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January - June 2001
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Harlan Family Reunion - 315th Anniversary - June 27-30, 2002
“Discover Your Heritage”- 
More information is available in the current issue of the Harlan Record.

From: Claire Fagley Ginesi cfgsonoma@yahoo.com
Subject: Winnfield LA Harlans 
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 

I am interested in more information about Harlan's living in Louisiana and Texas.  My paternal grandmother was Eva Belle Harlan.  She passed away when I was 10 (1963) and is buried in Houston, TX.  She was married to William Lee Fagley, my grandfather. She was from Winnfield LA, and one of her sisters owned the "Goat Castle Motel" in that town, which I visited as a child.

My grandfather and father (who was an only child) are deceased, and I would like more info on my grandmother's family.

I do remember she said we were "descended from a Revolutionary war general, and could get into the DAR"---but being a childhood memory, who knows?

Claire Fagley Ginesi
Sonoma, CA

Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 
From: Carol   stuckinutah@worldnet.att.net
Subject: Looking for Donna Wehren 


I'm trying to find an old acquaintance whom I worked with and enjoyeed a great deal.  Her name is/was Donna Keppen-Wehren and her daughter is Heather Harlan-Randall.  Any information would be appreciated.  I would love to get back in touch with her.

My name has since changed due to marriage.  At the time I was known as Carol 
Lamberson.  My email address is stuckinutah@att.net


From: Jeremy Schultz   theartist@lisco.com
 Subj:   Related to Mary Eunice Harlan, trying to track lineage down

 My Mom is trying to track our link to Mary Eunice Harlan, R.T. Lincoln's wife, but I can' t find much info on the harlanfamily.org site for such an early date. Is there info on Mary's siblings, and their sons and daughters? I'm not sure, but I think Wolf or Shute is the surname that will be the connection. Thanks in advance for any info or a resource you can give us!

Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 
From: Nalrah@aol.com
Subject: Check out The Harlan Tribune

I thought that it might be of interest to our people to see a glimpse at the HarlanOnline.Com site sponsored by the Harlan, Iowa Newspapers.  It's always nice to see our name in print.  It would be a good project for one of us to do some research on how the town became blessed with such a renowned name. 
Larry Harlan 

Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001
From: "DianaEdmonds" galea@cornhusker.net
Subject: Iva harlan

I am looking for any information on my Greatgrandmother, Iva Harlan. Believe she was born around 1857, and died 1929. She married Milton Young in 1874. Looking for her parents, or any information anyone has. 

Thank You
Diana Edmonds

Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 21:52:27 EDT
Subject: Re: Death of Eva Harlan

We received the following sad news from Marianne T. Fitch. 

This is to notify the 90+ club of the death of Eva Hanson Harlan. 2/13/1899-5/17/2001 at the age of 102.  She was the wife of George Harlan-son of William E. Harlan #4596. 

Date: June 11, 2001
From: Evelyne Faye (Harlen) Summers      bub@psci.net
Subject: George Harlan, born in Kentucky (?) 1841

I am looking for information about my great-grandfather, George Harlan. I do know that in the 1880 Indiana, Perry County, Anderson Township, Page #20, District #38 census stated:

George Harlan - 39 yrs.
Mary Harlan - 35 yrs. - wife

Matilda Harlan - 13 yrs. - daughter
 (?)   Harlan - 10 yrs. - daughter
Bazil Harlan - 8 yrs - son
Willie Harlan - 6 yrs - son

Thomas Harlan - 8 months - son

Phoebe Auston -15 yrs -stepdaughter 
Barbara Auston - 13 yrs - stepdaughter
(?) Auston - 10 yrs - stepdaughter
Marcus Auston - 5 yrs - stepson
Charles Lake - 17 yrs - stepson

I would like to know who George's first wife was, the mother of Matilda, (?), Bazil, and Willie.  Also any information about the sibling or ancesters of George.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 
From: Jo Clements  cojoclem@wcnet.net
Subject: Stephen Harlan, # 2327 Family

I am looking for Stephen who moved to Indiana from Laurens District, S.C.  Looking for cousins from the families of Stephen down to Arthur Brooks. There are not very many after that. I will appreciate any help I can get. 

William (1), James (2), George (3), Aaron (8), Aaron (41), Aaron (194),  Samuel (688), Stephen (2327), Josuha P. (5919), Arthur Brooks (pg. 895), Robert, Harry, 

Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001
From: Nalrah@aol.com
Subject: Re: Catherine Kingfisher

In response to your message in the Harlan Family pages at  Harlan Family In America Site  ,I think that you know of Susan Henrickson and her ancestors that include Catherine but just to make sure I am repeating her ancestors here that was taken from the Cousin Pages of the site. Let me know if you want to contact her and I will give you her em address. 

--Larry Harlan, Site Coordinator 

Her listing is as follows: 

Susan (Hein) Hendrickson CA George Harland # 3 m Elizabeth Duck, Ezekiel Harlan # 5 m Ruth Buffington, Ezekiel Harlan #23 m Hannah Osborn, Ellis Harlan #121 Kati (Catherine) Kingfisher, Nancy "Nannie" Harlan # 497-a (bc1777) m Caleb Starr, James Starr Sr. (b 1796) m Nellie Maugh, Fields Starr (bc1820) m Polly Reese, Henry Clay Starr (b1840) m Jennie Lind Starr, Charles "Chute" Starr (b1877) m Georgia Madden, Cherry Starr (living) m Henry Hein Sr., 
Henry Hein Jr. (living) m Janice Varner, Susan Hein (living) m Wesley Hendrickson 

Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001
From: Dorothy Wear  Dwear28920@cs.com
Subject: Reuben Harlan query

Looking for any relations to Reuben Harlan, # 2729, page 613 of Harlan book. 
Mostly interested in connecting with family of the second marriage, Cynthia Darnell. Their two children, Reuben Smith and Martha Mattie Harlan are great-grandparents on both the maternal and paternal lines. Reuben Smith Harlan's grandson, Leo Harlan is my Dad, and Martha's granddaughter, Rose is my Mom. Odd to be cousins to both my parents.

---Dorothy Wear

Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 
From: sandyws2@aol.com
Subject: Harlan - Young Party

I have read the Harlan Wagon Train Story to California on the site and I was curious about the Young Party.  Any information on this family available? 


Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 
From: Sherrill Lombardi  sherrill@berkshire.rr.com
Subject: Ruth Harlan

I am trying to find  ANY  info for Ruth Harlan who married John Wroten about 1915-1916 probably in LA.  John Wroten was from MS and perhaps Ruth was also. Known children of John & Ruth are (1) Roy  (2)  "Buster" .  Ruth died and John remarried .
Will share what info I have (Wroten) as I have none for Ruth Harlan.
Thank you,
Please email me direct

Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 
From: Melissa A. Harlin harlin_m@lycos.com

I'm Melissa Harlin from Adair County Oklahoma and I'm looking for those who descend from George Harland- Ezekiel Harlan sr. 1679-1731 married Ruth Buffington - Ezekiel Harlan jr.1707-1754 married Hannah Osbern - Ellis Harlan 1732-1819 married Catherine Kingfisher - George Harlan 1779 married Nannie Sanders- Eli Harlan married Rachel Meanman- Ellis Harlan married Eliza Jane O'Bryant- Ellis Harlan 1831 married Sarah Brantley- George Harlan Sr. married Callie Jane Pruett. If anyone has pictures or anything about the family please contact me and just send pictures to my email.

 email harlin_m@lycos.com
If you would please share any information/ pictures you have, my Grandpa Harlin and I would greatly appreciate your valuable information on our family line. Thank you so much for your time and help.
Melissa A. Harlin 

Date: Sat, 26 May 2001 
From:  Mrs. Linda H. (Harlan) Howe   lhhhowe@yahoo.com
Subject: George Oscar Harlan

I recently discovered the Harlan Family web site.  I have been collecting bits of information, birth and death certificates and photos for years in preparation to do genealogy research when I retire. Several cousins on both sides of my family have also done a lot of work on their families.    My father, Hedric Howard Harlan and mother Frieda have both passed on and my grandfather George Oscar Harlan died of typhoid fever when my father was an infant.  Unfortunately I do not have much on the Harlan branch of my tree.  I have looked through the Harlan Family web site and do recognize many similar names but cannot make any connections.  I have information I am willing to share but I will need  some assistance making my connection.

I have found marriage certificates and several photos with notations on the back that might help in the search. 
My father:  Hedric Howard Harlan, born Pagosa Springs, (Archuleta), CO;  dob: Sept 28, 1913;  dod: Dec 30, 1978
His father:  George Oscar Harlan of Pagosa Spgs, CO, married Harriett Orill Dutton of Pagosa Spgs, CO, Dec 10, 1912.

I have a photo of the following;
1. George Oscars father "Grandpa" George Harlan
2. George Oscar's brother (my fathers uncle) Loni Harlan with son Garth B. Harlan, 29th Signal Platoon Air Base McChord Field, Washington. Photo was sent to my father from "Aunt Vera" possibly George Oscars sister.

Only other information is family stories about greatgrandpa George "A" Harlan, and a George Washington Harlan.  I do have relatives in the Reddings area of northern California and the others from southwestern Colorado. 

If anyone is interested is getting me started please contact me at the  my email address;      lhhhowe@yahoo.com
Mrs. Linda H. (Harlan) Howe

Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 
From: dorothy sperry  bobdot@dodgenet.com
Subject: Harlan Family Cookbook

Recipes are still needed for the Harlan Family Cookbook, to be released at the 315th Anniversary reunion in June, '02.  If you haven't already sent in several, please do so by June 15, if at all possible.
Please include your:
1) name and lineage, if known (use numbers as assigned in the Harlan Genealogy book, if possible, for brevity)
2) phone number or e-mail address
3) the recipe title
4) category of the recipe
5) list of ingredients (use abbreviations--c., pkg., tsp., tbsp., pt., qt., lb., oz., ctn., and do give weight or size of containers--manufacturers keep changing them!)
6) directions for assembling the recipe.  If appropriate, include oven temperature, baking time, and pan size.

Send to: Dorothy Harlan Sperry at  bobdot@dodgenet.com, or snail mail to:
726 Miller Dr., Fort Dodge, IA  50501.  Phone number is 515.573.4462.

Thanks a million!  My goal is to have 500 recipes, and we've got a ways to go!

Dorothy Harlan Sperry

Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 
From: Mary  lamp2@wirefire.com
Subj:  Elizabeth Harlan and James Martin Rea 

I am having difficulty finding any record of my G Grandmother Elizabeth Harlan's family.   She married James Martin Rea in Pleasants Co., WV June 21, 1897. 

 The 1890 Census record give her birth Mar. 1868 in OH. Most likely Washington, Monroe or Belmont Co., OH.

 Do you have any reference to any Harlan Family in OH in 1868?


Date: Thu, 3 May 2001
From: Tim Harland  T.Harland@cfertech.com
Subject: One of the few, in Canada!

Hello from Canada,

I have been contacted by a John Harland (no relation), from Kelowna B.C.. My name is Tim Harland, second generation in Edmonton Alberta. My father is Thomas Harland from Lurgan, Co. Armagh N. Ireland. He came out to Canada in 1948 and later one of his brother's, Richard Harland settled here after living in Australia and New Zealand.

My father's family has connections with Thompson's and Livingstone's in N.Ireland. The only thing known about his father / my grandfather, James Harland was that he was raised by two "aunts" in the Lurgan / Portadown area. Wild rumor had it he may have been a unplanned birth to the Harland's of Harland and Wolf shipyards. Other than that my father had 5 brothers all deceased now and 5 sisters still living with extended family in and around Lurgan.

My son, Matthew Harland is the 5 generation in the neighborhood in which we live. My mother's side started out with a Harry Taylor who came from England to Canada at the turn of the century settling in Edmonton to start a boat building business on the North Saskatchewan River.

Since then the family has owned the same property on the river and will be enjoying our 100th anniversary in the next few years.

Tim Harland

Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2001
From:  Dianne  Minney-Gammill     Minneytree@aol.com
Subject: Upcoming Harlan/Smith Reunion

I would like to see if you will post our Annual Reunion coming up in June.   It is June 3, 2001 at Clarksville, AR.  Descendancy reunion of Harlan/Smith families.  Annual reunion and should be a lot of fun, any one wanting  more information may contact me via email at minneytree@aol.com. 

      Dianne  Minney-Gammill 

Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 
From: Christine Layman  Ran57chero@aol.com
Subject: Querie: Samuel Harlan White Co Illinois...

I've just started searching for our Harlan ancestors.  This site is amazing! -and a bit overwhelming.  I am looking for the tree of Samuel Harlan born Aug. 1861 in Illinois married to Louisa Burrell in 1884.  He lived in Millshoals (according to the 1900 census), was a farmer, and later moved to Arkansas.  I would love to order your history books.  Can anyone tell me if this line is in the Red book before I order it?  Does anyone have a GEDCOM file for his line? 

Thank You for your time and effort!
Christine Layman

Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 
From: Beverly Josuttes-Harland  bsharland@sk.sympatico.ca
Subject: Still searching

Hi Everyone, I am still searching my Harland strand, which goes back to a George Harland b. 1860 married to Annie Jane Page and had siblings Henry (1847), William (1848), Frederick (1850), Emily (1852), and Edwin (1855).  They were all born to a Richard Harland b. 1824 married to Mary Ann Moore and had siblings Henry (1821), Mary Ann (1822), Eliza (1826),
Amelia (1828), and Jane (1830).  All of these were born to a William Harland which married Susannah Shenson

I also located a burial site of a May Adelaide Harland in Plumstead Cemetery in England who was a daughter of an Engineer.  Does anyone know where she belongs?  She was buried in an unpurchased grave along with other children.

I look forward to anyone responding.  Bye for now.

Bev Harland

Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 
From: Robert  Powers waltzinbob1@juno.com

First held in 1887
Where:  Blue Ridge Baptist Church, on FM-1771,  about 12 miles east of Marlin, TX.
When:  Sunday,  May 6,  2001, 
Time:  10 am until 3 pm. 
Henry Thomason ....moderator
10  am-  Welcome by ....J. R. Hunnicutt and  Response from ....Robert  Powers
10:15  am-  Worship with your favorite hymns and the pastor's sermonette. 
12  Noon-  Covered dish lunch and fellowship.  BRING a covered dish lunch. Drinks to be furnished.    Served under new metal pavilion. Restrooms avail. 
1:30  pm-  Resume worship with music and singing.
3  pm-  Dismissal with singing "God Be With You" 
All attendees are invited to sing and participate.and a tape player will be available. 
 Contacts-  Henry & Nancy Thomason   254-587-2037
 J. R. Hunnicut   254-587-2259   Robert Powers   254-662-4792

Church and cemetery founded in 1859 by George Harlan (1835-1919) and others on land from George's father, Dr. Isaiah Harlan (1798-1847), on land granted from Mexico. 

Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 
From: ONBARCLAY@aol.com
Subject: Carpenter Marsh Harlan

Information that I have indicates that the father of Carpenter marsh Harlan-- born in 1820 --was David Harlan of Chester County, PA who was born in 1767. This would have made him  (David) to have been age 53 when Carpenter was born and  63 when his last child was born .

I am trying to verify that this info is correct?  My ggrandmother was Emma Harlan, the daughter of Carpenter.

please e-mail me at onbarclay@aol.com

From: JHarlan62@aol.com
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 
Subject: Unstuck


You are no longer stuck.  Nannie Harlan, # 6407, daughter of # 2541 Silas Harlan and Isabella Polly (dau. James Polly and Priscilla Owens), married Eugene Wilson.  Nannie's father, Silas Harlan was the son of # 742 James Harlan and # 2352 Nancy Harlan (dau. of #705 George Harlan and Catherine Brown).  # 742 James Harlan was the son of # 199 James Harlan and Edith Howard.  # 199 James Harlan was the son and grandson of Aaron Harlan and Aaron Harlan.

This information is taken from Alpheus Harlan's book, "History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family" and is available on the Harlan Family web site if you would like to own it.

Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 
From: Carol  carol@dcsi.net
Subject: PICTURE

Hello Harlans,

I am searching for a possible tin type or photo of Mary Polly Harlan. Daughter of George Harlan#218 and Mary Wright. She was married to Peter LaBoyteaux Wimmer. Died in Missouri, in 1843 in a yellow fever epidemic.Would anyone have some idea, as to where a picture could be found?  Please contact me, if you have a source.
E-mail me at Carol@dcsi.net

Carol Stewart

Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 
From: David N. Bishop  dnbishop@bellsouth.net
Subject: Query re Samuel Harlan line

I am David N. Bishop, dnbishop@bellsouth.net.  I hope someone can help me with information related to Samuel Harlan who married Sarah Breede/Breed and Sarah Belew.  A number of his descendants married my relatives.  Anna/Annie Harlan married Thomas Wilbourn, son of Joshua
Welborn and Elizabeth Springer.  Joshua was a brother of Elijah Wilbourn, my third great grandfather [See below].  Also, I have a number of Belew (various spellings) and Springer relatives; in fact, several relatives have both Springer and Belew lines.  Below is a generation or
so of Avery information from my files (not personally proved) that I have annotated to explain my concern/question and also to explain some of my interests in the line.

Descendants of Christopher Avery

Generation No. 1

 1.  Christopher1 Avery  He married Prudence Payson.

Child of Christopher Avery and Prudence Payson is:
+ 2 i. Priscilla2 Avery, born April 29, 1715 in Groton, CT; died Aft.
August 28, 1786 in Washington Co., GA.

Generation No. 2

 2.  Priscilla2 Avery (Christopher1) was born April 29, 1715 in Groton, CT, and died Aft. August 28, 1786 in Washington Co., GA.  She married Joseph Breed June 02, 1737 in Groton, CT, son of John Breed and Mercy Palmer.  He was born October 04, 1708 in Stonington, CN, and died in Washington Co., GA.  [I also have a Palmer line.]

I show the wife of Joseph Breed as Priscilla Avery.  However, she is referred to as "Catherine" in the Harlan book by Alpheus H. Harlan (no last name given that I can find).  If anyone can verify who was Joseph’s wife (or wives), I would be most appreciative.

This very likely is the Joseph Breed who owned land in what is now Union Co., SC, then Craven Co, that adjoined Robert Bishop and land granted to William Bishop in 1773 by King George III [I have a copy of the grant]. One of Joseph Breed’s daughters, Sarah, married Samuel Harlan, who died in Union Co.  Also, the daughter of his daughter, Hannah, was born in Union Co.  It also is likely that this was the Joseph Breed who bought land in Green Co., GA, formerly Washington Co., GA, 24 Jan 1780, from Joseph & Elizabeth Ryley.  Witnesses to this sale were James Bishop & Daniel Chambers.

Additionally, Deed Bk FF, 28 Dec 1787, Wilkes Co., Wm Bishop & Jane, his wife, of Green Co., GA, to Joseph Breed of Wilkes Co., 150 A, part of 300 A beginning on dividing line agreed to by Byrd Pruitt & Joseph Breed, adj. Phillips, Miller, granted 6 May 1784.  [The Pruitts also intermarried with my Wilbourns.]

[I have been trying, with great difficulty, for a number of years, to prove the parents of my third great (paternal) grandfather, David Bishop, and I strongly suspect a connection with these Bishops of Union County.  David Bishop married Elizabeth Ogle, and I descend from their son William Allen Bishop, Sr.  Another son, John, married Jane Wilbourn, son of Elijah Wilbourn and Mary Roundtree, my ancestors on my mother’s side.  I descend from Jane’s brother William Sanford Wilbourn who married Nancy Burge.]

Children of Priscilla Avery and Joseph Breed are:
 3 i. Joseph3 Breed, Jr., born April 01, 1738 in Groton, CT; died Bef. May 1807 in Warren Co., GA.
+ 4 ii. Priscilla Avery Breed, born October 14, 1742 in Groton, CT; died 1808 in Barren Co., KY.
+ 5 iii. Nathan Breed, born August 10, 1755 in Groton, CT; died October 28, 1825 in Monroe Co., KY.
+ 6 iv. Sarah Breed, born in probably Union Dist., SC; died Abt. 1795 in Union Dist., SC.
+ 7 v. Hannah Breed.
+ 8 vi. Ann/Anna Breed, died Aft. 1813 in Union Dist., SC.

Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 
From: Ruth Harlan Lamb  Harlamb@aol.com
Subject: Benjamin Harlan

Regarding Judy Knight's inquiry of April 5, 2001, about Benjamin Harlan, the musician, information about him is under "Who's Who of Harlans".


Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2001 
From: Pauline Reed  readreed@oanet.com

I'm a direct descendant of Thomas Harland of Lurgan, N.Ireland  (son of James Harland b.1625 in Bishoprick, Durham, England).  I was born in Ireland, and my grandad was born in Lurgan.  Are there any of Thomas's line out there?  I will be visiting Lurgan in the summer of 2001 and hope to do some cemetery searching re headstones etc., of my ancestors.  Anyone interested in this information can contact me at:

Pauline Harland Reed

From: Nalrah@aol.com
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2001 
Subject: Re: Linda D. Latham (Idlatham@worldnet.att.net)
To: kh.munday@gateway.net

Hello, Kathleen   I do not have an address for Linda in our files. It's very possible that she switched to another server. I suggest that you post a message in our Message Pages in our site at  <A HREF="http://www.harlanfamily.org/">www.harlanfamily.org</A>  Please send that on to Pam Ellingson, our very gifted Webmaster at belling@ez-net.com 

The only charge for any of our "services" is a smile - no charge.  We request that you follow the format used in the Cousin Pages to cut down our work and well include you in the Cousin Pages

Welcome to the site  By the way, Do have a relative with the first name of Keith?  I knew a Keith Munday in Minneapolis about 25 years ago. Larry Harlan, Site Coordinator

You will recall that you wrote: 
 While I was reading some "old" Harlan Messages, I discovered one that included all my ancestors.  I sent an e-mail to Linda D. Latham at Idlatham@worldnet.att.net, but it was returned as "un-deliverable".  Her message asked about Ernest Harlan, her great-grandfather, who was my 
half-uncle.  Do you have a current address for Ms. Latham that you could furnish me?

What is the procedure and cost of putting my name in the Harlan Cousins pages? 

I would appreciate a reply to the above.  Many Thanks!

 Kathleen Harlan Munday 

Date:  04/03/2001 9:17:05 PM Central Daylight Time
Subj:    The End of an Era

News from Martinsburg, WV

The McMurray family who own Spring Hill, George 45's home, announce the death of Margaretta Douglass ("Dougie") Harlan at 89 on March 28, 2001. She was the last of this branch of the family to have the Harlan surname. Harlan Homecoming in 1998, a reunion of Harlan relatives, was put on largely for her.

 In addition, her first cousin, Ida Lefevre Snyder, daughter of Amelia Keerl Harlan Lefevre, died in September 2000 at the age of 84. Both  women were the granddaughters of George Boyd Harlan, great grandson of George 45. 

Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2001
From: Judy Knight    jkknight@usmo.com
Subject: Benjamin Harlan

Our choir special last Sunday was written or arranged (not sure which) by Benjamin Harlan.  Would anybody know if he's "one of us?"

Just curious.  Thanks for any info I get on this!

Judy Knight

Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2001 
From: Lauren Lavine  PUFFIN6001@aol.com

I beleive my Great Grandmother was Nannie Harlan B. 1865 D 1888 She married Eugene Wilson I can not find any information about her. They had 1 son (my Grandfather his name was Elvyn Harlan Wilson) B 1884 His father died when he was 3 years old and his mother died a year later he was raised by an aunt I know he lived in Iowa. Nannie's parents were Silas Harlan and Isabella Polly. If anyone has any information about this I would really appricate it I am stuck. 

Thanks Lauren Lavine 

Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 
From: Linda McManus  mcmanus@zoomnet.net


My name is Linda McManus. I have been researching the Osborn family of Chester County Pennsylvania for several years and also the Harlan family. I found your site and the marriage of George Harlan and Elizabeth Duck. Although the marriage took place in Ireland, resources indicate that the Harlans were from England. Peter Osborn m. Judith Duce/Deuce/ and some say Bolin. They came from England to Pheladelphia ca 1712. There is information on them on the net. I find that the Harlans are intermarried with the Osborns, Lambs, Hodgons/Hodsons in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio, and other Quaker communities. Could it be possible in the transposing of the marriage of Geoge and Elizabeth Duck's wedding, that she was a Duce, rather than a Duck? 

Thanks for your assistance, Linda

Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2001 
From: DianaEdmonds  galea@cornhusker.net
Subject: Harlan and Young?

I have been trying to trace my roots. Called my family and asked for my Grandmother's parents. Anna Young. and all they gave me me was a list of Harlan names.
Ellis Harlan-6 sept 1804    Anna July 1807
Joshua Harlan  2-12 1780  married to Elizabeth Hammer  8 Nov 1816
Ivy Harlan  1857.
Eliz Harlan  William Billings  June 14, 1829

Do you see any that links up to Youngs. Would also like some info on these people because I was told they are related to me.

 My Grandmother was born in Oregon.Ann Young. I belive her Grandparents were Young. Can get no info on them at all. She married William Parks in Oregon. My Grandmother was born on Feb 29, 1892.  Father may have been Milton Young.

Thank You Diana 

Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2001
From: John Harlan john.harlan@harlanlawfirm.com
Subject: Death of Connie Harlan

I am sad to inform you of the death of my mother, Winifred A. "Connie" Harlan, wife of Lowell B. Harlan and mother of John L. and Linda K. Harlan. She died in Alexandria, Virginia on February 27, 2001 due to congestive heart failure.  She had been ill for two years.  Connie attended the 300th and 310th reunions, as well as traveled in 1994 and 1998 to England.  She greatly enjoyed travel with the "group" and the reunions.  Her last one was in Indiana last July.

From: Larry Harlan  Nalrah@aol.com
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2001 
Subject: Tom and Marylee and the Seattle earthquake

All of us were concerned over the well being of Tom and Marylee Harlan who live in the Seattle area and were very relieved to learn that they are both fine. Their damage mainly was the loss of stemware but their home apparently suffered no damage.

Were so glad to hear that you both are fine!

Thanks Tom and Marylee for your e-mail and the good news!

From: Larry Harlan  Nalrah@aol.com
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2001 
Subject: Messages - Harlan Wallpaper

If you own a PC computer you may want to try adding the Harlan logo to your opening screen as you start up your computer.  You may do so bring up the Harlan Home Page and then by placing the mouse arrow over the family logo and clicking the right button of your mouse.  Then select "Set as Wallpaper".  That should be all that is necessary.

You do have one other option to consider and that is you may display the logo as one large image ( which I prefer) or you may select many images of it as tile.  You can select your preference by clicking on the following settings of your computer.

Select in the following sequence:  Control-Settings-Control Panel-Display- then you may choose-Tile or Center. I'm not guaranteeing that this will work in all cases but suggest that you do try it; I think it's worth looking into. 

Larry Harlan

Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2001 
From: Beverly Josuttes-Harland  bsharland@sk.sympatico.ca

The information I am researching is "Harland", and below is what I know:

Edwin Norman Harland - born in 1882 in Kent England - died Sept.23,1970
He was born to George and Annie Jane Page - George Harland was born in 1860 in Kent, and died in 1987 in Mottingham.  His parents were Richard Harland who was married to Mary
Ann Moore.

 Edwin Norman had siblings: Helena Annie (1878 Kent), Frederick George (1880 Kent, who supposedly was raised by their Gramma Eleanor Page...Annie mother), Maude Mary (1881,
Kent) who married a William Morris and had six kids (I do have the name of these kids, and who they married and their offspring, but I do not know which country they are in).  Jessie Alice (1884, Kent) supposedly came to Canada but was believed to die of a broken heart?? Lillian E who married a fellow with the last name Aston (1887, Hatcham), who is turn has two sons:  Ronald (supposedly married an Evelyn, and Norman),Grace E (1889, Kent), who had one daughter named Evelyn, Florence (1895) who was never married (supposedly June MacNab had contact with her, but no longer has the information), Leonard (1897), who supposedly died at infancy, actually the same year as their father George.   From all of these siblings, Frederick is the only one who would have had the opportunity to continue our Harland name.  There are rumours he came to Canada, but to determine this one has to go through all the immigrant ship lists, a rather lengthy process.

 Edwin's dad George C. (1860, Lewisham Kent), had siblings: Henry Richard (1847, Kent), William Alfred (1848, Kent), Frederick (1850,Kent), Emily Susanah (1852, Kent), Edwin James
(1855, Kent).

 George and his siblings were born to Richard Harland and Mary Anne Moore.  Richard had siblings: Henry, Mary Ann, Eliza, Amelia, and Jane. Supposedly there are more, but I have yet to determine these.  Hopefully the girl in Australia will contact me.  These children, including Richard, had parents William Harland and Susannah Shenson. William could have been born approximately 1798 in St. Werburgh, Kent, England.  Him and Susannah could have been married around 1823.

Oooops, I just got some more information  however it shows discrepencies with William as to his married date, etc.

b.      1783 (Deptford Kent England) HARLAND
d.        07/1832 Frindsbury, Kent, England)
m. 06/03/1808 (Charlton Kent England)

 b.  1787 (Deptford Kent England) SHENSON   d. 29/07/1860

HARLAND John  c. 01/01/1809 (Deptford Kent England)
HARLAND Edward  c.       1810 (Deptford Kent England)
HARLAND Susannah  c. 01/06/1811 (Lewisham Kent England
HARLAND William  b. 14/11/1813 (Lewisham Kent England)
HARLAND Ann  c. 24/12/1815 (Lewsiham Kent England)
HARLAND James  c. 25/01/1818 (Lewisham Kent England)
HARLAND Henry  c. 11/11/1821 (Hoo Kent England)
HARLAND Mary Ann  c. 17/11/1822 (Hoo Kent England)
HARLAND Richard c. 11/07/1824 (Hoo Kent England) - our strain
HARLAND Eliza  c. 12/03/1826 (Hoo Kent England)
HARLAND Amelia  c. 25/05/1828 (Hoo Kent England)
HARLAND Jane  c. 25/04/ 1830 (Hoo Kent England)
HARLAND Maria  c.  07/07/1832 (Frindsbury Kent England)

 Thank you muchly and I anxiously await your reply...
 Bev Harland >>

Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 
From: Beverly Josuttes-Harland bsharland@sk.sympatico.ca
Subject: Harland Information

Hi everyone ... I have found a bit more information on my family and I was woundering if any of these inidividuals rung a bell with you.  Perhaps if these do ring a bell, would it be of interest for me to get a hold of the Harland book? 

 My husband comes from Edwin Norman Harland who was born in Kent England Dec. 10, 1882. He had 8 siblings of which we know nothing about (we thought there were none), until lately we got some names and dates but do not know how to find their offspring.  They were Helena Annie, born in 1878 in Chislehurst, Kent England; Frederick George, born in 1880, also Chislehurst (the only one from our strand that would have produced the Harland name); Maude Mary, born in 1883, in Do Kent, and married William George Morris and had six children; Edwin Norman born in 1882 in Chislehurst (he is my strand) and married Maude Mary Westcott (they emmigrated to Canada, had two boys); Jessie Alice, born in 1884 in Do Kent, supposedly came to Canada; Lillian E, born in 1887, and became a Mrs. Aston, who supposedly has offspring in London; Grace E. born in 1889 in Do Kent, had one daughter; Florence E., born in 1895, but never married; and Leonard born in 1897, but died as a child.  The details I have stated is absolutely all I know. 

These individuals were born to George (born in 1860, died in 1897) who was married to an Annie Jane Page (daugher of Eleanor Page .... Eleanor supposedly raised George and Annie's first son Frederick?). George parents were supposedly a Richard and Mary Ann Moore.  George had 
siblings:  Henry Richard (born in 1847 Strood Kent), William Alfred (born in 1848 Strood Kent), Frederick (born in 1950 in Strood Kent), Emily Susannah (born in 1852 in Deptford Kent), Edwin James (born in 1855, Sydenham Kent), and finally my George (born in 1860 in Lewisham Kent) 

Richard was born in 1824, and died in 1896.  He was born to William and Susannah Shenson. 

Well that is it.  I was hoping to find some of Frederick's offspring (the one born in 1880). 

I would appreciate you replying to me, I am not sure if you can help me or not. 

Thank you muchly and I anxiously await your reply...
  Bev Harland 

Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 
From: Rhoades  crhoades@ruraltek.com
Subject: Aaron #41

If anyone has any definite information about the later years in South Carolina of Aaron and his wife Sarah Hollingsworth Harlan I would appreciate hearing from you.  All the Harlan book (page 38) says is: "Some years later he moved into Laurens District, SC and still later into Union District, SC.  Aaron was probably buried in the old "Harlan Grave Yard".  It is thought his wife died in Laurens District and was buried there.  Does anyone even know where the old "Harlan Grave Yard" is located?       Any information would be greatly appreciated. 
                                                            Cynthia Rhoades

Subject: Re: Armenta Mae Harlan Blankenship

 In a message dated 1/13/01 9:12:47 AM EST, wayne@morrisnet.net writes:

I regret to advise that Armenta May died on Thursday, Jan. 11, 2001.  Mae was born 15 February 1897 and died just a month short of her 104th birthday.

I will provide a copy of the obituary as soon as possible...

  Wayne Sampson 

Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2001 
From: Joseph Harlan  jharlan@inreach.com
Subject: Harlans in Yolo

I am researching my husband's family.  I can go back from his ggrandfather by means of the Harlan Family History Book.  I am going to purchase it as it is not accessible through our library.  What I would like to know is if it will give me the newere generations of Harlans that descended from Joseph Helm Harlan (m Grace Barnes in Yolo Co Calif somewhere in the mid 1800's)  I have the names of their children and spouses, thanks to John Harlan, but am at a standstill except for some of the dates of death.  If the book does not go further than this generation is there someone who can help me.  My husband's grandfather was married twice and I can find nothing on the first family, nor much about the grandparents.  I am looking for addresses so that I might write to family members, especially that of Burnell Harlan of Woodland.  Woodland is not to far from where we live and I am promising myself that this year I will use the historical society there as the original ranch is still a working enterprise. 

Thanks for any info or directions.  Sue Harlan  jharlan@inreach.com

Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001
From: Heather Harlan  105323.3674@compuserve.com

Hi. My name is Heather Harlan. I live in New York City. (No, I am not the Heather Harlan who married Tony Randall)  I am trying to get information about Kenneth Harlan, my  father. He died when I was very young (around 1971) and was originally from Des Moines, Iowa, but later lived in NY where he married my mother.  He was a basketball player and almost went pro. I don't know anything else. Are any of his relatives out there? If so, please contact me. 


Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 
From: Hill, Ed  ed@hill-ky.org

I am looking for information on Irene Harlan who married Kennon Valentine Rothschild.  They had at least one daughter, June Irene Rothschild.  Irene is believed to be the daughter of Thomas Bartlett Harlan (b. 1868 in Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY) and the granddaughter of  Thomas Jefferson Harlan (b. 1834 Albemarle Co., VA) and Zilpha W. Bartlett. 


Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001
From: KenyaMK@aol.com
Subject: Harlans from W.Va. or W.Va. moved to MI

I am interested in finding information on Harlans in W.Va. who have moved to Michigan.  I have found a few but am interested in finding more.

Donna Harlan

Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001
From: JHarlan62@aol.com
Subject: Francis M. Harlan

Francis M. Harlan, # 7147, son of #2834 Joseph Harlan and Sarah Kempton, married Mary Oldfield, 9-9-1856.  Francis was the second of ten children.  This information was taken from the Alpheus Harlan book, "History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family."

Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001
From: JHarlan62@aol.com
Subject: Samuel C. Harlan

#3294 Samuel C. Harlan, b. 12-14-1820, d. 10-7-1895; married (1) Elizabeth Barber; (2) Phebe Armitage; (3) Julia Parkhurst.  Samuel was the son of Joseph Harlan (#1031) and Hannah Pierce, daughter of Caleb Pierce and Pricilla Wickersham.  Joseph's second wife was Mary Ann Barber, dau. of Isaac Barber and Alice Shore.

#3294 Samuel C. Harlan had five children but only the first was born to Elizabeth W. Barber.  #7822 Willis Barber Harlan was four years old when his mother died.

This information and much more is available from the Alpheus Harlan book, "History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family."  That book is available on this web site by clicking stores.

Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 
From: John German  german@jarman.net
Subject: Alpheus Harlan's sources

Has Alpheus Harlan's source material, letters, notes, etc, been preserved? If the collection exists, is it accessable? Where?

Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001
From: "joseph harlan" jharlan@inreach.com

I am looking for descendants of Victorine Harlan m Stephen Sill, Wm C Harlan m Lena Barnes, May G Harlan m Richard Brown, Joseph L Harlan m Mabel Smith, Claude B Harlan m Grace Deaner.  My husband's grandfather was Wm C but from his second marriage to Elva Harris.  I can come up with some dates of this generation, but do not know the children, grandchildren etc.  This group were siblings from Yolo Co Calif.  Their mother and father were Grace and Joseph Harlan.  Grace's maiden name was Barnes. 

Thank you, Sue Harlan 

Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001
Subject: Reunions

If anyone has plans for a Harlan Family Reunion please send the information to Tom Harlan at: mltharlan@aol.com

Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 
From: Karen Henry and Mike Jolley jolhen@xprt.net
Subject: Wilson Barber & Samuel C.

I am looking for ancestry information on my GGG Grandfather Wilson B.Harlan.  He was a Civil War Vet from Minnesota.  His family was Quaker so they were against this. He was also a member of the first Montana legislature from Missoula County, and a Montana homesteader.  His
parents were Samuel C. Harlan and Elizabeth Barber, but that is all the information I have.

If you have any info email me at jolhen@xprt.net

Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 
From: rround  rround@email.msn.com
Subject: Susan Mary Harlan

Just found this page.  I am interested in information on Susan Mary Harlan ancestors. I've just started researching this branch.  She was born about 1862.  I don't know where.  She married Isaac Turnmire in 1880 and Cal Sears 1885 in Putman County, Missouri.  I think her parents are Francis Marion and Mary Harlan.  All are buried in the Cox Cementery, Adair County Missouri. Please email me at rround@msn.com  with any information on this family.

From: Larry Harlan  Nalrah@aol.com
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 
Subject: Burt and Enos Lackey of Ohio

Attention: Pat Hormell 
Your ancestors are, indeed, in the Harlan genealogy book, in fact, there are 27 Lackeys listed in the index of the Harlan book. 

The information in the book is somewhat different from the lineage that you listed.  It shows that your hubby's grandfather, Bert L., was born 6, 15, 1872 but at the time the information was collected, he was not married so his wife's name is not shown.

His father was Ellworth E. # 5797 and was born 9, 30, 1844, m. Laura Sellers, b. 3, 20, 1848. They had three children; Walter, Raymond L., and Bert L.

Ellsworth's father was Enos Lackey #2267, b. 10, 21, 1802 who married Matilda Irwin, b. 9, 9, 1806, she d. 12, 11, 1881 near Lebanon.  They had 14 children, all born in Warren Co., Ohio.

Enos' mother was Sarah Harlan # 674b. 6, 5, 1774, who married Richard Lackey, 
b.11, 3, 1779, d. 4, 3, 1848 on his farm in Warren Co.  His father's name was Thomas Lackey, a farmer in Fayette Co., Pa.

Sarah's father, as you indicated was George Harlan # 180, whose father was George, Sr. # 37.  Then comes Aaron # 8 and then George #3 as you mentioned.

I hope that this clears up a few things for you.  Since you are certainly a "cousin" would you care to be listed in the Cousin Pages of this site?

Larry Harlan

Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 
From: bagar@simcoe.net (Bernice Agar)
Subject: Abraham Harland

Abraham and Anne Johnson emigrated to Canada in the late 1800`s to Markham Township, Ontario. I believe they came from Blacktoft, Lincolnshire. Does anyone have a connection to these people?

Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 
From: Larry Harlan  Nalrah@aol.com
Subject: Cornelius V. Harlan

Well, I stand corrected.  Right after sending my e-mail to you I took one more look at the Harlan Genealogy book and did find you Roscoe and Cornelius.  But the were switched from what you had indicated.  According to the book:

Cornelius V. Harlan # 2520, b. 8, 30, 1834 in Darke Cty, Ohio, d. 12, 13, 1900 in Union City, Ind.  Married Elizabeth Tillson, b there 3, 14, 1836; d. 9, 30, 1864, daughter of Isaiah Tillson, 
b 8, 8, 1801 and Hannah Stuart, b 9, 3, 1803.
# 6383  Josephine, b 7, 26, 1855, m. Jesse Brown
# 6384  Roscoe M., b. 4, 23, 1858 in Darke County, M. Blanch Boughton
# 6385  Mahala Eldora, b. 2, 16, 1862 in Darke Cty, M. J. O. Sackman

Again, all of this information is contained in the Harland genalogy book offered in the site at the Store-Book pages at  http://www.harlanfamily.org/  Harlan Family In America Site.  His 
ancestors are also listed going back to Jacob # 740, James # 199, Aaron # 41, Aaron # 8 and finally #3 George and James, # !.

Hope that this helps.
Larry Harlan 

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