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The Harlan Family in America

The Harlan Family in America is a non-profit association formed in 1987 to perpetuate and promote the Harlan family heritage and genealogy.

Most Harlans/ Harlands/ Harlins/ Harlens/ Harlons alive today are direct descendants of George or Michael Harland who emigrated from England and Ireland or from Thomas Harland who remained in Ireland. The family genealogy is documented in "The History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family" by Alpheus Harlan originally published in 1914.

These original Harlans were Quakers and came to the new world seeking religious freedom. They arrived at William Penn's Colony at New Castle, Delaware in 1687. Since that time their descendants have multiplied, diversified and spread across the United States. For more than 330 years, they have managed to stay together as a family by maintaining a family organization, publishing a newsletter, The Harlan Record, and holding national family reunions. Further information on these subjects is available on this site.

Other Harlans have immigrated to the United States in later years from England, Ireland, and Germany. We welcome the addition of their descendants to our extended family.

We assume no responsibility for the authenticity or accuracy of any material referred to in this web site or any other material that might be made available by the association. The following sites are made available to those interested in learning more about our family; those interested in doing research in genealogy; and those in our family interested in contacting others through e-mail.

Contributions to the association may be tax-deductible.