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November & December 1997
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Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997
From: JFDMHarlan (JFDMHarlan@aol.com)
Subject: First Arizona Harlan Family Reunion

We are planning the first Arizona Harlan Family Reunion. It will be a picnic held on Saturday, February 28, 1998 at Papago Park in Phoenix. Please contact Junior Harlan for further information. My e-mail address jfdmharlan@aol.com or phone (602)9914337.

We would also like to extend this invitation to all Harlan descendents that may be a "winter vistor". Thanks. Junior Harlan
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Date: Mon, 29 Dec 1997
From: Mary Alice (Cowhick) Tuxhorn (Tuxy2@aol.com)
Subject: Moses Harlan/ Sarry Cowhick

Does anyone have any information on Sally (Sary) Cowhick who married Moses Harlan 29 July 1795 in Mason Co. KY? She was a sister to my 3rd great-grand father Thomas Andrew Cowhick. Her parents were Patrick Cowhick who married Catharine Lawson Aug. 1773 in Lancaster, PA. Would love to hear from you. My computer is brand new, so I hope I am doing this right.
Sincerely, M.Tuxhorn
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Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997
From: Nancy McMurray (nancyowa@earthlink.net)
Subject: Latest news for Harlan Homecoming

Harlan Homecoming Attracts More Than 200 Harlans Back to West Virginia

More than 200 Harlans have expressed interest in attending Harlan Homecoming on Memorial Day Weekend, 1998. The event is an opportunity to visit the original homestead built by George Harlan (#45) after he, his brothers and their families migrated down from Pennsylvania with their father, James #11, in the 1730's- '40's into what is now Eastern West Virginia. Together the brothers claimed over 1,000 acres. The deed to the farm was finally granted from Thomas, Lord Fairfax, in 1760.

Learn more about this gathering on the Reunions page.
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Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 From:JOHN W. HARLAN (jharlan@email.bigsky.net)

I saw your information on the internet. I am trying to trace my Harlan family. I can document my family back to George Hubert Harlan born Aug 3, 1877. He died in Caloway Co., Missouri April 23, 1961. George married Mary Jane Rhodes Nov. 2, 1898 some place in Missouri. Both are buried at Holts Summit, Mo. His father was Nathan Harlan and he died in 1904. Nathan's wife was Elizabeth Stokes. This is all of the information I can find so far. Can you help me? Thanks, John W. Harlan
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Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997
From: Jim McMillen (mcmillen@startext.net)

A friend, Harlan descendant Marc Smith of Ft Worth, has asked me to see whether there is any interest in copies of the 1990 set of Harlan books, AN UPDATED GENEALOGY, by Joydelle G Wolfram. It seems to me that somewhere on this site would be the proper place to let folks know about them.

Marc rescued about a hundred of the sets from the defunct publisher's trash (well, not literally, he had to pay to save them) and still has most of them on hand.

The two-volume, hard-bound set contains some 2300 pages of information about more than 12,000 descendants of Aaron Harlan and his wife, Elizabeth Stuart. Aaron was #194 in the 1914 book.

Originally priced at $100 per set, AN UPDATED GENEALOGY will now go to Harlan descendants for $50 per set. And Marc will ship them free.

His adrress: Marc B Smith, Jr, 705 Rivercrest Dr, Ft Worth, TX 76107, (817)731-2445

Thanks, Jim McMillen mcmillen@arlington.net
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Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997
From: JOHN W. HARLAN (jharlan@email.bigsky.net)

I saw your information on the internet. I am trying to trace my Harlan family. I can document my family back to George Hubert Harlan born Aug 3, 1877. He died in Caloway Co., Missouri April 23, 1961. George married Mary Jane Rhodes Nov. 2, 1898 some place in Missouri. Both are buried at Holts Summit, Mo. His father was Nathan Harlan and he died in 1904. Nathan's wife was Elizabeth Stokes. This is all of the information I can find so far. Can you help me? Thanks, John W. Harlan
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Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997
From: Joseph Rose (c2krose@ix.netcom.com)

I am desperately seeking information on the family and ancestors of Anna HARLAN and William SYMONS who married around 1840. They are both buried in Oskaloosa, Mahaska Co., IA. They had three children: Charles - who married Martha Haworth; Sadie - who married David Klyce; William - who was a Colonel in the U.S. armed forces. I do not know where they came from. I only know that they lived in Iowa. Please help. Joseph Rose

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Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997
From: Patsy Coulson (pcoulson@magnus)

Hi! My name is Patricia Jean Gabrielli Coulson (Patsy). My mother is Irma Mae Harlan Gabrielli. She is the daughter of the late Frank James Harlan and Letha Mae Nutter. My Grandfather was born 5/24/1893 and died 1/12/77 at the age of 83. My Grandmother was born 2/13/1902 and died 8/96, she was 94 years old. They lived in Richland Center, Wisconsin. They are descendents of Ezekiel Harlan and Polly Kirk. My mother was one of 7 children, there are 27 grandchildren remaining with numberous greatgrandchildren and great great grandchildren. Our family in itself has become very large, and at least all of the cousins know each other although we are spread over the U.S.A. If you would like more information, I would be happy to provide it. ---Patsy Coulson

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Date: Mon, 08 Dec 1997
From:Nona (nona@MCI2000.com)

I'm trying to locate the parents and siblings of Nancy Harlen of Union Dist., South Carolina in 1800. By then she was married to Hezekiah Ragsdale and they had a daughter. (The family appears on page 222 of that census record. Also enumerated on that page were George and Samuel Harlin.

Information taken from death certificates of Nancy's youngest daughter states that Nancy was born 8 April 1783 in Virginia, but this information may be incorrect. I can't find any other records which confirm Nancy's place of birth, but her date of birth is substantiated by records in the family Bible.

Hezekiah's parents were Thomas Ragsdale and Mary Comer of Caswell Co., North Carolina so perhaps Nancy Harlan was actually born in North Carolina.

Any information or suggestions for research will be appreciated. My family tree is documented with footnotes and source notes on my web page at http://www.rof.com/gene

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Date: Sun, 07 Dec 1997
From:John Belat Harlan (john.belat.harlan@usa.net)

Hello! I have only just happened across the Harlan Family in America web site, and am delighted (at age 40) to be in touch with family again :-)

I am descended from James (#1), George (#3), James (#11), John (#44), John (#208), John (#801), Asa (#2753), John Addison Portlock (#6970), Oren Otis (b. 1870 in IA, d. 1946 in MO), Harvey Otis (b. 1896 in IA, d. 1937 in IL), and Harold O. (b. 1927 in MO, d. 1961 in NY).

My father (Harold, above) died when I was four, so I've had minimal contact with my Harlan roots -- other than having from a young age been fascinated with our family's copy of the 1914 book by Alpheus Harlan.

My query is this: Has anyone carried on the numbering system from the book, beyond the ninth generation family members included in the book? If so, is this information published anywhere (in electronic or print form), or are there plans for it to be published?

With thanks in advance for any information, John
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Date: Sat, 06 Dec 1997
From:John V. Kieffer (jvmusik@primenet.com)

You people are doing wonderful job with the "Harlan Family Site". I really feel like I should be giving you more help since I have so much HARLAN information in my files.

I now have a genealogy page on the internet, and of course it contains some HARLAN information. However, I only have about 400 names on this site, while my genealogy files have information on over 28,000 relative.

I would appreciate you listing the address of my genealogy page on your site. The site is called "Kieffer Family Cards", and the address is----------- http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Estates/2087/

Best wishes! John Kieffer
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Date: Sat, 06 Dec 1997
From: Billie Jo Free ( bjfree@pop.mindspring.com)

Hi all Harlans: Many thanks to the wonderful creator of this website. I was astounded to find it on the internet. I'm not much of a surfer, I was sitting around wondering of my heritage. I found this page. Great start. My grandfather was Walter Harlan, died and buried in Cushing Ok. I don't know/remember much of the family history. He married Dottie Mae Hoskins, they had two children. First girl, Lenora Harlan (Webb), son Edwin Clay Harlan.

I seem to remember Walter Harlan having several brothers and sisters. Maybe one of the sisters name was Winnie?

If any of you are familiar with this extension of the Harlan please contact me. Thanks again for the opportunity of viewing this site and the future possibility of meeting new relatives.

BJ Free (bjfree@mindspring.com)

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Date: 97-12-01
From:Thomas N. Fankhouser (tomf@ovnet.com)

Greetings, I am trying to locate the parents of my Great Great Grandfather Daniel Harlan(d) - born in 1793 in Maryland. I feel he is connected with the Harlans that I have been reading about in this wonderful web site. I do not have the book written by Alpheus Harlan, but I would like to know where I can order one for my research. Is it possible to find someone who has to the book who would be willing to do a look up for me? I would like to know if Daniel (1793) is listed in the index if the book is indexed. I have a genealogy home page which has information about my line of Harlans on it. If you would be interested in looking at it or making a link to it, you will find it listed at the following address: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Hills/1416
Sincerely, Thomas N. Fankhouser

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Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997
From:Bill Cunningham (billcham@ovis.net)

Excellent job on the Harlan Homepage. My wife's grandmother was a Harlan. We have traced her line back to a Daniel Harland born 10 Aug 1793 in Maryland. He married a Margaret Mobley. Do you have any information on this Daniel Harland?

Keep up the excellent work. We are thinking about putting up a Harland page with her line. If we do, would it be all right to link your homepage? Bill Cunningham (Wetzel County WV Genealogy http://www.ovis.net/~billcham)

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Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997
From: Charles George Harlan (Chgoha@aol.com)

My name is Charles George Harlan and I am in Baton Rouge, LA. I am looking for information on my great grandfather, George Washington Harlan: Great Grandfather: George W. Harlan-Born 25 June, 1828, in Virginia. On the 6 April, 1854, he married Silence Ann Hamilton, in Perry Twp., Frankfort, Indiana. Their 1st. five (seven) children were born in Frankfort, Ind.
1-Mary C. was born in 1856, (Nov. 19, 1854)*
2-John Charles was born 24 Dec., 1857, (1856, died Oct. 30, 1919)*
3-(Sarah Emma , born 18 Dec., 1858, died Nov. 24, 1861)*
4-Frank Wade, was born in 1861, (Benjamin Franklin Wade, 16 Dec., 1860)*
5- (Joseph, born May 26, 1862, died April 19, 1864)*
6-William Howard, born April 22, 1865* , died April 25, 1952.
7-Lucinda P, was born in 1869, (Lucy Jeanette, born 6 July, 1868)*
8-George Edgar, was born in Colfax, Clinton Co., Ind., 13 Oct., 1870,

     		1870 Census: Perry Twp., PO Frankfort, Ind

Harlin, George 	43	works on farm		3200/610	born VA.

Silence	36					born OH

Mary C. 	14	at home			born IN

John C		13	      "				     "

B H Wade           9      	      "				     "

Wm. Howard      5 	      "  				     "

Lucy P	    	   1              "				     "
The 1870 census also lists an Aaron Harlin, 44 yrs. , farmer, born in VA in 1826, probably a brother of Geroge W.

As George Edgar claimed to be born in Colfax, and born in Oct., 1870, apparently he was born after the census. The family moved to Piatt Co. Ill, in 1871 where the last 2 children were born.
9-Della M., born in 1874, (Daisey Mable, born Nov 11, 1873)*
10-Gertrude, born in Sept., 1879. (Gertrude May, born 6 Sept., 1879)*

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Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997
From: Carl W. Carruthers" (carlsr@gate.net)

My name is Carl Carruthers. I'm researching information found in my wife's family bible (or what's left of it). I'm trying to gain a foothold on genealogical information of the people named in the bible. The passages in the bible reads, "Enock Harlan was the grand son of Rachel Hayworth his mother was a Hayworth she came be for the year 1816 to Montzuma on Wasbash river in Ind. She married a man named Montgomery at Montzuma." The passage begins again, "and his wife we quakers Enock Harlan came to this state 1816 entered the farm he lived on lived to be 89 years old." This bible was passed down to Jesse Myers and makes the following statements: Jesse Myers, b.21 Feb 1830, m. 16 Sept 1852, "Rachel", David Harlen, b. 21 Feb. 1836, b. 10 Jan 1856. The bible became the property of the "Lambs" and was later passed on to the "Goddens". Unlabeled tin photos were in the bible. Anyone with any information - please contact me at Carlsr@gate.net
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Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997
From: Karen Gerlach (kgerlach@hotmail.com)

My name is Karen (Lee) Gerlach. I am a descedant of Aaron HARLAN #8. The following is my descedancy from William HARLAND:
1 William,
2 James,
3 George,
4 Aaron #8
5 Charity #14, m. (1) Joseph HACKNEY. Charity m. (2) Francis BALDWIN
6 Sarah HACKNEY, m. Morris REES
7 Charity REESm. Thomas JOB
8 Martha (Patty) JOB, m. Jesse JUREY (JURY)
9 Caroline JUREY, m. Lair MILLER
10 Amos Erastus MILLER, m. Sarah Jane WILCOX
11 Caroline MILLER, m. James Q. GAY
12 Stella Mae GAY, m. James "A" LEE, Jr.
13 James "A" LEE III, m. Imogene Irene BOWMAN
14 Karen Annette LEE, m. Paul Edwin GERLACH, Jr.
15 Paul Edwin GERLACH m. Mai TRAN

This is my direct line from Aaron HARLAN #8. I can supply more info on collateral relatives if any one needs it. Karen Gerlach kgerlach@hotmail.com 987 Henry St., Marion, OH 43302
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Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997
From: erasmus harland (p.s.e.harland@ncl.ac.uk)
Subject: Harland Moor From Erasmus Harland of Yorkshire, England (p.s.e.harland@ncl.ac.uk).......

I would like to confirm that Harland Moor was part of the Sutton Estate. To me it seems unlikely since they are quite a long way from each other.

I have found a connection between Yorkshire and Durham through Stephen Harland, brother of Richard Harland (1592-1689) of Sutton on the Forest. There are numerous Harlands in the legal records around Kirbymoorside. According to the dictionary of English Place Names (P H Reaney, 2nd ed.), they are Peter de Harland Assize rolls Warwick, Adam Harland Subsidy rolls ditto, Thomas Harland subsidy rolls Sussex. By driving to Harland Moor, I found Harland Beck (a stream), Harland Edge Farm, both situated NE of Kirbymoorside. In local records there, in 1607, John, James, Anthony, Margaret, William....were Recusants, i.e. Catholic. An erudite historian teels me that these folk, being rebellious, tended to become Quakers. They are recorded as being fined for Recusancy.

Sir Richard Harland of Sutton is recorded as having fought for King Charles, but at the fall of York went over the Parliament. I am proud to say that another Harland signed the death certificate of Charles I.

My main question is, were the Harland farms, etc., named after Richard Harland whose Sutton on the Forest estates may have extended to Rosedale? I have not found a reference for this. Or did the name originate with the 5 families of serfs? "There are five tenants holding certain waste plots - Coleflat, Loftischol, Harlonde - beneath the Gillamoor Cliff at the will of the Lord, paying 27/- and 2 stiches of nuts." ref. The inquest on Baldwin Wake 1233. Or was Harlonde named after Scandinavian invaders?
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Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997
Subject: Harlan Obituaries

Have some original newspaper obituaries, probably all from mid to late 1800s which I would like to give to descendants of same. These obituaries found in old Harlan Bible from Ottumwa IA.

1) Mrs. Mary A. Harlan, born in Alleghany Co, PA April 17, 1827, eldest daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Michael Brown. Married G. W. Harlan in Union Co, IN Dec. 24, 1845.

2) James Sylvester Harlan, son of Aaron and Lucetta Harlan, born in Union Co, IN Nov 11, 1839 and died Fort Smith Arkansas Nov 25, 1920. Married Jul 12, 1869 to Maria T. Graves of Ottumwa. In St. Louis, with his two sons William and Edward Harlan, formed the partnership of Harlan Bros.

3) G. W. Harlan, born in Union Co IN Jan 22, 1827, died Apr 16, 1898 in South Ottumwa. Married Dec 24 1844 to Mary A. Brown. Buried in Ottumwa Cemetary. Children surviving at time of death includeed Mrs. Manry A. McClung, Mrs. Fanny Lewis and Mrs.Hettie Rogers of Wapello Co, Mrs. Alice McClungs of Keithsburg IL, Mrs. Clara Smith of Pitkin, CO and Bert R. Harlan of Chicago.

4) Mrs. E. B. Davis, Catherine Elizabeth Davis, daughter of Aaron and Lucetta Harlan, born in Liberty IN May 31, 1837. Married E. B. Davis Nov 4, 1855. Died Dec 23, 192-. Four children at time of her death were Mrs. Emma Pierce of Ottumwa, Mrsl Anna Phillips of Bixby, OK, Frank A Davis of Chillicothe, MO and Mrs. Bertha Carroll of Ottumwa.

Please contact me at pennpal@worldnet.att.net M. Pamela Penn.
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Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997
From: erasmus harland (p.s.e.harland@ncl.ac.uk)

I thought the Harlan(d)s would be interested in the following poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. One of his earliest poems is called "Anna and Harland".

"Within these wilds was Anna wont to rove
While Harland told his love in many a sigh,
But stern on Harland roll'd her brothers eye
They fought, they fell-her brother and her love!

To Death's dark house did grief wron Anna haste,
Yet here her pensive ghost delights to stay:
Oft pouring on the winds the broken lay-
And hark, I hear her - twas the passing blast.

I love to sit upon her tomb's dark grass,
Then memory backward rolls Time's shadowy tide;
For fair, tho'faint, the forms of memory gleam,
Like Heavens's bright beauteous bow reflected in the strea.
(1790 first printed in the Cambridge Intelligencer. Oct 1794.

Anybody know who this Harland was?

Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997
From: Jean Grave (gravell@cybertron.com)
Subject: Harlan Book

This is not a query but a question. We descend from the Harlan family as follows: George Harlan/Elizabeth Duck
Elizabeth Harlan/Joseph Robinson
Ann Robinson/Samuel Gregg
Betty Gregg (Wilson, Woodnut)/John Jones
Elizabeth Jones/Enos Grave
David Isaac Grave/Eliza J Hartley
Thomas Clarkson Grave/Anna M Hubbard
Thomas Hubbard Grave/Dorothy Marie Teas

(these are my husband's parents) Question: How far does the Harlan book come down on generations? Jean Grave

Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997
From: mary blackburn (mblackbu@pittstate.edu)
Subject: Douglas Harlan

I am looking for information on J. Douglas Harlan, b. 2 Oct 1862 d. 30 Dec 1925. Married Anna Rebecca Blackburn on 8 Feb 1893. J. Douglas Harlan in burried in Wamego cemetery in Pottawatomie county in KS. From the newspaper obit. there were six children born to Douglas and Anna. I would like any information on the childern, grandchildern, etc. and also any information on Anna Rebecca Blackburn; she was the sister of my grandfather. Any/all assistance will be greatly appreciated. Mary Blackburn

Date: Sun, 09 Nov 1997
From: Erasmus Harland (p.s.e.harland@ncl.ac.uk)
Subject: harlands

I am researching the harland family history in Yorkshire. The earliest record is 1200, 6 families, living on waster land, called Harlonde. There are numerous Harlands recorded in the Yorkshire Inquistions, living around Kirbymoorside, and Rosedale, on the Yorkshire Moors. I am preparing a book, on the letters of William and Aurelius Harland. William, b.1787 was an engineer, doctor, mayor of Scarborough and friend of Sir George Caley - the inventor of the aeroplane! I am also making a video of the local area, would this be of interest to you. Erasmus Harland

Date: Sat, 08 Nov 1997
From: Suzanne Cain (suej35@airmail.net)

Seeking descendants of my grandmother's(Laura Mays Harlan Burbank) brother and sister. Richard Harlan b.Stephens Co. TX 21 July 1876. He was veteran Spanish American War, lived TX before the war. Last known residence Bakersfield, CA., possibly worked in VA Hospital there.Anyone know of him and his? Wilkie Hunter Harlan b.24 Sept 1872 Graves Co. KY., married Durward Albion Bennett had two children. They lived TX, OK, NY. Their son D. Adrian Bennet lived in Florida. Their daughter Lois was a light opera star, lived in the Northeast in her late life . Was alive in 1971. Her children Joanne and Jane. Would like to hear from or of their descendants. Sue C.

Date: Thu, 06 Nov 1997
From: Suzanne Cain (suej35@airmail.net)

Delighted to find this page. Looks great and really gives us a great way to research exchange. I am descendant of Jehu Scott Harlan, the youngest child of Jehu and Nancy Evans Harlan of "Spring Hill" farm in West VA. We plan on attending that Reunion. I will be looking for some descendents of J. Scott Harlan's other siblings. Sue

Date: Wed, 05 Nov 1997
From: Bob Erwin (iscre@emory.edu)

I'm Bob Erwin from Atlanta. Below is my line from James Harland. I'm especially interested in finding out more about the Duck, Heald and Evans families. Bob

1 James Harland
2 George Harlan b. 11 Jan 1650 d. 1 May 1714 Kennett Twp, Chester Co.,Pa. m.17 May 1678 Shankill, Co. Armagh, Ireland Elizabeth Duck b. 5 May 1660 Lurgan Par., Co. Armagh, IRE d. Bef 1714 Kennett Twp, Chester Co. Pa.
3 Aaron Harlan b. 24 Oct 1685 d. 1 Sep 1732 Kennet Twp., Chester Co. Pa. m. 1713 New Castle Co., Del. Sarah Heald b.19 May 1692 d.1 Dec 1747 Kennet Twp, Chester Co, Pa.
4 Mary Harlan b. 1718 m. 1734 Wilmington, Del. Owen Evans d.1 Oct 1747 Chester Co., Pa.
5 Sarah Evans b. 15 Jun 1743 d.25 Oct 1796 Orange County, NC m. 1762 Chester County, Pa. Thomas Lindley II b. 7 Aug 1740 d. 1833 Orange County, NC
6 Jonathan Lindley b. 7 Feb 1770 d. 27 May 1840 Powder Springs, Cobb Co., GA. m. 1796 Orange County, N. C. Nancy Blair 7 Jane Lindley b. 16 Dec 1804 d. 30 Jul 1878 Walton County, Ga. m. 28 Sep 1824 Walton County, Ga. Hope Hull Camp b. 30 Oct 1803 d. 16 Jul 1864 Walton County, Ga.
8 Martha Camp b. 19 Mar 1829 d. 29 Oct 1910 Flowery Branch, Ga. m. 18 Dec 1851 Walton County, GA Williamson Williams Parks b. 23 Apr 1823 Abbeville Dist., SC d. 1 Dec 1897 Flowery Branch, Hall Co., GA
9 Williamson Whitfield Parks b. 8 Apr 1859 d. 17 Jan 1944 Auburn, Ga. m. 30 Dec 1880 Winder, Ga. Frances (Bertie) Bradley b. 12 Jun 1840 Jackson Co., GA d. 25 Jun 1926 Auburn, Ga.
10 Leila Estelle Parks b. 17 Oct 1881 d. 18 Jan 1970 Sweetwater, TN. m. 6 Nov 1900 Auburn, Barrow Co., Rev. John Paxton Erwin b. 10 May 1870 d. 4 Feb 1945 Emory Univ. Hospital, Atlanta
11 Harold Whitfield Erwin b. 6 Jan 1906 Monticello, Jasper Co., GA d. 11 Aug 1977 Atlanta, Ga. m. 15 Jan 1930 Opelika, Ala. Verna Elna Bazemore b. 27 Nov 1910 Carrollton, Carroll Co. GA
12 Harold Whitfield Erwin Jr. b.17 Dec 1930 m. 5 May 1951 Atlanta, Ga. Theresa Charlene Thomas b. 18 Oct 1932
13 Charles Robert Erwin b. 1 Jul 1952 m. 10 Feb 1990 Prattville, Ala. Margaret Alice Hamner b. 10 Mar 1962

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