Harlan Family Messages
March & April 1998

Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998
From: Larry Harlan
Subject: Re: Harlan Family Books

Hello and thank you very much for your E-mail and for the information that it contained. I will look at it as soon as I get off of the Internet.

You refer to two different books on the Harlan/ds.

The one available from Mark Smith is a two volume set titled An Updated Genealogy: The Descendants of # 194 Aaron and Elizabet ( Stuart ) Harlan. It was compiled not by A.H. Harlan but by Joydelle Garrett Wolfram ( # 4275 in the A.H. Harlan Green Book ), They are also know as the Texas Red Books. I have a set and would be happy to look up anything for you. The set is well worth $ 50 if you have a steady need for it but, again, I would look up things for you.

The other book. The History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family by A. H. Harlan is also $ 50 and available from Peggy as stated in the Store Page of our Site. It is the bible of the family, so to speak and is also known as the Green Book. I also have it and would be glad to look up anything for you.
--Larry Harlan, Site Coordinator

Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998
From: Caron Withers Snyder (cwithers@airmail.net)

Here is the information I have on my Harlan line:

I do not have the Harlan Book and was not aware I could purchase it. I obtained most of my information from: History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family, Volume 1, by Alpheus H. Harlan, Fort Worth Public Library, Gen. 929.2H. I will most probably purchase the book from the Harlan Store on the site. I live in Fort Worth, Texas. In checking the store site I noticed another book which can be purchased through Marc Smith of Fort Worth. Genealogy certainly can be a small world on occasion. Marc and I have talked many times on another historic cemetery in Fort Worth, I had no idea he had a connection to the Harlan site!

Please let me know if you need more information and thank you for your response.
-- Caron Withers Snyder

Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998
From:Kurt S. Harlan (kurt@ussw.com)

It seems that you folks "back home" have lost track of my branch of the family. I'd like to offer some geneological (sp?) essays about us, if you're interested. The easiest plan would be for me to start posting them on my website, found at: http://www.imagina.com/webpages/kurt/

Please let me know what you think, OK?
--Kurt S. Harlan - Network Administrator, U.S. Software, 7175 NW Evergreen Pkwy., Suite 100, Hillsboro, OR 97124-5828

Date: 26 Apr 1998
From: Ron (ron.sanders@lineone.net)
Subject: One Name Study

Discovered your Web Site by accident and was very interested as you can imagine. My surname is actually Harlond-Sanders and in the course of tracing my family tree (Harlond, originally Harland), I could not find any body else who seemed interested in the surname.

As I was living in Yorkshire at the time and had discovered lots of instances of the surname, I decided that as there did not seem to be anybody else researching the name in this country, as far as I could find out, I would start a One Name Study. I have been researching the surnames Harlond and Harland for about 6 months now.

I wonder if I might be allowed to insert the information in your web site that I am in the process of setting up a database of Harland's and if anybody would like to get in touch with me I would be glad to exchange information, remembering of course that I have only recently started and don't have a tremendous amount of information yet, although I do have a few Harlan's from Yorkshire.

--Ron Sanders - Wrexham - North Wales - U.k. {GOONS Member no 2741} World Wide Research on the Surnames HARLOND/HARLAND and variants. All information gratefully received and exchanged. e-mail - ron.sanders@lineone.net

Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998
From: Donna (dtivener@richnet.net)
Subject: Harlan's of Jeff. Co. Ohio

Just found this Harlan site, and so excited to see just how many are out there. I descend from: (1) William Harland,
(2) James Harlan, b. 1625 Durham, England
(3) Michael Harlan, b. abt. 1660 & wife Dinah Dixon, d/o Henry
(4) Thomas Harlan, b. 24 Apr. 1694 Delaware, and wife Mary Carter, d/o Robert & Lydia Walley Carter.
(5) Isaac Harlan, Sr. b. abt 1721, & wife Hannah Few, d/o James & Dorcas Matthews Few.
(6) Isaac Harlan, Jr. 22 Jul. 1743 Chester Co. Pa. d. 10 Dec. 1830 Jeff Co. Oh. and his wife Margaret Talbott, M. 6 Jan. 1775 Baltimore, Md.
(7) Magaret Harlan, b. 1 Aug. 1799 Baltimore, Md. m. Theodore W. Clifton m. 2 Mar. 1831 Jeff Co. Oh. [ my 3rd grt.]

I am trying to find the parents of Margaret Talbott, and Theodore Clifton's parents. Does anyone else have Harlan's in Jeff Co. Ohio.? Would like to exchange info. --Donna

Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998
From: Dorothy Strawn (dott@globalpac.com)
Subject: Info on Joel #210 and Bonham #819

Am in search of documentation of Joel and Ruth Bonham marriage and also birth certificate or documentation stating Joel and Ruth as Bonham's parents. This is for DAR supplemental application. DAR will not accept Alpheus Harlan's green book as proof.

Thank you for any help. Dorothy Hess Strawn dott@globalpac.com CA

Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998
From: Mary Norris (mary@kcm.com)
Subject: Harlan Genealogy

Looking for any information on a Clarence Harlan, Birthplace was Huntington, Indiana. His son was John Carter harlan b.july ,1816, Died 10-29-1878,married to a Shara Jane Doxie on Dec. 1843, She was born 7-10-1822,died 10-12-1907. John and Share Lived In Smith Co. ,or SmithCenter,Kansas. He was a Judge there,. Shara Came from Baltimore, Maryland. Their children were : Clarence Bryant b.6-10-1849, d.7-14-1938, he was married to a Eva Amanda Stevens on 12-9-1877, (2)Marcus Eugene Harlan b. 7-17-1851, d.5-7-1915,he was married to a Anna B. Meadows on 10-10-1878. LuLu (Lovisa) Harlan b.1854, d.? Married to a Daniel E. Kelley on Mar. 1879Virgina Harlan B? D? married to a Charles A. Jones, she died At child birthof Virginia (jones) Harlan . She wasthe granddaughter of John after her mother death he adopted her. Young Virginia married A George Delbert Barr on 6-14-1885, she was born 7-1-1865, d.11-17-1949.

Thank You, Mary Norris

Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998
From: Linda Gudgel Finnell(lfinnell@lex.infi.net)

I have reference to the book, The Harlan Family of Chester Co., PA, 1914, page 306. This is in reference to my research of Rachel GAUSE and Daniel GUDGEL. I can't find the book and wondered if you are familiar with either of the names GAUSE or GUDGEL(L) which are said to be mentioned in this book. This family was also in Chester and Fayette Co., PA before coming to KY.

Thanks, Linda GUDGEL FINNELL, Woodford Co., KY

Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998
From: Myla Stevens(gloria@ix.netcom.com)

Does anyone know if George Harlan #180 served in the Revolutionary War?

Thank you. Myla Stevens, gloria@ix.netcom.com.

Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998
From: Pamela Penn (PPenn6711@aol.com)
Subject: Re Ship to America?

Has anyone ever found any information on the sea trip from Ireland to America in 1687 made by our ancestors? Also, does anyone have any facts/theories of the trip from Monkwearmouth to northern Ireland? Pamela Penn

Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998
From: Larry Harlan (Nalrah@aol.com)

Hi, Anne, I looked in the Green Book and could find no listing for you Hannah Harlan, I too have a Hannah Harland, b Ohio,, 1817 Nothing in the other people. Sorry but do keep watching. We will list you inquiry in the Messages Page. Regrards, Larry

Date: Wed, 01 Apr 1998
From: Ernie Alf (eealf@gvtc.com)
Subject: Harlan Store

Hi, You may not be the person to whom to direct this question, but, if not, perhaps you can refer me to the correct person. Regarding the book offerred by Arthur Chapman "A History of Lurgan Friends Meeting 1654-1996" Do we just send Mr. Chapman a check or money order without taking a rate of exchange into consideration? Can he cash our check in dollars? Thanks for your help, have a great day!
--Ernie Alf, Boerne, Texas

Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998
From: Roxana Taylor (hoptay4@aol.com)

My name is Roxana Taylor, my address is hoptay4@aol.com - I was born and raised in California and am temporarily residing in Elk Rapids, Michigan. My Harlan connection is as follows:
James #1, George # 3, James # 11, James # 46, George # 218, William # 850, William J # 2979. The following are not listed in the "Green book" . John A Harlan b 1-6-1864, d 9-21-32, married Neva Hubbard
Cole Gladys Harlan b 6-17-1901, d 5-26-1983, married Thomas Charles Durham
Neva Elizabeth Durham, b 7-23-1924 . . . married David Leland Hopper
Roxana Elizabeth Hopper, b 1-24-1948 . . . married Dennis Dean Taylor
I have two children: Michael Lee Taylor, b 1-29-1974 and Charle Andrew Taylor, b 9-30-1978

Please list my E-mail address. I am having a wonderful time going through the "Green Book" and reading the Harlan Newsletters. I have lots of information on the decendants of # 2979 William J. if anyone is interested.

I love the Web Site and visit often. Thank you for all your hard work. Roxana Taylor

Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998
From: Mary (Tuxy2@aol.com)
Subject: Cowhick/Harlan

Hi again! I just happened on some new info this afternoon as I was browsing through the Scott Co. IL Bicentennial Book 1976. Mentioned is a Levi Harlan. He was there the same time my 3rd great grandfather was there. My 3rd was Thomas Andrew Cowhick, brother of Sally (Sary) Cowhick who married Moses Harlan. This is the article:

Levi Harlan, first clerk of the circuit court, was an early settler here, and prominent in public affairs, especially in the affairs of Winchester. Hewas a merchant and for many years did a considerable business. he was the proprietor of Harlan's addition to Winchester. Although he and his excellent wife reared a family of six children to man in and womanhood in Winchester, and although all of them are now living, not one of them resides in this county. Mr. Harlan died in Winchester, and his mortal remains rest in the cemetery hard by the town he did much to build and make prosperous.

Do you have a Levi in your family tree? Its very possible that Moses and Sary came to Winchester with their family, as Sary is Thomas A Cowhick's sister. Maybe I have been looking too far from home. Winchester is where I was born. This was just something I thought you might like to ponder. Mary T.

Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998
From: Patty (Ps2424@aol.com)
Subject: Neil A. Harlan

I am trying to locate Neil A. Harlan, who at one time lived in the Dayton, Ohio, area. Any help you can give me in locating him would be appreciated.Thanks.---Patty

Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998
From: Donna Carpenter (DCPHX16107@aol.com)

ZACHARIAH HARLAN b. abt 1795 died 1825 married Juda WILKINS b. 1796.
dau: Sarah A. "Sallie" HARLAN b.1820 m. Warren CARPENTER b. 1813
son: David Jared HARLAN b. abt 1818
son: John HARLAN b. abt 1823

They lived in Oglethorpe or WIlkes Co. GA. Moving to Henry Co., GA Zach died. His children came under the guadiansip of John WILKENS bonded by Thomas CARPENTER. Late John HARLAN came under the guadianship of William FEARS. "ANY INFO APPRECIATED" For about their ties to me, visit my home page at http://members.aol.com/DCPHX16107/index.html ---Thanks, Donna Carpenter

Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998
From: Sharon Wilkey (swilkey@cvalley.net )

Hi!! I just today discovered the Harlan web site and am very impressed with it!! Lots of information to be had. It's great!!! I have information to share on John William "Jack" Harlan (#2720) descendants which is not included in the book if anyone is interested. Sharon Wilkey (swilkey@cvalley.net). Keep up the good work!!

Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998
From: Donna Carpenter (DCPHX16107@aol.com)
Subject: Sarah A. HARLAN

I would be exceptionally grateful if someone could help me with my ancestor Sarah A. "Sallie" HARLAN b. 1820 Wilkes Co. GA. father: Zachariah HARLAN b. abt 1795 d. 1825 leaving his wife Judith WILKINS and three now orphaned children : John, David Jered and Sarah. Zachariah's widow will win in the 1827 GA Lottery under the name Judith HARLAND. THere is more. I have a whole page on Sarah HARLAN (my ggg grandmother who was probably an angel). Can someone check out all the info on my page and let me know if you have any info? DONNA CARPENTER PAGE scroll about 1/2 way down the page and then click next to the flashing light at Sarah HARLAN. ---Sincerely, Donna Carpenter

Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998
From:Bruce Harlan (Bruce.Harlan.harlan@nt.com)

I ordered and received my Alpheus Harlan Tome (Thanks, Peggy!), and after perusing it some, it would appear that my GFather made an error concerning the family lineage. It would appear that I am descended thusly:
James (1)
George (3)
James (11)
James (46)
George (218)
John Mulkey Harlan (853)
George Washington Harlan (3001)

How I derived this: I took my GFather's work, found a common point that appeared to be correct (JMH [853]), and worked both ways. JMH had a son, George (according to the Alpheus Harlan work), and that must have been the George Washington Harlan my GFather referred to. Once I had JMH, going back was, of course, very simple. So was finding the error at that point. So, since Alpheus stopped at 3001, I guess I need to do some digging.

GW Harlan had a son, William Thomas Harlan; both were born near Leesburg, Indiana. There should be some records there. GW died in Spokane, WA, and probably buried there. I should be able to prove that, too.

I thought I would start with William Thomas Harlan- I think I can find him somewhere in the Ft. Smith AR area. I'll check out some other genealogy sites for "how to". --- Bruce K. Harlan (bkharlan@hotmail.com)

Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998
From: Harlamb (Harlamb@aol.com)
Subject: Richard Huseth's questions

1. Harlan House (PA 162 and Star Gazer Rd., Embreesville -- The HARLAN who owned this house (one of the first stone houses in Chester County) was George Harlan (#14), son of Michael. It was built in 1724. It is next to the "Star Gazers Stone" (starting point for Mason-Dixon line).

2. HARLAN LOG HOUSE (Fairville Rd.) This was built for Michael in 1690 at the time of his marriage, though the land was apparently owned by George. In 1713 the land was divided and given to his sons Joshua and James (200 acres each).

3. I don't know about the Joseph Gregg house. Sorry.

Date: Wed, 18 Mar 1998
From: John Harland (jharland@smartt.com)
Subject: George & Millie Dixon. Harland Record No.13 (including reply)

Would you be able to put me in touch with George and Millie Dixon, referred to on page 9, centre column of the Harlan Record, No. 13. Winter 1988? I am interested in their mention of the marriage of a Rose Harland in Ireland (1655). This, I suspect, antedates the arrival from County Durham, of George and Michael Harland in Lurgan, County Armagh ...and suggests that there were Harlands in Armagh at an earlier date. Clearly, Rose H was nonetheless a member of the Quaker connection.

I heard from John D Harlan < JDHarlan@aol.com>, who was interested in following up the matter of the German and Austrian Harlands. The German Harland names (more than 250) and those in Austria (just under 200) were turned up using Lycos People Finder (http://www.lycos.com/pplfndr.html) --Regards, John

Reply-- George and Millie Dixon can be e-mailed at: exegete@swbell.net Their message to the Harlan site was posted 2 Jan 1998.

Date: Wed, 18 Mar 1998
From: Elgene A. Smith (genesmit@ccil.org)

Embryville House George Harlan (#14) bought 169 acres in Newlin township in 1724 and moved there shortly after. The core of the house was probably built at that time. The stone addition has been dated as about 1760. George died in 1732 and left the estate to his son John who came into possession about 1737. John continued to live in the house until his death about 1768. During this time the ownership of the property passed through his cousin, Joel Baily, and then to John"s brother Joel in 1760. Joel died in 1792 and left the "stone house at the forks of the road" to his son Caleb. The house continued in the Harlan family until the death of Annie Harlan in 1950. The house was then rented and finally sold in 1956 to Olga Loen. In 1983 it was purchased with 5 acres To K. A. Roby, its present owner and occupier. The "Star Gazers Stone" is now owned by the Chester County Park System.

Harlan Log House It is believed that the original log house was built by Joshua Harlan (#13) about 1727. .Joshua and his wife Mary (Heald) settled on the 200 acres given to him by his father in 1713. It seems to have passed from Joshua at his death in 1744 to either of his sons, Joshua(#63) or Joseph (#62). These two sons shared the estate and it is not clear on which half this house was located. Indeed, there may have been two houses on the land by this time. Old maps show both Joseph and Joshua on the property. The house was purchased by a member of the Cloud family in 1812. Since the wife of Joshua, Abigail (Green) lived until 1810 it is probable that the house was sold shortly after her death. Both Joseph and his wife died before 1803. A closer examination of the wills and tax records might yield more information. The present house and its five acres is clearly in Kennett Township in Chester County. It is not far from the State line and part of the opiginal 200 acres might have been across the line. The house is now run as a B and B. by the present owner, Mrs. Beverly McCausland.

I can't help you on the Joseph Gregg house. Elgene Smith

Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998

The Officers and Board of Directors of the Harlan Association recently met in Phoenix and established a NINETY-PLUS CLUB which will include living members of the Harlan/Harland family, born with the Harlan name, and who are 90 years of age or older. Let us know if you or a relative qualifies. Send your message to Larry Harlan whose e-mail address is nalrah@aol.com

Date: Sat, 14 Mar 1998
From: Denendaksi Ariston

These are my ancestors!!1!!111 I have been searching all over the web for you!!!1 I am a descendant of MARY Harlan (daughter of AAron) who married Hugh Laughlin in Delaware. their daughter ELIZABETH married JAMES ALLEN (born 1742 in Md) Iam very interested in meeting other Allen Laughlin and Harlan relatives. Does anyone know of an Allen list to join? Please e-mail spinkick@webtv.net. Send no attachments as webtv can't oen them---very frustrating!

Looking forward to an overflowing mailbox. Annette

Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 From: Myla Stevens

Seeking information regarding Sarah RICE, the wife of Joshua HARLAN #670. Sarah's birth and parent's names would be appreciated. Myla Stevens

Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998
From: Myla Stevens

We publish a Harlan Harmony Newsletter for and by the descendants of Samuel W. Harlan #2243. We are always seeking other Harlan cousins from this line to add to the mailing list &/or gather articles from for the Harlan Harmony. Contact Myla Stevens at (gloria@ix.netcom.com)

Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998
From:Myla Messick Stevens

We have just seen the Harlan 300 pages on the web. It is wonderful. We are descended from George Harlan #37 and Elizabeth Hope. It is great to have Alpheus Harlan's book out there for people. I will never forget our thrill to learn of it's existance ten years ago! Keep up the good work. If you ever add on down line from the book, we can assist with some of George H. Harlan #5700 and Judith A. Whitehead's line and William A. Harlan #5704 and Mary A. Griffin's line. Keep up the good work, Myla Messick Stevens, Tampa, FL.

Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998
From:John Norris

I am Looking for any information on John Carter Harlan Born July 1816 Died Oct 29, 1848.Father Clarence Harlan. John was married Dec, 1843 to Sarah Jane Doxie. They later live in Smith Center- Smith Co. Kansas. He a Judge their. Clarence was from Huntington, Indiana.

Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998
From: Fred J. Harlan
Subject: Dates in book by Alpheus Harlan

In response to Evan O'Hara's message of March 4. I believe Alpheus knew of the difference in the dates during the time period in question. Some of his entries contained months written only as numbers and double years. Included here is a url of a page that posts what is said in Alpheus' book pertaining to the date question. http://pages.prodigy.net/gosteelers/gen_date_explain.htm

I however know nothing more about it than what is written there. Fred J. Harlan

Date: Mon, 09 Mar 1998
From:Ruby Simonson McNeill (from a posting on the Quaker Roots Discussion List & Chester Roots Discussion List
Subject: L100 vs 100 secret typing code

Want to know how to get that elusive in your messages?

Just keep your "alt" key pressed while, on your numerical pad on your keyboard, type 156. So, "alt" 156 gives you that all elusive . Because so many of us find this in our records when we want to pass it on, thought you might want to know

Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1998
From:Vance Middleton

I put a link to the Harlan page on the Blackburn site last night.

Concerning the Harlan database: has anyone gedcomed Alpheus Harlan's book yet? As far as discrepancies go, it is possible to include notes with possible variations. We (The Blackburns) went through this when we put our database up. 65,000 names ain't easy. We're getting ready to do our annual update this summer. I'd be happy to provide any technical advice.
Regards, Vance Middleton, Sterling, VA

Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1998
From:Richard Huseth I have three questions regarding landmarks in list of Chester County Historic Places on the Chester county web site: (This message was posted on the Chester County list with no replies. Can any Harlans answer the questions?)
  • 1. Harlan House (PA 162 and Star Gazer Rd., Embreesville) -- Which HARLAN(s) owned this house?
  • 2. Harlan Log House (Fairville Rd., Kennett Square) -- Which HARLAN(s) owned this house? By the way, according to my map, this location seems to be over the line in New Castle county, DE. Correct?
  • 3. Joseph Gregg House (500 Chandler Mill Rd., Kennett Square)-- Is this the home of the Joseph GREGG who married Hannah BEESON? If so, was this also the home of Joseph's father John GREGG and mother Elizabeth COOKE?

    Thanks for any help, Richard Huseth, Austin, TEXAS

    Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998
    From: Pam, Webmaster of the Harlan Family Site

    Wow, there sure were alot of messages this past week, also information about upcoming reunions. There are several new home pages of Harlan cousins listed on the bottom of the addresses page. Watch the site for the next edition of the Harlan Record

    Date: Sun, 8 Mar 1998
    From: Anne Wiegle (awiegle@fast.net)
    Subject: queries- Hannah Harlan m John Broomhall?

    I am researching the BROOMHALL/BROOMALL families. There was a John Broomhall b 10 June 1752 in Chester Co PA who married a Hannah ? before 1777, since that is when their first Child was born. They were Quakers. They had a son and several grandsons named Harlan Broomhall, and I am wondering if this Hannah was Hannah Harlan? All the offspring of John and Hannah ended up in Ohio, where there are numerous descendants. Their son, Harlan Broomhall, mysteriously disappeared from Zanesville OH in 1816 and was never heard of again.

    Do any of you Harlans know of a Hannah Harlan who married John Broomhall abt 1776? Have you ever heard of a Harlan Broomhall? Thanks very much. Anne Broomall Wiegle, Pottstown PA

    Date: Sat, 7 Mar 1998
    From:Marjory Harlan Sgroi
    Subject: Harlan Family Trip

    We are finalizing our plans for the trip to Scotland, Wales and England next September 22-October 3. We currently have 38 folks signed up to travel to new areas in the British Isles but also including the most important stop at the home church of George and Michael, St. Peter's in Monkwearmouth. If you are interested and have not seen the full itinerary, please e-mail me (www.ashdrye@aol.com) and I will be happy to send one to you right away. If you have been putting off making a decision on the trip, now is the time! We would love to have you join this group of old friends, new friends and cousins. Marjory Harlan Sgroi

    Date: Sat, 7 Mar 1998
    From: David Whiteman (davew@ozdocs.net.au)

    I am trying to find my family links to the name HARLAND which I am told originated in Ireland. My name is David HARLAND Whiteman and my father's (deceased) middle name was also HARLAND. In the family tree there are other references to the name HARLAND but the mists of time have made finding the roots difficult.

    My family home page with genealogical data is at: http://www2.one.net.au/~namaste/

    I would be eternally grateful to anyone who can shed some light on this elusive but fascinating bit of my history. Thanks in advance. David Harland Whiteman

    Page Up

    Date: Thu, 5 Mar 1998
    From: Elgene A. Smith (genesmit@ccil.org)
    Subject: Some forwarded correspondence regarding the Jan. query from Kay Ivy.

    Hi, Kay, I presume by now you have received one or more answers to your query of Jan. 11 in the Harlan Message Center and that you know of your connection to the family line-up. It is on page 936 of the "book" where Stephen Lee Harlan is #6811. If, by chance, this is the first reply, I would be glad to furnish more details. (just send me a note at address below. Good hunting, Gene Smith

    From: Kay Ivy (kayivy@enid.com) How exciting to hear from you! This is the first response I have had to my inquiry. I would greatly appreciate any detail you could furnish. I had almost given up on hearing from this source. Yours truly, Nila Kay Ivy

    From Elgene: Hi, Kay, Your Harlan ancestry is shown in the Harlan genealogy book(available from the "store" on the Harlan page.) About half a page is devoted to each Harlan in the line and shows the family group for each. Each individual has a number starting with George #3, who brought his family toi America in 1687. Your line goes through George (3),James (11), John (44),Isaac (207), Isaac (797),Josiah (2723) to Stephen Lee (6811). The entry for Stephen Lee Harlan goes as follows:

    6811. Stephen Lee Harlan, farmer, Presbyterian, b. in Randolph Co. Mo. on 9,12, 1847; m in Tarrant Co. Tx, 6,8,1874 to Malinda Terrell who died in Denton Co. Tx 10,9,1878 and was buried there.

    Stephen Lee Harlan m.(2) in Denton Co 7,28,1880, Mary Frances Byrom ,date of birth unknown. They reside, 1912, at Blythe, Texas.
    Issue: Arminta L b. 5,26,1881; m John Wilson
    DeElla, b. 11,12,1882; m. John G. Prescott.
    Grover Lee b.9,1,1886; m. Margaret Powell.
    Mary Elizabeth, b.2,10,1889; M. Oliver Montgomery.
    Matilda Ula,b.10,15,1890; m. Jesse Black.
    William Byrom, b,1,6,1892.
    George Jefferson, b. 7,18,1894.

    Note by E.A.S. You will note minor differences from your query.(probably misprints or errors in the compilation or perhaps true at the time) The lack of numbers for the issue shows that they were not followed. In general, the book entries end about 1912. Stephen Lee was one of nine children. Elgene Smith

    Date: Fri, 06 Mar 1998
    From: Nancy McMurray (nancyowa@earthlink.net)
    Subject: CORRECTION! CORRECTION! West Virginia Reunion

    I just e-mailed a note a couple of days ago to say my brother, Harlan McMurray, is on a brief vacation and that folks could contact me about registration information for Harlan Homecoming in West Virginia on Memorial Day. I erred in giving the deadlines. The Correct Deadline for Registration is April 1. The Deadline for Workshops is March 15. Please make sure this is the information posted. Thanks. --- Nancy McMurray

    Date: Thu, 5 Mar 1998
    Subject: Indiana Reunion Look for an important note about an upcoming reunion in Indiana this coming July!!
    Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998
    From: Evan O'Hara (evan@angelic.com)
    Subject: Re: Harlan Family Genealogy

    I just recently discovered that I am distantly descended from George HARLAN (#3) and found your web site very exciting. However, I noticed that several of your dates in the genealogy appear to be incorrect. As you know, before the Gregorian calendar was put into effect (1752/53), the year actually started on the 25th of March instead of the first of January, not to mention the eleven day that were lost when the conversion took place. To complicate matters, the Quakers did not go by the month names, but rather month numbers. So, for example, you said that Dinah HARLAN (#21) was born on 23 Aug 1707 when she was really born the 23rd day of the 8th month of 1707. This would translate to October-November 1707, not August.

    I wonder how Alpheus Harlan referenced the dates in his book?? and I suggest that this be researched further so that the correct information is passed on. Or at least the original text of Alpheus could be cited without our further interpretation. I have seen so many family trees in the WFT-series with incorrect/conflicting information. This is where I orginally found my connection to the HARLAN family. It gets very frustrating when the original documents are not at hand.

    Thanks for your work and hope my comments are constructive. Evan O'Hara (evan@angelic.com)

    Editor's Note-- If anyone has comments on this, please e-mail them to be posted on this page. Thanks, Pam

    Date: Wed, 04 Mar 1998
    From:-Nancy McMurray
    Subject: Harlan Homecoming in West Virginia

    Here's an update on Harlan Homecoming in West Virginia, May 23 to 24. Registration forms have been mailed to all who had responded with an interest. They should be mailed back by April 1 (deadline for Workshops is March 15). Harlan McMurray is now on an out-of-reach vacation for 2 or 3 weeks. For an immediate answer to anything, you may e-mail Nancy McMurray at nancyowa@earthlink.net. --Nancy McMurray

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    Date: Tue, 3 Mar 1998
    From: Jackie Pace (jbpace1@ibm.net)

    I never posted anything on the HARLAN page! A wondeful EUBANK contact I met by e-mail sent me a great HARLAN packet that answered more questions than I could think to ask. I am a bit distant from the HARLAN name, but here is my line:

    Direct Descendants of John Harlan
    1 John Harlan Abt. 1716 - +Sarah Wickersham - 1772
    2 Jesse Wickersham- Harlan Abt. 1743 - +Sarah (Harlan) 1748 -
    3 Thomas (Sarah)- Harlan 1778 - 1857 +Sarah Sally Eubank- Eubank 1781 - 1864
    4 John Eubank- Harlan 1802 - 1880 +Elizabeth S. Bradley 1804 - 1869
    5 Nancy Elizabeth Bradley- Harlan 1825-1828 - 1922 +Chastaine Shores Parrock- Eubank 1822 - Abt.1922
    6 Eloise Morey Harlan- Eubank 1853 - 1938 +John Barry Taylor- Garrett 1847 - 1929
    7 Ava Eubank- Garrett 1880 - 1976 +Dee I. Vinyard- Wynn 1875 - 1959
    8 Jewel Dealva Garrett- Wynn 1900 - 1974 +Thomas Alphus Lane- Richey 1900 - 1969
    9 [1] Billie June Wynn- Richey Abt. 1923 - +Jack Vickrey- Ashley 1919 - 1977
    10 Jacqueline June Richey- Ashley 1942 -

    (p.s. BEWARE of my renegade practice of adding maiden names: if I know a person's mother's maiden name, I add it (surname + dash + space) just before the SURNAME, ie: Jacqueline June Richey- ASHLEY (aka Mrs. Jerry Burns Burns-PACE - his mom's maiden name is also his middle name, so it is there twice. If I don't know her maiden name, I use her given names w/quote marks +dash+space, ie: "Jackie"- . And if I don't know her married name, I just use (husbands), ie: Jackie (Pace). If this drives you crazy, just DELETE or IGNORE ALL NAMES WITH A HYPHEN & SPACE, OR IN PARENTHESIS and you will be back to traditional "normal") ----- Jackie Ashley Pace of Pasadena, TX - (jbpace1@ibm.net) http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/p/a/c/Jackie-A-PACE/index.html
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