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July - September 2000

Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 
From: Marjory Harlan Sgroi ASHDRYE@aol.com

Notice to all Harlans with wander-lust:  Would you like to participate in a trip back to England (and perhaps Ireland, too) next May?  We have been notified by Erasmus Harland of Yorkshire, England that the City of Scarborough plans to erect a plaque at the Harland House in Newborough (home of William Harland 1787-1866) on May 5, 2001.  He thought this will be an event that we might like to attend.  So far, Erasmus, who is devoting much of his energies to researching the Harland family in that area, has not established a proven link between our ancestors and his, but his extensive research certainly points to strong connections.  For those of us who were on the last Harlan trip to England and Scotland in 1998, we all remember meeting Erasmus and his wife near their home in the Harland Moors.

If there is enough interest in traveling again to our ancestral roots, we will plan another trip back to our homeland in England, including attending this plaque placing next May.  Our trip would include travel from London through the Cotswolds north to Yorkshire and certainly attendance at a Sunday service at Monkwearmouth, the site of George's baptism.  As on our prior trips, there will also be lots of special events along the way.

If you are interested in joining a group for traveling to England, would you please communicate this to me at my e-mail address:ashdrye@aol.com or by phone at 1-800-785-7785.  Please let me know -- if you were to go with with us to England -- would you also be interested in traveling to Northern Ireland to visit the family Quaker church in Lurgan -- their departure site for the Americas.  In order to plan the trip, we need to have your feedback no later than October 15th.  We look forward to meeting you and traveling together back to our roots -- a trip for both first time travelers and those who have traveled with us on earlier trips back to the motherland.

---Marjory Harlan Sgroi

Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 
Subject: In Memorium: Jeanette Harlan Rodriguez

I am sorry that I send news of the passing of my  Aunt, Jeanette Harlan Rodriguez, born April 23, 1905 and a member of the Ninety-Plus Club. She died Aug. 17, 2000, in San Antonio, Texas. Her father was Nat Field Harlan, grandfather, James Wesley Harlan (# 3148) and great-grandfather James Madison Harlan (# 896).

 She was preceded in death by her husband William and two sons. She is  survived by three daughters, two sons, twenty-two grand children and  twenty-two great grandchildren. The last living Harlan of her generation in our immediate family. She will be greatly missed. Our thanks to you for  remembering her on her birthdays. She was very proud of her family  background and being included in the Harlan Family Organization.

---Yolanda Guerrero 

Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 
From: John L.  Harlan   JHarlan62@aol.com

Your great grandmother, # 6129 Mary Jane Harlan (p. 550), married Joseph J. Barton 9-1-1885, and they resided at Bartonsite, Hale County, TX, in 1912, when Alpheus Hibben Harlan's book addressed their lives.  You need a copy of his book.

Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000
From: John L.  Harlan   JHarlan62@aol.com

# 9422 Mary Malinda Harlan, b. 5-31-1854, dau. # 4643 Stephen Harlan and Dosia A. Johnson, married Jacob B. Fox, a jeweler and son of John Fox (a miller) and Margaret Wycoff, at Richland, IA, on 11-3-1872.  Jacob Fox lived at Brighton, IA, at the time of the marriage.

Their children included Edith Frances Fox who m. Clark Trafton; they have eight children, Clark Fox, Edith Fox, Rexford Fox, Rosswell Fox, Cedric Harlan Fox, Ruth Edith Fox, Duard Clark Fox and Grace Olive Fox.

This information is from page 823 of "History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family," available on this web site from stores.

Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000
From: Von and Pat allred36@brightok.net
Subject: Harlan Woman

I'm looking for the identity of a Harlan woman who married a Jacob Bruce Fox.  I don't have any dates but I do know that Jacob was a veteran of the Cival War, union army.  They had two children, Olive Harlan Fox and Bruce Fox.  Olive Harlan Fox married William Chirst a veteran of WWI and had three sons, the eldest of which was William Harland Christ.  Bill Christ was my father and all the family on the side is gone now.

Any info sure would be appreciated....
Patricia L. Christ Haverland

Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000
From: Terry Barton  barton@globalslp.com
Subject: Mary Jane Harlan (1866-1946) 

I found your site today while searching for leads on my family line.  It appears that I have probably found the right place, but I would appreciate some confirmation, if possible.

Mary Jane Harlan (5 July 1866-24 Aug 1946) was my great grandmother.  She married Joseph James Barton on 1 Sep 1885 in Branchville, Milam Co. TX.  Her parents were Alpheus Harlan and Margaret Powell.

My great-grandparents were early settlers on the Texas High Plains after the Commanches were subdued.  Their house ("The Barton House") has been moved to The Ranching Heritage Center at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas, where it is the centerpiece of a wonderful outdoor museum.

Assuming that you can confirm that I have found the right Harlan family, I have two questions: 
1) Is there a place where I can obtain a gedcom or TMG file of the Harlans? 
2) Will I need to buy both the Alpheus Harlan reprint and the Texas Red Books to get the complete history?

thanks,  Terry Barton

From: Nalrah@aol.com
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 
From:Cathy Dixon  laughnwolf@email.msn.com
Subject: Leon Blackburn Harlan

Looking for information on Leon Blackburn Harlan born Jan. 22 1899 who is my Grandfather. I don't know what state he was born in. I do know  that he had a least two sisters Ira and Ora, and a brother name Floyd or Loyd.  I was told that my family comes from the Kentucky Harlans, but can't seem to find the direct links. 

----Cathy Dixon

Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 
From: JHarlan62@aol.com
Subject: Willie Nelson query

I found seventeen NELSON entries in the Harlan book, but not one Willie and no "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain."

Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 
From: Iris Harris irisharris@juno.com
Subject: RE: Stephen Combs Harlan

Thank you very much for the information on Stephen Combs Harlan.  Hope to get to visit the cemeteries.

Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000
From: Dawn Wesche Manwell  KenyaMK@aol.com
Subject: Harlans in Michigan?

Wondering if there is anyone with information on Harlans in Michigan.  I was 
born to a woman with the last name of Harlan in Detroit, 4/15/66.   I am very 
curious to know my birthfamily.

Any information would be appreciated!

Dawn Wesche Manwell

Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000
From: John L.  Harlan   JHarlan62@aol.com
Subject: Stephen Combs Harlan

# 2740 Stephen Combs Harlan was buried in Owensville Burying Grounds in Gibson County, IN.  His wife of 25 years, Mary Bybee, is buried in Sulphur Lick Burying Grounds (dau. John Bybee and Elizabeth Kelley) in Monroe County, KY.

Stephen Combs Harlan subsequently married (2) in 1-7-1851, # 2735 Alvira J. Harlan.  Alvira is bur. in Baptist Church Burying Grounds, Putnam County, IN.  She was the dau. of # 799 Aaron Harlan and Nancy Combs.

Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2000 
Subject: Harlans and "Willie" Nelson

Has anyone heard of any connection between the Harlans and the Nelsons (as in Willie Nelson)?

Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000
From: Iris Harris irisharris@juno.com

I am trying to find where my gr gr gr grandfather Stephen Combs Harlan #2740 is buried.  My information is he died 1867 in Gibson County, Indiana.  Would like to know city and cemetery if possible.  Answer irisharris@juno.com   Hope someone can help. 

Thank you.  Iris F. Harris

Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000
From: Kerene Cogan Kerene@Home.com
Subject: Family research

Hoping someone can help me trace my branch of Harlans. Name: Kerene Ruth, daughter of Kenneth George Harlan Jr. born Idaho 3/18/1917 and Irene Guske born Washington State 3/2/1920.  Grandfather Kenneth George Harlan Sr. Born? Where? Married Ruth ? I know nothing else except my grandfather was big in Oregon politics in 1930's> Would love any help
in tracing which branch of family I'm decended from..Email: ladybuick@Yahoo.com. 

Thanks so very much....

Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 
From: John L.  Harlan   JHarlan62@aol.com
Subject: Charter

Here are three hyperlinks that will take you to: 

Colonial Hall: The Biographies of the Founding Fathers

Colonial Hall: The Biographies of the Signers of the Articles of Confederation

Colonial Hall: The Biographies of the Signers of the United States Constitution

John L. Harlan

Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 
From: John L.  Harlan  JHarlan62@aol.com
Subject: Ann Harlan Robinson

The Gregg family has three columns in the index of Alpheus Harlan's book, "History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family," and to say they are a large part of Harlan family history is probably an understatement.  Ann Robinson, #55, did in fact marry Samuel Gregg, but her brother, George Robinson, #54, married Hannah Gregg.

You wanted to know about Ann and Samuel.  Samuel was the son of John Gregg and Elizabeth Cooke.  The children of Ann and Samuel included #239 Betty, #240 Sarah, # 241 Samuel. 
#242 Mary, and #243 John.

The book referenced above has the children of the Robinson children listed in the above paragraph and it has a section devoted to the significant Gregg 

The book is available on the Harlan family web site from the menu click the store.

John L.  Harlan 

Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 
From: Fred Harlan GOSTEELERS@prodigy.net
Subject: Harlan Book

The fascinating and historical book "California '46 to '88" by Jacob Wright Harlan is online at the Library of Congress:  American Memory Collection.  Typing Harlan in the search space will result in an extensive list of items which can be viewed (including scanned images of correspondences between Richard Harlan and Thomas Jefferson).


Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2000
From: Erasmus Harland raz@gn.apc.org
Subject: Sir Edward Harland 

of Harland & Wolff.  He was born in Scarborough Yorkshirre. The Scarborough Council, have decided to put up a memorial plaque at 10 Newborough. This will be done next May -he was born 5/5/1831. At present the council is researching memorabilia to display such as the steam road car built by his father, and also models of ships built by Harland & Wolff. I'll keep you in touch with developments. 141
14----Erasmus Harland

From: Floozie479185599@aol.com
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 
Subject: Looking for information on following

Joseph D. Harlin, DOB Feb 1854, Alabama; M:    Margaret Meeks, dob:About 1855 in Georgia. dau of Sarah Meeks.  Dom  21 Aug 1880, Coweta Co., Ga.
Children: Richard Harlin, 28 May 1873-8 May 1940 died Henry Co., Ga.
Spouse: Minnie Arah Landrum, dom    13 Nov 1989,    COWETA CO., GA

1.2 Louella Harlin; 17 Dec 1882-12 May 1916 died and burried in Forrest Park, Clayton co.,GA.
Spouse: Charles Daniel Bartlett Sr; 15 Jun 1881 in Coweta Co., GA; Son of Hayward Ruffin Bartlett & Sarah Margaret Wilson dom 16 Dec 1900, Coweta Co., Ga

1.3 Ozella Harlin; dob May 1884  m/ A. R. Belcher dom 16 Dec 1900 Coweta Co Ga

1.4 Henry R. Harlin dob Mar 1887
 Spouse: Nora A.

1.5 George Harlin, Birth Date: 17 Jul 1888, Birth Place:    Annistin, AL
Death Date: Dec 1972

1.6 Minnie Harlin, Birth Date: 4 Feb 1890, Birth Place:    Coweta Co., Ga.
Death Date: Oct 1963, Death Place:    Carroll, Co., Ga
Spouse: Britton A. Meeks, Marriage Date:  1903, Marriage Place: CARROLLTON, CARROLL CO., GA.
Children:   Viola Harland, Tiny Lee

1.6.1 Viola Harland Meeks, Birth Date: 8 Mar 1906, Birth Place:    Alabama
Death Date: Aug 1983, Death Place:    Carrollton, Carroll Co., Ga.
Burial Date:    31 Aug 1983, Burial Place:   Carrollton City Cemetery, Carrollton, Carroll Co., Ga.
Spouse: Aaran Hardegree, Marriage Date:  3 Jan 1922
Children:   1 UNKNOWN, 2 UNKNOWN, 3 UNKNOWN, Norman, Junior, Jerry 1 UNKNOWN Harlin, Spouse: Ruel Dewberry 2 UNKNOWN Hardegree, Spouse: George Walker 3 UNKNOWN Hardegree, Spouse: Gene Jiles Norman Hardegree Junior Hardegree Jerry Hardegree
1.6.2 Tiny Lee Meeks, Birth Date: 18 Feb 1912
Death Date: 19 Dec 0996, Death Place:    Carrollton, Carroll Co., Ga.
Spouse: Felton Puckett
Birth Date: 10 Oct 1906, 
Death Date: Mar 1981, Death Place:    Carrollton, Carroll Co., Ga.
Children:   Billy,  Joyce, Carol, Connie,  Randy Billy Puckett Joyce Puckett Carol Puckett Connie Puckett Randy Puckett
1.7 John Wesley Harlin, Birth Date: Jul 1892, Birth Place:    Bowdon, Carroll Co., Ga.
Death Date: Apr 1959
Spouse: Lizziw Adams, Death Date: 21 Feb 1968
Marriage Date:  14 Jan 1912, Marriage Place: CARROLL CO., GA
Children:   David Joseph

1.7.1 David Joseph Harlin, Birth Date: 26 Oct 1919
Death Date: 14 Dec 1970
Spouse: Irmas Lois Shellnut, Birth Date: 27 May 1918
Marriage Date:  3 May 1936
Children:   Ja Ann
     Alfred W. Ja Ann Harlin,  Birth Date: 13 Apr 1937, Birth Place:    Carroll, Co., GA
Spouse: A Price
Children:   Ronald Nathan,   Angelea Ronald Nathan Price Angelea Price  Alfred W. Harlin, Birth Date: 9 Mar 1939, Birth Place:    Carroll, Co., GA
Spouse: Linda D. Walker
Marriage Date:  2 Nov 1956
Children:   Wayne Wayne Harlin, Birth Date: 26 Sep 1940, Birth Place:    Carroll, Co., GA
Spouse: Sandra
1.8 Caroline Harlin
Spouse: Joe Honcutt

Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 
From: Kerene Cogan Kerene@Home.com
Subject: Harlans in Oregon, Washington,Idaho...

Am looking for any info concerning my Grandfather Kenneth George Harlan Sr. (birth place unknown) sons Kenneth George Jr. (my father) and Robert.

I know my dad was born in Idaho 3/18/1917. City unknown.  His Mother's name was Ruth. I know according to my dad that Kenneth senior was very involved in Oregon politics,set up one of the first public utilities commissions; was even talk of governor. Died ???  Would also appreciate any info even further back up the tree as i know very little of our branch...

thanks so much,
Kerene Harlan Cogan  (Daughter of Ken and Rene Harlan)

Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 
From:  Sara Jo Reynolds  familyquest@juno.com
Subject: George Harlan

I keep hearing about the document that George signed for William Penn.Does anyone have a copy of it? George was a signer of the Great Charter. Want to find out more. (Does anyone have any information on it?) 

I am doing two Harlan books from James to George to Aaron, Aaron, Aaron to Samuel to Amos Sr, my aunts/uncles and down.

 Sara Jo Reynolds

Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 
From: Donna Watson  Sweemarie@aol.com
Subject: James Carl Harlan 

Donna Watson at Sweemarie@aol.com is looking for a James  Carl Harlan born abt: 1858 ,  m: Mary Ellen ?  had a daughter named Mina Kate Harlan, they lived in Muhlenberg County, in Kentucky.  Does anyone have any information for her?

Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000

Hello there I would like to have anyone out here that as information on the Harlan Family that lived in Maryland,Havre de Grace in 1957. You see I was born a Harlan then I was adopted out to another family that changed my name. I no my whole name but not my parents whole name just that they were a Harlan. If anyone out here can help me it would  be highly appreciated. You can reach me at Tigger4jj4@yahoo.com   Bobbie is not my real name by birth.

Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000
From: Pam  Ellingson
Subject: Quaker Meeting House photos

Richard Huseth recently added another fantastic slide show of photographs-- Quaker Meeting Houses at: http://users.ev1.net/~rhuseth/QuakerMH/QuakerMH.htm
Several of the sections contain photographs of the memorial stones erected by the Harlan Family Association. The index also has links to Brandywine Creek and Scotland photographs.

Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 
From: Lottie Underwood  glunder@net-magic.net
Subject: HARLAND obituary 

I am curious to know if anyone has come across these people, while doing genealogy.  This is my Dad's obituary column.  He knew a lot of people from everywhere, there were around 800 people came to the funeral home, when he passed.  I also know that his birth certificate spells his name without the "d" on the end and I have some Uncles who do and some who don't use the letter "d"  My Dad spent several years in Northern IL., even worked at the University of Northern Illinois, for years.  He later moved to southern IL, and lived his remaining (31)years there.  I have very little history on my family, and would like to learn more.  Please email me, if you can help!!! Thanks, Lottie

Louis L. "Whitey" Harland
Born: August 21, 1936 - Died: July 20, 2000

Louis Leonard "Whitey" Harland, 63, of McLeansboro, died 10:07 p.m., Thursday, July 20, 2000, in rural Dahlgren.  He was born August 21, 1936, in Nashville, IL. to the late John L.Harlan and Etta D. (Cunningham) Vanover, Harlan, Higgs, French.  He married Lottie Dimple (Warner) Claxton of Chatsworth, Georgia. He later married Joyce (Underwood) Marvin, Jacobson, 
Harland who preceded him in death. He then married Ava (Stover) Guinn of McLeansboro.

Mr. Harland was a furniture salesman and worked in industrial recycling, with Harland Operations. He was a member of Hopewell Baptist Church. In addition to his wife, Ava, he is survived by one son, Louis F.Harland Sr. and wife, Ann-Marie of McLeansboro; three stepsons, Ron Guinn and wife, Diana of McLeansboro, Michael Marvin of Plano, Texas, Robert Marvin and wife, Betty Rhine of Benton; two daughters, Lottie and husband, Gary Underwood of Jacksonville, Fla., Melissa and husband, Marvin Miller of Dahlgren; two stepdaughters, Louella and husband, Larry Green of Centralia, Velma and husband, Frank Pennington Jr. of Norris City; one brother, John H. Harland and wife, Helen of Koshkonong, Mo.; one sister, Opal Prince of Carmi; six grandchildren; thirteen step-grandchildren; and eleven great-stepgrandchildren.

He was preceded in death by a wife, his parents, two brothers, and and four sisters. Funeral services were at 11:00 a.m. Monday, July 24, 2000. at Hopewell Baptist Church in McLeansboro. IL. Rev. Robert Sefried officiated. Burial was in Richardson Hill Cemetery, Dahlgren, IL.

Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 
From: DBGen@aol.com
Subject: George Harlan m. Elizabeth Duck

George (1648/49-1714) m. Elizabeth Duck (1660-1711) had a daughter:  Elizabeth Harlan b. 1694 d. 1712 m. Joseph Robinson.  They had daughter Ann Robinson 1712-1774 who m. Samuel Gregg (b. abt 1612-d.10 Sept 1767).  Ring any bells?

Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2000 
From: Jon Wilson  polarmag@worldnet.att.net
Subject: Peter Slider from Harlan genealogy

We seek help any information Peter Slider, husband Tacy Tucker Jones, of the Joseph Harlan line. Specific data or guidance appreciated. 

Thanks for your help,  Jon Wilson

Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 
From: JHarlan62@aol.com
Howard Harlan, #2262, attorney-at-law, born 9-17-1816, on his father's farm near the village of Ridgeville, Warren Co., Ohio; died 11-27-1868, Washington. D.C.; buried there in Rock Creek Cemetery.  Page 505 of the Alpheus Harlan book. "History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family."

Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 
From:  Miriam Blackburn    DJohn31548@aol.com
Subject: Aseneth Blackburn/Ezekiel Harlan(d) 

I am seeking information on descendants, if any, of Aseneth Blackburn and Ezekiel Harlan.   The information of their marriage comes from a deposition of her brother Benjamin in 1835  in which he states that his sister  Aseneth Blackburn married first Ezekiel Harlan  and was currently married (in 1835) to a Mr. Miller  and living near Lexington, KY.  The deposition did not give dates or locations for the marriages. Aseneth's sisters were married in the 1790's in Blount Co, TN. The Blackburns arrived in TN from the area of Winchester, VA  to Washington Co. NC (now TN) about 1773.   I do not know Aseneth's birth date so cannot make a guess about whether she married in VA or TN. I would appreciate any information or clue. Miriam Blackburn   .>DJohn35148@aol.com<

Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2000 
From: Leslie Potter  lbp@axs2000.net
Subject: Joseph Harlan of London Grove, Chester County, PA

I have looked at your web site and can not tell if you might be interested in this information.  However, I shall offer it to you any way.

I have been researching the descendants of Ester Brinton Willis of Thornbury Township, Chester County, PA.  In the course of this work I have accumulated information on the descendants of Joseph Harlan of London Grove, Chester County, PA,  through his daughter, Betty who married William Willis, the son of Edward Willis and Katherine Maris.  William Willis and Betty Harlan Willis later removed to York County. PA and Betty's children are well documented in the Warrington Monthly Meeting Minutes. (William Willis remarried after Betty's death and had more children by his second wife.)

If this material would be of interest to you let me know and I'll send you my file.

Leslie Potter

Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2000
From:  Rebecca Wood  rwood@meyersgroup.com
Subject: Ella Fisher - Charter Member of P.E.O.

My gggrandmother was Ella Fisher Godfrey of Des Moines, IA. Some old family letters I recently came across made mention that she was one of the founding members of P.E.O. Sisterhood at Iowa Wesleyan College in Mt. Pleasant. My grandmother, Helen Polk Miller, once told me that Ella was a college graduate, and had been a strong supporter of higher education for women all her life. Ella married Col. George Godfrey of Des Moines in 1880, and had two daughters: Annabelle, who married Grover Hubbell of Des Moines, and Arabelle (my great-grandmother) who married Jefferson H. Polk, also of Des Moines.

Another family member and I are trying to gather more information about Ella Fisher's life, whether or not she was a founding member of P.E.O., where she was born, who her parents were, etc., but haven't been able to find much information. A letter was sent to the P.E.O. in Des Moines, but have yet to hear from them.

When I came across the Harlan family website that referenced a connection to the P.E.O. founding at Iowa Wesleyan College, I hoped that maybe someone associated with the Harlan family could point me in the right direction.

Thanks for any assistance anyone can give!

Dr. Rebecca S. Wood 
The Meyers Group 
777 South Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 100 
Solana Beach, CA 92075 
(858) 792-8276 xt235

Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000
From: Rebecca L. Cooper  ole@gwtc.net
Subject: Mary J. Harlan 

Searching for the parents of Mary J. Harlan, born Aug 11, 1818 near Baltimore, Maryland. Moved with her family to West Virginia (Brooke County) at age 13. There, in 1830, she married A. S.Ryland and later moved to Van Buren County Iowa with him. Any info about Mary or her parents would be greatly appreciated. Mary is my GGgrandmother. 

Thank you, Becky    ole@gwtc.net

Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2000 
From: Larry Harlan  Nalrah@aol.com
Subject: Subject: Howard Harlan# 2262

In response your query, Howard Harlan AH# 2262, married to Minerva Zane Beyers, was born September 17, 1816 on his father's farm near the village of Ridgeville in Warren Co. Ohio.  He was an attorney-at-law.  He died November 27, 1868 in Washington, D.C. and is buried there in Rock Creek Cemetery.

He was first married to Caroline Beyers, b. 6, 15, 1830 in Youngstown, Westmoreland Co., Pa.  Caroline and Minnerva were sisters.

More information on his ancestors and children, Frances #5783, Zane # 5784, and Carrie E. 
# 5785 are in the Harlan Book by Alpheus Harlan offered in the Store-Book pages of this site.

Larry Harlan

Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2000 
From: John D. Sissom  jdsissom@juno.com

Hi Gang,
You are receiving this note because we have corresponded previously regarding HARLAN Research.  I had the opportunity to photograph some HARLAN graves in Illinois this past month and will offer a copy to whomever can use them.  Included are:

Rev. L. L. Harlan  1812 1893 Keller Cemetery
Elizabeth Smith Harlan 1812 1868 Keller Cemetery
Cassandra Josephine Harlan 1879 1880 Keller Cemetery
George Barton Harlan 1831 1884 Keller Cemetery
Sarah E. Harlan  1838 1905 Keller Cemetery [wife of GB]
Mary A. Harlan  1838 1875 Keller Cemetery [ch of LL & ES]
Mary A. Harlan  1876 1876 Keller Cemetery
Neal McConn Harlan 1823 1869 Keller Cemetery 
Nancy (?) HARLAN  1835 1926 Keller Cemetery [wife of Neal]
CPL Wm Harlan no dates Co "D" 122 Ill Inf Keller Cemetery 
Josiah G. Harlan  42 1880 Keller Cemetery 
Sarah E. Harlan 35Y1M10D 1876 Keller Cemetery [wife of JG]
Eliza J. Harlan   1844 Keller Cemetery infant

If you would like a copy of headstone, write John@Sissom.org and tell which one.  Do not reply to this.  I can supply short history of some of these.

John D. Sissom  -   John@Sissom.org

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