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Harlan Family Messages
October - December 1999

Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999
From: Kathryn Eyre keyre98@email.msn.com
Subject: Calvin Harling  

Looking for information on Calvin Harling born 1856 in Monroe,Ky.  Son of Calvin Harling born 1820 also Monroe.  Calvin Sr. is son of Samuel Harlan, who is son of George, who is son of Samuel, who is son of Aaron, who is son of George and Elizabeth Duck.

My question is maybe for the 90 plus club members.  I can see by census information that names began to change in the 1800s.  Some family members changed their name to Harlin, my ancestors changed theirs to Harling.  Does anyone know why?  Calvin Sr. died in Butler, Mo. while on his way to California.  His wife, Eliza Ann Welch took their 5 children and moved back to Kentucky for a few years, then continued to California some time later.

Looking for any information on name change, any information about Calvin Sr. (my gggrandfather), or the Welch family that Eliza is from. I have a marriage date of 1844, but not location.  They are listed with their first two children in the Kentucky 1850 census in Monroe, Ky. Any information would be most appreciated.

Happy New Year to all.

Kathryn Eyre        keyre98@msn.com

Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 
From: Donna Detlefsen  kdetlef@uslink.net 

I am looking for information on George Aaron Harlan, b. 27 Nov 1889 in Fort Scott,    KS, but grew up in Peabody, KS (Marion County).  Father: George; Mother:Alice. George was my husband's great-grandfather. Am trying to trace his ancestry, but am stuck at Charles!  Can anyone help? 

Thanks! Donna Detlefsen  kdetlef@uslink.net

Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999
From: JHarlan62@aol.com  
Subject: Clarification 


According to page 617 Alpheus Harlan's book, "History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family,"  Elizabeth S. Harlan, b. 3-24-1837 in McDonough, IL, m. there 1-12-2854, Attorney at Law Lewis Huffman, son of George W. Huffman (a shoemaker) and Rachel Wade.  George and Elizabeth moved to Gibson Co., IN 1861.  Their children were as follows:  1. Margaret Reed b. 6-27-1857; m. Wiley Mason 3-12-1874. 2.  Laura b. 5-6-1861, m. John Dill 12-31-1880.  3. Elizabeth b. 6-27-1864 and Martha L. b. 5-17-1867.

# 6913 Elizabeth S. Harlan Huffman was dau, of  # 2740 Stephen Combs Harlan and his first wife, Mary Bybee, dau. of John Bybee and Elizabeth Kelley.


John L. Harlan

From: Larry Harlan Nalrah@aol.com
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999
For: All ninety Plus Club Members 

First of all, Merry Christmas to all Ninety Plus Club members. 

Secondly, while all members are sent a Birthday Card we did have a card returned marked to us marked" Insufficient Address". The card had been sent a card to WILLIAM ELIHU HARLAN who's birthday was December 6.  He was born in 1907.

We take this opportunity to say  HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLIAM !!  We have attempted 
to obtain his current address however have not been successful, as yet.

We have two other Club Members that also share December as their birthday.  They are: 

ILA MAY HARLAN MASTIN, born on the 24th in 1908 
MURILLO ELIZABETH HARLAN SMITH, born on the 26th, 1908
Both of these ladies have received their cards, however, again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1999 
From: William Anlage kb7msc@bellsouth.net

The other day, I believe the 20th I asked for some clarification to the daughter of Elizabeth Susannah Harlan.  I have her name as Melissa Frances Maud Huffman not Elizabeth Huffman.  The bd's of her Mother and Father are the same as you have the marrage date is the same, Lewis Francis Huffman (Hoffman) 's place of birth is the same, Their child named either Elizabeth or Melissa's birthday is the same and so is the place of birth.  or real close on that.  Now before I put into my data base I need to know who is right. My wifes family or your records?? Help me out here OK?? Yours in the Hair pulling world of family research.

Liam Anlage

Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1999
From James D. Y Mary Lou Rogers   jmrog@netins.net
Subject: Samuel Harlan

Could anyone tell me if Samuel Harlan #2864 on page 266 of Alpheus Harlan's book married Margaret Hopper? Did he have a daughter Margaret Harlan who married Thomas C. Stafford?   If so they had a son Marion Stafford who was my great grandfather. 

Thank you!  Mary Lou Rogers

Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 
From: Lynn Proud  tscudder@essex1.com
Subject: Isaiah Morrison Harlan

I am looking for descendants (preferably living ones) of Isaiah Morrison Harlan born 1817 in Clinton Co., OH.  He married first to Melissa OPPEY and had one child, Jonathan Harlan.  Isaiah married second to Mary Allena CONNETT in Grant County, Indiana in 1849 and had children: William, Alma, Martha Elvira, Andrew Jackson, James Wilbur and George Morris. 

I am desperately trying to find any living descendants of Isaiah, whether by his first or second wife, although I am a Connett researcher, I would still be overjoyed to find any descendants of his first wife as well. 

I am also searching for when and where his wife Mary Allena Connett died and is buried, seem to not be able to find a thing.

If anyone out there can help me on this, please e-mail me at: tscudder@essex1.com

Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 
From: William Anlage kb7msc@bellsouth.net
Subject: Husband of a Decendant of Elizabeth Susannah Harlan

I have been researching my wifes Tree and came across Elizabeth S. Harlan   B 24 Mar 1837.  Married to Lewis Francis Huffman  B.14 Feb 1833 in Barren County Ky.  All the dates that I have match the dates you have but the difference is that I have their Daughter as named "Melissa Frances Maud Huffman Born 27 June 1864 in Owensville, Indiana.   Also I have the last name as Hoffman vice Huffman.  Small mistake on someones part.  (My inlaws probably)  I have either Elizabeth  or Melissa marrying Hernando Cortez Filson in Princeton Indiana 6 april 1889.  I Believe that there are too many same information to not be the correct link.  What do you think??

Looking forward to your input. William (Liam or Puca) Anlage

Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 
From: Sherri Murray  ASKMURRAYS@aol.com
Subject: Re: Almyra Harlan

I just recently found out my Great Grandmothers maiden name. It is Almyra Harlan.  I do not know a birthday or marriage date. I do know she was married to Samuel Seaton Hackett and that they had 2 sons, Milo Hackett, born on Sept. 24 1901 and my grandfather Chester Flyod Hackett, born on January 14 1904.  I believe that there was a daughter named Nora but I only have a few details. They lived in Ransomville, Kansas, in Franklin County.  My grandfather went on to marry Dorthy Green in Pomona, Kansas.  If anyone has any information I would be very grateful. Thanks

Sherri Murray      ASKMURRAYS@aol.com

Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 
From: Larry Harlan   Nalrah@aol.com
Subject: Re: Mary Elizabeth Harlan, # 7283

Elizabeth, Your great grandmother  and her husband are listed in The History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family as well as their five children as follows: 
Mary Elizabeth Harlan, # 7283, m Fenwick Yellowley Hedley 9, 16, 1868 at Carlinville, Co. Macoupin, Illinois and buried there in Bunker Hill Burying Grounds. 

Their 5 children are as follows:  Mary, Fenwick Y., Elijah, Wilson Pattison, and Sarah Virginia. Unfortunately, no further descendants were listed but I am hopefull that one of your "cousins" will see your message and will respond.  Mary Elizabeth's father was Elijah, # 2889, b 12, 2, 1809 in 
ChristianCo., Ky.   The Green Book takes their ancestors back to James Harland, born in England about 1625. 

Larry Harlan

Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999
From: Elizabeth  elizabethh@bigwig.net

Greetings to you all from Elizabeth Hutchings nee Hedley in the Isle of Wight, England. I have only just found you! I am looking for any living descendants of my cousin, several times removed. He was Fenwick Yellowley Hedley born 2.3.1844 Berwick-uponTweed died 9.1.1924 New York. Married Mary Elizabeth Harlan, born 20.7.1869. Daughter of Mathew Harlan & Sarah Parks who married 29.2.1848 & had 6 other children.
FYH & MEH had 5 children - Mary Harlan, Fenwick Yellowley, Elijah Harlan, William Pattison & Sarah Virginia. I am told they are on page 649 in Alpheus Harlan's book but do not have a copy myself. Are there any descendants out there, please. My email is elizabethh@bigwig.net

Happy Christmas & New Millennium

From:  John L. Harlan JHarlan62@aol.com
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 
Subject: G. W. Harlan 

YES  that is my direct line of descent. #2727 John Harlan that you referenced was the second son of # 799 Aaron Harlan and Nancy Combs of Monroe Co., KY. #2727 John married Elizabeth O'Neal.  These are my GGGrandparents.  #6838 George Washington Harlan was the first of six children, and he married Elizabeth Richardson Lawrence.  # 6838 George and Elizabeth were parents of William H. Harlan who married Mary Matilda Carter;  their son John Wesley Harlan married Rea Hall (my grandparents), they had four children Doris Harlan (Hagan) still living in Tompkinsville, KY; Herman Estes Harlan (deceased), Morris Hall Harlan (My father-deceased) and Mary Jo Harlan (deceased).

Morris married Jane Witt from Limestone Co., AL, and they have two sons, my older brother, Charles Morris Harlan and of course me (John L. Harlan).

My brother and his wife Gloria Richeson have three children living in Boise, ID, Searcy, AR, and Pulaski, TN, and each of his children have children.

I married Beverly Denson and we have two children and each child has two children, four grand children for us.

I have a lot of detailed information about our Harlan family from Monroe Co. that I have collected over the years but unfortunately it is on a computer downstairs and I will have to down load it to a gedcom file on a floppy and bring it up here if you are interested.

John L. Harlan 

From: Jim Harlan  LJharlan@aol.com
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 
Subject: Re: G. W. Harlan 


Thanks for the reply.  When I first started looking for my George Washington Harlan(d) about ten years ago, the only information that I was given was his name.  George Washington and Martha Harlan, and it was said that they came from somewhere between Allen and Trigg counties in Kentucky.  The 1880 census has George W. (age 19) and Martha (age 17) living in Brush Dist #3, I found a marriage record for them in Clay County, Tenn.  Also in the 1880 census there is a George A. (W.) age 32 with wife Marinda E. age 32 these two have two children Mattie age 8 and John H. age 6 (born 1874).  John H. would have been about 10 years old when my John Thomas Harlan was born in 1883, the Kentucky death index has him as 71 years old with his death date 29 Jan 1954.

So, there were at least three George Harlan's living in Monroe county, Kentucky: George W. born about 1861 died 29 Jan 1954 George A. (W) born about 1848 and George Washington born 2-20-1820 died 3-30-1884

Would you have information on the children of John Harlan #2727 and Elizabeth O'neal and the children of George Washington Harlan.  Would really like to find out who these to belong to.

Thanks for all of your help.

Jim Harlan Indianapolis LJHarlan@aol.com JHarlan1@Juno.com

Date:  12 Dec 1999
From: John L. Harlan   JHarlan62@aol.com
Subj:    G. W. Harlan 

My gggrandfather, George Washington Harlan, was born, lived and died in Monroe County, KY, born 2-20-1820 and died 3-30-1884; buried in Skegg's or Skaggs burying grounds a few miles north of Tompkinsville, KY (Monroe Co.). I point this out not because I think we have in common the same George W. Harlan, but because you indicated your's was living in Monroe County's 1880 Census (mine was also).

Monroe was split off from Barren County, is not that large and not densely populated in 1880, as a matter of fact Tompkinsville, the county seat is still less than 2,000. I would consider it highly unlikely that two George Washington Harlans were living in Monroe County during the 1880 census.

My George, # 6838, was the son of John Harlan #2727 and Elizabeth O'Neal (from the Harlan genealogy book).  I hope this helps. 

Date: Wed, 115 Dec 1999
From Keith Detlefsen  kdetlef@uslink.net
Subject: George Aaron Harlan, Charles Harlan

Hi- I am overwhelmed by this web site!  However, I need a little help to make full use of it!  I am trying to research the Harlan line, but only can go back to my husband's great grandfather.  This is the information I have: 

George Aaron Harlan, b.27 Nov 1889 in Fort Scott, Kansas, d.29 July 1957 Walnut Grove, Minnesota. 
Father's name was Charles Harlan. Mother's name was  Alice Cooper.
Can anyone get me pointed in the right direction backwards?  Thanks for any and all responses.

Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999
From: John L. Harlan  JHarlan62@aol.com
Subject: RE: John T. Harlan and Modie Dameron


You may have already received the answers you are seeking, but for what it is worth;
page 611 of Alpheus Harlan's book, "History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family",
# 6823 John T. Harlan was the son of  # 2725 Lee S. Harlan, farmer and Presbyterian, and Sinia Doke, Presbyterian, dau. Samuel Doke, farmer, and 
Sarah McCully.

John T. was b. 2-23-1859 in Randolph County,  MO., as were all ten children born to this union; m. Modie Dameron in 1881.

# 2725 Lee S. Harlan b. 9-4-1825, was the son of # 797 Isaac Harlan, Teacher and cabinet maker (as a young man he lived with his foster father in Lincoln Co., TN) he is believed to have been born in VA. and his mother was Elizabeth Smith, dau. Josiah Smith.  Elizabeth died in 1850 bur. in Randolph Co. beside her husband.  #2725 Lee Harlan was the youngest of nine children.

# 797  Isaac Harlan was the son of  # 207 Isaac Harlan b. 1747, blacksmith, Methodist, both parents died before any of their nine children were grown and they were placed in foster homes.

# 207 Isaac Harlan was the son of  #44 John Harlan b. 1-2-1716  Kennet Township, Chester Co., PA and Martha Ashby, he was the oldest of 5 children.

# 44 John Harlan, my GGGGGG Grandfather, was the son of  # 11 James Harlan, Friend, Yeoman. b. 8-19-1692, New Castle, Frederick Co., MD (probably bur. Hopewell Meeting House there).     # 11 James was  the son of  # 3  George Harlan and Elizabeth Duck.  # 3 George is the son of  # 1 James Harland.

Not included in the book, Elizabeth Duck, Lurgan, County Down, Ireland, was the dau. of Ezekeliah Duck and Hannah Hoopes. 

There is a great deal of interesting  but lengthy information contained in the book regarding marriages, Last Will and Testaments, religious discipline, migration, etc. That book is available here on the Harlan Family web site...click on STORES.

John L. Harlan

Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 
From: Lottie Underwood  glunder@net-magic.net 
Subject: William Harland 

Hello I am searching for family members by the name Harland/Harlan.  I have family members that spell it both ways.  My Uncle passed away last week, if anyone has genealogy info concerning anyone listed in his obituary column, please contact me.............. I need help!!!  I have been stumped on my great-grandfather (Zephaniah Harland) for some time.  They have not been found in Alpheus Harlan Book or the Texas Red Book.  You can email me, at glunder@net-magic.net with any information, it would all be appreciated. 

---Lottie (Harland) Underwood

William H. Harland
Born September 21, 1930 - Died November 30, 1999

William Hillary Harland, 69, of McLeansboro, Illinois. died at 8:20 p.m. on Tuesday,November 30, 1999 at the Hamilton Memorial Hospital in McLeansboro. 

He was a retired maintenance supervisor for the Sheriff's Department in Bartow, Florida. He was born on September 21, 1930 in Nashville, Illinois to John L. and Etta (Cunningham) Harlan. William married Patti Cisco, who still survives.  Mr. Harland was a member of the Baptist Church in Nashville, Illinois.  He was also a U.S. Army Veteran of the Korean War and a member of the McLeansboro Eagles Lodge. 

The funeral was at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 4, 1999 at Gholson Funeral Home in McLeansboro. The Rev. Robert Sefried officiated and burial was in Richardson Hill Cemetery in Dahlgren with graveside military rites by American Legion Post #106. 

He is survived by his wife, Patti Harland; three sons, William H. Harland, Jr. of Baltimore, Maryland, Kent Harland of Phoenix, Arizona, and Brandon Skelton of McLeansboro; one step son, Robert E. and wife Susan Cisco of Winter Haven, Florida; three daughters, Theresa K. Harland of Arlington, Virginia, Trena Karen and husband John Williams of Alexandria, Virginia, and Billie Jo and husband Duane Hill of Kenesaw, Georgia; one step daughter, Tina and husband Steven Barber of Sebring, Florida; two brothers, Louis "Whitey" and wife Ava Harland of McLeansboro and John and wife Helen Harlan of Koshkonong, Missouri; one sister, Opal Prince of Carmi, Illinois, and 13 grandchilren.  He was preceded in death by his parents, one brother and four sisters.

Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999
From:  David Corley corley@pop.mindspring.com
Subject: Zachariah Harland/Harlan

I'm searching for info on Judith Harland widow of Zachariah Harland ca.1820 in Pools District Walton Co., Georgia She re-married Elias Morgan in Henry Co., Georgia in 1826. Would like to know her maiden name. Thanks for any help, great site.

David E. Corley
Coweta Co., Georgia

Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 
From: John L. Harlan  JHarlan62@aol.com
Subject: Most wanted


At  http://www.citynet/mostwanted/
They have an entire section devoted to helping people who have been adopted trace their natural heritage.  The adoptive situation poses so many unique problems when the birth parents, aided and abetted by the government, deliberately attempted to obscure these records.  It is an easy format to use and they accomplish a lot of finds through their volunteer net work of people, at no cost to you other than your regular charges for being on line.

Good hunting,
John L. Harlan

Date: 7 Dec 1999
From Robert Walters walters.rc@worldnet.att.net

I am looking for relatives of my mother, Louise Myers Harlan, born in Stanton DE, 1923, father was Horace Harlan, mother was Naomi Dennis.

Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 
From: Bobbie  tigger4jj4@yahoo.com 

I am looking for my birth family and having a real hard time finding them.Would like some help, I was a Harlan at birth, born in Maryland on November 17, 1957. I was adopted by Mr.and Mrs.Ralph Brown and my name was changed. I have some documents but none have my birth parents name on them.

Please Help Me!!!!!  I would like to meet my family or descendants of my family. This started back in 1957.

Thank you, Bobbie at Tigger4Jj4@Yahoo.com

Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 
From: John Harland jharland@smartt.com
Subject: Harlans in Germany

Something a bit different.  Peter E Harland of the city  of Darmstadt, Germany, has posted some charmng pictures and map ( five or six)  of the town of Harland, in Austria. You can find them at:


or go to:  http://www.harland.de

Click on the 'H in the top right corner, and as each picture loads, scroll to the bottom and click on the large arrow.

John H Harland Kelowna B C, mailto:jharland@smartt.com

Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 
From: JHarlan62@aol.com 
Subject: Hollenbeck/Harlan 

On page 263 of Alpheus Harlan's book, Nancy Ann Harlan # 2831, dau. James Harlan #814 and Mary Ann Wood (dau. Joseph Wood and Anna Reed); m. Lawrence Hollenbeck.  She was the 5th of 12 children.

John L. Harlan

Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 
From: John L. Harlan   JHarlan62@aol.com 
Subject: Esther 

On page 745 of the Alpheus Harlan book, "History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family", Esther Virginia Harlan, dau. John Harlan # 3861 and Mary Ann Thomas (dau. of Richard Thomas, a cabinet maker, and Mary Jane Fagg) , b. 4-23-1853, m. John W. Albright.  Esther was one of six children (4th) and # 8449 in the book.

John L. Harlan

Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 
From: John L. Harlan   JHarlan62@aol.com




John L. Harlan

Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 
Subject: harlans From: Joseph Harlan jharlan@inreach.com

I am just starting on a trace of my husband's family.  I don't seem to be able to get farther back than his great-grandfather Joseph Harlan.  Joseph Harlan was in Yolo Co in the 1850's where he married Grace Barnes and had 7 children.  That is as far as I can go.  There are a number of Harlans that are in the next county whom I have not contacted as yet (just got the address of one).  If you have any info that can start me going further back I would appreciate it.  I have also posted on genealogy.com.  Thank you   My e-mail is jharlan@inreach.com. 
----Sue Harlan

Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1999 
From: Charlie McPhail charliemcphail@juno.com
Subject: Virginia Esther Harlan

Hi, my grandmother was Virginia Esther Harlan B: 23 Apr. 1853 Summerfield OH. D: 18 Feb 1913.  Daughter of John Harlan and Mary Thomas, F: John Sr. F:Isaac.  I am interested in any information, especially where is she buried?  Her husband, John William Allbright died 23 Apr 1910 in the Old Soldiers Home in Los Angeles.  She was in the 1900 census in Chico, Butte Co., Ca.  Did she go home to Ohio after his death ?  Please email me at carolmcphail@juno.com and I thank you very much.

Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 
From: Heather Harlan zena120@hotmail.com

(The following message is sent by Heather D. Harlan at zena120@hotmail.com. A preliminary search was made in both the Green and Red Books and nothing was found.  Larry Harlan.  Her message is as follows:)

My great great grandfather's name was James Preston Harlan I don't know any dates or any thing but he married Melissa Williams and one of their children was William Carl Harlan I don't know when he was born but he married around 1914 in Branson, Missouri and died on October 19, 1944 in Jamesburge, Missouri Texas county. William Carl Harlan married Polly Ann Jamison. William and Polly had 12 children and my grandfather was the 2nd oldest and his name was Abe Monroe Harlan he was born on June 9, 1915 or 1917 in Rush Creek, Arkansas, He married Grace Ida Harris on August 3, 1940 In Rockford,Ill. Abe died on June 9, 1962 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

----Thank you, Heather D. Harlan

Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 
From: Lois Wilson SLM1856@aol.com
Subject: Nancy Harland 

I am looking for information on Nancy Harland, in Indiana.  She married Lawrence Hollenbeck and had at least two children, Harriet and Eliza. Harriet married Jacob Hoglan in Linn Co. IA in 1851.  Any information appreciated. 

----Thank you Lois Wilson

Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999
From: Mary HONDO108@aol.com


My name is Mary Carol Sheets nee Smith and I am descended from Sarah Harlan and her husband, Reverend Charles Crow.  Their daughter, Elizabeth "Betsy," married Solomon Smith born October 22, 1785 in Spartanburg District, South Carolina.  If anyone has any information about Solomon Smith's parents or siblings I would greatly appreciate having it.  Please email me at Hondo108@aol.com and I thank-you very much.

Thank-you, Mary

Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999
From: Jim Harlan  MRCRKT@aol.com

I would like to correspond with other Harlans who are descendent from both George and Michael, particularly through the line including  Enoch Harlan (#1701) who married Sarah Walton (#1226). 
---Jim Harlan  mrcrkt@aol.com

Date: Sat, 6 Nov 1999
From: Marilyn \"Mel\" Nickless UNICORN1950@prodigy.net
Subject: Harland obituary 

I don't know if this would be of any interest to anyone, but I found this obituary on the SouthEast Missourian (newspaper) of Cape Girardeau, MO, website at                                                  http://semissourian.com/obits/obituaries.shtml

"Vera Irene HARLAND

Vera Irene HARLAND, 82, of Palm Springs, Calif., died of complications from pneumonia on Sunday, Oct. 10, 1999, at Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs, Calif. She was born on Feb. 7, 1917, in Piedmont, Mo., to Flynn and Sarah Sparks Dunnegan, the youngest of seven daughters. She grew up in St. Louis and Piedmont. During her early years, she was a dental assistant in St. Louis and later she and her sister owned and operated a retail fabric and women's wear store in Ironton, Mo. She was married to the late Dr. R. E. Harland, M.D. She and Dr. Harland made their home in Ironton for many years where he had a private medical practice, and they owned and operated the Lone Pine Hotel and Restaurant. In 1971, they moved to La Jolla, Calif., where he continued a shared medical practice until his death in 1976. Due to failing health, Vera moved into a retirement facility in Palm Springs, Calif., in 1989. As her health continued to decline, she was moved to Premier Rehab and Nursing Center in late 1997, and on Aug. 27, 1999 suffered respiratory arrest from aspiration pneumonia and was taken to Desert Regional Medical Center where she died in the hospital's Hospice unit on Oct. 10, 1999. She is survived by her four children: Mike Harland and daughter-in-law Lynn, of San Diego, Calif., Pam Harland Joggerst and son-in-law Jim of Jackson, Mo., Gary Harland of San Diego, Calif. and Sally Harland and son-in-law Tony of Palm Springs, Calif.; eight grandchildren, Annette Jostes of Columbia, Mo., Heather Ricketts of Newport Beach, Calif., Rebecca Hahn of St. Louis, Kelly and Lindsay Harland of San Diego, Calif., Lauren Rafter of Diamond Head, Calif., James Patrick Harland of San Diego, Calif. and Sarah Severson of Palm Springs, Calif.; two nieces, Patsy R. Feller of Longview, Tex. and Betty Sobo Dye of Myrtle Beach, S.C.; four nephews, Robert Sobo of St. Louis, Bill Sobo of Seattle, Wash., Van Johnson of St. Louis and Dan Johnson of Warrenton, Mo. Numerous great nieces and nephews also survive. Her husband, parents and sisters, Rita, Blanche, Hazel, Opal, Perma and Grace preceded her in death. A private family service was held in Palm Springs on Oct. 13, 1999 at the Palms Springs Mausoleum. A second private service was held at her burial in El Camino Memorial Park and Mortuary in San Diego, Calif. on Oct. 15, 1999.  11.03.99"

Marilyn Nickless (a Harlan descendant) Stockton, CA

Date: Mon, 01 Nov 1999 
From: David Harlan dharlan@epix.net
Subject: Harlan, J. Marsh

Hello,  I can't find any connections to my lineage in the 5th printing of Alpheus' book.  My grandfather, William Knot Harlan Sr,  was born in West Manayunk, PA  in 1897.  This town is located just west of Philadelphia.  He lived his entire adult life in Easton PA.  A newspaper clipping lists his parents as "J. Marsh and Frances Harlan".  According to my father, William Knot Harlan Jr., J. Marsh Harlan apparently died before he was born in 1927.  J. Marsh and Frances had at least 3 sons; Russell (WWI) , William (WWI) and Ralph.  Family legend goes that J. Marsh's father (name unknown) was a Civil War veteran.  Any help would be appreciated.

David William Harlan  b. 11/27/1961 and his son Emery William Harlan  b. 8/23/1999

Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999
From: Sharon Wilkey swilkey@cvalley.net

Hi, Does anyone know the name of the ship George Harlan Arrived on, what port he left from, and port of arrival?

--Thanks! Sharon Wilkey

Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999
From: Barbara Brown Ramos Tigger4Jj4@aol.com
Subject: Trying to Find My Family!!!! 

I am a Harlan but have no idea who they are. I was given up for adoption in 1957, Nov, Harve de Garce, Maryland. I know my birth name but nothing on there full name but that one of them gave me there last name Harlan. I am looking for them or anyone that is with this family will help out the search. Both of my adopted parents are dead and want some family members to know who I am. 

---Thank You Barbara Brown Ramos or Tigger4Jj4@aol.com you can send me information to.

Date: Thu, 4 Nov 1999 
From: Craig Harlan Hullinger    C-Hullinger@govst.edu
Subject: Lewis Harlan # 2291

My great great grandfather Lewis Harlan # 2291 served in the 34th Infantry from Iowa during the Civil War.  He was about 44 when he left to fight, leaving his wife and 8 children at home.

Does anyone have any correspondence from him or his wife?  We are having a family reunion next year, and it would be good to know some of the details.

Thanks,   Craig Harlan Hullinger

Date: Tue, 02 Nov 1999 
From: Harry Harlan hvharlan@bellsouth.net
Subject: Jack R. Harlan in Who's Who

Thank you for putting my father, Jack R. Harlan in the Who's Who.  This is the first time I have visited this web site and I was very pleased to see him featured.  We have found an author to work on his biography.  He wanted it to be named "A Scholar and a Pilgrim", he left an outline and lots of notes.  If anyone is interested in this project, you can contact me at hvharlan@bellsouth.net. 

---Harry V. Harlan, New Orleans

Date: Mon, 01 Nov 1999 
From: Miller, Nancy msmiller@bellsouth.net

I am trying to reach a Ms. Frances Harlan.  Harlan was her maiden name and she would be approximately 81 years old now.  I know that at one time, she was married to a Mr. Charles Edwin Goza.  She was born in Mississippi.

If you have any information, please email me at msmiller@bellsouth.net


Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999

Read the new article on the Who's Who page, "The Legacy of Two Justices Fom One Family" about John Marshall Harlan and John Marshall Harlan II

Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999
From: Lee Bahan gpblhb@compuage.com
Subject: don s. harlan, sr. 

Hi, cousins.  I just received information that all but confirms that I descend from Don Sebastian, #2570-g, p. 577 in the Green Book.  The descent, figured out from census records, is: Mortimer P. Harlan m. Sallie E. BENNETT, Leonadus Harlan m. Eva UNKNOWN, Clyde Harlan m. Ellie CLARK.  I believe that my father, Odell Clyde HARLIN, was Clyde and Ellie's son. Would someone with a set of Texas Red Books please do a lookup and let me know any details about Leonadus, Eva, and Clyde? Thanks!

Lee Harlin Bahan gpblhb@compuage.com

Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999
From: George Hibben GHIBBEN@aol.com

Alpheus HIBBEN Harlan, author of the 1881 book about the Harlan family.  Has 
anyone found documentation of the source of his middle name?  I cannot find a 
Hibben connection by marriage.  As there were several Hibben families living 
in Clinton Co., OH where Alpheus was born and the Hibben ancestors came from 
Chester Co., PA, I thought that his middle name might be 'honorary.'  If so, 
which Hibben was held in high esteem by Alpheus' father?

George Hibben

Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 
From: Chgoha@aol.com

I need to find the ancestors of G.W.Harlan. He was born in Virginia, but his birthplace was listed on his obit as West Virginia (changed during the war).

I need help with finding the ancestors of my ggf, George Washington Harlan, ie:

George Washington Harlan-Born 25 June, 1828, in Virginia. On 6 April, 1854, he married Silence Ann Hamilton, in Perry Twp., Frankfort, Indiana.  Their 1st. five (of seven) children were born in Frankfort, Ind. 
  1-Mary C. was born in 1856, (Nov. 19, 1854)*
  2-John Charles was born  24 Dec., 1857, (1856, died Oct. 30, 1919)*
  3-Sarah Emma , born 18 Dec., 1858, died Nov. 24, 1861*
  4-Frank Wade, was born  in 1861, (Benjamin Franklin Wade, 16 Dec., 1860)* 
  5-Joseph, born May 26, 1862, died April 19, 1864*
  6-William Howard, born April 22, 1865* , died April 25, 1952.
  7-Lucinda P, was born in 1869, (Lucy Jeanette, born 6 July, 1868)* 
  8-George Edgar, was born in Colfax, Clinton Co., Ind., 13 Oct., 1870,

The family moved to Piatt Co. Ill, in 1871 where the last 2 children were born. 
  9-Della M., born in 1874, Daisy Mable, born Nov 11, 1873,and 
 10-Gertrude, born  in Sept 6, 1879.

 Please contact me at Chgoha@aol.com

Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1999 
From: Elgene A. Smith genesmit@ccil.org
Subject: Sept 15 Query-Mike


Mary Harlan was born in Kennett Twp in 1718.  She was the daughter of AAron Harlan, the son of George Harlan (the first of the Harlans in America). She married Owen Evans in 1734  at Old Swede's Church in Wilmington, Del.  They had three children, Aaron, Owen, and Sarah. The middle child died young.  The father, Owen Evans died in 1747and his widow, Mary Harlan Evans married Hugh Laughlin in 1748 and the two of them settled the Evans estate and took the two surviving children and emigrated to North Carolina.  They joined the Cane Creek Quaker Meeting in Chatham County and raised a second family there.  The record of the second family can be found in the minutes of the Cane Creek Meeting which have been published in a  volume of North Carolina meetings. The information on Mary Harlan #38 is given on page 35,36 of the Harlan Genealogy.  The Laughlin part turned up several years ago in an unsuccessful search for Owen Evans parents.  I learned nothing of the antecedents of Hugh Laughlin. If you are interested and find the Cane Creek minutes difficult to find, I will be glad to make another trip to our public library where I know the book is located.

Good Hunting
Elgene Smith Chadds Ford Pa <genesmit@ccil.org>

Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1999 
From: Elgene A. Smith genesmit@ccil.org
Subject: Sept 15 Query-Mike

Mary Harlan was born in Kennett Twp in 1718.  She was the daughter of AAron Harlan, the son of George Harlan (the first of the Harlans in America). She married Owen Evans in 1734  at Old Swede's Church in Wilmington, Del.  They had three children, Aaron, Owen, and Sarah. The middle child died young.  The father, Owen Evans died in 1747and his widow, Mary Harlan Evans married Hugh Laughlin in 1748 and the two of them settled the Evans estate and took the two surviving children and emigrated to North Carolina.  They joined the Cane Creek Quaker Meeting in Chatham County and raised a second family there.  The record of the second family can be found in the minutes of the Cane Creek Meeting which have been published in a  volume of North Carolina meetings. The information on Mary Harlan #38 is given on page 35,36 of the Harlan Genealogy.  The Laughlin part turned up several years ago in an unsuccessful search for Owen Evans parents.  I learned nothing of the antecedents of Hugh Laughlin. If you are interested and find the Cane Creek minutes difficult to find, I will be glad to make another trip to our public library where I know the book is located.

Good Hunting
Elgene Smith Chadds Ford Pa <genesmit@ccil.org>

Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 
From: Don Evett  donaldevett@earthlink.net 
Subject: John Terril Harlan 

John Terril Harlan # 6828 is my grandfather.  He was married to Modie Dameron. He was born 2-28-1850.  His children included:  Jennie Green Harlan; Bessie Lee Harlan, Grover Terril Harlan, Willie Estia Harlan; Nora Maud Harlan, Eva Melvina Harlan and Mary Susan Harlan. Eva Melvina Harlan was my mother.

I am engaged in making my family tree history and would appreciate hearing from any relatives of John Terril Harlan. 

---Thanks. Donald Evett    donaldevett@earthlink.net

Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 
From: Ray1693@aol.com 
Subject: Harry & Katie Kittrell Harlan  MS>TN 

I am interested in a son of Harry and Katie Harlan; William Ernest Harlan, who was born August 29, 1886, in Mississippi.  I found in "Tennessee The Volunteer State, Vol. 3", a bio on W. E. Harlan, who was married to Katie Pearl Currie of Haywood Co., TN.  They were married on May 25, 1915, I would assume in Haywood Co., TN.  This bio says that Harry was a native of Mississippi and that Katie Kittrell was a native of TN.

William was a manager of the Mount Pleasant and Lawrenceburg (TN) Ice companies.  I have as children for William and Katie Pearl Currie Harlan: William Ernest, Jr., Virginia and Catherine.  This is all that I have, and I would love to have any information that anyone can give me.

Katie Pearl Currie is descended from William and Rebecca Briggs Talley, who had migrated to the Tipton Co., TN area in the late 1830s from Charlotte Co., VA.

----Barbra Jean., Hathcock

Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999
From: Shirley Venrick svenrick@greenapple.com
Subject: Van Gorden/ Harlan

I'm sorry I don't have much.  In familyl research papers belonging to my father, I came across a Mary Van Gordon married to ? Harlan.  I am trying to fiond information on Mary Van Gordon and who ? Harlan is?  All I can give you in my line, maybe that will help.

Albert Gysbertse (Gelderland) Van Garden & Aeltje Wygerts
Gysbertse Albert Van Garden & Rachel Rosencrantz
Albert Gysbertse Van Garden & Jannetje Vrendenburgh
Willem Van Garden and Annetje Vrendenburg
Johannes Van Gordon & Corneila Cool
Daniel Van Gordon and Greitje Middaugh
Johannes Van Gordon & Hannah Swagger
Arlow Samuel Van Gordon & Nancy Angaline Mahoney
William Jasper Van Gordon & Isey Lorena Baker
and my parents: David Lawrence Van Gordon & Wilma Pearl Hon

Any help in this will be greatly appreciated.
--- Shirley (Van Gordon) Venrick

Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 
From: Ida June Huntsman   jjhuntsman@webtv.net
Subject: Thomas Jefferson Harlan - Illinois 

My Paternal G-grandfather was Thomas Jefferson Harlan, b, Wayne City, Wayne Co. Il. 07 Nov.1841, m, Sarah J. Gunn, cta 1858, Jonesboro Il. Was in Arkansas by 1861 when he joined the CSA in White Co.AR.  His wife & child lived in what is now Cleburne Co. AR. during the war.  My grandfather William Washington and the rest of his siblings were born after the war ended.

I believe that Thomas Jefferson Harlan is the 8 yr. old Male listed on the 1850, Wayne Co. Il. census , page 203, family #276.  The head of the household, William Harlan, age 70, M.A. (female) age 24, Calvin Harlan (M), age 16, Dana (or Jane, can't quite tell for sure), female, age 12, S.T. Harlan, age 10,(M), T. J, Harlan, age 8,(M),  Jefferson Harlan, age 5,(M), and S.E. Harlan, age 4 (F).  My grandfather's name was William Washington. My father was Bynam Calvin, one of my dad's brothers was named Moses Jefferson.

I am also send a copy of this information on to our Director of Genealogy, Junior Harlan who is very interested in keeping track of Harlans not mentioned in the Green Book.

I have been unable to connect with the Green book as the family bible that this information came from went back no further. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

---Ida June Huntsman,

Date: Sat, 09 Oct 1999 
From: Robert Jaggars  rjaggars@tcac.net
Subject: Kate (Kat) Harlin

This is probably a shot in the dark but Im about bald headed trying to figure this mystery. My Great Grandmother Kate (Kat) Harlin married William Samuel Hickman. I have no dates for her but William was born 1859 died 1935...I figure (Kat) was born in that time frame. Kat's father was Tobe Harlin...Can any one PLEASE help me......Sincerley (A bald headed researcher).

Robert Jaggars   ladyanddragon@tcainternet.com

Date: Tue, 5 Oct 1999 
From: Nalrah@aol.com

The Harlan Lapel Pins with the new logo are out and they look fantastic as do the new sweat shirts. I just received mine in the mail from The Store.

I'm sure that the other new items are just as sharp. I urge you to order some of the new material today. A handy order blank can be downloaded from the Store Page.
--Larry Harlan 

Date: Tue, 5 Oct 1999 
From: Larry Harlan

Happy Birthday, MABEL WEIGLE HARLAN, Born October 9, 1902, in Harlansburg, PA. Many, many more!

Date: Sun, 3 Oct 1999 
From: Richard K. Harlan RKHarl5@aol.com
Subject: Offie Harlan - Missouri 

I am searching for information on my Grandfather, Offie Harlan. He was born in Missouri (about 1883), and died , 1940. in Des Moines, Iowa. His father was Steven Harlan, a farmer in Kirksville, MO. Any information sources you can lead me to will be appreciated. 

Thank You, --- Richard K. Harlan RKHarl5 

Date: Sun, 3 Oct 1999 
From: Steve Baldwin RsbSteve@aol.com
Subject: Hunting Vietnam Buddies 

Hi: I am trying to find a Robert D. Harlan that was in Vietnam in 69 with the 167th Signal Company. If you are this person or know him please get back in touch with me, I would appreciate a short note either way. We have our second annual reunion planned for October 20-21-22, 2000 in Houston, TX. I have found 330 of the guys we were over there with. 

Thanks, Steve Baldwin, President of the 167th Signal Co Reunion Committee 

Date: Fri, 01 Oct 1999 
From: Howard & Brenda Black Watson priority@comtutors.com
Subject: Clarissa Harlan 

Am researching Clarissa Harlan who married Artemus Curtis. She is my 3rd great-grandmother. I have no other information although this side of the family comes from the northeast.

---Thank you, Brenda 
 Howard & Brenda Black Watson Comtutors, Inc. The Computer Tutors 
URL http://www.comtutors.com 
E-mail priority@comtutors.com Voice/Fax (901) 758-2500 
8067 Neshoba Road Germantown, TN 38138-3027 

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