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Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2003
From: "Kerene Cogan" <kcogan@bristolparkmed.com>
Subject: Cynthia "Cindy" Harlan/ daughter Kenneth Harlan,stepdaughter Robert Harlan

I am the daughter of Kenneth George Harlan and Irene...he has a brother Robert Harlan living in Washington state ...said brother Robert was stepfather/uncle to my half brother Kenneth Jr. ("Skip") and my half sister "Cindy"...I found out indirectly that my Half sister "Cindy" is deceased...since my half brother "Skip" is also deceased would appreciate any info pertaining to reason for "Cindy's" death as I know little about that branch of my family...would appreciate any help...

Thank you, Kerene' Ruth Harlan

Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003
From: "Matthew Wetherholt" <herdfan@neo.rr.com>
Subject: Aaron Keith Harlan

I am looking for an Aaron K. Harlan, who was killed on a motorcycle in 1987 in Lawton-Fort Sill, Oklahoma...I know he was buried back home in Missouri...he was my friend, and I always wondered where he was interred, so I could visit, or at least send flowers or something.

thank you, Matt Wetherholt HerdFan@neo.rr.com

Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003
From: Fred Harlan <gosteelers@prodigy.net>
Subject: Harland Estate

I recently came across an article from the January 1879 issue of the New Castle, Pa Courant newspaper concerning Harlans from that era attempting to obtain the Harland Estate in England. I thought others might be interested in reading it.
Click on the links to retrieve the pages.
entire page view --- http://www.redhurricanes.net/harlan/harlanestate_fullpage.htm
just the article view --- http://www.redhurricanes.net/harlan/harlanestate_large.htm

Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003
From: John Harland <jharland@smartt.com>
Subject: The Founder of the John H Harland Company, Atlanta

The Harlan Record, No. 23, Fall 2003, features an article about the founder of the John H Harland Company of Atlanta. A significant number of Harlan relatives will use checks printed by this firm. A word about his origins and possible connection to the descendants of George and Michael Harlan, may be of interest. John Herdman Harland was born in Bessbrook, County Armagh, Ireland on 22 January 1885. In later days the village became all too well known to units of the British Army, at the time of the "Troubles". During the years of the Cold War, battalions were rotated through Bessbrook, spending three months there as part of their training. They left their wives and children in Germany, arrived in full battle order, had little to do with the local population, and engaged in aggressive patrolling of the nearby "South Armagh Triangle". However effective this was in honing their military skills, I am sure they developed little affection for the area. Fortunately things have settled down over there now, and I imagine that the Army is long gone, and the village returned to the rural tranquility that John H Harland would have been familiar with in his youth.

The article in The Record covers his career in America, but what ,if any, was his relationship to the American Harlans? George and Michael Harlan were born in England, but spent some years in or near Lurgan, County Armagh, prior to coming to the Quaker Colonies in Pennsylvania and Delaware, about 1687. Their elder brother Thomas remained in Lurgan until his death and is buried there. He had four sons, and I think it quite likely that John H Harland was a descendant of one of these. His father (also John Harland) believed that the family had Quaker connections but apparently was uncertain of their exact nature. In turn, John Harland, the great-grandfather of John H Harland was born in 1784, and is buried in South Armagh, but we know nothing of his family origins. There are still Quaker Harlands in Lurgan to this day, who must be descendants of the Thomas Harland who came from Durham. County Armagh is not vast in area, but am guessing that in the 17th-18th Centuries travel between its north and south areas was not easy. However, in 1720, a canal was built from Lurgan to Newry, to connect Lough Neagh with the sea, and this might explain a move by the family from the northern to the southern part of the County. We can only speculate about this.

In summary, I suspect that a Quaker ancestor of John H Harland was 'disowned' by the Society of Friends, and this was something he would have been reluctant to discuss with his children and family. Likewise, his Quaker parents and siblings severed all ties with the cast out relative, who became an unperson, never again to be spoken of. Casting out could occur for what we would today consider quite trivial reasons, but I believe the commonest cause was marriage outside the Faith. As is always the case in Ireland, any genealogical search is complicated by the destruction of parish records during the Irish Civil War in 1922.

John H Harland
Kelowna B C

Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2003
From: "Junior Harlan" <harlanjay@cox.net>
Subject: New E-mail address

I am changing to a new e-mail address. It is harlanjay@cox.net. Please make the necessary changes to the Harlan Family site. It may be in several different places. You also may want to make a note of it in the messages page if you think it necessary.

Thank you.
Junior F. Harlan

Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2003
From: doonboggle <doonboggle@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: Harlan Record 23 Fall 2003

WOW!!!!!!!! Thank you very much. This is the first thing I have received from the group; and it is STUPENDOUS!!!

Can you advise me of some of the family down in the Georgia area email addresses please. From what I read, there are some there; but no email addresses. I would like to contact them regarding the HARLAN/HARLING connections that exist 'just' across the river in Edgefield County, SC.

Thanks again!!!!!!
C Timmerman

Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003
From: EarthLink <mishkid@earthlink.net>
Subject: Revised page of Harlans of Spring Hill

To all who attended our West Virginia Homecoming (1998) at Spring Hill, George 45's home, and who bought a copy of "The Harlans of Spring Hill," the McMurray Family has modified at least one page and may change one or two others. We can send the new inserts to anyone who sends me (address below) a self addressed stamped envelope.

The McMurrays have decided to give all the original Harlan papers from Spring HIll (which were the basis for the book) to Leyburn Library at Washington and Lee Universty, Lexington, VA. The library was renamed for James Graham Leyburn, the previous owner of this Harlan Farm which he gave to the McMurrays. Leyburn was Dean of the University and Professor of Sociology and Anthropology. Therefore it seemed appropriate to call more attention to Dr. Leyburn in the book, not only because he helped save the farm for the family, but because now the family archives will be in the library named for him.

Lexington, VA, is due South of Martinsburg, WV, on I-81. It is about a 2 to 2 1/2 hour drive.

Nancy McMurray
P.O. Box 2447, Martinsburg, WV 25402-2447
304/754-3434 € Fax, 304/754-9652

Check the Reunions page for information about the upcoming 54th Annual Harlans of Texas Family Reunion.

Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003
From: Red Harlan <red_harlan@yahoo.com>

I am curious to find out if I am in this family line. I have very limited knowledge on my family history. My mom and dad seperated shortly after I was born. I do not know my father; however, I do have some information on him. If there is anything I can find out about my ancestory, I would appreciate it. This is not an attempt to re-establish contact with my father. I do not wish to do so.

Name: Joseph Preston Harlan, Jr.
Location at time of seperation (1985): Dallas, TX
Last known location: State Prison, Bonham, TX.
His Father: Joseph Preston Harlan, Sr.
My Brother: Joseph Preston Harlan, III.
After the seperation, he remarried and had a daughter (I do not know her name). She lives near Sherman, TX.

Thank you,

Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2003
From: Marvin Gregory <marvin.gregory@insightbb.com>
Subject: Kentucky Harlans

I am trying to verify that my Great Grandfather,"Isaac B.Harlan" is in fact a descendant of George Harlan...the Quaker from England that is mentioned in the book written by Alpheus Harlan. According to my research, Isaac was born September 30, 1884 and died May 30, 1957. His wife was named Effie J.

This is all I know of my great grandparents and its so sad because I have their picture here in front of me and I know so little about them....you see, their daughter, Nellie Mae(Harlan) Gregory(my sweet Grandma), passed on before I ever became interested in my roots. If there are any cousins of the Kentucky Harlans that would like to exchange emails, I would be very interested.

Thanks so much,
Marvin Gregory
Evansville, IN

Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003
From: Fred Harlan <gosteelers@prodigy.net>
Subject: Harland shipyard

Here is a link to a site that all Harlan (d)s should visit. Harland and Wolfe shipyard in Belfast is closing down shipbuilding operations.

Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003
From: "SUSAN SOUTHWARD" <handmedownsue@msn.com>

I think I already sent in this information, but not that my uncle died this year. My name is Susan (Harlan) Southward. My Father was Herbert Harlan, supposedly born in Montana. His brothers were Leland, William, Steve and David. His sister is Norma. My grand parents were Lillian (Middleton) Harlan and William Harlan. My uncle that died this year was Steve Harlan from Witchta, Kansas. My understanding is my grandfather was remarried, and so may have another son by the name of "Bud". My father's family lived in Montana and North Dakota. I'm not sure how my father met my mother, but we lived in Minnesota. If anyone knows of this family, it seems that my father and his family knew very little about William - my grandfather. I never met him as he died when I was a baby.

Gotta go. Susan

Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2003
From: <imdar1@juno.com> Darlene Cobb

I am researching my great grandfather William HARLAN #4510 wife's line. His second wife was Eliza Ann DAVIS 1838-1908.. She was first m to Robert McCLARON who was killed in the Battle of Bull Run. Her parents were Jacob DAVIS b Pa & Mary RAMSEY b Ohio. Does anyone have info re this family?

-- Darlene Cobb

Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003
From: "Lucy Peterson" <lucyqp@msn.com>
Subject: Lydia Harlan/Aaron Barnes

I am looking for more information on a Lydia who married Aaron Barnes. I believe her to be the daughter of Jonathan Harlan and Jane Hogue. The Harlan book gives Lydia's husband as Aaron Brown, but I believe this to be a mistake. The book also gives Jonathan's death as 1850, but I believe it to be 1843. If anyone has information on these people or would like to exchange information, please email me.

Lucy Peterson

Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003
From: "Martin Devine" <creekblood@hotmail.com>
Subject: Searching for Lou Harlan

Hello, I am searching for my GGGreatGrandmother Lou Harlan. She was possibly born in the Cherokee Nation in Georgia and was of Cherokee lineage. She was married to James Devine and mother to Thomas Devine who appears on the Dawes Rolls taken in Indian Territory. Thomas resided in the Goingsnake District (Adair County) Westville, I.T. (Oklahoma). Thomas was 39 years of age in 1900 at the time of his application to the Dawes Roll. I would greatly appreciate any information on Lou Harlan.


Martin Devine (creekblood@hotmail.com)

Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003

"HARLAN: The Man Behind Lambeau's Rebirth" was the front page story of yesterday's Green Bay Press Gazette. Read the online article and learn about Robert E. Harlan's involvement with the Green Bay Packers.

Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003
From: "maix2" <maix2@comcast.net>

Hi, I'm in search for my Dad. His name was Earl Harlan, and all that my mom told me was that, she met him in 1966, during vietnam war... he was 1st division 266th at Di An, Vietnam. He was about 16-20 during that time. If anyone knows, please help. Thank you!!

Email at: spam0rz@comcast.net


Historical Sites, Who's Who, and Stories pages have been updated recently.

Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2003
From: "Erlene" <erlene@bestclan.net>
Subject: looking for information on Harlan family of Missouri

I have old newspaper article on the Harlan Family of Centertown Missouri. Tring to contect the dot to my family tree.
Maybe you can Help me.

George Alexander Harlan (nned member of family tree) born Feb 28, 1850 Kentucy, died Oct 14, 1929
Married Ellen Baldwin she died Oct 31, 1917
Jennie Harlan born 22 July 1887, died 1945-
Married William G Luce
Maude Harlan - unknown

also married Jessie Penn
William Gilbert Harlan born Oct 23, 1870 died 1943
married Nola Morris
children: Thelma Irene Harlan 1921, Byron Morris Harlan married Lillian Britton childred Glyndon and Dolores, Max Harlan 1907 married Bernice Trindle child Betty , Velma Nadine Harlan, Opal Harlan 1919, CT Harlan
George Bass Harlan
Eldridge G Harlan married Jean Penn
Charles P Harlan
Fannie Harlan born Jan 1, 1882 died July 7, 1913 married Jeff Simmons

Thelma Irene Harlan married Ralph Harris Sept 24, 1938 Tipton The being of the Harris Family Tree. (Current Member of the Harris Family)

From your family tree-----------

** Mary Ann Harlan born May 15, 1851 Glasgow, Kentucky died July 9, 1940 Overland Mo
She married Eugene W Delaplaine & William Green Maxey & George A Stuart
sister of Mary Ann (Minnie) Harlan is Kate, Carrie Harlan
also have a John A Harlan who Married Emily Maxey of Jasper Missouri
also have the name of Byron Barry Harlan - congreesman Ohio, U.S Tax Court,

I have 3 large books over 100 different article of diffrenent member of the family - Cox, Harlan, Truman, Baker, Harris, Maxey and so on.

Anything you can do to help me, would be greatfull

Thank you again, hope you can help me.
Erlene Best (Erlene@Bestclan.net)

From: "janice truitt" <ddredjlt@hotmail.com>
Subject: ivy harlan
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003

i was surfing the net, and happened to find the harlan family by pure accident. i am wondering if you can give me any information about my grandmother, ivy harlan...she was married to a man named hutchinson/hutchison....their daughter, martha was my mother...since i cannot email you with 'outlook express' i hope this gets through to you...thank you for any/all help you can give me...joseph l truitt....ddredjlt@hotmail.com

From: harlanjay@cox.net
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003


I've looked in the History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family and could not find anything on Ray Earl or his wife. Do you have the birth date of Ray Earl? I did find a Ray born in 1910 in Woodstock, Champaign Co. Ohio, with no
further information.

You might also try sending an e-mail to Esther Harlan Wells to see if she has any data, as she is the person updating a data base with new data.

Junior F. Harlan

From: BocaCiega59@cs.com
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003

Hello....I am the mother-in-law of RAY FLOYD HARLAN (1943) who mar. my daughter, CONNIE LOUISE HARTINGER (1944) on 11 April 1964, Dayton, Ohio, Wright-Patterson AFB. Would like to learn more about his parents, RAY EARL HARLAN & OPAL LEE who lived in Madison Co.,Illinois. Some connection to Bond Co., IL, too.

Would appreciate being put in touch with anyone with whom we might be able to share data. Thank you very much in advance.

Rosalie Lucas Hartinger
Gulfport, Florida

Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2003
From: "debra" <desirees@iland.net>
Subject: Harland, Harlan, Hoyland,Horland

I am trying to find information on my great grandmother Estella Grace Harland/Harlan/Hoyland/Horland. I have seen three different spellings of her surname.

The only information I have found is Estella Grace was born in Ohio in May 1881 (IL 1900 census) living with her mother Elizabeth Horland in Peoria, IL. Her marriage registration number lists her surname as Harlan (IL 1899) and the actual marriage registration lists her father as David Harland born in PA, her mother Elizabeth (Roach) Harland born in OH and Estella Harland born in Chillicothe, OH. One of the witnesses was W.A. Harland (a copy of the original registration is the only written document I have). Estella Grace Harland married Charles F. Miller in Pekin, Il.

I am trying to find distant cousins or others related to the same family. The IL 1900 census lists Elizabeth Harland as having 8 children with 6 still living in 1900. My mother remembers her Aunt Maude (Harland) Judy visiting when she was very young. My great grandmother died at a young age and my grandfather was her only child. He was placed in an orphanage when he was 11 years old and never talked about his childhood or mother – the loss was too painful and remained with him.

Any help, suggestions or source information will be greatly appreciated.

From: Marcher02@aol.com
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2003
Subject: Old Harlan homes

I am interested in finding old Harlan homes in the Delaware, Penn., Md. areas. Can you direct me to a website where I could get some information? Iam having my first cousins come to Md. for a weekend and thot it would be interesting to locate them. Hope you can help me. My name is Mary Archer, and I am located in Darlington.Marcher02@aol.com

Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003
From: "Carol A. Mosher" <cmosher@igc.org>
Subject: Inquiry for Documents

Does anyone have a copy of the marriage certificate of 12/15/1793- Abigail Harlan to John Mitchell, in Chester or Wilmington?
Does anyone have a copy of the marriage certificate of 2/15/1810 -Sarah Harlan to Joseph Mitchell, in Chester or close to Chester?
I am descended from Joseph Mitchell & Sarah Harlan, and I am curious whether the John Mitchell who married Abigail was a relative of Joseph Mitchell.

Thanks for looking.
Carol (Mitchell-Bell) Mosher

Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003
From: "Donna Cuzze" <dcvegas@lasvegas.net>
Subject: Sarah, David Jered & John R. HARLEN

I am searching for info on the parent of Sarah, David Jered & Sarah HARLEN. They were orphans of Zachariah HARLEN as story below. Thank you.

In 1824, when Sallie was about 5 yrs old, her father Zachariah HARLEN died enroute from Wilkes Co., GA to Walton Co., GA. She told a grandson that the "whitecaps killed him." Whitecaps were similar to the KKK but their reasons for killing could be political, religious or moral differences. The murder left Sallie's mother widowed at 28 years old. Sallie's mother's maiden name was Juda WILKINS (daughter of Samuel WILKINS). Sallie had two brothers, David Jered and John R. Harlen. The three were now orphans. A $1500 bond was entered between Thomas CARPENTER and John R. WILKINS, in Henry Co., GA. for the guardianship of the HARLEN children. What was Thomas CARPENTER's tie to the WILKINS family? Her mother was remarried to Elias C. MORGAN. On Mar 6, 1838 in Henry County, Elizabeth CARPENTER (probable daughter of Thomas) married William WILKINS (the brother of Juda). Sallie grew up and married James Warren CARPENTER, Sr., the son of Thomas CARPENTER. Many descendants were named Zachariah and Thomas after these first forefathers.


Information reseached by: Pat Morgan Lyons descendant of James Morgan and Dorothy Wilkins lyon@hitter.net

State of Georgia, by His Excellency George M. Troup, Governor....Whereas, I have received official information by the report of the Coroner of the county of Greene, in this state, that PETER A. EARLEY did, on the 17th inst., commit an aggravated murder on the body of ZACHARIAH HARLEN, in said county. And whereas it is represented to me that the said Peter A. Earley has absconded, or conceals himself from justice; I have therefore thought proper to issue this my Proclamation, hereby offering a reward of $250.00....Given under my hand...at the State-house in Milledgeville, this 27th day of December, 1814 (???should read 1824??)...signed George M. Troup. By the governor...signed

E. Hamilton, Secretary of State.

Note...Peter A. Earley is fair complected, light hair and blue eyes, about 5 feet 9 inches high, near 20 years of age.

SOURCE: this was abstracted from the book, Georgia Journal, and I don't know whether the "1814" mistake is from the abstract or the newspaper.

Genealogy / Las Vegas Real Estate

Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2003
From: DJ <djs_039@yahoo.com>
Subject: James Harlan

I have searched and have not been successful. I did get a response that indicates I may be related to James W. Harlan who married Sarah Ann Barker. I have not been able to trace this forward or backward. Any help or directions would be most appreciated.

Thank you,
Diane Harlan Johnson

Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003
From: Eliana <eliana@concentric.net>
Subject: Robert Harlan

Any info on my late Father Robert Dolson Harlan-born Terre Haute,IN 1918 would be appreciated. His siblings were Donald, Martha, and Avinel. His mother was Ruth.

Mike Harlan-Detroit,MI

From: Roland Warren Harlan (RWH723@aol.com)
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2003
Subject: Harlan Record

Hello, I just stumbled upon your site and wanted to know more about the Harlans here in the US. My name is Roland Warren Harlan, age 73 and I live in Mountain Brook, Al and Maitland, Fl. My son, Robert Aaron Harlan lives in Maitland, Fl. also. His son, Alex is just a year old. We want you all to know that we exist and welcome any and all info regarding the family. I was born in Indianapolis, Ind., the son of Rollie Philips Harlan, died 1976 and was son of Benjamin Harlan of Coatesville, Ind. Please contact me. We are all quite interested.

Thanks, R.W. Harlan ( Ron ) the bagpiper.

From: "V. L. Helmer" <vlouise_@hotmail.com>
Subject: Further on Ingrid Buchloh's Search for General Harlan
Date: Mon, 26 May 2003

I would suggest that the General Harlan of the 1841 visit to Germany, may have been Dr. Josiah Harlan of Philadelphia. I have seen him mentioned as “General Harlan of Cochransville, Chester County, Pennsylvania.” Josiah was born in Newlin, Chester County, Pennsylvania in 1799. He had at least one brother (older) name Richard who was also a physician. Josiah led an interesting career/life practicing medicine and I wonder what else, for about 15 years in Punjab and Afghanistan (1827-1839). His life reads like he was on an intelligence mission but that is my opinion. Long story shorter, Josiah worked/served as physician under the Maharaja Ranjit Singh and later he served under Singh’s adversary Dost Mohammed Khan. This is in the time period of the “First Anglo-Afghan” war. Here is where your description of General Harlan’s military dress seems to fit with the life and times of Dr. Josiah Harlan of Cochransville, Chester Co, Pennsylvania. A British doctor (Dr. Kennedy) described the American adventurer:

“There was at this time at Kabul a certain ‘free and enlightened citizen of the greatest and most glorious country in the world’ in the person of a Dr. Harlan…I met him one morning and was surprised to find a wonderful fund of local knowledge and great shrewdness in a tall manly figure with a large head and guant face, dressed in a ligh shining peajacket of green silk, maroon colored small clothes, buff boots, a silver lace girdle fastened with a great silver buckle larger than a soldier’s breast plate, and on his head a white catskin foraging cap with a glittering gold band, precisely the figure that in my youth would have been the pride and joy of a Tyrolean Pandaen pipe band...."

In 1841, the British authorities sent Dr. Harlan back to the United States at the expense of the East India Company. He was back in Philadelphia by 1842 when he published his “A Memoir of India and Avghanistaun.” This was a scathing reveal of the anglo-antagonists vying for the interests of the mid-eastern regions. There are references to Harlan visiting Europe and Britain before he returned to America. This would be about 1841. Harlan married in 1849 and had one daughter Sarah. In the 1850’s Harlan provided quite a lot of information to Congress on the viability of camels being brought to America as a solution to the military transportation problems in the American desert expanse. Ultimately the idea was to establish camels as a means of transportation in settling the lands west of the Mississippi. Jefferson Davis led the push for the “camel experiment” and he focused on this until he was distracted away from it to attend to his ascension as President of the Confederacy.

Dr. Harlan raised a regiment for the Union that was called “Harlan’s Light Cavalry” which was the 11th Cavalry, and he served as colonel in the Army of the Potomac until he retired in 1862 due to poor health. Harlan removed to San Francisco where he practiced medicine until his death in 1871. His widow returned to Pennsylvania and died there in 1884. His daughter Sarah was custodian of his many papers, diaries, memoirs, and collections. In 1929, a fire consumed everything. Some manuscripts had been preserved by donation to the Chester County Historical Society about 1900. Frank E. Ross published (1939) from the surviving manuscript, “Personal Narrative of General Josiah Harlan (1823-1841).”

I do not know more on the family and ancestry of Josiah Harlan, but it may not be that difficult to trace given the colorful and provocative life he led. I do believe there was far more to Dr. Harlan’s reasons for his participation in the mid-east than practicing medicine. I hope that this helps you. From your description, I think that Dr. Josiah Harlan of Chester County, Pennsylvania could very likely be the General Harlan who visited your family in ca 1840 Germany.

Best regards,

From: Sunreport@aol.com
Date: Sat, 24 May 2003
Subject: Professor Sydney Harland

What a wonderfully ambitious and complete Web site! I learned about it through my cousin June Truesdale in New York City. We are both the grandchildren of the late Sydney Harland, who is mentioned in your Web site.

In 2000 I edited my grandfather's autobiography and placed it on the Internet through Boson Books. It contains a lot of Harland family history, especially in the early chapters. It's a free book with many photographs, and if you like, you are welcome to set up a link through your Web site. The web address is: www.bosonbooks.com/boson/freebies/harland/harland.pdf

The only constructive comment I'd offer about your Web site is that on the "Who's Who" page, the spelling needs to be corrected for some of the names. For example, it should be Erasmus Harland and Aurelius Harland, not Harlan. But the Web site is fascinating, and now that I've discovered it I will spend a lot of time reading it and hope to attend a Harlan reunion someday.

Max Millard
San Francisco, CA
(son of Margaret Harland Millard)

From: WileE13@aol.com
Date: Thu, 22 May 2003
Subject: Harlan Baird

Harlan BAIRD , son of John BAIRD & Nancy RHODES. Harlan was born on 22 April 1823 in Mason County , KY. His grandmother was a HARLAN , so she named her grandson Harlan BAIRD. Grandmother HARLAN comes from the same family that Chief Justice HARLAN of the US Supreme Court is from.

The John BAIRD family migrated from eastern Kentucky > Indiana > Iowa & then onto Nebraska.
Harlan BAIRD & his family are found on the 1880 Omadi , Dakato County , NE census : Harlan (age 56 , b. in KY) ; Melissa (age 46 , b. in OH) ; Thomas B. (age 23 , b. Iowa) ; Henry C. (age 25 , b. Iowa) ; Eliza (age 22 , b. NE) ; Emma (age 20 , b. NE) ; Frank WRIGHT (other) (age 24 , b. MO).

I would like to hear from anyone who descends from this BAIRD , RHODES & HARLAN family group or anyone that has further information on them. As I think they are related to my BAIRD & RHODES lines that also come from eastern Kentucky.

My family line is as listed below :
William BAIRD ( b. 18 Oct 1797 in KY ) . Enlisted for the War of 1812 in Mason County , KY. Parents unknown. William married Ann Ary RHODES (b. 26 Sept 1797 in Bourbon County ,KY) on 3 Dec 1818 in Nicholas County , KY.
Ann Ary's parents were Beacham RHODES & Margaret McCARTNEY .
Beacham & Margaret first lived in Maryland , where 3 of their 8 children were born. They removed to eastern KY , residing in Mason , Bourbon , Fleming , Nicholas & Hart Counties. ( Their issue : Elizabeth , Silas , Samuel , Rachael , Ann Ary , Mickel { female } , Phebe , Harlan , & Enos . )
William BAIRD & Ann Ary RHODES removed to Grayson County , KY, where William is listed on the 1820 census , as well as a John BAIRD & his family. Around 1828 , the family picked up stakes & removed to Boone County , IN. After a few years , they moved on to Clinton County , IN , where both William & Ann died & are buried. William & Ann's issue are : John , Machael { female), William Wallace, Rebecca , James Alexander { known as A.B. } , & Mary .

Brothers John & William Wallace BAIRD removed to Iowa around 1843 , where John is listed as a founding father of Des Moines , Iowa. Later , John moved his family to western Iowa near the town of Harlan .

I believe that the above mentioned Harlan BAIRD , at the beginning of this posting , is a nephew of my William BAIRD . And Harlan's mother , Nancy RHODES , is related to Beacham RHODES. The name of Harlan runs in my BAIRD family , too.

I will gladly share all information that I have on both BAIRD families. Contact : Brenda Baird Magee at WileE13@aol.com

Thanks , Pam. Brenda

From: MANEAL13@aol.com
Subject: Harlan Diary (recently added to the Documents page)

My great-great-great grandfather, Jacob Harlan, was a young man when the Civil War began. Never the less, he took up arms to defend his country and, much to our delight, recorded almost daily his sights, sounds and smells of that infameous war. This diary is the Civil War, seen through the eyes of a young Indiana farm boy who had never been away from home. It is not only a wonderful historical document, it is interesting, sorrowful, and hysterical at times.

By way of history, Jacob Harlan was born January 4, 1845 in Rush Co., Indiana, the son of Nathan Harlan (#5909) born July 8, 1824, died April 5, 1884, and Nathan's wife, Sarah Rader, daughter of John Rader and Catherine Kifer, who was born March 6, 1824. Jacob married Sarah Ann Farlow on February 22, 1866 in Rush Co. Their daughter, Armilda was born November 16, 1866. Armilda married Philip Hamilton Reagan April 8, 1883 in Boone Co., Indiana, and their oldest child was Verdie Mae Reagan who married Edwin Bertin Hutchinson in September 26, 1900. Verdie and Bert's oldest child was Flossie Evelyn Hutchinson of Thorntown, Indiana who was born March 7, 1902. Flossie married Samuel Murrell Oyler on March 6, 1925, and their first child was my mother, Betty Louise Oyler Neal. While I am several generations from being a full blooded Harlan, I am proud to count them as part of my pedigree.

Jacob's final resting place is Lebanon, Boone Co., Indiana.

I hope you find this diary as interesting as I did.
--- Mary Ann Neal Bumgarner

KATHLEEN HARLAN DEAN passed away May 7, 2003. She was born on September 15, 1910, in Huntington, WV. Her husband was Lyell Fitch Dean (b. 6/11/1910, d. 6/13/1978). Her father was Clyde Thomas Harlan, b. 5/12/1881, in Lawrence County, OH; d. 1/28/1970, in Huntington, WV. Her mother was Grace Newman, b. 9/20/1883, in Wayne County, WV, and d. 5/9/1965 in Huntington. Her children are Anita Anne Dean and Nancy Kay Dean.

Date: Thu, 8 May 2003
From: "Barbara Whitehouse" <barbaraw@dsl.pipex.com>
Subject: Rowena Harlan

I am tying to locate any relatives of a recently deceased HARLAN friend, Rowena MacKenzie.

Her grandparents were Judge A G HARLAN and Matilda KELLEY. Judge A G HARLAN had a journalist sister called Anna S HARLAN who never married. Matilda KELLEY had a sister called Louise.

Her mother was Rowena HARLAN. Rowena was born in 1888 the eldest of three children Her sisters were Louise (nickname Toodles) and Alberta (nickname Sweetheart) they were born in the mid 1890s. Louise married George ARNOLD they lived in Chicago. Alberta married William KENSIT they lived in Edmonton, Canada.

If anyone knows of this family please contact me.

Barbara Whitehouse

Winchester, England.

Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2003
From: John Harland <jharland@smartt.com>
Subject: General Harlan

Further to Ingrid Buchloh's post of Apr 17 and 20:

"Eduard Harlan (born 1825 / his father Gottlieb Ephraim 1791 - 1825) wrote in his memoires (in German) -Translation:"While I visited Culm, about spring 1841, the chief post official came to my father reportingthat a traveler had just arrived, who called himself "General Harlan" from the United States ofAmerica. "

Culm/Kulm was in West Prussia, territory which became Polish after 1945. I believe the Polish spelling is Chelmno.

Anyway, this is a fascinating story, and confirms the existence of German Harlans in America in the early part of the 19th C ....well prior to Christoph's arrival. It is clear that the chap in question is not Colonel (later Brigadier General Edward Harland) since he was not born until 1832. (See below asterisks). So who was General Harlan, and what was the nature of his diplomatic mission to St Petersburg in 1840? There must be a record of it somewhere in Government records.

In Germany as in America, both spellings of the family name ...Harland and Harlan, are found, but in Germany they occur in about equal numbers.

John Harland
Kelowna B C

Harland, Edward, Colonel, USA
1832 -1915, Connecticut
Before Antietam:
Pre-War Profession: Lawyer. In May 1861 he was commissioned Capt.in the 3rd Connecticut Regiment and fought at First Manassas. InOctober 1861 he was appointed Colonel of the 8th Connecticut, and wason Burnside's North Carolina expedition.
In Antietam campaign: He commanded the 2nd Brigade in the Third Division/Ninth (IX) Corps
After Antietam: He contiued in command of the Brigade at Fredericksburg, and in November 1862 was appointed BGen. of Volunteers, commandingdistricts in North Carolina. After the War: He continued his law practice, and was later a politician, judge, and bank president.

John H Harland
Kelowna B C

Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003
From: "EVA" <koester@brazosnet.com>
Subject: Jefferson Ritter (J R) Harlan

Seeking info on Jefferson R. Harlan b. 1847 KY. Enlisted as a Private on 01 December 1862
Enlisted in Company H, 123rd Infantry Regiment Illinois on 14 November 1863
Illinois: Roster of Officers and Enlisted Men. (ILRoster) Published in 1900
Name of Regiment Date of Organization Muster Date Regiment Type
123rd Infantry Regiment Illinois 06 September 1862 27 June 1865 Infantry
This regiment was organized at Mattoon, Cos. A, C, D, H, I and K being from Coles county, B from Cumberland, E from Clark, F and G from Clark and Crawford. This led me to Coles Co., where he is listed: Harlan, Jefferson R.
Tomp'sville, Ky
Dec. 1, 1862
Nov. 14, 1863
Transferred to 61st Ill. Inf.

He is found with the following family in Monroe Co. in 1860

145 1015 1026 Harland...... G B...... 40 M Chair.Maker....200 KY 001
145 1026 Harland...... Eliza......... 35 F ........................... KY 000
145 1026 Harland...... M C........... 17 F ........................... KY 010
145 1026 Harland...... L H........... 19 M ........................... KY 000
145 1026 Harland...... P H........... 15 M ........................... KY 010
145 1026 Harland...... J R........... 14 M ........................... KY 010
145 1026 Harland...... S W........... 11 M ........................... KY 010
145 1026 Harland...... S F........... 9 M ........................... KY 010
145 1026 Harland...... G E........... 4 F ........................... KY 000

Is anyone familiar with this family, or can tell me what these initials stand for?

Thanks for any help!
Tresda Neff & Eva Koester - any replies to koester@brazosnet.com

From: Ingrid Buchloh
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2003
Subject: 2nd message about General

Eduard Harlan (born 1825 / his father Gottlieb Ephraim 1791 - 1825) wrote in his memories (in German) -Translation:
"While I visited Culm, about spring 1841, the chief post official came to my father reporting that a traveler had just arrived, who called himself "General Harlan" from the United States of America. He had about a quarter of an hour time before catching the next coach. The name Harlan did not occur so he (the postmaster) wondered if this might be an unknown relative. My father hastened to the nearby post office and presented himself to the stranger as a possible relative. The general was of most imposing appearance and reported that he was on his way to the court at St. Petersburg on a diplomatic mission. The conversation was held in French. Then he would return to Washington again. He had learned of his parents, however, that there were Harlans in Germany and he was happy to have met another member of the family. He promised to give further information about his family in a letter. Subsequently a letter arrived from Riga telling us, that his family lived in Chester Country (Pennsylvania) 30 Engl. miles west of Philadelphia and belonged to the 'Society of Friends' (Quakers); furthermore that there were
Harlans in Philadelphia who were of German origin.
Subsequently my father answered and gave a report on our family. However, we did not get any more information from the general later on.
The general was a tall brown haired gentleman with a long black beard, about 40 years of age, the 9th child of his parents, the family comprising 7 sons and 4 daughters.
For my father the encounter and the exchange of letters were of high interest and he liked to mention it on many occasions. "

My Questions:
Who was this General Harlan from America, born about 1800 ? What was his Christian name?

Date: April 17, 2003
From: ingrid.buchloh@t-online.de

I belong to the German family of Christoph and Pan Harlan. I live in Duisburg on the Rhine. I was born in 1942, and I'm teacher of history and French.

A book that Eduard Harlan wrote in the 19th century has 200 sides and it is in German.

Eduard is the brother of my great-great-grand-mother, Auguste Harlan, who lived in Eastern Prussia. She and my grandmother pronounced the name in the French way, while Eduard pronounced it in the German way; so did his daughter, Alice who gave me the book of her father in 1975.

Could you please try to find out, who was the famous general (Harland or Harlan) who appeared in Eastern Prussia in 1841? He was born about 1800 or in the end of the 18th century. I think that there were not so many generals in the family.

Ingrid Buchloh

Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003
From: "The Rhoades" <cr.rhoades@comcast.net>
Subject: Revolutionary War records


In response to your request for the Revolutionary War records of Joshua Harlan I was not able to obtain a lot of detailed information. Joshua is #63 in the History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family, but the book does not give any military information on Joshua.

I contacted the DAR Patriot Lookup to ask for information about him. The information I received only says that his rank was that of a Private and his service was in Pennsylvania. He nor any of his immediate family received a pension as a result of his service.

The Lookup service gives the address of: Registrar General NSDAR, Record Copy Dept., 1776 D Street NW, Washington, DC 20006-5303. You can mail a check for $10.00 payable to Treasurer General NSDAR along with the patriot's information and they will send you a copy of the DAR application with the information they received.

Other than doing the research yourself that is the only suggestion I have. Pennsylvania might have more detailed records.

Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

From: Mltharlan@aol.com
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2003
Subject: Harlan family

Ingrid, your email was very interesting. There is a very good Harlan geneology book written published in 1914 that lists the descendents of the two Harlan brothers who came to the US in 1687. But without names to work from, I don't think there is much I can do for you. I will forward your email on to see if anyone has any ideas. Maybe a notice on our webpage. tom harlan

Dear Tom and Marylee,

I am a member of the Harlan family. My name is Ingrid Buchloh. I'm very interested in family history. I'm myself historian. But my english is no more good. So I beg you pardon for the faults. I belong to the german Harlan family of Christoph Harlan who lives in the United States. An ancestor of mine wrote in the 19th century a family history with much details on our family. It is a very interesting book. Here he mentions a general Harlan who met his father in 1841 in eastern Prussia on his way to St. Petersbourg. He was ambassador in a secret mission. His age was about 40 years. He told my ancestor, that there is a relationship with the german Harlans. His ancestors emigrated to South America first and went later to Pensylvania and belonged to the Quakers. He was the nineteenth child of his family who had seven sons and 4 daughters. He lived in Chester County, 30 miles of Pensylvania. Do you have an idea who could be this general? I woud be very glad to have an answer. Thank you very mouch.

Ingrid Buchloh

I'm very impressed by the results of the family researches of the amercan Harlan family!

Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003
From: "Jo R. Frederiksen" <jrfcjg@ix.netcom.com>
Subject: John Paxon Harlan

I am researching my family history and am looking for information on John Paxon Harlan (02/09/1866-10/07/1951) His father was George W. Harlan (yes a very common name amongst Harlan’s) he was born in 1825 Abt. In Pennsylvania, lived in Iowa and was a Justice of the Peace in Leadville, Colorado in the 1880’s. John had brothers Elwood B. (possibly # 8506) and Walter S.

John Paxon married Emma W. (possibly Washington) Stiles and They had three children Stila Myrtle (my grandmother b. 1909-2002) George W. (1907-1987) and Eda Beale (1911-1927). I believe that George W. was married to Emma Brown.

I believed when I started this adventure that the Harlan side would be the easiest to trace, however, it has been the most difficult because of the given name repetition through the branches and generations. Any help would be great and thank you.

Jo R. Frederiksen
14 Heather Wisp Ct.
The Woodlands, TX 77381
(936) 321-8854

Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2003
From: "Terry & Jenny Lewis" <tmlewis@pldi.net>
Subject: Re: Harlan Record, Spring 2003, part 1 of 2

Another link to the LEWIS & CLARK EX. will be my family. I have married a Lewis descendant. We have a winery and have used Merriweather Lewis crest for our label. I am a Harlan descendent. If you are interested please check our web-site. www.indiancreekvillage.com .

Thank you, Jenny Lewis

Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2003
From: "Terry Barton" <barton@globalslp.com>
Subject: RE: Harlan Record, Spring 2003, part 2 of 2

My name is Terry Barton. Mary Jane Harlan (#6129 on page 550 of the 1998 edition) is my great-grandmother. Other ancestors are Alpheus (#2390), Joseph (#711), Aaron (#194), Aaron (#41), Aaron (#8), George (#3)

Mary Jane Harlan and her husband, Joseph James Barton built the Barton House which is the centerpiece of the National Ranching Heritage Center in Lubbock TX. More at


I am President of Barton Historical Society and coordinator of the Barton DNA Projects. We have now had over one hundred Barton men participate in DNA studies through Brigham Young University and Relative Genetics. Although we need to do another major update to our websites to reflect some recent learning, the info is basically accurate and up-to-date, just a little hard to decipher. You can read about our work at


We are currently waiting on a major report from Relative Genetics which will tie all our work together. As the Barton clan is descended from a number of different original ancestors, the needs and impact for us is different for us than it might be for the Harlan family. (although answering questions about Harlans not in the Book could be useful) We have found it very useful for our name-family and have solved some issues, questioned some long held presumptions, and found that DNA wouldn't give us all of the answers we wanted.

I would be glad to share my insight with anyone interested in developing a DNA Project for their family (Harlan or otherwise).

Terry Barton

Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003
From: "Keller" <keller123@earthlink.net>
Subject: Charles Harlan Duncan

I'm grasping at straws here, but perhaps I'll get lucky. I'm looking for Charles Harlan Duncan. He lived in Upland, Ca. in the 1960's. Served with the SeaBees in VietNam in the 60's. Had a brother and sister. I have some photos of him in VietNam that he sent to me way back then. I would like to give these photos to his children or grandchildren because this is part of their family history. If anyone knows Chuck, you can reach me at terrypurswell@hotmail.com <mailto:terrypurswell@hotmail.com> .

Thank you.

Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003
From: "The Rhoades" <cr.rhoades@comcast.net>
Subject: Reply to DAR membership query

After checking the History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family I read about George #3, Aaron #194, James #708 and your grandmother, Rebecca, #2379. Aaron #194 would have to be your Revolutionary War ancestor and I didn't see anything in the book that indicates he would have participated in any way in the war unless he provided food or a similar action.

I am a member of DAR but I have not used my Harlan ancestor to join the organization. Since most of the earlier Harlans were Quakers they did not believe in fighting. Although in reading about Aaron he lists a slave in his will so he may have left the Quaker Church. His information does not include what church he belonged to.

I can possibly assist you when you begin to document your line. If you have a close relative that is a member you could possibly join using the short form since you would share the same ancestors. But you still have to have the documentation to prove your direct line. The easiest way to begin is to start with your own birth certificate and if you are married you need your marriage license as well as your husband's birth certificate. Then you move back to your parents generation and document their birth, marriage and deaths and so forth with each preceding generation until you get back to your Revolutionary ancestor.

If I can be of any more help feel free to contact me.

Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

From: NancykDing@aol.com
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003
Subject: Joshua Harlan

I would like information on the revolutionary war records of Joshua HARLAN b. Apr. 17, 1726 - d. Nov 9, 1804. He was married to Abigail Green.
Their children were: Mary, Abigail, Joshua, Deborah, Elizabeth, Sarah, Caleb, Harmon, Aaron.


Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003
From: "Norman & Rosemary Noel" <nrnoel@centurytel.net>
Subject: Harlan genealogy

I am a very distant cousin of yours in Missouri from George #3 and Aaron #194.

A great (3 times) grandmother of mine was Rebecca Jane Harlan, b. 1828 in SC, daughter of James Harlan, son of Aaron #194. Rebecca married David Allen Bryant and moved from NC to Tallapoosa Co., AL.

When time allows we have numerous Downie, Ryan, and Bryant cousins to add to your cousins list.

My question to you:

Can you help me find DAR members from the George #3 line, so that I do not have to reinvent the wheel in order to join that organization?

I am grateful for any assistance that you can send my way.

Rosemary Downie Noel
Bronaugh, MO (100 mi S of KC)

From: MANEAL13@aol.com
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003
Subject: Harlan Reunions

Any plans for a reunion this year? I'm interested in touring the Harlan Stargazer farm.

--Mary Ann

Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2003
From: Jane Ann Harlan <janeah@earthlink.net>

The Marshall Main Street 6th Annual Dinner is on April 22, 2003. Topic for the evening will be "Looking for Lincoln in downtown Marshall" The guest speaker will be Bryon Andreasen, Research Historian with the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency.

Harlan cousins should be interested in anything about the early history of Marshall, Illinois. The founder of Marshall was William Archer, son-in-law of George Harlan (672) from Warren County, Ohio. (See newsletter from the fall of 2001.) William Archer's family came from Warren County, Ohio, where he married Elizabeth Harlan and brought her to Illinois. Mr. Archer became a leader in the Illinois Republican party and nominated Abraham Lincoln for Vice-President in 1856 at the Republican National Convention. Some of Elizabeth's brothers came to Marshall as well and are known to have been close friends of Abraham Lincoln. Marshall, Illinois, is also the home of Harlan Hall, featured in the historic site section. Read all about the Harlan Lincoln connection in Illinois in the spring newsletter which should be coming out shortly.

In short, they can't tell the story of Abraham Lincoln in Clark County without talking about Harlans and Harlan relatives.

Tickets to this event are $20 and according to a flier include a an evening of great food, a guest speaker, awards, and a look at downtown Marshall accomplishments in 2002. Contact the Main Street office at (217) 826-9023 RSVP no later than Thursday, April 17, 2003.

From: harlanjay@cox.net
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2003
Subject: James Bryson Harland

Dear Becky:

In Alpheus Harlan's book, page 92, I found the following information.

James Bright (engineer), b. 6,26,1837, Phillips Co., Ark.; m. 8,16,1856, Mariana Metcalf, b. Pulaski Co., Ill.,; d. 9,22,1859, in Phillips Co.; bur. there. He m. (2) 7,3,1864, Lucy N. Coonrod, a dau. of Henry. He resided, 1890, in Mound City, Ill. One of his children was Thomas Henry, b. 10,25,1868; d. 6,26,1874.

I hope this is the lead your looking for.

Junior F. Harlan
Site Coordinator

From: harlanjay@cox.net
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2003
Subject: Margaret Farlow

Dear Suzanne:

In Alpheus Harlan's book of the History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family in America I did find information on the marriage as follows: m. at "Old" Kennet Meeting, by ceremony of Friends, 12,14,1721, Margaret Farlow ("spinster)", b. Ireland, 9,1,1703; parents unknown; residing at time of marriage in Kennet Twp.

The last person I found in the book was Mary McMinn #459. b. 8,7,1769; m. --Murphy and Louis Wilson. In May, 1830, she resided in Cumberland Co., MD. There is no further record.

I hope this will be of some help.

Junior F. Harlan
Site Coordinator

Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003
From: Becky Nufer <becky@nmpcs.com>
Subject: James Bryson Harland

I'm trying to find out if my Harland family can be traced to the Harlands in the book, "History and Genealogy of the Harland Family". My GGG Was James Bryson Harland and at one time lived in Mound City, Ill. He was married to Nonnie(?) and they had 6 children. They were Thomas Henry, wife, Bertha
Morehead; this is my line. Ed, wife Eva. Byrd, married name Peasley. May, married name Allen. Fred, wife Emma. And Em. James is buried at DeValls Bluff, AR. Thomas and Bertha had 3 daughters, Bess, married to Edward Drews. Eva, married to Gray then Pyers. And my grandmother, Hazel married to
Jip Smith. Hazel and Jip had one son Harland Smith and two daughters, Merriam, married to Bradford Eckel, and My mother Janice, married to John Kent Nufer. I cannot seem to find any information to connect these Harlands to those in the book.

Can anyone help? Thank you, Becky Nufer

Date: 3/18/2003
From: Joe Hannon
Subj: Harlan Cousins

I would like to contact the following cousins which appear on the Harlan Cousins List:

David E. Harlan, AZ
Karen Haskett, ??
Margaret Wilson, AZ

Thanks, Joe jhannon@lanset.com

Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2003
From: "benjamin batchelor" <suzannebatchelor@msn.com>
Subject: william Harlan

I am also related to William Harlan, the son of Ezekiel Harlan and Mary Beezer, but through another marriage to Margeret Farlow. Do you have any information about this marriage? I believe they had a daughter Sarah Harlan who married Robert McMinn. They had a daughter, Mary Mcminn, who married Caleb Godwin and then a Robert Sterling after Caleb Godwin died. Caleb Godwin and Mary McMinn had Robert Godwin who had William Sieglar Godwin who had Samuel Houston Godwin who had Dennis A Godwin who had Madeline Virginia Godwin who is my mother.

Thanks for any information. Suzanne

Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003
From: crystal lloyd <crissy2002tx@yahoo.com>

I am from Kosse, Texas. My grandmother is Josephine Harlan. My great grandfather was George Harlan and my great great grandfather was Charles Harlan. If someone could give me some information on my ancestors it would be greatly appreicated. I am doing a genealogy report for my history class for extra credit. If anyone has any information please send it to crissy2002tx@yahoo.com

From: G3dharlan@aol.com
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003
Subject: Harlans in Virginia

I am trying to find information on my husbands ancestors. His father, John William Harlan, Jr. is 81 and an only child. His parents were John Wm. Archer Harlan and Ann Vaiden of Petersburg. He thinks his grandparents names were George Harlan and Parthenia Winston or Shell.They all lived in the Petersburg, Dinwiddie, Ettrick area of central Virginia.

Date: Sun, 09 Feb 2003
From: Jan Newsom <newsomj@earthlink.net>
Subject: Ruth Harlan Steen

I have recently located the death certificate of my gg grandfather, Samuel P. Steen, 1822-1912. His parents are listed as James Steen and Ruth Harlan. Does anyone have any additional information on this couple whom I believe were married about 1813 in Chester County, PA.? (Additional sources that may refer to this union are "History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family" by Alpheus Harlan, p. 141, copyright 1914 and book 11 of "The Steen Family in Europe and America" by Rev. Moses D. A. Steen, copyright 1900.) Please contact me at newsomj@earthlink.net.

Jan Steen Newsom

Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2003
From: Patrica Doll
Subject: Searching for Melissa Hillery Schwinn

Melissa Hillery Schwinn is the great-great granddaughter of Calvin Harlan. She posted a picture of the birthday party guests at Calvin Harlan's birthday dinner in 1912. Calvin Harlan is my grandfather's younger brother. I would like to contact Ms. Schwinn to compare family notes. We lost contact with Calvin's descendants when Harval died in Redlands CA. Please contact me at derock@olypen.com.

--Patricia Doll

Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003
From: Phillip D. Crow

If appropriate, list my name as a "possible' descendent of Elizabeth Harlan (#201) that married William Crow. I cannot prove she is my ancestor, but would like to communicate with anyone working on this line, and the line of Sarah Harlan (#704) that married Charles Crow Jr., William Crow's "possible" brother.

I am also related to the Harlan and Dunagan families through my Hollingsworth line.

Phillip D. Crow (Crow}[e] DNA Y-Chromosome Study Group Administrator)
310 Villanova Ave
Ventura CA 93003-2145

From: Larry Harlan
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003
Subject: RE:Attention Omara Blattenberger (in Messages Page)

I noticed your message dated Jan 19th in the message page of this site.

We Harlans are very proud of our book, The History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family offered in this website.

There is a William Blattenburger who was married to Rebecca Blackburn, #602 of Bedford Co., Pa, b. there 1773, d. there 1813 in Friends Burying Ground at Spring Hope, married to Rebecca Jones.

William and Rebecca had ten children who are all listed on pages 211-212; the eldest being Margaret, # 2090 whose includes the Rebecca and William Blattenburger that might be in your line.

William, # 602 , his father was Thomas # 159 whose mother was Rebecca Harlan, #35 whose father was Moses Harlan, # 7, b. 12,20,1683 and M. to Margaret Ray. Moses' mother was, as you mentioned, Elizabeth Duck, m. to George Harlan, # 3.

So-it's all in the Harlan Book. The book is hardbound and consists of 1056 pages.

Hopefully, some of this is "new news" for you.
-- Larry Harlan

Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2003
From: Omara Blattenberger
Subject: Elizabeth Duck's ancestry

Dear Cousins:

With the explosion of the Internet, there's a great deal more genealogical information available right at our fingertips, without ever having to leave the comfort of our home. We can trace our family and find generation after generation of our ancestors, simply by clicking a mouse button. It took me years and years, finding my Harlan connections, by spending weeks in the public library, and at the genealogical library in Salt Lake. But all I had ever researched was up to George and Elizabeth. Then a few years ago, I found Elizabeth's parents, Hannah Hoope, and Ezekial Duck. That was exciting! But nothing can top the day, last November, (actually my niece's 6th birthday.. that took Hannah's ancestry and led it back to the Royal houses of England and Europe. Oh yeah! The mother-load of information! What many people always dream of. Oh, come on...I know we all want to know we are descended from Kings and Queens! BUT, are we....really?

So this is my question. It would be all too easy to believe the genealogies online, that someone else has put some work into...but has anyone put any work into checking these lines out? I mean, hunting down the connections generation to generation? There is a lot of information available online, yes...but is it accurate? If these claims and the ancestry is correct, then all Harlan descendants of George and Elizabeth, are also descendants of a humongous pile of European Royalty and Nobility, including such famous names as William the Conqueror, Alfred the Great, Charlemagne, Eleanor of Aquitaine...just to name a few. So have any of my Harlan cousins, made these connections, and checked them out? I'd appreciate any input and feedback on what anyone has found.

Omara Blattenberger
Akron, Ohio

(Omara Blattenberger - 12, Donald Blattenberger - 11, Jackson Blattenberger - 10, Nellie Griffith - 9, Charlotte Border - 8, George Border - 7, Lydia Blackburn - 6, John Blackburn - 5, Thomas Blackburn - 4, Rebecca Harlan - 3, Moses Harlan - 2, George Harlan-d -1)

Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2003
From: Marjory Harlan Sgroi ASHDRYE@aol.com
Subject: Harlan Tour

Attention Harlans Interested in the Family Tour to England. We are in the final days of making our travel commitments for the spring trip to England. All the details may be found at www.ashtondrye.com under international tours. We could use a few more family members so if you have been sitting on the fence, undecided about meeting the rest of us, come on - join in. We'd love to meet you and have you along to visit the historic Harlan sites. If you have an interest, please call me on 1-800-785-7785 or send me an e-mail at ashdrye@aol.com.

Marjory Harlan Sgroi

Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2003
From: DJ <djs_039@yahoo.com>
Subject: Charles Harlan

This is an update. I have since found out that my grandfather belongs to a part of the Harlans that at one time had family reunions in West Virginia. The line was dying out because almost all children born were girls. His father was John and his mother was possibly Marcy Jane.

Thank you for any and all help.
Diane Harlan Johnson

Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2003
From: DJ djs_039@yahoo.com
Subject: Charles Harlan

I am looking for anybody that can tell me about my grandfather Charles Harlan. I believe he may have been considered "the black sheep" of the family. He was born on April 4, 1912. He died in August, 1981 in Tennessee. I was 19 at the time. I spent several days at the hospital with family members I had never seen before nor since.

I would appreciate any information. Thank you.

Diane Harlan Johnson

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