Harlan Family Messages
September & October 1997
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Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997
From: Shelley (SDGreen715@aol.com)

I checked out your Harlan site, and am sure that the Harlan I have -not a direct line tho - is of your family. I have Mary Harlan, who married John Jackson Monoghan in the early 1800's - most likely in Chester Co., PA. Their daugher, Hannah J. Monoghan married Benjamin Taylor of West Chester. Shelley

Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997
From: Larry Harlan (Nalrah@aol.com)
Subject: Dropping the "d" in Harland

Most of us are aware of the fact that the "d" was dropped from the name Harland sometime after George (3) and Michael (4) came to America in 1687. I would like to hear if any of my cousins have heard what caused this to be done. If you do have a theory please respond back to this site where the response can be posted for the benefit of everyone interested; that is unless you wish to keep it confidental. Thanks, Larry

Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997
From: Elizabeth H. Sly (102200.1042@compuserve.com)
Subject: Harlan Website

I finally found my way to the Harlan website and I must say that it is the best! Congratulations on such a good job. I have a query for your list. Who can fill in the blanks?
They had a daughter _____________HARLAND who married __________UMPLEBY
And there is a child _________UMPLEBY
Any help with this riddle will be much appreciated by this HARLAND and my friend UMPLEBY

Also, the other day I was researching in a book of cemetery inscriptions of Fulton County, Illinois for a different surname, and came across all these Harlan(d)s. If anyone would like me to search for a name, please contact me Elizabeth Harlan Sly

Mon, 29 Sep 1997
From: Larry Harlan (Nalrah@aol.com)
Subject: Genealogy site in the near future

The Harlan Family Web will be developing the Genealogy Site that will cover such choice topics as GEDCOM, a possible contact with the Church of LDS and their vast library of families, and, finally, an electronic library of Harlan Lineage that will lead to an electronic record of the family's history. Work on this site will obviously take a lot of thought, work and time and your help is needed now.

If you have been specializing in any one of these topics or related ones and feel qualified to help on this potentailly important site, let us know. Also, mention any additional associated topics that you feel should be included.

E-mail us now! Larry Harlan

Sun, 28 Sep 1997
From: Nancy McMurray (nancyowa@earthlink.net)
Subject: A Harlan Comes Home

In late summer the phone rang. The male voice said, "Are you Nancy Armistead McMurray?" Yes. "Iím Joshua Harlan, and Iíve been trying to find you. Iím in town at the shopping center." I told him how to get to the farm. In a little while a pickup truck drove in with two young men. Josh said they were stationed at Fort Detrick, about an hour north in Maryland. "I didnít realize I was so close," he said.

I showed them around the house, the spring, the cress ponds. We were able to look at the work on the log room being remodeled. I opened the desk and showed him the old papers. Josh used all his film and then started using his friendís camera.

Josh was from Montana, where their original relative had arrived following the railroad. They had been there for four or five generations. "Iím going to have to make my grandparents come here," he said. I commented that the older relatives should certainly come since they would have more memories.

"Iím going to come back," he said. I had showed him the Civil War bullets found on the farm and he wanted to come back with a metal detector. "I could use your help," I said, considering the work we were doing to clear the brush. "I would pay you." "Iíd do it for nothing," said Josh. "Itís the family."

We had a good chat and then they said they had to leave. I had enjoyed their company immensely. How long could it have been since someone named Harlan had stopped by? "Youíve made my day," I told Josh. "Youíve made my life," said Josh.

Thanks, Nancy McMurray

Sun, 28 Sep 1997
From: Nancy McMurray (nancyowa@earthlink.net)
Subject: Harlan Homecoming, West Virginia, Memorial Day Weekend 1998

Coming Home to George's(#45) Farm
All Harlan descendants in the United States are invited to return for a visit to one of the oldest Harlan estates next Memorial Day weekend, May 1998. Spring Hill, the house built by the earliest Harlans to arrive in the Northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia in the 1740s, was the home of George #45. It is perhaps the only Harlan land remaining in the country that has never left the family. Note: Read more about this on the Reunionspage of the Harlan Family Web site.

ALL QUESTIONS about Harlan Homecoming should be directed to the Richmond numbers: harlanhome@aol.com or Harlan Homecoming, P.O. Box 9198, Richmond, VA 23227-0198 (Telephone: 804/358-4521) Nancy McMurray

Sat, 27 Sep 1997
From: Marjory Harlan Sgroi (ASHDRYE@aol.com)
Subject: Homepage & castles video

I am thoroughly overwhelmed with the depth and quality of our Harlan homepage. I deal with other families for my tours. Some of them have homepages, but believe me NOTHING like the Harlans. Thanks for all your hard work.

One more piece of information. I recently saw a program on the A&E channel, I think it is called "America's Great Castles". One third of the program was about Hilldene, the New England mansion built by the Lincoln-Harlan family. They mentioned that some of the furniture was brought to the house from the Harlan family home in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. I sent for the video using a toll free number on the program (which I don't have and is not on the tape). I think it cost about $19.95 plus. The title is "America's Castles -- the Railroad Barons".
Marjory Harlan Sgroi

Wed, 24 Sep 1997
From: Mary Harlan (rayphipp@calweb.com)

My name is Mary Harlan, I live in northern California. I have done a genealogy study of my father's family. I am missing a few links. I hope someone in the family can help me. Does any one have any information concerning Mary Ellis Harlan married to Charles Harlan of Harveysberg, Clinton County, Ohio. They live in the 1880's. My father William T. Harlan was born there in 1892. If any one has iformation about this I would like to hear from you.
Thank you. Mary Harlan

Sun, 21 Sep 1997
From: Sarah Surratt (jsurratt@surfsouth.com)
Subject: Great work!

I've enjoyed my first trip into the Harlan Webpage and checking the messages. Although I'm not the student of geaneology that many of these others are, I enjoy checking in. To you and the others responsible: keep up the good work! Sarah Surratt, daughter of Naomi Harlan Robertson

Sun, 21 Sep 1997
From: James Rogers Harlan (nalrahrj@aol.com)
Subject: Compliments are in order

I just signed on this afternoon and found this beautiful Harlan site- upgraded from the original and much expanded. Congratulations and thanks to all those responsible. I was much impressed by the first page, and now am almost overwhelmed by this one. We were at the Mt.Pleasant reunion which we enjoyed very much and hope that this web site will strenghten the association. I am from the George side of the family and have all of my line down to my grandsons thanks to many persons. Best wishes and Hello to all of my cousins. James Rogers Harlan

Mon, 22 Sep 1997
From: Erasmus Harland (p.s.e.harland@ncl.ac.uk)
Subject: North Yorkshire Harlands

Hi Harlans. I am Erasmus Harland, I live in Snainton, Yorkshire. I was very interested to find an E mail about the US family. Briefly, Harland is a Scandinavian name. There is a Harland recorded in 900 AD, hanged for poaching a deer. Around Hutton le Hole, is Harland Moor, and Harland Beck. Interesting Harlands from here include: William Harland MD, Mayor of Scarborough and builder of a multitube boiler steam car in 1827, friend of George Stephenson, the builder of the Rocket. His son Edward founded Harland & Wolf shipbuilders, who built the Titanic. His brother Aurelius went to Hong Kong in 1846. I have about 60 letters from this family, which I am publishing shortly. My branch is descended from Isaac Harland of Hartoft (176@) to Isaac, to Thomas, to Erasmus, To Sydney Cross Harland FRS(my father) From our branch, in the US there are, Bill Harland of Oregon who is descended from my great uncle who migrated to the USA. I dont know the connection between Durham and N Yorkshire, but there are lots of Harlands about in North Yorkshire.
Greetings to you all.Erasmus Harland.

Sat, 20 Sep 1997
From: JHarlan62@aol.com (John Lowell Harlan)

In my excitement over attending the Harlan Celebration 310 in Mount Pleasant this past July, I left home without my copy of Alpheus Harlan's book and the computer printout of the considerable workup on my Harlan lineage. I owe several people this information, so for what its worth, if you have room, I would like to post a "streamlined version" of my direct line. You already have posted under the tag Genealogy, my line down through NO. 44 John Harlan (page 39), so I will begin with his son NO. 208 John Harlan (page 101) and Jemima Wright. They had ten children, to oldest was my ancestor, NO. 799 Aaron Harlan (page 256) who married Nancy Combs. Their second son is my ancestor, John Harlan NO. 2727 (page 612) who married Elizabeth O'Neal. They had six children, including George Washington Harlan NO. 6838 (page 612) who married first Winnie Carter Vest and then Elizabeth Richardson Lawrence (my GGGrandmother). Their son, William H. Harlan who married Mary Matilda Carter, is my great grandfather. William and Mary Matilda's son John Wesley Harlan of Tompkinsville (Monroe County), Kentucky is my grandfather and he married Rea Hall. John's sister, Bassie Harlan married Rea's brother Cecil Hall and all their children are "double first cousins.

John and Rea Harlan, my grandparents, had four children the third of which was my father, Morris Hall Harlan who married Jane Witt. Morris and Jane had two sons Charles Morris Harlan and John Lowell Harlan.

Any one who needs additional information such as birthdays, marriage dates,etc., may contact my by E mail and I will provide additional information.

Regards, John Lowell Harlan (the Alabama one)

Fri, 12 Sep 1997
From: nancyowa@earthlink.net (Nancy McMurray)

I sent an inquiry a couple of days ago about how we might get information about our West Virginia event on this site. Since we are about to have a press conference, with Congressman Robert Wise, to announce publicly the Harlan Homecoming and our family's grant of 70+ acres to a conservancy for permanent protection, we would like to be in touch with you. Is it possible to list our AOL address on the site for cross reference? Thanks, Nancy McMurray

Sun, 07 Sep 1997
From: sandal@superior.net

I'd like to know more about the Harlands that settled in NY. My relative was James Harland who married Betsey McLouth. They had at least two daughters (likely more children). Amanda Harland was born 9/21/1807 in Farmington, NY. She married William Willis Dewey on 2/6/1831 also in Farmington. They were the parents of 11 children. She died 7/3/1889 in Royalton, NY. (I have transcibed the 1867 day book of her daughter Caroline Dewey. Itgives some insight as to their daily life.) The 2nd daughter, Mary Harland, was born 1812 in Ontario County (likely Farmington again). I'd appreciate any information on the parents of James and any other children of James and Betsey.

Fri, 22 Aug 1997
From: Jerry B. Pace

Seek the family of Elizabeth Harlan who married Chastaine Shores Eubank abt 1845 in Carroll Co, MS. Is she sister of Amanda, who married Thomas Washington Eubank?
Jerry B. Pace

Wed, 20 Aug 1997
From: George McKee

Subject: Rebecce Harling Pearceall
Hi One of my ancestors was a Rebecca Harling 1790 - 1852. I believe she married a Peareeall and then married Gasper Pope in Clark Couunty Indiana (1811). Were the Harlings and the Harlans the same family? George McKee

Date: Tue, 19 Aug 1997
From: Howard

My ancestors must be an eccentric offshoot of the HARLAN clan, but my folks didn't drop the "d", weren't Quakers, and didn't settle in Chester County, PA. John Deighton HARLAND (c. 1753-1828), "woollen draper", came to Philadelphia (center city) in 1779 and soon set up a dry goods store on Chestnut St. He worshipped and married in Episcopal churches and had a great deal of money to invest in real estate, beginning in 1795. I have records of his return from Liverpoole in 1817 on the brig. Fortuna. But I have never been able to discover his UK parentage or birthplace. If anyone could help me, I would be very grateful. Howard Speck

From: Pam Ellingson

There seems to be a difference of opinion between Hazel Kendall and William Hinshaw concerning the father of Thomas Gregg (1734-1820 ), who married Rebeckah Janney. Kendall, in her book "Quaker Greggs," claims that he was the son of Samuel Gregg (1710-1767 ) and Ann Robinson #55 (daughter of Elizabeth Harlan#12)-- according to Alphaeus Harlan they didn't have a son named Thomas. Hinshaw, in Volume VI of his "Encylopedia of American Quaker Genealogy" states that Thomas was the son of Thomas Gregg (1701-1748) and Dinah Harlan#21. --Alphaeus shows their son Thomas m. Ruth and removing to Loudoun Co. I think that she died sometime and he then married Rebeckah Janney. Does anyone out there have any facts or opinions about this question?
Pam Ellingson

Where are all the descendants of Michael Harlan born about 1660? There were only about a dozen of us at the recent reunion of Harlans in Mt.Pleasant, Iowa which had over 500 attending. Pam Ellingson
8/12/97- From Brian Embree (bembree@us.oracle.com) As you know I am a descendant of Michael and Dinah (Dixon) Harlan. I come from his son George, who had Joel who had Dinah who had Hannah who married John Embree. There are many Embree's in Chicago who do not know about the Harlan reunion or that they are even related to the Harlans for that matter. I will tell them about it and who knows, maybe next year you will have even more descendants there. --Brian
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