 m. Rachel Harris
#359 Hannah b. 12-29-1769 d. 12-7-1816 in Philadelphia unm
#360 Rebecca b. 8-14-1773 d. 11month 1819 m. John Carter 6-14-1798
#361 Alice b. 12-26-1778 d. 2-25-1860 in Philadelphia unm

Page 58 Harlan Family Genealogy and History
# 92 Sarah Harlan, Friend, b. about the year 1737 in London Grove Township d. 3-5-1815, bur there in Friends bur. grounds, London Grove Meeting House. Sarah m. 3-19-1760, in Friends Meeting House London Grove, Moses Starr, farmer, Friend, b. 10-6-1728, in Berks Co. PA d. in London Grove bur LG Mtg House, sone of Jeremiah and Rebecca Jaackson.

# 377 Rebecca b. 12 month 1760 d. 7-15-1819, m. Thomas Downing 4-24-1781.
#378 Jeremiah b. 9-10-1762 d. 3-12-1816, m. Ann Whitson
#379 Hannah b. 2-3-1765 d. 4-20-1836 m. Thomas Whitson 10-31-1787
#380 Sarah b. 1769 died in childhood.

Notice that the children of Moses Starr # 378 and 379, Jeremiah and Hannah respectively, married brother and sister. For several reasons, the was a common practice in this time period, in part due to the lack of good material to chose from and in part because of the closeness and trust developed between the two families. My grandparents did the same thing, John Wesley Harlan m. Rea Hall and Cecil Hall m. Bassie Jane Harlan. My dad has those "double first cousins" closer kin than first cousins, almost brothers.
----I hope this information helps and good hunting. John Lowell HARLAN
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Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998
From: Terris 'Terry' C. HowardTCH6535@aol.com

HAYS, Elizabeth Dettor b 22 Jul 1809 Albemarle Co, VA d May 1899 Richmond, Henrico, VA m 11 Feb 1837 [Albemarle Co, VA] Benjamin Franklin W. HARLAN b 5 Mar 1810 Richmond, Henrico, VA d 13 Nov 1965 Albemarle Co, VA [His parents: John HARLAN 1770-1823 & Elizabeth LIGGAN 1780-1823] [Her parents: William HAYS 1785-1857 & Mary 'Polly' DETTOR 1789-1870]
They had issue:

1. HARLAN, William H(ays?) b 12 Apr 1838 Albemarle Co, VA m 12 Apr 1870 [Nelson Co, VA] Lucy F. HALL b 17 Feb 1846 Albemarle Co, VA [parents: Hugh N. HALL 1813- & Eliza E. WALLACE 1816-]
1.1 HARLAN, Lena L. b 22 May 1871
1.2 HARLAN, Lila V. b 29 Apr 1873 d Jun 1965 VA
1.3 HARLAN, Ashland b 28 Jul 1874
1.4 HARLAN, William Hall b 7 Aug 1882
2. HARLAN, John E. b 29 Aug 1839 Albemarle Co, VA d 28 Oct 1865 [unm]
3. HARLAN, Thomas b 11 Nov 1840 Albemarle Co, VA d 18 Sep 1861 Augusta Co, VA at the home of his father [unm]
4. HARLAN, James F. b 2 Feb 1842 Albemarle Co, VA m 1 Feb 1876 [Rockbridge Co, VA] Emma C. ALLEN b 3 Jul 1855 [parents: Alphonzo ALLEN 1830- & Fannie E. WALLACE 1825-] At the time of their marriage, James was residing in Augusta Co and Emma in Rockbridge Co. They removed in 1877 to Albemarle Co and settled in Charlottesville where he had since been engaged in general merchandizing. James was captured by the Union forces but a few days before the surrender of Lee at Appomattox.
4.1 AADFADA HARLAN, Charles Wallace b 15 May 1877
4.2 AADFADB HARLAN, Harold Edwin b 18 May 1879
4.3 AADFADC HARLAN, Nellie Frances b 6 Oct 1880 d 14 Jun 1882
4.4 AADFADD HARLAN, James Fulton b 12 Feb 1884 d 20 Feb 1884
4.5 AADFADE HARLAN, Bessie Allen b 11 Oct 1885 d 15 Nov 1892
4.6 AADFADF HARLAN, Emma Cornelia b 27 Nov 1887 d Dec 1966 Charlottesville, VA
4.7 AADFADG HARLAN, John Frederick b 24 Aug 1889
4.8 AADFADH HARLAN, Alpheus H. b 27 Jan 1891 d 14 Jul 1891
4.9 AADFADK HARLAN, Mary Virginia b 17 Nov 1892
5. HARLAN, Mary Jane b 10 Jan 1844 Albemarle Co, VA d May 1899 Richmond, VA [unm]
6. HARLAN, Isaac H(ays?) b 2 May 1845 Albemarle Co, VA d aft 1892 m 23 Feb 1871 [Albemarle Co, VA] Octavia M. ELLIOTT b 26 Apr 1850 Albemarle Co, VA [parents: T. G. ELLIOTT 1804- & Sophronia J. CHILDRESS 1808-]
6.1 AADFAFA HARLAN, George T. b 14 Mar 1872
6.2 AADFAFB HARLAN, Hays b 30 Dec 1873 d 29 Oct 1881
6.3 AADFAFC HARLAN, Mary F. b 15 Jun 1876 d 29 Oct 1881
6.4 AADFAFD HARLAN, Isaac K. b 26 Sep 1878
6.5 AADFAFE HARLAN, Fannie E. b 20 Jan 1882
6.6 AADFAFF HARLAN, Louie H. b 3 May 1885
7. HARLAN, Virginia E. b 29 Mar 1847 Albemarle Co, VA [unm-1897]
8. HARLAN, Louisiana b 15 Mar 1849 Albemarle Co, VA d 23 Sep 1860
9. HARLAN, Sarah E. b 24 Aug 1851 Albemarle Co, VA d 14 Sep 1860
10. HARLAN, Henry Allen b 2 Jun 1853 Albemarle Co, VA [unm-1894] living in Richmond at that time.

I am a HAYS family researcher and would like further information on this HARLAN family. Please contact: Terris 'Terry' C. Howard, email: tch6535@aol.com
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Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998
From: John Harlan JHarlan62@aol.com
Subject: Skelton

Mary Harlan #310, of the sixth generation, daughter of Michael Harlan(5) and granddaughter of George Harlan (4). Mary was born a Friend 6-25-1772 in West Marlborough township, Chester Co. PA., and d. there 11-25-1815, bur. London Grove Meeting House. She m. at London Grove Meeting House 12-11-1793, Aaron Skelton, farmer and Friend, b. 10-18-1767 in Chester Co. D. there 2-5-1844, on his farm is W Marlborough, bur. London Grove. Aaron was the son of Alexander Skelton, farmer b. on a farm N. of Downingtown, Chester Co. m. Rachel Maris, b. on a farm in the vicinity of Bradford Meeting House,

Aaron and Mary had issue:
#1215 Thomas b. 10-10-1794 d. 10-29-1794
#1216 Lydia b. 9-9-1796 d.11-9-1825 m. John Commons 1-22-1823
#1217 Isaac b. 4-6-1799 d. 3-22-1882 m. Rebecca P. Davis 1830
#1218 Eli b. 8-14-1802 d. 6-19-1828 unm.
#1219 Lewis b. 6-28-1804 d. 12-6-1857 m. Hannah B. Wickersham 1-14-1851
#1220 Aaron b. 12-30-1806 d. 1-29-1807
#1221 Rachel b. 8-29-1808 d. 9-14-1808
#1222 Susanna b. 10-15-1809 d. 5-22-1847 unm.
#1223 Mary b. 11-27-1812 d. 12-4-1812
#1224 Ann b. 6-18-1814 d. 6-18-1834 unm.

This information is from page 140 of the Alpheus Harlan book. ---John

Date: Tue, 18 Aug 1998
From: Gary Williams SCHURDLU@aol.com

Do you have information on Ruth Harlan, born 3-28-1741 in Chester Co., PA? In 1760 she married Samuel Heald? Samuel's parents came to Chester Co about 1703, bearing a certificate from "Monthly Meeting held at Morley, Co. of Chester, England to Friends in Philadelphia." This from a book entitled "The Ancestors and Descendants of Jacob and Martha Harvey Hale." The book is fascinating, but, unfortunately, does not include my direct Heald/Hale ancestor, Harlan Bolden Hale.

Ruth Harlan and Samuel Heald had three sons: Joseph, Samuel and Jacob. I believe Harlan Bolden was the son of Samuel IV, Jacob's brother. The Healds moved to North Carolina about 1785. It was in NC that the name changed to Hale. Many of them later moved to Clinton Co., Ohio, which is where the book I have originated. The NC and Ohio relatives were separated by the Civil War. If you can help me track down anything new about the folks, I'll be most appreciative. ---Gary Williams, Santa Clara, CA

Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1998
From: John Harlan JHarlan62@aol.com

I liked the idea that Bob and Carrie expressed regarding finishing out the missing members and possibly creating a Volume II of the "green book". Consequently, I attempted to send them an export off my Family Tree Maker from # 6838 on page 612, George Washington Harlan, down through my grandchildren. I don't know if it worked yet. I requested they let me know if they received the file.

Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998
From: Lu ffunl@azmail.net

Hello Harlan cousins, I just found you this week - I am desc. from Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of George #189 (p. 91 of "The Book") and Rebecca Bogan. Elizabeth #687 m. Harrison Brandon. The book has no further record of them, but desc. have researched this line through SC, KY and TN to TX. My direct line is Ellender Brandon m. James Tosh; William Harlan Tosh m. Elizabeth Wilson in Carroll Co. TN; Jordan Thomas Tosh m. Willie Ella Morgan in TX c. 1900, my grandparents.

Rebecca Bogan Harlan m2 Gen. Thomas Brandon RS of Union Co. SC, possibly related in some way to Harrison Brandon, her son-in-law.

I'll be starting a family book next year that will have a Harlan/Brandon chapter, and would love to hear from desc. of Sarah Elizabeth and Harrison.
---- L. Cook-Edwards
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Date: Wed, 12 Aug 1998
From: Bob & Esther Wells bobcarrie.wells@worldnet.att.net
Subject: Up-grading the Green Book

I had mentioned up-grading the book, to Larry Harlan and he said I should send you a note that we could list mentioning my up-grade process of the Book to you.

What I would like, is to have other family members send me their lines that they have already researched, from where the book left off to the present. This way we could have other books or book, however many it may take, to bring everything up to date as much as can possibly be done. I realize babies are always being born and people always dying and marrying, so it could never be completely up to date. But I would like to try to do the best I can.
---Esther Harlan Wells

Date: Mon, 10 Aug 1998
From: Daniel Harlan harland@ccmail.orst.edu

Hello. My uncle has been working on our geneology for some years now, and has been using an old version of Alpheus Harlan's book. We would like to know what editions exist leading up to the 1987 reprint edition. Also, what is meant by the "green volume"?
---Thank you, Daniel Lewis Harlan, Corvallis, OR (harland@ccmail.orst.edu)

Date: Thu, 6 Aug 1998
From: John Skelton jlsc@gate.net

I'm just starting to trace my family and I came across the Harlan name. Mary Harlan daughter of Michael and Susanna (Carleton ) married an Aaron Skelton who would be my 4th greatgrandfather. ( I think ) Anyway is she from your family and if so do you have anything on Aaron? From my records that were passed on to me Aaron and Mary became possessors of the Harlan Family farm in West Marlborough Township, Chester County. Aaron was the son of Alexander Skelton and Rachel Maris. Aaron was born on 10/08/1787.
---- Thank You, John Skelton, jlsc@gate.net

Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998
From: Larry Harlan Nalrah@aol.com

Hello, Shelley

Thanks for your em. Again, Mary Harlan is #1203, b 8, 20, 1803 in Newlin Twp., Chester Co., Pa and married John J. Monaghan in Chester Co., Pa who was born 2,11,1805. They were married 5, 9,1832. You read his birth date as being their wedding date.

They had one daughter, Hannah Jackson, # 3733, b 4, 4, 1836, m Benjamin Taylor. Hannah also is listed as is her children on page 729 in the The History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family is described in the Store Page of the Harlan Homepages of our Harlan Family Site at www.harlanfamily.org.

The Book states, " Hannah Jackson Monaghan, a Friend,was married at " The Pines," her father's homestead. Benjamin Taylor ( No. 6562 ), miller, Friend, b 3, 20, 1825 in Chester Co.; d 4, 23, 1888 in Minneapolis and is burried in Lakewood Cemetery, a son of Lownes Taylor ( No. 2647 ) and Rachel Baker ( No. 2630 )." They moved to Minneapolis in 1867, then to Red Wing, MN in 1874, then back to Minneapolis in 1881.

Then the children are listed and numbered 8273 through 8279.

If you would care to learn more about the family, you can either purchase the book or we will post a message in the Message Page of the Site. The Book, published in 1914 and consisting of 1065 pages, hardbound and costing $ 50 actually will trace your line back to either James, b about 1647 or George, his brother, b 1650 both of England.

Hope this clarifies things for you. Also, please let us know if you would like to be listed in our Address section, if so, give the name of the state that you reside in and the descendants you would like to show.
----Again, welcome to the Harlan Family Homepages. Larry Harlan, Site Coordinator
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Date: Wed, 05 Aug 1998
From: GRIER INGEBRETSEN grier@uswest.net

We just got a copy of the Harlan newsletter, therefore accessing your website. I'm just beginning to work on HARLAN genealogy but have been doing genealogy for about 25 years. HARLAN is one of my husband's line. I am trying to find out if someone has already done the work and has information about my husband's great-grandmother. Where do I go to see if we can hook up with other Harlans from the same family???

ELIZABETH HARLAN- b ? married William Richard Taylor both are probably buried in Corvallis, OR but we are still trying to nail that down.

their children were:
1. CHARLES HARLAN TAYLOR- b 1885 Red Oak, Iowa d. 1977 Oregon City, OR married Roma Etta Grier 1904 Corvallis, OR
4. OLIVE "Ollie" TAYLOR married Ed Baldwin

Can you put me in touch with someone who has a data base or do you know who might have had HARLANS in Iowa circa 1885?
----Thanks for the help. Patti Waitman-Ingebretsen

Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998
From: Larry Harlan Nalrah@aol.com
Subject: Mary and John Jackson Monaghan

Hello, Shelley.

I saw your descendants in your listing in the Address Page and wondered if you knew of Mary Harlan's listing on page 336 of the Green Book. She is #1203, b 8, 20, 1803 in Newlin Twp., Chester Co., Pa and married John J. Monaghan in Chester Co., Pa b 2,11,1805

They had one daughter, Hannah Jackson, # 3733, b 4, 4, 1836, m Benjamin Taylor. Hannah also is listed as is her children on page 729.

So, I hope is that this is new news to you. If it is, you may wish to purchase the book, The History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family as described in the Store Page of the Harlan Homepages.
----Let me know if this is news and also if I can look up anything for you. Larry Harlan

Date: Tue, 04 Aug 1998
From: Vance Middleton srwings@aol.com

Hi there, I'm a Harlan cousin coming to let you know that the Blackburn Family Association has updated its web site. We've posted the BFA's 90,000 name database online. There are many, many descendants of George Harlan & Elizabeth Duck in the database. You are welcome to link to the database as long a you make the link point to http://www.blackburn-tree.org ----Regards, Vance Middleton, Sterling, VA
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Date: Sat, 1 Aug 1998
From: Dianne Minney-Gammill Nascardoug@aol.com

My name is Dianne Minney-Gammill. I am researching James Pendleton Harlan and his wife Mylinda Cooper Harlan. I saw in your 90 plus club a couple names that are related to me. Orville Ira Harlan and Ethel his wife. I don't know who submitted them can you tell me? So I can contact them and see if we can share information.
----Thanks, Dianne Minney-Gammill

Date: Sun, 2 Aug 1998
From: Linda L CRAMER TRAVERSMomtrav@aol.com

Hi! I am very interested in the HARLAN/BAULT genealogy. I am also very interested in the BAULT/HENSON genealogy. Elizabeth HARLAN m Adam BAULT and had Mary G. BAULT who m John D. HENSON who had my Gmother Josephine HENSON. Josephine HENSON m Lorenzo Pearl CRAMER and they had Walter Lorenzo CRAMER who was my father. Could you help me with HENSON and BAULT genealogy? Would you have any knowledge of the SWEET genealogy? I have asked for alot of help haven't I?
---Thank you for any assistance you could give me. Momtrav@aol.com (Linda L CRAMER TRAVERS)

Date: Sat, 1 Aug 1998
From: John Lowell HARLAN JHarlan62@aol.com

A young lady in Oregon, Carol Ann Harlan Thayer, cthayer@macnet.com, took my advice and bought the Harlan book, but she can't seem to connect because her father, grandfather, and G GF are all too recently born to have been included in the Harlan book. Carol has never posted a querie on the web site that I can find byt has contacted me directly for help...

It is likely that she could find her "tie-in" with the book if she can get information of her GG grandfather.

On her behalf, here is what she has. She lists:
Thomas M Harlan b. 10-28-1956
Daniel Joseph Harlan Jr. b. 10-31-1940 d. 11-25-1997 m/ Alice T. Irvine
Daniel Joseph Harlan Sr. b. 11-22-1917 Troy, NY d. 7-12-1989 in CA m. Anne Teresa Cleary
Joseph A.(?) Harlan, b. about 1880 NY d. about 1938 m. Agnes M. Gaffey b. 4-25-1884 d. 4- _-1966

All of these individuals were born too late for inclusion in the Harlan book. Can anyone identify these among your relatives?

Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998
From: Major T. L. Harlan
Seeking any information any Harlan cousins may have on any branch of our clan married into the Omaha Indian Tribe near Harlan County, Nebraska. Please send any information at all to:
Major T. L. Harlan
U.S. Naval Base
Box 180231
Coronado Island, CA 92178-0231

From: Pat Dailey epd@bellatlantic.net
Subject: charity harlan

I am researching the Stone family and in doing so have Elias Stone m Elizabeth Baldwin dau Francis Baldwin and Charity Harlan Hackney Baldwin. Charity was the dau of Aaron Harlan. I don't know if you would be interested in Charity's descent, but if you are I will be glad to send it to you. It incorporates about seven generations.
----Pat Dailey epd@bellatlantic.net

Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998
From: Dean edharlan@comteck.com
Subject: Corection Needed
I apologize but it seems as my lack has caused Confusion in a post you made for me in the Harlanfamily message center. I will attempt to correct this by resending. I gave you a name William (Pinkton) Harlan Which is wrong,
My Name is -Edward Dean Harlan.
My Father -Orville Ira Harlan.
My Grandfather-Willam Isaac Harlan.
My GGrandfather-Willam Pennington Harlan.

I AM TOLD Willam Pennington Harlan was married to a Melinda (Cooper)being her maden name ,became Melinda Cooper Harlan.
----Hope This Helps, Edward Dean Harlan

Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998
From: John Lowell HARLAN JHarlan62@aol.com
Subject: Harlan update

Your lineage traces from No. 3 George Harlan and Elizabeth Duck, to their son No.5 Ezekiel Harlan, b. 6-16-1679 d. 4-15-1731, m. Mary Bezer and Ruth Buffington, your ancestor is Mary Bezer. No. 22 William Harlan b. 9-1-1702 d. 10-22-1783, m. Margaret Farlow 12-14-1721. Their son No. 111 Jonathan Harlan, b. 15 of the 7th month & 4th day of the week 1726 in West Marlborough and d. there prior to 1774. Married Deborah Marsh 10-19-1745.

Their son, No. 443 Jonathan Harlan who married Abigail Harlan and Elizabeth Fawcett....was by trade a miller and a farmer. Jonathan no. 443 is buried in the Baptist church burying grounds near the village of Harlansburg. He married 10-24-1781 at Holy TRinity (Olde Swedes) Church in Wilmington, Delaware in Episcopal ceremony one (No. 274) Abigail Harlan McCall, his cousin and widow of Benjamin McCall. Abigail no. 274, was daughter of No. 63 Joshua Harlan and Abigail Green. Abigail Harlan McCall Harlan b. 9-24-1752 d.10-13-1790 b. Kennet Township.

No. 443 Jonathan m. by magistrate, Chester County PA. 1790 Elizabeth Fawcett b. there 1765 d. 2-6-1852, Scott Township b. Baptist burial grounds near Harlansburg. Daughter of George and Isabella Fawcett of Chester PA.

Children of Jonathan no.443,
no. 1579 Abigail Harlan b. 1782 m. Wm Norritt 1808
no.1580 Caleb Harlan no further record
no.1581 Jesse Harlan b. Chester Co. Killed US Navy War 1812, Adm Perry's flag ship
no.1582 Lydia Harlan b.6-30-1792 m. John Vogan and William Emery
no. 1583 Mary Harlan b. 1-1-1794 d. 4-12-1874 m. William Vogan
no. 1584 Jonathan Harlan b. 1796 d. 1850 m. Jane Hogue
no. 1585 Sarah Harlan b. 1798 d. 3-18-1874 m. William Wilkins
no. 1586 Betsey Harlan b.1800 d. 3rd month 1851, m. James Stoughton
no. 1587 Rachel Harlan b. 12-25-1801 m. John Palmer
no. 1588 Amos Harlan b. 3-7-1804 d. 11-29-1833 m. Julia Gillispie
no. 1589 Jacob Harlan b. 1808 d. 7-28-1881 m. Elizabeth Gillispie

"Jonathan Harlan left Chester County, PA in 1792, and em. to what is now Allegheny Co., in same state, where he resided untin 1797. He then removed into what is now Scott Township, Lawrence Co., and settled upon 400 acres of land under Dr. Peter Lowrey, which included the present site of Harlansburg. The old homestead was situated upon the hill just above where the Burnside House now stands, and where it could have been seen with the original Harlan House yet standing ( a cabin of round logs), as late as 1840. Fron this settler the village takes its name."

"Jonathan Harlan built the first Ghrist mill, and distillery, within the county of Lawrence; the ruins of which can yet be seen, nar the village of Harlansburg."

This and much more information regarding your past history is available in Alpheus Harlan's book....click on stores....this web site and spend the best $50 of your "Harlan hunting dollars".
----Regards, John Lowell HARLAN

Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998
From: RaeRae5252@aol.com
Subject: Re: Harlan/Starr

I am not actually a Harlan descendant,but seek info about two of my Starr ancestors that married Harlans.Alice Starr married David Harlan 16 Dec,1756,and Moses Starr married Sarah Harlan 19 Mar,1760.I have assumed that the 2 Harlans were brother and sister,as the Starrs were.I would appreciate any info on these families,where they married,lived and are buried.Thank you so much for your time.
----Rae in WA

Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998
From: John Lowell HARLAN JHarlan62@aol.com
Subject: Reply

Your Elizabeth Fawcette was the second wife of Jonathan Harlan (b.1755 d.6th month 1841) no.443, information begins on page 65 of Alpheus Harlan's book.

Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998
From: John Lowell HARLAN JHarlan62@aol.com

Your Elizabeth Fawcette was the second wife of Jonathan Harlan (b.1755 d.6th month 1841) no.443, information begins on page 65 of Alpheus Harlan's book.

Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998
From: Barbara Harlan bharlan@edge.net

I recently found information confirming my G,G,G,G Grandfather, Zacharian Belew, as recorded on page 94, #195 Samuel Harlan, in The Harlan Family genealogy book by Alpheus Harlan. He is buried in the Second Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Lawrence County, Tennessee near the TN/AL state line close to Lexington, AL., Lauderdale County. Zacariah and wife Mary Bullington Belew were the parents of Sarah(Sally) Belew Harlan, who was the second wife of #195 Samuel. According to his grave marker, Zachariah was a revolutionary war soldier from the Carolinas. My G,G,G,G Grandfather #41, Pg.37, Aaron Harlan was also a revolutionary war soldier from the Carolinas. I would like to know where his grave site is. He moved from Chatham, NC to Lawrence District, SC about 1753 and owned and operated a plantation in the following years. He died in Union District in the year 1798. According to the "book", Aaron was probably buried in the "Old Harlan Graveyard". I also have information that he was a member of the Lower Fairforest Baptist Church. I would like to know if there was a cemetery at that church.

My line is as follows:
#195 Samuel
#719 James
Will James Harlan not recorded
Nathan Thomas Harlan not recorded
William Odus Harlan not recorded
Calvin William Harlan

Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998
From: Krisen and Emily Pettitt pettitt@hooked.net

Thanks to all that answered! We now know the truth!

We are descended such:
#3 George Harlan
#8 Aaron Harlan,
#41 Aaron Hatrlan,
#194 Aaron Harlan,
#705 George Harlan,
#2350 Joseph Harlan,
#5999 Willis B. Harlan,
Joseph Allen Harlan, and
James Allen Harlan (who turned 80 last week!).

Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998
From: Shirley May Samay5233@aol.com
Subject: Harlan Vogan

Greetings! I'm somewhat new to geneology and a less-than-novice computer person so please excuse my errors.

In my quest of Julius Vogan I came across the Harlan name and hope someone can help me. My g-mother's old letters state that, "The parents of Julius Vogan were Harlan Vogan and Mary (Polly) Book......Harlan Vogan was a son of John Vogan and Lydia Harlan Vogan, she being a daughter of Jonathon Harlan and Elizabeth Fawcette. This Jonathon Harlan setteled here about 1796, on 400 acres of land where the Village of Harlansburg now stands. His g-grandfather, George Harlan came to this country with Willian Penn, in 1687, he settled in Chester County, Pa. They were Quakers. This George Harlan was a member or the Kings Guard in England in the early 1600's, a son fo Capt. Richard Harlan."

My question is, "Can any any of this be proven or disproven, or corrected?" Any help would be appreciated as I don't really know where to start, but I have a feeling that finding this site was a BIG step in the right direction.
---Thank-you, in advance, for any consideration. Shirley May, Samay5233@aol.com

Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998
From: Larry Harlan Nalrah@aol.com
Subject: Willis B. Harlan #5999

Krisen and Emily Pettitt, In response to your message dated July 13th I checked the Green Book and found that John Marshall Harlan is in a different tree.

Your branch goes like this: James Allen Harlan, Joseph Allen Harlan, #5999 Willis B. Harlan, #2350 Joseph Harlan, #705 George Harlan, #194 Aaron Harlan, # 41 Aaron Hatrlan, #8 Aaron Harlan, and #3 George Harlan.

Lots of Aarons but no John Marshalls, sorry but at least you know the true story. Let me know if you have any other questions. Good Hunting!
---Larry Harlan

Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998
From: John Lowell HARLAN JHarlan62@aol.com

Please permit a brief word on Alpheus Harlan's remarkable book, the green volume, correctly titled "History and Genealogy of the HARLAN FAMILY".

If you drink one cola a day at .50 cents, your are spending $182.50 per year, this book cost about 1/4 the cost of a new pair of dress shoes, a movie ticket is $5.50 to 7.50.

This may sound like a commercial, but this book is worth its weight in gold to anyone who has a genuine interest in the HARLAN family. Not only do I have my personal volume, but I have purchased others as gifts for family members...I'm not sure how many I have purchased but Peggy Harlan Talley in Poteau, Oklahoma could probably tell you.

It is difficult to describe the excitement and elation that I was feeling as I began to discover the history of myself...correct...MYSELF....these people from which I am directly descended has everything in the world to do with who I am and where I am....buy the book. Give up a pack of smokes, skip lunch for a month, whatever you sacrifice...it will be worth it....BUY THE BOOK. Click on store at this web site and your half way there.
---Thanks....I feel much better. John Lowell HARLAN

Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998
From: John Lowell HARLAN JHarlan62@aol.com

Phyllis Flemming's Harlan ancestor Aaron Gregg Harlan is found on page 222 of Alpheus Harlan's book. (Green volume)
---John Lowell HARLAN

Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998
From: John Lowell HARLAN

I have made a direct E mail response to Krisen and Emily Pettit regarding their ancestor Willis B. Harlan, found on page 902 of Alpheus Harlan's book, but did not answer the question regarding the link between Willis B. and John Marshall Harlan or John Marshall Harlan, II.
---John Lowell HARLAN

Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998
From: Claude R. Burton CBurton640@aol.com

I am searching for the parents of Daniel HARLAN b. 10 aug 1793/1802 MD. d. 11 March 1864 Wetzel Co.,WV. m. Margaret A. Mobley (1805-1870) 2 Dec 1824 in Belmont Co.,Ohio. Any help would be appreciated.
---Claude R. Burton, claudeburton@juno.com, CBurton640@aol.com

Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998
From: -Larry HarlanNalrah@aol.com
Subject: Re: Jim Harlan and Polly Milner of Lincoln Co,Ky

In response to your query dated July 8th, regarding their children, the information is in A. H. Harlan's book, The History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family, details on how to order it are in the Store page of this Site.

#871, page 282, James Harlan, son of George, son of Jacob, farmer, Christian, b in Lincoln ( now in Boyle ) Co. Ky.; M Polly Milner, a dau. of Armstead Milner and had the following issue:
3076 Sarah Jane, who m John Arnold
3077 Armstead, m says one informant, a Milner; another he m ____ Pope
3078 Benjamin
3079 George

No dates are given on this report, sorry. The report does state that " the compiler had a brother, a member of an Ohio regiment, who met on the streets of Shellbyville, Ky when returning to his regiment from service upon which he was then on detail-a Harlan-who invited him to his home near that village to spend the night. His duty requiring him to push on he was compelled to decline the proffered hospitality, and they parted in the streets of Shellbyville, now more than 50 ( then - 1914 ) years ago. The brother further stated that this Harlan had at some time in life lost an eye. The compiler is of the opinion that he was one of the sons as mentioned above."

Caron, no further information is given but I hope that this gives you a little more information. Good Hunting!
---Larry Harlan nalrah@aol.com

Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998
From: Krisen Pettitt lilbit@wenet.net

Congratulations on an exciting and groundbreaking website!

My mother's maiden name is Janice Harlan. I have just had a daughter, and I am working on a fairly simple family tree for her. The problem is my family, probably like a lot of other Harlans, claims close kinship to the John Marshall Harlans. I would like to determine this, but I can't afford the Harlan books, and they seem to date back much further than is necessary for my purposes.

My grandfather is James Allen Harlan (b. 1918), his father was Joseph Allen Harlan, his father was Frederick Joseph Harlan, and his father was Willis B. Harlan. That is as far back as I can go. The story passed around the family is that the grandson John Marshall is a great uncle or such--but with 20 odd thousand Harlans, I am skeptical.

If someone could support or discount the John Marshall aspect, I would appreciate it.
*****Krisen and Emily Pettitt

Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998
From: Phyllis Fleming PhyllisMillerFleming@starband.net

I am looking for Aaron Gregg HARLAN m Eliza D. FLEMING, 6 Aug 1829, New Paris, Preble Co, OH.

I found the name HARLAN last week and realized the name might mean a Friend. Today, a friend found the gentleman's middle name GREGG -- then I was really hoping. Popped through the first page of "The Harlan Family in America" and it looks like I might be right!

I am a HARVEY descendant and am familiar with both HARLAN and GREGG in that line of Quakers. My husband may be a HARLAN - GREGG descendant!
---Phyllis Miller Fleming, plfleming@shelbynet.net, Shelbyville, IN

Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998
From: Elgene A. Smith
Subject: Lucy Harlan

The "Green Book" by A.H. Harlan records the birth of your g grandmother on Oct 19, 1867 in Keokuk, Iowa and her marriage to Frank Foster on Dec. 2, 1888. She was the fourth of seven children of John Smith Harlan and Araminta McAninch. Her siblings were Oscar 1858, John B. 1862, William S. 1865, Jesse 1872 and Stephen 1874. Since we find Lucy in the genealogy, her line is given back through seven generations to William, born 1594. The Genealogy of the Harlan Family cited above is available through the "Store" section of the Harlan page for $50.00. It is a real bargain at that price. Of course, it gives mush more information than I have included here. Perhaps others have already answered your query in more detain than I. Good luck.
---Elgene A. Smith (genesmit@ccil.org)

Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998
From: Marjory Harlan Sgroi ASHDRYE@aol.com

A Harlan cousin sent me an e-mail requesting information on finding another cousin, Jane Shelton. Unfortunately, by error I have erased that request. If you will get in touch with me again, I can provide the information you need.
---Marjory Harlan Sgroi, www.ashdrye.com

Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998
From: Phyllis Fleming PhyllisMillerFleming@starband.net

John G. HARLAN c 1820 (very rough) and two sons Eddie HARLAN and Franklin HARLAN, prob Indiana.

Yesterday I found the last will and testament of John G. HARLAN's sister, Nancy E. Rothrock, recorded in 1880 in Shelby Co, IN, because her executor lived here. Nancy was buried in Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN, which is Shelby Co's nw neighbor.

John G. HARLAN had already died by 1880. Nancy bequeathed her two nephews, sons of John G, the following:
Eddie, the oldest son of John G. HARLAN, one feather bed and pillows; also one knit spread
and one silk quilt. I give my own picture to Eddie, eldest son of John G. HARLAN.
I give to Franklin, oungest sone of John G. HARLAN, one woolen coverlet and one silk quilt.

John G.'s mother (per his sister's last will and testament) is Eliza D. [KELLY], and John and Nancy had a half-brother named Jeremiah M. KELLEY (yes, spelled two ways in same transcription), who would have been younger than John and Nancy.

Does anyone recognize these people? ----Phyllis Miller Fleming, Shelbyville, IN, (plfleming@shelbynet.net)

Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998
From: Caron Withers Snyder

Seeking information on the children of James "Jim" Harlan (born Mar. 19, 1799-died ?) and wife Polly Milner. I show they had 4 children: Sarah Jane (my line), Armstead, Benjamin and George.

I am researching any possible War Between the States service of the sons. Am willing to share information.
---Thank you, Caron Withers Snyder

Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1998
From: Robert Wiggins wigginsr@pldi.net

I just started looking for my Harlan line. This was the first Internet site that I visited. What a find!!!!!!!!!!! From your records, and where I started I can trace my descendancy from William HARLAND.
1 William
2 James
3 George
4 Aaron#8
5 Charity #14 m. Joseph HACKNEY
6 Sarah HACKNEY m. Morris REES
7 Charity REES m. Thomas JOB
8 Martha (Patty) Job m. Jesse JUREY
9 Jessie D. JUREY m Mary STILLINGS
10 John Byron JUREY m. Penelope Izora OLIVER
11 Jessie Olive JUREY m. Christopher KEETON
12 Martha KEETON m. Lester ARNOLD
13 Maxi ARNOLD m. Robert WIGGINS

I'll be happy to share any information that I have, and if anyone has more information on Charity #14 Harlan and Joseph Hackney I am very interested.
---Maxi Wiggins (wigginsr@pldi.net)

Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998
From: Flint Britton flinthbr@mail.capnet.state.tx.us

Thank you for promptly placing my request on the web site. Subsequent conversations with my mother indicated I had made a mistake. Fritz and Willie's last name is Kortum. Could you please amend my request.
---Deepest thanks, Flint Britton, flint.britton@mail.capnet.state.tx.us

Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998
From: Tomas J. Rosenberger thomasjrosenberger@email.msn.com

I came accross your listing of Harlan cousins on the Internet from the Harlan Home Page and, although I am a very distant cousin, I thought that I would reply.

I descend from James (1)>George (3)>Moses(7).Mary(34) who married John Cox>Eamy Cox m Wm Weirman>Mary Weirman m Joseph Griest>William Griest m Lydia Miller>Amyrah Griest m1 Sidney Hadley & m2 James Henry Rosenberger who was my gr. grandfather.

I note that both Gene Harlan of Brownsburg and Melba (Harlan) King of Indianapolis are my near neighbors and I will contact one of them concerning the upcoming Harlan reunion in our area on 18 Jul. Best wishes!
----Tom Rosenberger, Indianapolis, IN

Date: Sun, 05 Jul 1998
From: Flint Britton flinthbr@mail.capnet.state.tx.us

I am looking to get information on Fritz and Willie Kortum for my living grandparents, Ben and Daisy Harlan of Jourdanton, Texas. My grandfather believes they were living around San Augustine, Texas the last time he heard from them. We have pictures of the two but don't know what has jappened to them. That was many years ago. Moreover, my mother is Sarah Jane Harlan. Her grandparents were Isaac Irvin Harlan, married to Maggie Lee Morten (we believe it's Morten). Both are deceased. We are looking for information on Maggie's mother, America Laredo Kortum. We believe she was American Indian. Any background information which is provided will be greatly appreciated. I can be reached at flintbritton@mail.capnet.state.tx.us.
----Thank you, Flint H. Britton

Sun, 05 Jul 1998
From: Debra Stover djstover@erols.com
Subject: Re: Mary Harlan www.harlanfamily.org

Dear Larry:
Thanks so much for your reply. This is very exciting! I am related to Mary Harlan through her son Columbus. His son, Franklin H. McCray was my great grandfather.

I have not heard from anyone else about my query. I did look briefly at the Harlan website the night I posted the query, and now that I know there is a connection I will take another look and see about purchasing the books you mentioned. Is all the information you have contained in the books?

How are you related to Mary Harlan? Thanks again for you reply, Deb Stover, Sterling, VA

Date: Fri, 3 Jul 1998
From:Elgene A. Smith genesmit @ccil.org
Subject: Alexander Stewart

I have just read your posting of May 11 on the Harlan Message Center. It reminded me of a study I made some years ago on the Harlan house which served as home base for Mason and Dixon during their survey of the Mason Dixon Line. The house was built by George Harlan, the husband of Mary Baily, and was occupied by his son John during the survey period. I knew from the Harlan Genealogy that George had married Mary Baily Stewart (as it was spelled then) the widow of Alexander Stewart. More by chance than any thing else, I came across two items in the Orphans court proceedings.(Futhey and Cope, p. 430,431) The first related that in 1697 "Francis Chadsey brought a boy whose name was Alexander Stewart, who was adjudged to serve 8 years from Sept. 14 of last year to be taught to read and write or else to serve but 7 years." The second somewhat later recorded that Henry Nayle had purchased the boys' time from Francis Chadsey and that the boy agreed to serve another year and a quarter if taught the trade of shoemaker, otherwise, he was to be paid for the overtime as the court would allow. This aroused my curiosity as to whether this was the same Alexander who later married Mary Baily.

A little more study indicated that:

  • (1) Henry Nayle and Joel Baily had adjoining farms just across the Brandywine in what is now Delaware County and that Francis Chadds (alternate spelling) was but a few miles away.(Hist. of Dela. Cty, by George Smith, map)
  • (2) In 1715 George Harlan married Mary Stewart who lived in Kennett Township on land (350 acres purchased in 1713 by Alexander Stewart(Futhey and Cope, p. 130).
  • (3) Alexander died on the "5th day of the 11th month 1714/15".
  • (4) Alexander's will made the following bequests (C.C. Archives)
  • to daughter Jane, one mare and one young heifer.
  • to son Robert, 1 4 year old mare.
  • to daughter Ann, young 3 yr. old mare.
  • to daughter Mary, a grey mare
  • to father Joel, a sorrell pacing mare.
  • to Henry Nayle, a young 3 yr old horse.
  • to Robert at age 21, this plantation with land to continue in hands of wife till he arrived at such age.

    The bequest to Henry Nayle was convincing proof that the servant boy and the husband were one and the same. I continue to marvel at the progress he made between his release from servitude (1705?) and his possession of a 350 acre estate in 1714. I found no reference to his real parents.

    Perhaps all the above is old knowledge to you. If so, please forgive my recounting. The will is perhaps the only piece not available in reference books. I examined the original at the Archives in West Chester. The whole struck me as a moving tale of early American life!

    Incidentally, George and Mary and family stayed in Kennett for about a year and then moved to the then unsettled Newlin Township where six other children were added to the family. Where he housed them is a puzzle, although by the time of the last two children, a second house had been built.(about 1724).

    I hope this has added a bit to your story.
    ----Elgene A. Smith Chadds Ford, Pa. 19317

    Date: Sat, 4 Jul 1998
    From: Larry HarlanNalrah@aol.com
    Subject: Debra Stover's query of July 02, 1998 Re: #746 Mary Harlan

    In response to your query of July 2nd I first of all must explain that my sister's name is Mary Ann Harlan so I really had to find information for you and I did! In both the Green and Red Books, as we refer to them. The Green Book is by A. H. Harlan and the Red Texas Book, consisting of two volumes is by Joydelle Wolfram. Both are available at $ 50 each as shown in the Store portion of www.harlanfamily.org website. Both are hardbound, the green book consists of 1065 pages while Joy's two volumes exceed 2000 pages; all pertaining just to the Harlans and their relations.

    Since we can tie you into the Green Book, we can actually trace your lineage back to #1 James, born c1625 and maybe even beyond that. A few of us have been researching and we have actually gotten back, we think, to James' grandfather in England circ 1565.

    There is even a woodcut of Mary's home in Yellow Springs Township, Iowa in Ms. Wolfram's text, page 61. Which of Mary's childern do you stem from? There are twelve pages on the Harlans and McCrays steming from Mary Harlan in the Texas Red Books.

    If you have neither of these books and if no one has gotten back to you I will be glad to provide further information however I do recommend that you consider puchasing one or both.
    ----Larry Harlan

    Date: Fri, 03 Jul 1998
    From: Pam Ellingson, Webmaster of this site

    Happy 4th of July!! A year ago many of us were together in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa for a wonderful family reunion. At that time discussions of creating this Internet Site began. It certainly has developed into a good source for meeting relatives and learning more about family members-- thanks to all who have contributed information. The humidity is rather high today (it isn't pleasant working on the keyboard), but I hope to get the addresses updated in the next few days. Be sure to look at the other pages for new Who's Who and Historical Sites stories. We also have another member in the 90+ club.

    Date: Thu, 02 Jul 1998
    From: Debra Stover djstover@erols.com

    I am resesarching Mary Harlan, born in Union Co. Indiana in 1809; married James McCray 1/1/1829. Moved to Louisa Co. Iowa in 1852. Had 12 children: Columbus, Philander, Olive, Samarimus, James B & Byron (twins); Miriam, Elsada, Addison, Lenora, Francilia, Marinda. She was a distant relative of a Senator Harlan. Most of this information comes from "Portrait and Biographical Album of Louisa County Iowa". This is all the info I have about Mary Harlan, who was my ggggrandmother.

    Date: Sat, 06 Jun 1998
    From: Boice Burns burnsba@earthlink.net

    Just out of curiosity does anyone know about the man who Harlan County,KY is named after? I understand it was a James Harlan who was a hero of the French & Indian War.What about his Harlan ancestry?
    ---Cheers, Boice Burns

    Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998
    From: Larry Harlan Nalrah@aol.com
    Reply to: Linda D. Latham ldlatham@worldnet.att.net
    Re: Ernest Harlan, your Great Grandfather

    In answer to your Message dated June 16th,...... I'm gald to hear that Marjory Sgroi is also on the "case". I may be repeating both her and my previous em's but I want to be certain that you get everything.

    Ernest L. Harlan, b 8,19, 1866 in Franklin County, Kansas and was unmarried, as Marj told you, as of 1892

    While there is not much more on Ernest, there is on his father. His father was Plato F. Harlan, b 3,17, 1842 in Clinton Co, Ohio: who removed with his parents to Fulton Co., Illinois 1850, He married 9,17,1865 at Knoxville, that state, Caroline Harlan, b, 1, 17, 1845 in Clinton Co. Ohio.

    Plato's father was # 1758 David S. Harlan, b 11,27,1809 In Chester ( now in ) Adams Twp, Clinton Co., Ohio His wife's name was Mary A. Cowman b 8, 9, 1809 in Rockbridge Co., Va.

    Plato married again Elizabeth Phillips in Peoria, Illinois, 1, 26, 1875. He served for three years in the Civil War. He died in Chicago 11, 8, 1901 and is bur. at London Mills, Ill.

    His children; Ernest, Orland, b 4, 1, 1868, Herchel,b 3, 21, 1872, Roscoe, b 2, 25, 1877, Esidence 1912, Walnut, Crawford Co., Kansas, Harry, b 2, 19, 1882, lived in Walnut, Dora, b, 9, 1, 1886, in Walnut, Mary, b, 7, 2, 1889 also in lived in Walnut, Kansas.

    I appears that either Orlando and Herchel may have lived in London Mills, Illinois since the other siblings were listed as living in Walnu, Kansas, He may have died at one of their homes.

    Possibly one of your Harlan Cousins will be able to shed some more light on this for you. I hope so.

    I am posting this in our Message Page with the hthat someone will be able to add to the story. In the meantime, do consider buying the Green Book.

    The book traces his ancestors back to George or Thomas Harlan, circ mid 1600's.
    ---Larry Harlan, Site Coordinator

    Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998
    From: Larry Harlan Nalrah@aol.com
    Subject: Harlands of Early England

    A "team" of us Harlan/ds is researching the ancestorial backgrounds of #1 James and has gotten back to his father, Sir William, and uncles, Sir Richard and Stephen who were born 1594, 92, and 90 respectively; all mentioned in Alpheus' "Green Book".

    First of all, if you don't have The History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family by Alpheus H. Harlan, published in 1914 yet, by all means buy it. Look in the Store Page of this site for the details in obtaining the book from Peggy Harlan Talley. The Tricentennial Reprint Addition is hardbound and contains 1,065 pages of valuable information on the Harlans, starting with James and continuing particularly with the descendants of George and Michael Harlan.

    Getting back to the current research underway on James' ancestors, let me know if you have any information in this regard. We think that Stephen, James' oldest brother may have lived in Durham, England. The three sons' father may have been John. We need facts and the sources.

    Our research "team" consists of "cousins" in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. So, the work is afoot! Join in on the search!
    ---Larry Harlan
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