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July - December 2001
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Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2001
From: Kathy Crawford KatyaC@aol.com
Subject: Lucetta Harlan inquiry

My great grandfather, Wharton Joseph Kinsey (alt. sp Kinsie), married Lucetta (Cetta) C. Harlan in 1868 in Denver, Colorado. Her birthplace is listed in the 1870 census as Pennsylvania, possibly in Tamaqua. The "C." in her name possibly stands for Cake, as there are some references to that name as well. Might you or anyone else be able to shed some light on her?

Thank you, Kathy Crawford

Date: 12/18/2001
From: Larry Harlan
Subject: The Lincoln Family Tree

I know that you cousins will be interested in seeing the following site showing the Lincoln Family Tree that includes Mary Harlan of Mt. Pleasant, wife of Robert Todd Lincoln. Larry Harlan Click here: http://www.hildene.org/LincolnFamilyTreeLg.jpg

Date: 12/18/2001
From: Erasmus Harland
Subject: Sir Edward Harland of Yorkshire

On 4th December, a plaque to honour Sir Edward Harland in Scarborough, Yorkshire, was unveiled by Sir Reginald Harland CBE. Family members and officials from Scarborough civic society watched the ceremony which was at the house which Dr William Harland and his family lived in the 1840's. Sir Edward Harland founded Harland & Wolff shipbuilders of Belfast - the constructors of the Titanic.

Subject: Re: Dale Harlan - Ninety-Plus Club

Dale Harlan passed away last Wednesday, December 12th, at his home in Benson, AZ. He was 101 last April 6th. He was born April 6, 1900, London Mills, Illinois. London Mills is near Farmington and the Spoon River area. He was the oldest son of Custer (#9772) and Lulu McEvae (or McElrea). Dale had three brothers: Bernard, my father, Richard and Robert, and one sister named Dorothy, all of whom have passed. Dale has a son Ladd, who lives in Benson, AZ. I have attempted to trace Custer's genealogy from the History and Genealogy book and have come up with: Custer #9772; Andrew Jackson #4890; David #1758; Jonathan #447; Enoch #117; William #22; Ezekile #5; George4 #3; James #2 and William #1.

--Sincerely, Doug Harlan

Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001
From: RAFULK@aol.com

I don't know if my step-father, Robert D. Harlan was a member of your family tree, but I thought I might make mention that he passed away on November 10, 2001 in Port Jervis, NY. He was born in Vermont, Illinois on 7/22/1922. He now has one living sister, Annabelle, who still lives in Illinois. He had 3 sons, Robert, Peter and Alphonse who live in the state of Georgia. Thought I'd just pass on this information in case anyone is related.

--Thank you, Robyn Fulk

Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001
From: Ellie qurap@adelphia.net

I have a ggguncle, George P Backus, who married a Mary Harlan. They lived in Fowler, St. Lawrence County, NY. All that we know about her is that she was born in England. They married in the early 1800's and both are buried in the Gulf Cemetary. Can you direct me to someone who might have information on them other than Phil Backus. He and I are in contact already.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you might give me. Ellie Flint

From: Terry analogkidd@msn.com
Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2001

I am looking for lineage for John M Harlan was married to sister Lucinda & Julia Ann Tucker would sure like to know the parents of John M.?

---Thanks Terry

Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2001
From: D.W. Hoot Harlan hootharlan@hotmail.com
Subject: Desendents of George Washington Harlan, 1839-1916

Howdy, Howdy, My name is Dennis Wade Harlan, born 2/4/44, Tonasket, Wn. According to private research and a family Bible, my great grandfather was George Washington Harlan, page 277 in the Harlan Geneology (I have misplaced my copy). From my information, George married Mary S. Payne on July 28, 1881 and the following children were born to them:

Hattie B, 4/28/1882
India May, 6/6/1885
George J, 10/5/1888 (my grandfather)
Isaiah R, 5/10/1891
Dan R, 5/10/1891
Cristal L, 9/17/1895

George & Mary Harlan, settled in the Wauconda, Wn. area and he is buried in a Harlan-Gugat Family Plot there (1839-1916) is on his headstone. My father, Wade D. Harlan was born in Dewey, OK, on 7-25-13 and was raised in Cortez, CO. I am specifically interested in my grandfather, George J. Harlan or any other information on the family.

Sincerely, Dennis Wade "Hoot" Harlan, Antonito, Colorado

Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2001

From: Charles Harlan ceharlan@hotmail.com

Subject: Harlan family in Zanesville, Ohio

Hello, My name is Charles Harlan, son of James Edward Harlan. My Father and Mother bitterly divorced when I was about 3 years old and I only saw him a few times in my life. He was from Zanesville, Ohio and I believe still has family in that area. Both my Mother and he have passed on and so I have no chance of putting pieces of the past together through him. Can anyone help me with information on the Harlan family in Zanesville?

Please email me at ceharlan@hotmail.com Thank you, Charles Harlan

Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2001
From: Larry Harlan Nalrah@aol.com
Subject: George Harlan # 672

Hello, Cara. I saw your quirey in the Message Pages of our site at Harlan Family In America Site and while I personally can't contribute to solving your questions we are most interested in being able to publish George's letter to his son, Howard in our Historical Document Pages of the site. Is there any possibility of your scanning the original letter, forwarding it to me, and granting your approval for our publishing it? We are also curious why the letter is in at the Haverford College, Quaker Collections. We would be very interested in obtaining your story with intentions of including it in our site Stories. Good luck on your paper and we sincerely hope that one of our "cousins" will be able to be of help.

Please let me know. Larry Harlan, Site Coordinator

Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2001
From: JanGabbard@aol.com
Subject: Trabue connection

I have a friend who is restoring a Germanic style cabin in Kentucky. It belonged to the Trabue family. I noticed a Trabue on the donations list. Is there a connection between the Harlan family and the Trabue family?

---Janice Gabbard

Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001
From: sheryl davis lynnsherrie@hotmail.com
Subject: donald eugene harlan died july 29th

my name is sheryl davis. when i was 3 i was adopted by my grandparents now that i am grown i am looking for my real family. my mothers name is sherry waller and my fathers name was donald eugene harlan. he died in 1974 in a fatal car wreck in oklahoma city oklahoma. his fathers name was george gary harlan and his mothers name is ethyl(ethel) floyd supposed to be cousins to pretty boy floyd. now when ever george gary was a small child he was adopted by the harlans. a sister was also adopted by the name of marie. i belive thier last names were originally miller(millar) i know that marie was adopted by the brown family and george gary was adopted by the harlans but who? i dont know this is as far as i can go back. I dont know any of my family so this is very important to me. they lived in muskogee oklahoma and the surrounding areas. latter in life george gary and marie became boyfriend and girlfriend not knowing that they were sister and brother. they lived in muskogee and went to school there i am assuming. can you help me. i cant trace the davis tree because its an adopted name and i cant trace harlan because it appearently is also. can you please help?

--thank you sheryl davis

Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001
From: Cara Elizabeth Furman cfurman@haverford.edu

Dear Harlans,

I am a student at Haverford College. I am writing a paper based on a letter written by George (672) to his son Howard. I am wondering if anyone has information regarding these two, particularly George. The paper focuses on Harlan's discussion of three pregnant women in Ridgeville in 1845. If anyone had information about 19th century Ridgeville itself that would also be great. Thus far, I have used Jane Harlan's article from http://www.harlanfamily.org/record.htm to get information. Thank you very much. I don't know if it is of interest to the family but currently the letter I am using is housed at Haverford College, Quaker Collections. The paper is due the 10th so a response as soon as possble would be great. It was only tonight that I was able to figure out the link between George and the other Harlan's found throughout the web.

Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2001 09:40:53 -0700 X-
From: Barbara Byrd barbjbyrd@yahoo.com
Subject: Harlan Family in Waco, Tx , early 1900's

I am interesting in finding the family of E.F. Harlan. Photos from my great grandmother's cousin Lucy Clay Brooks, who married a Harlan (I think Leonard) have names on the back: Verna Harlan, and Vera and Iva Harlan all of 1900 S. 11th Street, Waco, Texas.(I'd guess these photos to be in the early 1900's possibly as late as 1920...also the address 1908 So 12th Street, Waco, Texas appears in a letter from Effie Harlan.and a niece Effie Maurine Counts. Other photos of Mrs. E.F. Harlan, A.M. Harlan, and Carswell, Harlan. If you are familiar with this Harlan family, I'd like to hear from you. (Lucy's husband died about 6 weeks after their marriage.) She migrated to Texas with her uncle Sterling H. Brooks and family.

---Barbara Byrd e-mail me at barbjbyrd@yahoo.com

Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001
From: Kristi Zufall
Subject: looking for lineage

Hi there, I just love your site, great history and info. I'm looking for a John Harland who married and unknown woman and they had Florence Harland who married Alvin Fetterly. They had Charles Fetterly who married Louise Brokaw and they had my grandmother. Since I'm not having any luck searching online for the lineage back before John, perhaps you would be able to point me in the right direction?

---Many thanks, Kristi Zufall

Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001
From: ASHDRYE@aol.com
Subject: Re: Harlan tours

Dear Harlan Cousins,

By request of some of the previous travelers on Harlan tours, we are in the process of investigating another Harlan "Back to our Roots" tour of England in 2003. Please take a look at the Tours section of this home page about what we are up to -- and let us know your ideas. More information will be coming available and there will be publicity about it at next year's reunion. We'd love to have you join the group.

---Marjory Harlan Sgroi

Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001
From: Larry Harlan Nalrah@aol.com
Subject: Aaron Harlan

Nell, This is in response to your e-mail asking for descendants of Aaron. I suggest that you contact: John Lowell Harlan AL John #44, John #208, Aaron #799, John #2727, George W.

John is very is a very capable person and should be in a position to help you. You can also search for Aaron in the Cousin pages by, first going to those Pages in our site, then going up to the Tool Bar in the upper left corner of your computer screen, and click Edit, then click Find in Top Window, then type in Aaron and you will see that the search feature of the computer will find every Aaron in those pages. One of the miracles of the computer.

Good hunting! Larry Harlan

Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001
From: Mary Ann MANEAL13@aol.com
Subject: Reason Rawlings Harlan

Several passages from Reason Rawlings Harlan's diary are mentioned in the Alpheus book.....who HAS the diary? I am a descendant who is most interested in its content and offer my time/services to transcribe it to disc so that all Harlans may have a copy of the valuable history recorded here. If it can be found, please contact me at : MANEAL13@aol.com

Thanks! Mary Ann

Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001
From: Howard E. Speck howards@pottsville.infi.net
Subject: HARLANDs of Brancepeth parish

I am seeking the birthplace and parents of Richard HARLAND, who's marriage to Margaret FAWDON in 1716 was recorded in the marriage register at Brancepeth in Durham County. It would appear that his roots would be either in Sussex or Yorkshire counties, since there are several baptisms for that time period in the IGI from those counties.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Howard

Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001
From: Howard E. Speck howards@pottsville.infi.net
Subject: Re: HARLAND-DEIGHTON (1745, Brancepeth)

I wanted to get back to this message center with new information - from research I have just completed as a result of my own query previously posted with the above subject heading: After checking the Parish Registers from Brancepeth through the LDS Family History Centers, I have successfully discovered that my immigrant ancestor, John HARLAND was truly baptized in 1753 (March 19, 1753 to be exact) by parents Thomas HARLAND and Hannah DEIGHTON. Having previously only looked at the IGI, I was puzzled because the birth date given there was "about 1748", which would not have worked out with the information I got from John's tombstone. Part of the problem with the Parish Register was that the recorder misspelled HARLAND as HARLING.

Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001
From: Mary-Jo Finan stfinan@gemair.com
Subject: Enoch Harlan

I have a history written in longhand for Enoch and Elizabeth,He was born 2-26-1786 and Elizabeth 7-17-1792. They had 10 children. This document was found in my cousin Mae Harlan's Bible. She lived in Warren County, Oh. never married. My ggrandmother was Emma Harlan and is buried in Clarksville,Clinton Co. Oh. If any on knows about this family I would br interested in hearing from you.

---Thanks, Mary Jo Redfern Finan

Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001
From: Nell Cassatta rebel1@dixie-net.com

I am trying to find decendants of Aaron W. Harlan who joined the 21st Missouri Vols. during the Civil War. He wrote a poem that was read in 1892 at their 5th reunion. I claim no kin to this gentleman, but plan to have his poem read at a dedication ceremony at my G-Grandfather's gravesite on Nov. 17, my ancestor was also in the 21st Missouri.. I would simply love to be in contact with Aaron's decendants only to let them know that 109 years later, his words will once again be heard.

Any information will be appreciated. Nell in Mississippi

Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2001
From: JonMMorris@aol.com
Subject: Rachel Harlan

A Rachel Harlan, age 14, born in Pa., is listed in the 1870 census for Wilmington, Delaware as a 'House Domestic' for Edward Pusey and his wife, Mary Ella Simmons. Since Mary Ella's great-grandmother was Rebecca Harlan (daughter of Joseph Harlan and Edith Pyle), I wonder if Rachel Harlan was (closely) related to her?

-- John Morris

Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2001
From: Wilma G. Harlan

Hello My name is William Herbert Harlan I am 62 . I was born in Ravenna Ohio son of William Edward Harlan and Gladys Mae (Harper) Harlan. My father was born in Born in New Martinsville West Virginia to Friend Sanford Harlan and Emma Thedoshia Harlan. I believe my G-Grandfather was Daniel Harlan born 18 oct 1832 in Monroe Co Ohio but there is not much information from there. I am in hopes you can help me get more info from there back.If you can help me please respond to retiredpig@home.com.

Thank you William H. Harlan

Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2001
From: Carol STEELE

Subject: Parker Harlan 5800 I would like to contact any descendents of Parker W. Harlan or Harland #5800 b. 1832 d. 1917. I have done considerable research on the family, but have been unable to find death records of a number of people. Am particularly anxious to find grand-mother Ollie McVeigh Harlan, the widow of Aaron Harlan, died 1925 in Evansville, IN. Aaron was oldest child of Beriah Graham Harlan, who was son of Parker. No record of death or remarriage of Ollie in Indiana; probably died before 1936

Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001
From: BOB
Subject: Henry Hollingsworth

Please forward to me first four (4) generation direct descendants of Henry Hollingsworth. Henry H. was one of signers of marriage certificate of George Harlan and Elizabeth Duck. I am descendant of Wm. Hollingsworth brn 1782 who md Hannah White 1800. Bob Sims (617)393-9739 4 Falmouth Road Watertown, MA 02472

Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001
From: Bobbie Lee Newman Fryar
Subject: Re: Harlalnds

I'm Bobbie Lee Newman Fryar and married to Melvin Dodson Fryar who is the grandson of Claude Buchanan Harland b. Jan 4, 1880 in Iredell, Bosque Co., TX. He married Luannie Ella Anthem Malone in Seymour, TX. His father was John Emsey Harland and was married to Mattie Smith. Any information on these ancestors would be greatly appreciated.

Bobbie Lee Newman Fryar

Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2001
From: KTrouvat@aol.com
Subject: Jane Elizabeth Harlan

Seeking any information on Jane Elizabeth HARLAN b 12.12.1823; m. Augustus W. COOKE Oct 11, 1838 in Robertson County, TX, m Logan A. STROUD May 18, 1842 in Robertson County, Texas. Jane Elizabeth is the second child of Joseph HARLAN and his first wife, Nancy CRAIG, and was born in Laurens District, South Carolina. Nancy died giving birth to Jane Elizabeth and Joseph remarried Delilah BURKE. Joseph and Delilah had seven children (making a total of nine offspring for Joseph), and the family emigrated from South Carolina to Robertson County Texas in 1837 when Jane Elizabeth was 14 years old. Who were Jane Elizabeth's siblings? Who were Jane Elizabeth's children? Would like to find some indication that Jane Elizabeth was the mother of my 2nd great grandmother, Jane Wilds COOKE.

Regards, Karen Trouvat

Subj:Re: Your E-mail on the Harlan Family
From: Larry Harlan

Jay and welcome to the Harlan Family website. In response to your quirey, your GGGGrandfather, James Mc Cray and Mary Harlan, # 2356 are listed in the book The History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family and as offered in the Store - Book pages in our website at Harlan Family In America Site. Mary's father was Joshua Harlan # 706, b. 2, 12, 1781 in Chatham Co. NC who married 1. Sarah WARD and 2.Elizabeth Hammer. Sarah was Mary's mother. Joshua had nine children while Mary and James McCray had 12 children, ten are listed in the book by name. The names of the remaining two were unknown. Again, the ten children are listed by name and number, # 6031 - 6040. So - you family is listed fairly well. You may wish to purchase the book. It's a handbound book of 1056 pages for $ 60 ppd and is devoted to just the Harlans and relations. Mary ancestors are covered back to James Harland, b. c1652.

Hope this helps. Larry Harlan, Site Coordinator

Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2001
From: CMcne83604@aol.com
Subject: Henry & Mollie Harlan, Benton Co., AR

I am looking for any history on Henry Harlan who was married Mary (Mollie) McLeod in Noxubee County, MS in 1890. They moved to TN then to Rogers, Benton County, AR. Mollie died in 1932 and is buried at Oakley's Chapel in Rogers. Henry E. Harlan died in 1936 and is buried at Oakley's Chapel too. Next to them are Eugene P. Harlan, Jeanne R. Harlan and Julian K. Harlan. In Mollie's obit it states in 1932 she is survived by 5 children, two sons V.M and J.K Harlan and 3 daughters Jeanne R Harlan, Mrs Leslie Williams and Mrs. Ruth Harday of Tulsa, OK. Preceded in death by a son Ormonde died in infancy. Would like to know if any descendants are still living.

Thanks for any help given. Caren McNeill

Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001
From: John Griscom jreb42@mediaone.net
Subject: Hollingsworth-Harlan Shipbuilders

Please post in the Harlan Family Message Center. I found a photogragh of the Hollingsworth-Harlan Shipbuilding Company in a book at the Maritime Museum in Newport News, VA. Does anyone have information on this company as to the owners, etc.?

John Hollingsworth Griscom, Jr Descendant of Hannah Harlan (#6) and Samuel Hollingsworth

Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001
From: Jay McCray jmccray1@kc.rr.com
Subject: Info on Mary Harlan & James McCray

I am new at geneology and recently started researching my dad's family line. Addison MCCRAY b Nov 7, 1842 in Fayette County, Indiana (1 of 13 MCCRAY children) His parents are Mary HARLAN, b. Dec 8, 1809 Indiana and d. Feb 23, 1886 in Jefferson County, Iowa and James MCCRAY b. Feb 23, 1806, Ohio and d. Mar 2, 1860 in Mediapolis, Des Moines County, Iowa. I recently traveled to Iowa and found their graves in Kossuth, Des Moines County. I was referred to the HARLAN family web page & I am very pleased to find so much info.

---Thanks, Jay McCray Kansas City, MO

Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2001
From: Cox Family jayhawk@terraworld.net
Subject: William Harlan/Harland, Rogers, Benton Co., ARKANSAS

Looking for any information on a William Harlan/Harland who married Ellen N. "Ella" Hull. They resided in Rogers, Bento County, Arkansas. They had one child (that I am aware of): Mary Harland b. 11-9-1873. Would love to have information on this family.

Thanks so much! Tonya Cox jayhawk@terraworld.net

Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001
From: Joseph B. Harlan

As a member of the Supreme Court Historical Society (224 East Capitol Street, N.E. Washington D.C. 20003) I recently received the latest edition of the Journal of the Supreme Court Historical Society which is published in March, July and November. July's edition (2001 VOL 26 NO 2) is devoted in its entirety to "Some Memories of a Long Life 1854-1911" authored by Malvina Shanklin Harlan in 1915, the wife of Supreme Court Justice John Marshall Harlan (2969). The publishing of this fascinating work encompasses her entire life with John Marshall Harlan from her marriage to him at age 17 (1826) until his demise (1911) was the result of the work of Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, her law clerks and the "fine mind and hand of historian Linda Przybyszewski, author of THE REPUBLIC ACCORDING TO JOHN MARSHALL HARLAN."

I think members of the family will find this work of great interest from several perspectives. "The life she called long, is filled with anecdotes and insights about politics and religion in that era, the Supreme Court years 1877 to 1911 and the Harlan family. The reader is exposed to the Hayes White House through Malvina's friendship with First Lady Lucy Hayes, nicknamed "Lemonade Lucy" for her avid temperance. We learn of Malvina's extraordinary encouragement when her husband wrote the lone dissent from the Supreme Court's judgment striking down the Civil rights Act of 1875, a measure congress enacted to promote equal treatment, without regard to race, in various public accommodations."

I have spoken to the publisher and reprints of this volume (Supreme Court Historical Society Journal 2001 VOL 26 NO 2) are available for $24.00 through Blackwell Publishers, Inc. with offices at 350 Main Street, Malden MA 02148, USA and 108 Crowley Road , Oxford OX4 IJF, UK. You may also call toll free in the US at 1-800-835-6770 or fax (781) 388-8232 or e-mail:subscrip@blackwellpub.com.

---Joseph B. Harlan, Esq. Consultant to the Law Firm of Piper, Marbury, Rudnick & Wolfe
Baltimore Office 410-580-4155

Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001
From: Lindsey Barnes HoofTap@aol.com
Subject: Info on Lydia Harlan(d)

I noticed on your webiste you wanted information on Lydia Harlan(d) and her spouse James Aaron Barnes.

Well, it just so happens I'm her great-great-great granddaughter. Our family obtained a binder that has all the lineage of the resulting families of the James and Lydia's son, William Perry Barnes.

Here is an example of the amount of generations in it. 
     Generations/ child 
     1st Aaron Henry Barnes m. Lydia Harland 
     2nd William Perry Barnes (b. 3/10/1847 d. 11/6/1927) 
        m. Elizabeth Ann Rader (b. 10/9/1847 d.9/8/1924) 
     3rd Clyde Augustus Barnes (b. 7/3/1891 d.3/27/1954) 
        m. Julia Mae Golvin (b. 11/15/1892 d. 1/5/1973) 
     4th Donald Barnes (b. 9/5/1922 d. 9/5/1997) 
        m. Margaret Ann Case (b.9/27/1923) 
     5th Donald Michael Barnes (b.12/24/1948) 
m. Nancy Elaine Rice (b. 9/11/1953) 6th Lindsey Christine Barnes (b.9/1/1981) (this is me)

This is just the direct lineage of me. It was compiledby a company called Knight Industries, Inc.
The address on the book is here,but I have no idea if it is still in existence (The book is dated 1981).
The address is:
Knight Industries 3500-322
West Manchester Blvd. Inglewood, CA 90305
home phone: (213)678-444? (the last number looks like eithera 1, 7, or a 2)

--Lindsey Barnes

Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001
From: Larry Harlan Nalrah@aol.com
Subject: All Cousin - E-mail address updates.

Please advise me if your E-mail address has changed from the one that you originally provided when we set up your listing in the Cousin Pages. You will recall that we withdrew your address from the listings due to some junk mail that was starting to be sent out. We still will maintain all addresses on a confidential basis. There are people attempting to find some distant cousin that shares some common ancestors so it is important that the addresses be kept current. Don't forget to use the "Search" feature in our site to find mutual ancestors. It's one of the miracles of the computer. Please use it.

--Larry Harlan, Site Coordinator

Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001
From: Rose-Ellen Evans reevans0711@snip.net

I am trying to find out some information about what might be my husband"s family. My husband is the son of Katherine Evans (bdate unknown). My husband was told that Katherine is the only daughter of an attorney with the last name Harlan, from Philadelphia. The story told to my husband was that his mother ran away from home as a pregnant teen and never saw her family again. My husband is 1 of 4 children of Katherine, fathers of children unknown. Trying to put some dates to this is difficult. My husband was born in 1950, so I am guessing this grandfather would have to be around in the turn of the century-1920's. We would appreciate any help in finding family.

--Thanks so much! Rose-Ellen Evans

From: Nalrah@aol.com
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001
Subject Norinne Joseph Schultz - HELP!

Norinne, I'm attempting to contact you here and find out what your current e-mail address is since your previous one is currrently not in effect. I have a "Cousin" of yours, Debra Plant that has in her lineage Burns Harlan, b. 1824 and she would like to contact so that you could both share some records. Please let me have your new addess which will be held on a confidential basis with the exception that I will forward it on to Debra.

--Larry Harlan

Date: Sat, 04 Aug 2001

From: Brian Gray bmgray@dol.net
Subject: Amanda Harlan of Blair County,PA.

I am seeking information on William and Margaret Harlan of Freedom Township,Blair County,Pennsylvania.They had a daughter "Amanda Harlan" born July 3, 1848 and died December 16, 1894.Amanda married Peter Stiffler and had 10 children. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

--Thank You, Janet Gray

Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001

From: Phil_Backus@Mitel.COM
Subject: Mary Harland

I am putting together my families genealogy and have run several bumps in the road, one of which is to find out the parentage and location of birth of my great-great grandmother, Mary Harland. She married George P. Backus, of New York and died in Fowler, St.Lawrence County, New York. She was born in England according to the 1860 Census. St. Lawrence County is adjacent to the Province of Ontario in Canada.

Can anyone help to find lineage?
.email pbackus@northnet.org

Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2001
From: Kerwin Lund kerwin@westriv.com
Subject: Clifford Harland

My grandfather Ross Harland born 1928 in Colfax Wisconsin He has a brother Eugene Harland and his sisters are Carol, Fern, and (Geniva)sp. There father was Clifford Harland that was a farmer and trapper I think he died at about 46 years of age.

I would appreciate any information on these people.
---Patrick Harland North Dakota

Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001
From: Howard E. Speck howards@pottsville.infi.net
Subject: HARLAND-DEIGHTON (1745, Brancepeth)

Thomas HARLAND married Hanah DEIGHTON married June 8, 1745 in Brancepeth, Durham, England. I’m looking for the descendancy of this married couple. They had a son, John, born c. 1748 acc. to the IGI. If anyone has come across further information about this line, I would be interested in hearing from you. John may be my ancestor, if it can be ascertained that he emigrated to Philadelphia around 1779. Working backward here in the US, I learned about my immigrant ancestor, John Deighton HARLAND, who was a woolen draper, an Episcopalian, took his Oath of Allegiance in 1779-1780, and opened a dry goods store in the city of Philadelphia soon after arriving. If John, the son of Thomas and Hanah (Deighton) HARLAND, didn't leave England, maybe Thomas had a nephew that came to the States. This name, "Deighton" was very important in my John's family, since several of his descendants carried that middle name. Also, this HARLAND-DEIGHTON marriage was the only one I found in the IGI. Please e-mail me if you can help in this matter.


Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001
From: Sue Poole EDWARDSUE@itlnet.net
Subject: William Bedford Harland

Looking for sibs. of William Bedford Harland b Jan 2, 1871, Flora, Clay Co. IL; d Apr 12, 1949 Frankfort, Clinton Co. IN; m Aug 18, 1897 Carrie Elizabeth Moore. William is the son of Joel Wright Harland JR b Mar 9, 1837, Clinton Co. IN; d Feb 19, 1922 Iola KS; and 1w Janette Sly. d Dec 11, 1880.

--Any help is greatly appreciated. Sue Poole OK

From: Pam Ellingson belling@ez-net.com
Subject: Recent messages
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2001

I have recently had computer problems and have lost e-mail received during the past 3 weeks. If you have sent a message for the Harlan Family Web Site please re-send it and I will post it to the site.

Pam Ellingson

From: tim smith  timbo40@river-valley.net
Subject: Harlan/Starr 
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2001 

Hello I am seeking help with the Nannie (Nancy) Harlan and Caleb Starr Marriage.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you Barbara Smith e-mail timbo40@river-valley.net.  These are my grandmothers gggrandparents. 

Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001
From: John H. Duke Sr.  JohnHDuke@alumni.vanderbilt.edu
Subject: Harlan Ancestors 

My father was John Harlan Willis (Posthumous Congressional Medal Of Honor Recipient on Iwo Jima) b. 06/10/21 (Cross Bridges, Tenn.) d. 02/28/1945 (Iwo Jima).  His Mother was Margaret Crosby Harlan b. 10/12/1901 (Cross Bridges, Tenn.).  Her father was Austin Mitchener Harlan b. 03/30/1874 1901 (Cross Bridges, Tenn.).  I am told:

     That his father was Jacob Harlan b. 10/31/1851 (Sumner County, Tenn.) d.11/13/1897 (Maury Co., Tenn.)
     His father was Jacob Harlan Sr. b. 04/14/1786 (Boyle County, Ky) d.07/22/1866 (Maury County, Tenn.).
     His father was George Harlan b. 06/21/1761 (Cumberland County, Pa.) d.01/24/1837 (Boyle County, Ky.)
     His father was Jacob Harlan b. 09/1725 (Kennett Mm, Chester, Pa.) d.????? (Union County, SC.)
     His father was James Harlan b. 08/19/1692 (New Castle, DE.) d. aft.1760 (Frederick County, Va.)
     His father was the George Harlan who married Elizabeth Duck My question is: Can you verify that this is correct or has someone incorrectly made these links?

Thank You.
John Harlan Willis Duke

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