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Harlan Family Messages
April - June 2000

Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 
From: Shelby Elwood countryhrt12@yahoo.com

While on ancestry.com I looked into the Harlan name and seen the address for your site. I ck'd it out but really didn't get anywhere.

I have a Caroline "Carrie" E. Harlan d. of Howard and Minerva Zane Harlan of Marshall, IL. Caroline was born Sept. 20, 1860, in Marshall. She m. George Morris Gray on Nov. 23, 1881, in IL. I know Minerva was born Oct. 31, 1828, in Youngstown, PA. I don't know anything about Howard Harlan.

I would like to get info on this family, can you help?

Shelby Gray Elwood

Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2000 
From: GRODMANSR@aol.com

# 3 GEORGE HARLAN, m. Elizabeth Duck
# 5 EZEKIEL HARLAN, m.(1) Mary Bezer; m. (2) Ruth Buffington
# 20 WILLIAM HARLAN, m. Margaret Farlow
#115 STEPHEN HARLAN, m. Mary Carter
# 465 STEPHEN HARLAN, m. Alice Smith
# 1661 ELEAZER HARLAN, m. Rebecca Hodson
# 4650 ALPHEUS HARLAN, m. Narcissa West
# 9442 MELVILLE HARLAN, m. Mary Elizabeth Wicker
# -       DON H. HARLAN, m. Elizabeth Helen Shunk
# -        MARY ELIZABETH HARLAN, m. Glen Arnold Rodman

I would appreciate any contact with relatives of  # 4650 ALPHEUS HARLAN, b.11, 6, 1835, who married Narcissa West, and # # 9442 MELVILLE HARLAN, who married Mary Elizabeth Wicker.

Glen A. Rodman

Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2000 
From: Steven Smith <muchtodo4god@earthlink.net>
Subject: Harlans in the revolutionary war

Does any one know of any Harlans in the Revolutionary War.  Especially in the line of 
Thomas W. Harlan #1621.  And so on:

  • David Harlan #450
  • James Harlan #112
  • William Harlan # 22
  • Ezekiel Harlan #5
Thanks in advance for you input.

Date: Sat, 27 May 2000 
From:  Larry Harlan  Nalrah@aol.com
Subject: Historical Document Search

Do you have a Historical Document of your Harlan ancestors that you would like to share in this website?

If so, scan it, include a paragraph or two explaining it's significance and e-mail it to me.  Enlistment papers of the Revolutionary War would be a good example. In general, documents dated prior to 1800 should be considered of interest.  If you do not have a scanner, describe to me what the document is.  If we think that it would be of interest, we might ask you to copy it and send it to us by regular mail to be inserted in the Historical Document Pages of this site.

Let us see what your Harlan ancestors wrote down that would be of interest.

Larry Harlan  nalrah@aol.com

Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 
From: Chuck Timmmerman  chuk@softcom.net
Subject: SC connection

I'm trying to find clues for connecting my South Carolina ancestory to the HARLAN/HARLAND line.  I have copies of many reproductive 1700's books relative to wills, land transactions, etc....that list many individuals by names of BUFFINGTON, HARLAN, HARLIN...a few HOLLINGSWORTH....and even a Mrs. ?? DUCK; all centered in what originally was the 'Old' 96th District; then to Edgefield District; and now as Edgefield county.

Can anyone solidify for me that your individuals, which I see with many of the same names; and my referred to names.......are connected?

The similiarity is just too coincidental; so there must be some linkage.  There are some FTM files that reflect the connection; but would prefer more definitive responses before accepting the commercial version.

Thank you!  Please email direct to chuk@softcom.net, as I do not peruse your data that often.

Chuck Timmerman

Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 
From:  mharlin@mail.com

Does anyone have the same line?

William Harland
James Harland
George Harlan(d)
Ezekiel Harlan born 1679 married Rachel Buffington
Ellis Harlan born 1732 married Catherine Kingfisher
George Harlan married Nancy Sanders
Eli Harlan born 1802 married Rachel Meanman
Ellis Harlan  born 1831 married Eliza jane O'Bryant
Ellis Harlan  born april 28, 1862 married Sarah Brantley
George Harlan born 1888,married Callie Jane Pruett....

If anyone has the same line as I do please contact me. I would love to hear from you. Thank you.
e-mail me at         <mailto:mharlin@mail.com>

Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 
From: Becky  KEVBEX@aol.com
Subject: My Harlan(d) Line - Need help!

I received your e-mail from a nice lady named Esther, who was trying to help me on my Harlan line.  She suggested to e-mail you with my info and see if you could put it on the Harlan web page in the query area? I appreciate any help I can get.

Thank you very much,

i.  John HARLAN(D)  b. abt. 1790 in England  (listed on the 1850 Hancock Co., KY census; not listed on the 1860 census; assumed passed away before then. No wife listed with the family.)  Listed as a miner.
Children living with John in 1850 are:

1.  John HARLAN  b. abt.  1825 in England
2.  Thomas HARLAN  b. abt. 1829 in England
3.  Margaret HARLAN  b. abt. 1833 in England 
4.  Robert HARLAN  b. abt. 1836 in England
Marriage Records for Hancock Co. show:
1.  John HARLAN  m.  Ellen WILSON on March 22, 1852.  Thomas WILSON, father of young lady, gave consent in person.  Listed as a miner.
Children listed on the 1860 Hancock Co., KY census living with John and Ellen 
a.  John HARLAN  b. abt. 1854
b.  Thomas W. HARLAN  b. abt. 1860
3.  Margaret HARLAN  m.  Edward DAVISON on October 30, 1851.

4.  Robert Harlan  m.  Margarett BELL in November 1857.  Young man's parents 
being dead and having no guardian, consent was given by George BELL, next friend.  Lady of full age.  Married in Hawesville.

2.  Thomas Harlan(d) m.  Fannie RUTHERFORD   b.  abt. 1825 in England (cannot find marriage record, but this info was given to me by family members.  Thomas and Fannie show up on the 1870 Crittenden Co., KY census.  I believe Fannie was married to a Mr. WILKES as the first two children, A.G. and Willis W. are not Thomas' children.  According to the 1880 Ohio Co.Census, the first to children's last names were listed as WILKES.)  Listed as a miner.
Children were:

c.  A.G. WILKES (female)  b. abt. 1850 in Kentucky
d.  Willis W. WILKES   b. abt. 1857 in Kentucky
e.  Albert HARLAN   b. abt. 1864 in Kentucky
f.  Thomas C. HARLAN   b. abt. 1867 in Kentucky
g.  Fanny  HARLAN  b. abt. 1869 in Kentucky
h.  John "Jack" HARLAN   b. 9/24/1871 in Bells Mines, Kentucky 
(my gr.grandfather)  d. 2/26/1948 Ind.
f.  John "Jack" HARLAN m.  Anna GRAHAM on 7/11/1895 in Ohio Co., Kentucky 
            b. 1874   d. 1930
i.  Clifford R. HARLAN   b. 5/4/1902  d. 9/6/1947  m. Lovica B. FERRY 
      Children:  Carol; Robert; Donald; Paul
j.  Ruby HARLAN   b. 1904  d. 1961  m. Wesley VAN SANT
     Children:  Eula; Mima; Howard
k.  Gertrude HARLAN   b. 3/25/1912  d. 4/6/1987 (my grandmother) 
m. & divorced:  John STEVENSON
     Child:  Richard
  Gertrude m. Noel CRAIG on 11/14/1929
     Children:  Loren; Max; Jane; Rita
l.  Juanita HARLAN   b. 7/1917  still living  m. Curtis COMBS
     Children:  Debby; Dorothy; Brian

Date: Fri, 12 May 2000
From: Ruth Harlan Lamb Harlamb@aol.com
Subject: News item

Here is some information taken from the Business Browser portion of the business section of The Arizona Republic, May 11, 2000, edition. This is a significant historical and business event for our Harlan/Harland Family.

"The Belfast, Northern Ireland, shipyard that built the Titanic staved off closure Wednesday by winning a $480 million contract to build four vessels.  The Harland and Wolff shipyard said it signed a deal with Seamasters International of the Bahamas to design and build four passenger ships, with an option for two more." 

Date: Thu, 11 May 2000
From:  Sue  JHSHDH@aol.com
Subject: Extended deadline for summer orders

We have extended the date until May 25th for us to receive summer orders.  We will ship by 
June 15th.  We will plan on being closed from June 15th to August 1st. 

Harlan's Stitchery by Sue

Date: Sun, 7 May 2000 
From:  John L. Harlan  JHarlan62@aol.com
Subject: George Harlan House

According to the book, "Murray County Heritage," page 209, George Harlan, who 
married Anna May, was part Indian and had a large two story house and fine orchard, and a large herd of cattle.  Also on this farm was a fine spring coming out from a large limestone rock, which gave this area the name "Rock Spring."  The Harlans left for the West in 1834.  It is located about a mile north of the Harlan House on Federal Road.

There were other Harlans in Murray County but this is the only one with a history of a large house.

John L. Harlan

Date: Sun, 7 May 2000
From:  John L. Harlan JHarlan62@aol.com
Subject: Fwd: Jehu and Susanna 

I am forwarding the attached E mail as an addendum to a response that I made to Cathy because it goes beyond the information that I had and is entirely self explanatory.


From: "Neilla S. Banse" <gnbanse@nwidt.com> 
To: JHarlan62@aol.com 
Subject: Re: Jehu and Susanna 

In your response to Cathy regarding Jehu and Susanna, you mention the marriages of three of their children to Allens. Also Melissa Harlan, the daughter of  Sarah Harlan (who married Nace, but after Melissa's birth as far as we know) married another Allen sibling, Wesley Allen. Melissa was raised by her grandparents, Jehu and Susanna after her mothers death on the move to Iowa from Ohio. Actually, my grandparents always acted as though Melissa was another sibling child of Jehu and Susanna. Even the reunion book introduction, written in 1927 lists the four marriages, as though Melissa was a sibling and not a niece of the other three Harlans that married Allens. Hope this clears things up some. Neilla

Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 
From: John L. Harlan  JHarlan62@aol.com
Subject: Re: Jehu and Susanna 


#2865 Jehu Harlan was indeed married to the daughter of George Moore (a farmer) and Jane Stafford.  They both resided in Richland Co., Ohio, at the time of their marriage, but in 1855 emigrated to Butler Co., Iowa.  #2865 Jehu was the son of #822 Daniel Harlan and Esther Ford.  #822 Daniel was the son of # 212 Jehu Harlan and Sarah Johns.  #212 Jehu was the son of #45 George Harlan and Ann Hunt. #45 George was the son of #11 James Harlan and Elizabeth ?.  I am descended from # 45's older brother, #44 John Harlan.  #11 James Harlan was the son of 
#3 George Harlan and Elizabeth Duck.

This information is from the Alpheus Harlan book, "History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family," available on the Harlan Family web site.

John L. Harlan

Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 
From: John L. Harlan  JHarlan62@aol.com
Subject: Jehu and Susanna 


You inquired about the off spring of  # 2865 Jehu Harlan and Susanna Moore. They had ten children, as follows:

#7217 Sarah Harlan married George Nace; 
#7218 Jane Harlan Married Samuel Lockhart; 
#7219 Esther Harlan married Samuel K. DeArmoun; 
#7220 James Harlan married Matilda Crissinger; 
# 7221 George Harlan married Charlotte Stacy; 
#7222 Jehu Harlan married Isabella J. Hargrave; 
#7223 Elizabeth Harlan married Jonathan Allen; 
# 7224 Susanna Harlan married James W. Allen; 
#7225 Nathan Harlan married Jane Allen; 
#7226 Clarinda Harlan married Elias Belt. 
Three of the ten children married Allens.

John L. Harlan

Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000
From: John L. Harlan  JHarlan62@aol.com
Subject: George Washington Harlan 


# 8546 George Washington Harlan, son of #3927 William J. Harlan and Abbie Ann Kirk, b. 12-14-1847 at Philadelphia; m. 4-26-1878 at NYC, Gertie Jarvis, dau, James Jarvis;  or #6337 George Washington Harlan, b. 5-1-1858, Van Buren, Iowa, married Naomi L. Davidson;  or 
#6283 George Washington Harlan, b. 5-7-1875, in Randolph County, IN moved in 1875 to Oskaloosa, Iowa, then 1891 to Atlanta, GA; married Jennie Reed 1-1-1865 Keokuk, Iowa, dau. Alexander Reed;  or #2378 George Washington Harlan, b. 8-18-1825, married Mary Belle Milam, dau. Bartholomew Milam;  or #6838 George Washington Harlan, b. 2-20-1820, married Elizabeth Richardson Lawrence (these two are my gg grandparents); or any one of the thirty-six George W. Harlan entries.  Your ancestor might possibly be listed only as George or G. W., the need for additional information on your George Washington Harlan is hopefully apparent.  Without supplemental information that more clearly defines which George Washington Harlan you are looking for, no one can track him down.

John L. Harlan

Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 
From:  Melissa Harlin indian49@intellex.com

I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get more information about the George Harlan house in Murry County Georgia, I believe. George married Mary May and Nannie Sanders. I would love to have this information. Thank you ever so much. You can e-mail me direct or post it. My e-mail is   <mailto:indian49@intellex.com>indian49@intellex.com

          Melissa Harlin 

Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2000
From: Steve H  tfflivemb20@aol.com
Subject: Thomas J. Harlan, Jr.


My name is Steven Haddaway.  I work for Thomas John Harlan, Jr, the senior partner here at Harlan & Flora, P.C. in Norfolk, VA.  I was recently looking at your website ww.harlanfamily.org.  I am trying to find out if he is a decendant of this family, because I would like to show him this web-site.  However, I don't want to mislead him on information, if he is not actually part of this family tree.  Here is a little information on him that might help you:

He was born on 12/17/1930.  I believe that he was born and raised in India, but I am not sure when he moved to the US.  I know that he was in the navy for many years. (please check out our websire here for more info...www.harlan-flora.com)

Please let me know if he is infact part of this heritage.  I am sure that he would be delighted to take part in any type of historical mining that might take place.

Thank you, very much.............Steven

Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2000 
From: John L. Harlan  JHarlan62@aol.com
Subject: Charity Harlan


Beginning on page 16 and continued on page 34, in Alpheus Harlan's book, "History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family," you have hit the jackpot.  There is information regarding the wife of Aaron, Sarah Heald, as well as her parents and their ancestry.  The information regarding being married by a "priest" outside of the Society of Friends or Quakers, as they came to be known, is correct, but the book points out that this situation was rectified and they are in fact buried in Quaker Burying Grounds.

That book would be very valuable to you and it is available on the Harlan web site for $60 including shipping and handling (click on the Store), that is about 1/3 what it costs through regular 
retail sources.  The Alpheus Harlan book is the same on that Dorothy uses and the same one I have been using for years...the original was in a blue hard cover (binder) but the reprint is green and you will often hear it referred to as "the green volume."

John L. Harlan

Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2000
From: CPoole3647@aol.com

Looking for information on 
George Washington Harlan
Martha P. Harlan


Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 
From:  Cathy Stoppel l pstoppel@wvi.com

I'm looking for a descendant of the following Jehu Harland born 1792 in Frederick Co. VA married Susannah Moore.  Jehu parents are supposed to be Daniel Harlan and Ester Ford;  grandparents Jehu Harlan and Sarah John; ggrandparents George Harlan and Ann Hunt.  I am interested in the offspring of Jehu and Susannah Moore.  Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

---Cathy Stoppel

Notice from Pam, the Webmaster of the Harlan Family Site

We had a few inches of wet snow this morning, Apr.13, in northern Wiscosnsin. As I  was uploading changes to the site, my daughter called to tell me that she had slid off the road.  Daughter and car seem to be ok. I accidentally uploaded the unfinished version of the recent Harlan Record.  Hopefully it is now finished. **5:00 pm and the snow is finally gone.

HARLAN COUSINS Hosted by Larry Harlan

If you wish to contact a person listed, send your request to Larry Harlan at nalrah@aol.com
He maintains an updated list of e-mail addresses and will forward your request on to the proper person.  That person will contact you directly if they so desire.  We have been forced to adopt this new procedure due to the unauthorized use of our addresses in "bulk mailings"of e-mails. 

Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000
From:  C. Rhoades  crhoades@ruraltek.com
Subject: slight correction 

Just realized I had my ancestor John Franklin as #2508; he is actually #6326 and his father George was #2508.  Did find proof that George #3 served as a member of the Assembly prior to 1700 in several different publications which will suffice for what I was looking for, but would still like to find official documentation that George also served as governor of the 3 lower counties. 
---C. Rhoades

Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000
From: Larry Harlan  Nalrah@aol.com
Subject: Fredrick Irwin Harlan 

Hi, Amanda and Welcome to the Harlan Family Site. 

I'm sure you will be happy to learn that I think I have found your family ancestors.  I found in the History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family book on page 766 William W. Harlan (iv) born 5/28/1886,  He was the only son of four children who were (i) Hadassah, b. 4/5/1876, d. 7/18/1889, (ii) Emily Jane, b. 6/14/1878, (iii) Florence C., b. 4/13/1882 and finally William.  The book does not cover any of his children.

William's parents were Joel W. Harlan, b. 3/22/1850 in Muskingum Co., Ohio. Married there in 1/5/1875 to Mary A. Fowler, also b. there, 11/3/1851.  Mary was the daughter of Wilson Fowler, farmer, b. 9/22/1825 and Emily McClary, b. 4/17/1828; both of Muskingham Co., Ohio.

Going back a little further, Joel's father was William S. Harlan # 3999, shoemaker, farmer, Methodist, b. 12/16/1825 in Chester Co., Pa; d. 10/3/1866 in Muskingam Co. and bur. there in Asbury Cemetery.  He married there about 1848 to Mary Jane Brookover (Methodist), b there, 11/10/1826, d.there 1/17/1875; bur beside her husband.  She was the daughter of Greensbury and Catherine (Stewart) Brookover, farmers and both natives of Ohio.

The book then goes to William's father was also a William # 1342, b about 1790 in Chester Co., Pa whose wife was Sarah Hewlett.  The book keeps going back to the earliest Harlan, James, born about 1625.

But - I can't guarantee that any or all of these are you ancestors for sure. T he only thing I have to go on is what you gave which was his name and the date and place of birth.  Possibly your folks will be able to see if any of the ancestor names look familiar.

The book is available by looking at the website.  It has 1065 pages, is hardbound and applies to just Harlans and relatives.  It does cost $ 60 but is well worth the money to most of us Harlans.

Gosh, for a person of 15 you're doing very well on the computer and the Internet.  We don't have very many young Harlans like yourself that contact us.  I was wondering if you would like to take part in our Site and, every once in awhile, you could submit through me or through Pam Ellingson, our webmaster at  belling@ez-net.com a general message to other Harlan teenagers and get some discussions going on what you and they would like to see in our family site.

Let me know if you think that I have found your ancestors. I hope so and welcome to our site.  Please show your folks our site too.


Larry Harlan,  Site Coordinator

In your message you wrote:   Hi my name is Amanda Lorie Harlan. I'm 15 years old and I'm interested on finding information about my family. My grandfathers name is Fredrick Irwin Harlan; He was born in Philadelphia, Pa on December 14, 1920. His father's name is William Wilson Harlan; I think he was born in Nashport, Ohio on 5/28/1886. I thought that you might be able to help me and give me some information on my relatives and stuff about their life because you seem to know what you are talking about on those messages boards. If you could help me please e mail me back with some information. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Amanda Lorie Harlan 

Date: Sat, 08 Apr 2000 
From: Dan Curran  dcurran@telapex.com
Subject: charles edwin harlan 

I am looking for a Charles Edwin Harlan that lived in Mississippi during the 1940's. He may have been in the military or in the medical profession. Any information anyone can help me with would be much appreciated with locating family.
email:  dcurran@telapex.com
Dan Curran

  Date: Sat,  8 Apr 2000 
From: Patricia Scalzo pscalzo@iopener.net
Subject: Query on Charity Harlan

I am looking for information on Charity Harlan of New Castle.  The document I have shows her as a widow of Joseph Hackney, of Kennett, who died intestate, leaving 6 children: Sarah, Mary, Aaron, Charity, Joseph and John.  I am a descendent of John.  I show Charity as the daughter of Aaron and Sarah Harlan and she married Francis Baldwin, who was not a Quaker, in 1746,  m. by a "Priest" and disowned in 1747.

Do you have anything on this branch of the family or can you point me in a direction where I might be able to find something?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Pat Hackney Scalzo

Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2000 
From: Neilla S. Banse gnbanse@nwidt.com
Subject: Harlan Reunion Page Submission 

Learn more about this upcoming reunion on the Reunions Page.

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