Harlan Family Messages
January 1998
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Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998
From: Tom Harlan

For those of you waiting patiently for the video of the Mt. Pleasant Reunion, we ask that you hang in there with us for a few more months. It will be worth waiting for and should be in the mail this Spring.

Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998
From: Larry Harlan (Nalrah@aol.com)

Are you, or do you know of someone living who is, 90 years of age or older; born in the U.S.and had as a surname Harlan or Harland?

If you do qualify or if you know of someone who does, please submit the name, date and place of place of birth and, if possible the person's oldest ancestor. Send the information to Larry Harlan at nalrah@aol.com

The results of this survey will be posted in the near future. It may become a permanent listing of the living qualifiers so please enter now. Larry Harlan
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Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998
From: Larry Harlan (Nalrah@aol.com)

For an very good genealogical reference look up Cyndi's List of Sites at http://www.oz.net/~cyndihow/sites.htm. Larry Harlan nalrah@aol.com
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Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 From: M. Pamela Penn (Pennpal@worldnet.att.net)
Subject: Re: Harlan obituaries available

What a wonderful site.....and how it has changed and improved since I last saw it! I attended the Harlan Reunion in Mt. Pleasant and through it have become interested in writing something up for current and future generations. In a Bible given to Joseph Alexander and Bellona (Nosler) Harlan by his father Aaron Harlan in 1857 are a number of original newspaper clippings of obituaries, mainly from Ottumwa IA. If any of you are descended from the following people I would be happy to forwards these obituaries to you for your safe-keeping. George Wilson Harlan (b Jan 22, 1827 d Apr 16 1898), Mrs. Catherine Elizabeth Davis (daughter of Aaron and Lucetta Harlan...b May 31 1837 d December 23 1920), Mrs. G. W. Harlan (Mary A Brown Harlan) b Apr 17 1827 in Alleghany Co, PA), James Sylvester Harlan, husband of Maria T Graves Harlan, b Nov 11 1839 and d Nov 25 1920. Please contact me if you would like to have these....I'll of course need your address in order to mail them to you. Pamela Penn
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Date: Sat, 24 Jan 1998

From: David Irwin (davidirwin@sprintmail.com)

Hello, On November 19, 1854 James Irwin married Rachel Ann Crissandria Harlan, b 2-6-1840 d 3-11-1924, the daughter of Silas Harlan of Sangamon County, IL.The line to me was through their son Albert Edward Irwin, then George Harlan Irwin, then Wayne Harlan Irwin, to me, David Harlan Irwin. Two more generations of the first son using the Harlan name for the middle name of his first son follows me. Brett Harlan Irwin and last Mark Harlan Irwin. I assume that Rachel must of been quite a personage for my great grandfather and grandfather to have started a tradition. I am interested in any information about Rachel. I also have a photograph of the Harlan Family Reunion, Richmond Ind. Aug 22, 1912. Does anyone know if the women in widow black, front row, 7th from the left is Rachel.From earlier photographs I have of her, I think it might be.

I would appreciate any and all information. Thanks, David
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Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998
From: Pam Ellingson "Webmaster of this site"
Subject: Superbowl & Bob Harlan

Watch the Superbowl next weekend to see cousin Bob Harlan accepting the trophy. He is the President and CEO of the Green Bay Packers. Until something is composed for the Harlan Who's Who section you can learn more about him at:
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Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998
From: Larry Harlan (Nalrah@aol.com)

Does anyone know whom Izabella Harland was married to? Was it James and can you prove it. Please post your answer in this Message Site. Larry Harlan
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Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998
From: Kurt (kdknn@globalco.net)
Subject: Otis Harlan

Hello, although I'm not a member of your extended family, I certainly admire the dedication and contstruction of your web site. I am from Zanesville, Ohio and working on an article for our local historical society publication. The topic is the life and career of Otis Harlan. He was born here December 29, 1865. His father was Major William S. Harlan who is listed elsewhere in this website as the Treasurer of the "Bicentenial" reunion of 9/27/1887 held at Birmingham Park. The Major was Postmaster of Zanesville and the proprietor of the Zane Hotel. His son Otis was a popular youth; singing, mimicking teachers and acting in local plays. He later attended a couple of Ohio colleges and afterwards (I don't know if he graduated) went to New York City in 1887. Otis worked the Vaudeville and burlesque circut and in 1911, helped Irving Berlin introduce Alexander's Ragtime Band at the Follies Bergeres. In 1915, Otis began a 23 year film career in which he appeared in over 70 silents and talkies. His most famous role was the voice of Happy in the 1937 Disney cartoon feature, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. Soon after the release of the film, he was stricken with paralysis while rehearsing for an appearance with Al Jolson. Otis Harlan died January 20, 1940 while visiting his daughter; Mrs. W.E. Kennedy of Martinsville, Indiana. This is what I can find from our local newspaper archives. My queries are for any additional information and or corrections. I would like information on marriage(s?), children, anecdotes, stories, pictures, or anything I could use in my article. Thank you in advance for your help and I hope Otis makes it to the Harlan Hall Of Fame. Sincerely, Kurt L. White (kdknn@globalco.net)
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Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998
From: BuckRodgrs@aol.com

Frank James Harlan and Letha Mae Nutter are our great-grandparents on our mother's side. Their son Robert, who married Lorraine Burke, is our grandfather, and their daughter Susan is our mother. She married James Patrick "Pat" Rodgers in 1973. (Divorced 1983) We (Kevin, 23, and Jeffrey, 20) are now in college in Fullerton, California. Our sister AnnaStacia (named for our great-grandmother Annastacia Burke) is living with our mother near the US Army base in Baumholder, Germany. Jeffrey is studying Web Page Design, while Kevin is a History major. Jeffrey will be changing his last name to Harlan in the near future. Our websites can be found at: Kevin - http://members.aol.com/BuckRodgrs/Kevin.html, and Jeffrey - http://members.aol.com/Leadink. --Kevin Rodgers (BuckRodgrs@aol.com) & Jeffrey Harlan (Leadink@aol.com)
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Date: Mon, 12 Jan
From: John Harland (jharland@smartt.com)
Subject: German and Austrian Harlands

I have always been of the opinion that 'Harland' was the quintessential North-East England name. Admittedly my own family stem from Northern Ireland, where the name, although well-known, is not very common. But even there, it has to be an import from England, with the obvious example of the arrival in Lurgan of George, Michael and their brother who remained in Ireland ... (late 1600s).

However, I recently found, very much to my suprise, that the name occurs in Germany and Austria ....which likely explains why, when I used to travel there, I was so often asked if I had German family roots. It also raises the question as to whether a significant number of the Harland connection in America today, stem from Continental Europe, rather than the UK, as I had always supposed. It seems too prevalant Germanic name to postulate that they are descended from immigrants from England. On the other hand, there can be little doubt about the ancestry of those Americans who spell the name without the terminal 'd' .....IMO, they can only be of English stock, being descendants of George and Michael.

The German names (more than 250) and those in Austria (just under 200) were turned up using Lycos People Finder
(The first ten German names from www.lycos.com/pplfndr.html):
Harland   M›Llheim Baden, 79379
Harland A.   Hollenstedt Nordheide, 21279
Harland A.   Schumannweg 8, L›Bbecke, 32312
Harland A. Dr.Med.   Friedrich-ebert-allee 1, MäLln, Chefarzt 23879
Harland Adolf   Am Steingrab 2, Buxtehude, 21614
Harland Adolf   Paffendorf, 5012. (Paf)#S#
Harland Andreas   Schwarzer Weg 3b, Hameln, 31789
Harland Andreas   Hameln, 3178.
Harland Andreas U.   Karlstr. 61, Hameln, 31785 Zeibe Petra
Harland Angela   Hamburg, 2....

Greetings from the Okanagan Valley. John H Harland-- Kelowna B C, (jharland@smartt.com)
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Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998
From: Kay Ivy (kayivy@enid.com)

I am just now beginning research into my family history, and would like to find out if I am descended from the same Harlan family as the rest of you. My maternal grandmother was Della Harlan, born in Roanoak, in Denton County, Texas on November 12, 1882. Her parents were S.L. and Mary F. Harlan. Her brothers were G.L. Harlan, W.G. Harlan, and George Harlan. Her sisters were Minnie Harlan Wilson, Mary E. Harlan Montgomery, and Tillie Harlan Black. Grandma married James Gordon Prescott on November 18, 1906, in Post Oak, Texas. Their children were Cecil Lee Prescott, Estell LawrencePrescott, Leon Clifton Prescott, James Gordon Prescott, Jr. and my mother, Cleo Belle Prescott George Langford. My mother is the only one still living. Grandpa Prescott died on September 29, 1935, and Grandma on October 22, 1976, both in Frederick, in Tillman County, Oklahoma. If any of this matches up with your records, I will be very glad to have found family this soon.

I am anxiously awaiting word from you one way or the other. Nila Kay Ivy (Enid, Oklahoma)
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Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998
From: Ross R. Peery (rrpeery@msn.com)

I found this site on the internet and it has given me additional information about my husbands great grandmother, Amanda Ellen Harlan - dtr. of Columbia Bidstrup and Robert Henry Harlan. Alice J. Peery (rrpeery@msn.com)
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Date: Wed, 7 Jan 1998

The editors are beginning to put together the next issue of the Harlan Record. Anyone having an article to contribute or wishing to post an inquiry in the want ads should send it by e-mail to mltharlan@aol.com. Materials must be received by January 31, 1998.
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Date: Tues, 6 Jan 1998
From:John L. Harlan (JHarlan62@aol.com)

John # 208, my GGGGG Grandfather moved to Tompkinsville, Kentucky and they have all been Kentuckians until my father's generation. My dad grew up there but after WW II, he moved to Alabama for work and stayed. Now my children and grand children live in Alabama, but I still have some attachment for Kentucky.

I am making good use of the E mail addresses posted on this web site and try to help when and where I can with those seeking ancestors on the message board.
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Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998
From: George and Millie Dixon (exegete@swbell.net)
Subject: Dixon/ Gregg/ Harlan

We briefly scanned your family record onsite, and we've just started researching the Dixon line. We're from Henry Dixon, b 1630 in Armaugh Co., Ireland, who married Rose Harland c.1655 in Ireland. Three children of Henry and Rose are William, born 1662; Dinah, born 1669; and Rose, born 1670.

William emigrated to New Castle, DE, and married Ann Gregg. Dinah married a Michael Harlan about 1689 in PA (I assume Chester County). They had Stephen (b 4/16/1697 in Chester, PA, d 4/7/1737, PA; m Hannah Carter (1710-1722). Also Dinah Harland, born about 1708, d 1724-1802, London Grove, Chester, PA, who married Thomas Pierson.

We think Henry in Ireland was a "borders" Scot and was given land in Ireland to move from the border occupied??? Did any of the Harlan family marry a MacGregor in Ireland or Scotland? Not much help but thought we'd pass it on.

By the way, I was born in Springs Grove, IA, moved to Burlington, IA, and know about Senator James Harlan. Mount Pleasant is close by where you had one of your reunions. Happy New Year. George and Millie Dixon exegete@swbell.net
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Date: Sun, 04 Jan 1998
From: NANCY J. & CURT CULVER (nculver@bmd.clis.com)
Subject: Enoch Harlan

I am searching for the ancestors of Enoch Harlan, b. Dec. 19, 1800 in Davie Co, NC. He came to Prairieton, IN in 1816 probably with an uncle ? Hayworth/Haworth. He married a Catharine Pope also of Davie Co, NC who came with her parents abt. 1820. They were married on April 2, 1831.

Children: James, William, Lucinda, Rachel and Mary.

Lucinda is my g-g-grandmother. Can anyone help me with my Enoch Harlan's family? I will be more than happy to share his family information to anyone needing it. Thank you, Nancy
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